Nice clear and easy to understand move plans - matrix
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2019-06-13 19:12:40 UTC
So my children and I will move to the airship.

We will have a supply planet our copy of Vancouver Island.

We will put a door from the airship my quarters inside the closet

on the left

flush with the closet wall.

And that stargate door connects to this door on the 4th floor of Craigdarroch castle in our supply planet...
Loading Image...

Very simple. Now turn to the right there is another door
Loading Image...

That door connects to a door here at a copy of Club Med Finolhu...
By the sign.

Turn around body reset will be on the beach here...
Past the red stand.

To the left is the bar and the pool so lets show that...
So this is where we go swimming.

When we go swimming we walk past our body reset area so the kids know where that is always and how to get to the airship.

So then you just walk back the way you came and you are in my quarters in the airship.

Craigdarroch is empty but furnished and the kids can also sleep there if they want.

We will park this limo outside and take them all shopping if I want.
Under limo events

Scroll down see the large limo buses I can drive.

So for body reset we save our bodies on the beach towels first thing.

So then for Club Med Finolhu reset, it resets Wednesday and Saturday at noon.

Craigdarroch resets Wednesday and Saturday at 11:30AM.

The airship resets manually, until we are organized.
It resets on a timer. So first I have to take the portable hard drives out,
with me, then it resets them I put the hard drives back.

That is all very clear and simple.

These are the people who will move with me...


and my young daughter as seen outside Save On Foods.

That should make 27 girls to be administrators and helpers and I am calling them the g27.

They will learn how to do the administration of the new system.

If you can't get them all there in their proper bodies just send what you can and we will start with what we have.
2019-06-13 19:22:55 UTC
So then to make it even easier than finding a limo right away connect the transporter in the basement of the airship this one...


To this door at Westshore Town Center Mall.



For the win.

Lets dance some more...

2019-06-13 20:19:00 UTC
Where are the bathrooms?

To the left of the bar by the pool

There would be bathrooms in all of these buildings

Including right beside the door to Craigdarroch by the sign in that building.

Each cabin on the pier has a bathroom and cabins on the beach have a bathroom. Deluxe and some with private deck pool.

Craigdarroch may or may not have bathrooms.
It is now a Museum.

There was talk of removing the bathrooms to create a period exhibit and they bought the house next door, so you need to walk next door and there it has guest rooms bathrooms laundry etc.

The airship has 7 bathrooms, 4 stalls behind the stage in the lobby...

Down on the second floor past the gym or down the stairs from the girls quarters.
See the bathroom door at the end of the hall and the down the stairs.

In my quarters there is a bathroom also.

So that's 140 so then if you run through the door to the mall, then there will be another 100 bathrooms in the mall.

And then down the street from Craigdarroch all those houses have bathrooms in them as well. So 45,000 bathrooms in our new place.

Can you tell girls live there?

So where do we get food? Finolhu should have food in the diner...
Top of the map.

Here is the diner

So then we also have the mall so you go get lots of shopping carts full of food and you bring them to this door...
Leave them outside because once we put the groceries away in the basement kitchen, we are going to do a save. So if you are going to do a save you must first reset so you do not save dirt and dirty dishes etc.

So the stuff is outside I go in reset the airship we can then put the groceries away in the basement prep kitchen.

We exit back out that door and we do a save.

Then every time we reset the cupboards are full again and we now have unlimited macaroni. And salad. And whatever you went and got. Cupcakes, twinkies, chips, junk food etc.

We can go to the mall and get food but first we reset the supply planet including Craigdarroch, or let it reset automatically on the timer which is
Wednesday 11:30AM or Saturday 11:30Am and so we go in 15 minutes later and the food everywhere is fresh.

Delis, diners, grocery stores the lot.

2019-06-13 21:08:08 UTC

9 can sleep here

3 can sleep here

3 can sleep here

3 more behind that wall

Then the TV room 2 that's 20 Craigdarroch probably 5 or more,
then Club Med Finolhu 50, so that's 75 right there without trying.

But what we probably will do is take a large building at Club Med Finolhu
and make it a gigantic bedroom and put beds in there.

I mean it should be warm there enough to sleep outside.
If we take a copy and put it in a moonship it will be for sure warm enough we have climate control software for moonships.

So we could all sleep around the pool.
You have all those beds.

Or we could carry them into one of these buildings
Turn that easily into a bedroom it has one washroom at the back.

It depends.

Some of the kids are young so they need to sleep close by and with lots of other sisters, some are big they could go sleep in cabins.
Have a sleep over whatever.

And then we can disconnect the mall door, and connect it this place...
So dad can go golfing!

Stay there for three days in hotel rooms eat in the diner.

Or how about a different hotel like this one...

15,000 dollars a night in some of those rooms.

