Science Research projects-- suitable for High School Science Fairs
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Archimedes Plutonium
2018-04-08 01:04:29 UTC
Alright some maybe not physics, but who cares.

Anyway yesterday I was coming home with some cat pans and dumped the uneaten food into the pond where wild ducks love the extra food. Wild ducks are a beautiful sight to see, because they are such masters of flight, to see them take off nearly vertical.

Anyway, so I gave the ducks the excess and left me nearly a empty pan, only with some sour cream residue. And so I swiped the pan in a snow drift, thinking the snow would clean the excess residue.

So, here is the question and research-- how effective is snow in cleaning compared to water in cleaning. It seems as though snow has abrasion whereas water has little to no abrasion.

So that is a nice research for High School.

2. Project

This project is more biology, but it may involve physics. The question is-- why is a milkshake taste so much better than just plain milk. So I take very cold milk and pour into a shakeable container, then I shake the smithereens out of the milk until it is mostly froth and foam. Now I drink that froth and foam, and it is as good if not better than most ice cream. So, what is the science behind why foam milk is much tastier than plain milk? Does it have something to do with surface area in the mouth, that more taste buds? Or does it have something to do with gases taste better than liquid? I do not know, but we do know many people prefer milkshakes than plain old milk.

3. Project

Now this project dates back almost 15 years ago, when working on my roof, I would pull off tar on metal and noticed that the metal was solid pure, no rust no nothing. And later I tried applying tar to a rusty piece of steel roofing and waited to pull it off. And to my surprise, the tar itself removed the rust. So here is a beautiful project of Science and probably industry for to have a rust remover is a valuable product.

Apply tar to a rusty piece of steel, let it harden for some years--2, maybe 3 years, go back and pull the tar off and see if the steel is back to its original pure steel and no rust. Then look in physics and chemistry for some possible explanation.

Archimedes Plutonium
2018-04-08 21:00:30 UTC
Be interesting to figure out the chemistry of how tar restores iron metal to its pure virgin state, removing all rust. If true,,,