Or how about our other mansion Willis Point mansion...

Or how about we go camping!

We just connect the door to the side of the washrooms and we are there. Bring tents.


Or how about we stay at our other mansion...

Or at our ranch

Or at our larger castle

Or we stay at the mall!
And eat at the food court!

We just sleep right in the Bay Center in the department store in the bed section!

Washrooms are there somewhere.

Where else could we sleep, let me think...
The Governors mansion is very nice.

Sleep at butterfly world, the bug zoo,
I know where. Our own hotel on the 3rd floor of the MUSEUM!

In the old town. Perfect.
Hit view more. There are rooms upstairs and everything.

Here is the floor plan to find the bathrooms...
below and the right of number 7
Loading Image...

How much fun is all that?
2019-06-13 23:03:24 UTC
Oh dear we crashed instagram.

But I think it makes sense to just carry the beds from the pool area 4 or 5 kids can carry a bed while I have a drink in the bar no problem.

And put them in that building so that we have one giant room where everyone sleeps and we can do a head count.

Will you guys get out of our bedroom. You don't even look like playboys.

Lets try that again...
That's better.

So then the girls can carry the beds ok? They can manage they are not heavy.


So they carry those into our new bedroom there and we have computers there and book shelves one bathroom. But major bathroom facilities on the pier lets not forget for showers and bathing and makeup and whatever it is the girls do.

And bathrooms there around the corner from the bar.

So then instead of attaching the door here...

We merely attach it into the large bedroom.

This pool is looking really nice now guys.

You know we can easily make copies of those beds as well by merely dragging one through the door.
Just keep saving and restoring drag the bed out restore, Put two in save drag two out restore, put 4 in save, drag 4 out restore and in a 20 minutes you have maybe 20 beds. You just drag them into Craigdarroch 4th floor restore Finolhu and the beds outside the door there, and save with more beds sitting there at Finolhu. Once you have enough you drag them back into the large bedroom where you moved the door to, and then save.

Job done.

Then you can keep the beds around the pool as well.
Many hands make light work.

The same basic idea applies that they will know where body reset is, how to get to the airship through Craigdarroch 4th floor.

So with the door to Craigdarroch 4th floor, to get from that bedroom to my bedroom on the airship 20 seconds at most.
Less 10 seconds.

Instead of door here.
You put it in the new large bedroom here...
Turn around see the beach the red stand the beach towels would be on that beach near that stand.

On the wall beside the bookcase you put the door opening flush with the wall.
So if you were there you would see this door...

Right from the bedroom that door would be showing.
So you see all you have to do is walk from that door to this door...

Which if you walked through that first door would be around the corner to your right then open that door you are in my closet.

So the only distance then from that bedroom to my closet is the distance between those two doors on the 4th floor.

So then you might wonder why I am using Craigdarroch at all, it is our family castle and the girls can have tea there and that 4th floor is where their toys go.

So for sure they will know how to get from A to B.

And I want to do a bit of work on the castle. Like connect some doors to give it more bathrooms and a decent kitchen and that sort of stuff.
So for now we can sleep at Club Med Finolhu the girls have places to go and things to do while I do a bit of work on the computer in the airship.

So they know where I am how to come and bug me to do things and all of that and then I can teach them how to help me do things on the computer later.

Like put doors where they need to go, give them an address that sort of thing. Copy and paste things around here and there.
How to save and restore properly. Basic administrative tasks that are very easy to do.

But as far as doing things as a family, well we have a lot of stuff in Victoria in our supply planet without even using Time Stretch Earth.

Once we use Time Stretch earth and I have been told it is ready to use and works since it is so easy. You restore a backup onto a planet drop a stargate door in a parkade hidden somewhere and go in.
Simple as that. It looks just as it did and everything is the same as it was.
If you are not back in 3.5 days you will be reset and end up on your beach towel.
Easy as pie.

So they will know where their beach towels are, how to get to the airship from their beach towel, which would take 30 seconds running.
And crying maybe.


Lets hope not. It doesn't hurt to reset of course.

So then once we are all organized then others can come.

And we have lots of other places built and lists of people and a riverside community finished for ladies, and a girls camp finished for girls, and a dad's camp under construction for playboys and a boys camp under construction for boys.
2019-06-13 23:22:53 UTC
Well the beauty of it is we really don;t need to drive anywhere to go get things since we have door positioning software.

What is important is that we stay organized and have a proper system and don;t have doors everywhere just laying around although when each island gets their own supply planet it really doesn't matter if you leave doors open everywhere or not.
What matters is that no one else can use those doors.

So how we do that is each island gets a transporter, and then the person who we cal a team leader, he is the only one who can place doors on the supply planet or get my girls to do it, but he is the only one who can connect and disconnect them and they are a subnet of that transporter.

So the address doesn't work from elsewhere other than directly from that transporter.

So to use a subnet door, you have to first go through that transporter to maybe your hub room somewhere that is filled with doors or a second transporter.

Or go direct to a door but only from that transporter and it requires a handprint before it will do anything.

Now the exception is an override from admin. Since it all in truth is done from one pc the one in my computer room. All the transporters ever do is make a request of that pc. But it is automated. So it wants a handprint that is associated with a door. That's all it wants.
If the door gets the handprint that has access then it will open or close that door.
Leave it open everywhere connect 20 mansions to one mansion be a big cheese connect malls to it that's your playboy lifestyle live man don't let other people tell you what to do. Get out there and dream big.

Look at us, we will put a door on the other wall in the gigantic bedroom to Toy's R us.
Because I am, the best dad, in the worlD!

Scroll down for pictures.
2019-06-13 23:54:08 UTC
Well its true if you walk through the door from the gigantic bedroom to Toy's R us and then walk into the mall, you are in the girl's mall but don;t tell my daughters because they will freak out when they see thiS mall.

You used to be able to walk all through this mall, but girls were freaking out.

So now you just get to peak(sp) at it.

So when you wlak out of Toys R Us you walk straight into their food court.

I will tell you a little secret. You can still walk around the mall, the lines are just hidden.

Shhhh, they might be listening.


I better not show too much.


They might crash google.

I THINK you get the idea. Yes I am working on the trophy hard this year for dad of the year.

So then they grab all their smelly junk and then at dinner they have so much makeup on it looks like a clown show and smells like a perfume factory.

But they would be in heaven~.

So that should keep them busy right there and I just say no leaving the mall property.

There is a Starbucks as well of course.

And a large department store again Hudson's Bay.

So this you see is how we at admin headquarters are able to cut loose from dad's camp, in case of emergency although I don;t see one ever occurring but we have to preserve the system,
so we would have a second body save location, and then instead of resetting to the beach at Dad's camp, they reset to our club med finolhu in a moonship.
Everything is the same except we are now in a different network and the system cannot be invaded physically.

God can still bring the hammer down maybe but not ordinary men.

So its just part of normal management in case of crisis
to have a private network, and those three things make that up.
Our club med finolhu our supply planet and our airship.

Now the entire empire is safe and we have complete control over doors from my pc and can drop matrix cameras etc change the list of people and do whatever.

We will assume that will never need to be done but right now we want to move they are going to be fussing with dad's camp for who knows how long we need to move.
2019-06-14 00:34:49 UTC
So then supposing I am working away on my computer in the TV room in the airship, no I mean working there not watching net flix like Savy says I do all day,
So that is just to the left of my bedroom through the bathroom (two doors) or around through the girls room behind my wall.

So then if I say to one of the g27 maybe through an intercom, loud speaker, can someone get me a Teen Burger from A&W I am starving. Will they know how to make one?

I would think they can learn how to do that AND make fries.

Maybe even bring me a treat with it because I am the best dad in the world of course.

And I just gave them a gigantic girls mall with a Toys R Us in it and connected it to their gigantic bedroom.

That's the least they can do is feed dad once in a while.

Make me some Kentucky Fried chicken or something. They have that there of course.

Lets just look at that now...
It is beside the pizza place.
(did I just say that out loud?)

And look at that right beside A&W on the left is the KFC.

So dad will need to train them all how to do things in there but it can be done. And be done safely.
Big ones help the little ones.

You want to eat don't ya?

You can't get fat because you just reset your body.

Sushi, Tacos, Subway, whatever it is all in there and they have salads everywhere in there.

Skooters and skateboards for Finolhu and bikes all in Toys R us and more in Hudson's bay like more expensive kids toys.

Lets see what sort of girl toys they have in Hudson Bay Mayfair...
more toys
What about sporting goods...

Good lord this is all women's stuff where are the sporting goods?

Swimming stuff and stuff for the pool.

Not much you have to go there it is all girls clothes and jewelry and accessories and hand bags and silly stuff like that.

Lets just look at the store list maybe it has better stuff than just girl stuff everywhere...

As I figured more girl stuff. That's not a mall, that's a girls mall.

Good ting we have more and larger oh yes much larger malls in our supply planet.

What is the largest mall on Vancouver Island google, my guess without looking it is Nanaimo but lets see...
Yes it is Woodgrove center boasting 5.4 million visits but ha! My little mall boasts 7 million visits a year location location location. The Bay Center downtown I showed first.

But lets have a look at Woodgrove center since DAD wants to drop a door there now you go me goin...

Woodgrove is home to over 140 stores and services including Walmart, Hudson's Bay, Old Navy, Pier 1 Imports, Chapters, Sport Chek and Save On Foods.

Lets do a walk through...
Girl stuff again. Is there no end to it?

They have a jewelry store, across from another jewelry store.

An entire store just for flip flops? Are you kidding me???

I'm outta here.

I'm going to find a dad's mall somewhere on this island.
My OWN! Bay Center mall.

Surely girls have not taken over my mall yet.

Every day is Christmas at my mall.
2019-06-14 00:52:43 UTC
You know how hard it is to make KFC girls?
Kentucky Fried Chicken.
It is really hard.
You have to get all the girls out of the mall, so we can reset, and go get it off the counter where we made it then saved.

If you can get the girls out of the mall, I can get my lunch.

We will make burgers fries KFC Pizza everything and just have it all on the counter ready to just grab and go. And then save.

Call that the KFC A&W and Pizza backup snapshot two.

Then I go in and do the same for three other places. Sizzling Wok, New York Fries Subway sandwiches, Orange Julius whatever and we call that more food backup snapshot three.
And that's how we do it.

Just have to get the girls out of the mall.

Or else I have to eat while they are sleeping.

Oh there is guy stuff on the Island are you kidding me?

We have golf stores and hardware stores and The Red Barn market in James Bay. Organic food and 37 day dry aged beef ready for the BBQ.

You wouldn't believe the guy stuff everywhere in specialty shops.

Your stuff is all in one place, our stuff boys toys, too big to fit in a mall.

We need room for our stuff. Like Home Depot.

A hardware store the size of a mall.

You can't walk through it there is too much junk everywhere so scroll down for the pictures.


Madonna Material World

2019-06-14 01:34:16 UTC
OMG I just thought of something, we are going to need 27 islands just to put their toys away.

We have no choice girls, we have to make the library of toy rooms.

Either that or the island will sink under the weight of all those toys.

Lets hope we have one more door on the fourth floor...

Eureka we are saved.

So that door we will connect to large toy rooms AKA 20x20 foot closets.
On a library warehouse world.

So what I will do is take rooms that are 20x20 and paste thousands of them on a grid.
On a tarmac in a moonship with no roof, so it has light.

Just a room to keep the stuff from disappearing when you reset.
Is 20x20 big enough to put toys away?

I don't think so.
Something tells me we need a big toy room like 40x40.

For 27 girls.
In case they are all putting their stuff in the same room.

Started playing and don't want things to change.

The 4th floor is quite large as it is but in a week we would be up to our ears in toys.

Well the Willis point mansion to the rescue.


THATS a toy room.

Now the problem is it needs carpet maybe or you just put your toys away.

So I think that of you want carpet we put carpets in there.

If you want to just put your toys away, you just put them in there.
If you want tables, we put tables in there.

We make one toy room at a time.

So then beside that last door on the 4th floor we stick an Ipad to the door.
And you use the Ipad to pick the toy room.

So now you have a choice, you either put your toys you like in that room, and save, or you have to go get them again from the mall.

Simple as that.

So that has been our plan anyway to paste thousand of those mansions into a library world.

You can go in and do whatever. But first put your toys in and save.

You know like if you bring food in there and spill your milk shake and leave chicken on the table it is going to be in your toy room for ever.

So you need to learn how to do that stuff and dad will teach you when we get there and get carpets and tables and whatever else you want, and even take them outside.

So staging planet not needed if we already have a Willis point mansion in our supply planet.
All we need to do is to use the Ipad, pick the toy room, open the door and walk in and you are at the Willis point mansion and your proper toy room is there the way you like it.
Stop kissing me I am typing.
Ok start kissing me again.

Let's dance.

2019-06-14 02:14:28 UTC
That music will keep you in shape.

So you know that outside the Willis Point mansion it has bricks not smooth pavement which isn't very good for rollerskating.
So you have to do that in your mall.
And you know maybe other stuff like that as well.

Because then the floor is smooth.

But lets suppose you want to play some game that takes a long time, and you have been playing for a while and don;t want to change it like maybe you are painting or doing something or making something.

So then if you don;t want it reset then you have to put it through that third door.

So that door keeps it organized because it has the Ipad on the wall outside that door and there are rules there on how to save stuff into the library.
First you have to reset that mansion so you don't save your little sister in the library.

That's one rule.

Then you have to say what is in the toy room. A description so you know how to find it later like a million years from now.

So what does it have in it and put some photos and stuff and then save.

We can work on that together so that three people with their Iphones could be adding things to the same box at the same time so it doesn't take long to say what all the stuff is.

Or maybe it is just your paint room. So all paint stuff goes in there.

We will do that together for a while so you know how to do it.

So technically what happens, is first you reset that mansion so you have to make sure no one is in there or they will end up on the beach.

So you have to go in and see if anyone is in the toy room and maybe shout to see if anyone is there. They are not allowed to play in there except in the toy room or else you wouldn't know they are in there.
Like if they take their toys into the living room, well that makes dad work harder because now I have to make a capture box just the size of that room so you only reset that room, I guess that's the safest way.

But if you open the door and see toys everywhere someone is maybe already playing.
What do you do?
Well you're screwed. Unless you can get them to let you play in there with them and get them out and do a save with your stuff in there too.

Oh but everyone needs their own.
See 27 islands.
Oh well we are gazillionaires so everyone gets their own toy room supply planet island.

And that is where you put your special stuff like your jewelry that you want to keep your secret diary, your own computer stuff.
Or else it will gone.

So the Ipad door there has to open at your own toy room.
Or save with someone elses stuff.
And let them save their stuff in yours you can always get it out later.

See it starts to get tricky.
And with 27 girls I think it will get tricky as tricky as Playboys and they get their own supply planet.

So that is how that works and so that door is where you store YOUR stuff.
And then we don't need to start on the library right away, we just need
27 supply planets make that 28 one for dad.
And that Ipad beside the door can change the address of the door
so it opens in your own toy room.

And you can go into the living room or everywhere it is a huge mansion.

With what? Lots of bathrooms that's what.
Lots and lots of bathrooms and bedrooms and each bedroom has its own laundry room.
With washer and dryer.
Lets see what it has...

"Unparalleled luxury and privacy with amazing ocean views from your very own 42 acre estate located on beautiful Vancouver Island. This is truly a world class location and home, offering one of the very best lifestyles on earth. Every possible consideration has been taken on this world class property and it shows. This Estate is Impeccably maintained with obvious pride of ownership. With 7 beds, 8 baths, deluxe indoor and outdoor kitchens, an infinity pool and hot tub, helipad, wine cellar, fitness room, large shop and attached garage, media rooms and large indoor and outdoor living areas, this home is the height of luxury. Located a short drive to the international airport and downtown Victoria, this property is perfectly located to take advantage of the sun, views and all that this beautiful island has to offer. "

So 7 bedrooms and 8 bathrooms.

So there you go, you just dial up your toy room here...
See that door at the back?
Walk through that and see this...

So then to actually get into that room you don't want to use that door as your connection to the Craigdarroch 4th floor.

So you will be in the house and use a different door to connect to then open that door.

So when you walk through the store room door turn right and then at the end of the hall that patio door is the one that leads back to Craigdarroch 4th floor.

So when you come from Craigdarroch you walk down that hall I will go down there and turn around...
On your left you have shower, shower, toilet, then hallway.

Go to the end of the hallway and the door on your left is your store room.
The door straight ahead is your gym and another bathroom.

More dancing...

2019-06-14 02:57:27 UTC
So you see there is a structure to everything there.

What we call standard practice.

Every real person there can become a citizen if they are decent people and pass the probation period, and every citizen gets a Washroom island.

We are just using Vancouver Island instead of this original island...

So now you see there is one rule there when you come and go that is other people are using that same door at Craigdarroch so you have to wait.

If there are other people using the door.
Since it is an addressable door that uses one door to Craigdarroch.
And if we didn't do that we would need 28 doors in that room.
So if we had a hallway like we had planned on having a hallway somewhere that you could walk down the hallway and then there would be 27 doors one on each side then no waiting your name is on the door.

Do we have such a hallway?

Yes we do.
In the mall.

So that door at Craigdarroch connects always to that hallway.

Or else you will have a line up for the bathroom.

So then we look at where that is and in my mall there is a hallway

By good life fitness.

So then we put 28 doors down that hallway and your name above it so then it is always open and you just walk down and use your own and because it is always open it is always safe.

You won't be pushing each other when the door is connected and get chopped in half.
They are making it difficult for me and have removed a bunch of the photos and changed policy and now I can't show you anything in my mall.

Why I have no idea but where we started today in my mall by the Greek food in the food court...

so this hall
So then behind you in that picture...

so from the food court this is where the hall is.

So we will put a door to Craigdarroch on that wall on the left, you walk out you are at the food court, everyone's food court, then on the left down the hall your bathroom, your toy room, your stuff you save there.

So then you need to use your Iphone or the Ipad there and reset, then put your stuff in and save.

So again you get 10 snapshots.

So don;t use 1. 1 is always clean and has no chicken bones in it.
Always use 2 or higher.

Since if you are playing and have been playing for two weeks and don;t want it changed so you keep saving, you are saving dirt and crap everywhere.

So when you are finished playing, you need to reset to snapshot 1 which is always clean.

It is trick because now whatever you put in there in that two weeks if you don;t want to lose it when you clean, you have to get it out of there.

Get it out reset it is clean put it back pout it away, then save.

Tricky so big ones help the little ones but you will get it right.
After awhile.

You can always go back to the mall and start over get the stuff and play again.

The thing is otherwise you have to clean it yourself.
And that is way more work than just remembering how to do it properly.

And we will practice and practice together because it seems complicated but it isn't.

Always reset before save.
If you save and don't reset first it is a temporary save.

That's it. That's all there is to it.

Always reset before save.

If you save and don't reset first it is a temporary save.
2019-06-14 03:21:12 UTC
So you know you don't have to use your own bathroom right?

It's a food court, it has two sets of the nicest bathrooms you have ever seen that 100 people can fit into at the same time.

But they don't have showers and Craigdarroch castle doesn't have bathroom and you need to store your own toys in your own storeroom so we just put everything together right there.

So lets say you are in the giant bedroom On Club Med Finolhu by body reset
So on the left on the wall is the door to Craigdarroch on the right on the wall is the door to your mall.
So it will be outside of Toys R Us by another food court.
Yes with more washrooms.
And look there is a washroom at the end of the room there.

But lets say you went shopping got toys and want to save them, not go get them again later. Maybe you don;t care and will leave it on the lawn and it will disappear in a couple days. That's fine.
I'm a good dad I am not going to say who left their junk on the lawn???
Leave it on the lawn it will disappear.

But suppose you want to save it in your collection. Maybe its jewelry or special makeup.

Maybe you didn't get it at the mall maybe someone gave it to you.
Maybe they made it.

Lets say though that you got it at the mall so you coming on the left go out on the right to Craigdarroch walk to the end of the room out that door you are in MY food court, you know where the Greek place is so you are there and you walk down the hall and on the floor you look at names until you find your name on the floor that is your door.

The door will be open you just walk through to the end of the hall turn left your store room is there.

BUT you didn't reset yet remember? So you go back out use your Iphone or your Ipad reset your planet then go in and put the stuff away and don't start playing yet go out and then save.
Now it is there forever if you want.

That easy.
Now usually you might want to just play in your room in the giant bedroom or in the 4th floor of Craigdarroch or the airship not by yourself.

So probably only your special stuff you will want to save in your toy room.

and that is how you do it.
Once you do it a couple times it is easy.
getting there isn't tricky.

Just walk from the mall into your giant bedroom keep walking in a straight line until you are in my mall.
As easy as that.
You only have to go through 2 doors and it takes 30 seconds to get there.

And so why do we make everyone walk through Craigdarroch? So someone will know where you went. Oh they just went that way, and I go that way and we will always see each other walking past and can go for lunch in MY food court which has lots of tables and you can sit outside...

It has a starbucks too.
And even in the food court it has an outdoor patio.

Dad needs that because he goes out there to have a smoke and drink coffee.
See on the right it has a patio.

Here you are on the 4th floor leaving the foodcourt.
It is behind you.

On the right on the same floor is the hallway where your bathrooms are.
2019-06-14 03:40:18 UTC
So all that sounded pretty complicated right?
Well its not. It sounded complicated because I had to tell you why we do it that way.

This is how easy it is.

Every Wednesday at 11:30AM all supply planets automatically reset.

At 12 noon the worlds where you sleep reset at noon on Wednesday and Saturday.

So where are you supposed to be at 11:30 AM Wednesday or Saturday? In the world where you sleep or you will get reset.
Then what do you do? After 11:30 you go to a supply planet so you are not in the world where you sleep because your beds are going to be made for you.

That simple.

And how do you save stuff? In your own toy room.
First you reset your toy room, then you put your stuff in and save.

Thats it.
All you need to know.
2019-06-14 04:02:08 UTC
The girls are freaking out.

They are supposed to be sleeping over and all they can think about is their gigantic mall.

So lets say you are in the airship you walk through the closet and


So one way goes to your mall one way goes to my mall.

And we will figure that out when we get there which goes where.

But one door goes to the airship closet and the one door to my food court and one door to your food court.

How easy is that?

Th only thing is as you go to your food court you cut through the giant bedroom.

Pretty hard to get lost there.

So then Giant bedroom? Body reset towels. Body reset towels? Swimming pool.

So easy to find the pool easy to get back to the airship easy to find dad he will be either in the airship or in his food court.

If I am not with you.

And that's it we have it all baby. Malls and stuff and toys and a million bathrooms.
2019-06-14 04:14:09 UTC
See? Take the bathrooms and the kitchen out of our castle you won't stop us.

We don't stop for nobody.

So now we have food right outside the airship closet and all junk food all the time.

So there.

And a million bathrooms including bathrooms IN the food court.
AND in our bedrooms.

And a swimming pool.

And our own malls full of stuff and we can just leave stuff on the lawn ok?

Tell me about your heaven now.

Now that you have seen OUR heaven.

Granted we don't have a garden of Eden.

2019-06-14 04:41:37 UTC
Everybody wants to be your friend now.

Who can blame them.

Congratulations sunshine you passed!
Atta girl.

I can do that but I like shuffle dancing better.

Don't tell anyone but we are going to plant all kinds of fruit and berries and vegetables right on our private Club Med Finohu so we aren't eating junk food all day long.

Are we ever lucky. We will have our OWN Garden of Eden.

Relax, I will eat an apple with you for breakfast in about 10 minutes.

(Being a dad means being a mind reader or else these days)

Yeah we have a great plan now.

2019-06-14 14:19:21 UTC
Humans are not monogamous, they do not mate for life not even at the point of a gun as we see here.

You have been fed erroneous and false information and the software installed in you is contrary to human nature and nature in general.

"Nine lovebird species exist, but only three are commonly kept as pets. All of these species form strong, monogamous pair bonds and generally mate for life. However, pairs of any type of lovebirds will occasionally break up if they discover that they're incompatible with one another."

Not even love birds are monogamous.

And the movie Plan Nine from Outer Space starred you as OX, and the two vampires as your attempt to create a monogamous couple.
As you know they didn't make it.

They were considered zombies.

You are wearing rose colored pop bottle glasses, if you know what that means.

2019-06-14 15:21:25 UTC
Cupid didn't make it.

Hugh Hefner was right.

So there are tumbleweeds now blowing through the Heritage Pork copy
by the riverside community. It appears to be abandoned.
All the brochures we left are still there.
Girls camp brochures have had to be restocked, and we can;t seem to keep up with the demand at Rock's cafe for Dad's camp.
We heaven;t heard back from the Big Gay Brit regarding boys camp yet.

Someone has placed a gigantic wooden crate with a stick under it holding it up at one end over our Garden of Eden at Dad's camp with strings attached to the apple tree and we can't seem to get that crate to stay up.

Needless to say your monogamous fairy tale to create conflict for betting purposes software is being rewritten with Dad's camp software and will be installed ASAP.

2019-06-14 16:30:40 UTC
Pork Belly and Powder Foot didn't make it either.

They were sent to the the simulator on the right to Gamblers Anonymous.

Along with the other criminals.

Like the ones who delete posts and remove jokes only when they are directed at their bum boys or themselves.

Did everyone not see that image of Rio with the Pope and his chalice looking like a dick?
It has been removed completely from everywhere. Including the posts I get from the server sent my email address.
And the post where I said half of them appear to be on their knees.
Gone as well.

Someone tell those criminals that the marsupials did not swim to Australia.
2019-06-14 17:51:08 UTC
Who would make such a comment as that through my walking telephone Brian?
"Are you dozing off?"

It wasn't the Big Gay Brit but I could have swore it came from the Andromeda galaxy.

Verily I say unto you comma, today I am not gay and lesbian bashing.

We know you hacked the system, we know the Jetson's were parasitizing the human race here from afar and gambling on their sorrows.

That much has been established and we know that three males in the Smith operating slots and only one female led to this disaster.

I explained to you that money was the cause of their gambling addiction.

Couching it in philosophy is just more foolish nonsense and insanity.

So they all died we revived them and they all died again.

Such is life in the fast lane.

We have the situation under control repairs are being made and the software is already written.

Take your pick, this


or this

Loading Image...

2019-06-14 18:30:13 UTC
As you can see by yesterdays work lets call it that I did yesterday,
where I strategically placed 3 stargates and broke the bank at Vegas,
using existing resources, it is not how big it is, but how you use it.

So then enough about you, you have your brochures boys camp they did this...


Or should I say HE went and did this.

I don't think he was able to find any modern boys to follow him so he brought his dog.

Try Rio.

Maybe they want to escape the heat.

So then I don;t need to explain to you people why I made what I made for myself, when I have to administer the system.

I have to be able to work that into my own heaven, whereas you don't have to.

And I still have work to do even though it may have looked like I was all finished yesterday.

I am not sure exactly how many millions of years the girls will happy with what I made yesterday only time will tell.

I mean it is nice to do simulations and to pretend and to imagine but you really don't know until you get there and do the actual science.

We have really gone as far here as we can go on this.

The rest is history.

Now with the dancing...
2019-06-14 19:07:34 UTC
What side of the bed is that?


That's really helpful.

So this is one of those well you decide who wins deals is it?

We have moved on now from taking turns is it.

Who got the biggest apple is that what comes next?

I'm not really tired right now.

I'm not playing.

You think I didn't know you girls were going to try this?

You have to get up mighty early to get past Dad.



That solves that problem.
2019-06-14 22:02:04 UTC
So why are walking telephones useless?

No images to clarify the text. Or verbiage.

Text has a lot of meanings. So you have clung to this nonsense for a very long time for nothing basically and it has left you often out of the loop and you have not had the benefit of learning, that others had had.

Once you form a misconception often it gets stuck in your mind and you tend to just believe what you want to believe.

So regarding who picks the playboys for Dad's camp I do of course since it is my camp we are talking about here.

Lets not project my family environments on to the entire world.

I would assume that much of what I made could be applied to many others in general but each person has their own likes and dislikes.

The family members they may have their own upbringing the people they are compatible with is the key to your long term happiness and contentment.

So my daughters were designed for me, we are compatible some I designed my self, using matrix machines and so then that helps us to make our way through life there on our way to happily ever after.

How long do you think before they get tired of this mall 27 of them remember and playing with each other and using the things in the mall...

google is broken so you can't just walk through like you used to they have been busy making cars that drive themselves instead of doing their job.

But you will get the idea of what is there.

And again here is where they enter every day I suspect...

You see flat walls like this are perfect for stargate doors since you can put a door flush with the drywall.

So they can see right into there from here...
So beside the bookcase to the right is where the matching stargate door would be.

So they will be able to see right into the food court.

Here is where the bathrooms are.

Turn around and you can see the drywall where I said the door
would be.

So they have bathrooms there as well and the thing is with the ability to place stargates anywhere on a flat surface, the hallways there by the bathrooms could also have shortcuts to anywhere.

But you want to think in terms of traffic flow and keep it simple even though girls are very smart and would make their own shortcuts and remember them and be tricky and all of that.


Here at the back of the room you have a bathroom.

The girls are saying they don't want to use this room as a bedroom.

They want to live on the airship with me where it is safe and we are a family and weirdos like were there yesterday do not appear out of nowhere...

The point is they want to live somewhere safe and have fun not be worried about strangers or that sort of thing.

So if we had our Club Med Finolhu as part of that group of islands they have to approve who lives there.

And that's not happening from here.
So I hope that answers your question regarding who decides who gets to be a Playboy.

But as far as traffic flow goes, from their food court

through the door here...

If they sleep here I would be sleeping there as well.

But we live on the airship. And that is why I put that large bed a round bed with no snuggle side of the bed, and it will actually be large enough for 28 people to sleep around in a circle.

Remember that we live in worlds that are depopulated so we need more of a sense of security or at least they do.

But we also have Time Stretch Earth which has 7.5 billion people in it.

So we also have reset and they will know that if they reset before they go into a world, no possibility anyone else is in there.
So over time they will get used to the way things work.

And they can use techniques to ensure for themselves no one is in the saved copy that is being reset.
But I need the young ones to walk past their beach towels on the way to the pool so that if they reset by themselves they know how to get home right away.

Suppose someone is foolish enough to be standing on the deck railing and falls to their death they reset and now need to be able to get home.
One drowns in the pool no problem they can find the pool again, but the trauma will require a hug at the least.
You would think.

So they stick together and they look out for each other using a buddy system.

And we will make sure they have buddies and adhere to that rule.

So to get to their mall certainly they are motivated and to the pool motivated again. So they go past their reset body save and know how to get around in their environment.
2019-06-15 02:39:28 UTC
Do you want me to hold that for you sweetheart so you can go back and get another bagful?
I can hold at least three of those.
Isn't she cute.

That's what happens when you bring the big ones with you now you are off to Paris fashion week then the Met gala then Cannes film festival.

So the list again has not changed since I added Ivy.

In case anyone up there was wondering.

At the ages stated with some minor discretion on the part of my large machine for his own reasons regarding tweaking and ages and the like.

And we remember that I had these girls designed for me I know their personality I usually know what they are thinking, we have a lot in common and they are made by expert design machines. I myself went to schooll elsewhere to learn how to be a designer and designed some of them myself.

My instructors have been watching and made some of them also for fun since they enjoy that and no one has put a I did that on any of them except myself when I designed them I mentioned it and then they were improved or tweaked after the fact.

Some maybe fell just short of the mark also due to limitations of the genetic situation here.

But they are all gorgeous inside and out and made for a purpose.
So then you see again I mentioned I don;t know who designed my girlfriends and know very little why they might have and as such know very little about them by comparison.

And so then we are a family and so then before I will let any males into any of our environments or big girls I need to consult with them.

So you see we can't go any further here.

So then I finished up by adding a few pieces to the airship for us on our private network and explained the reasons for that.
Mostly to do with body reset and how they need to be able to find their way around.

Vancouver Island is a big place but we are adding malls and Club Med Finolhu and so then those are limited in size providing they stay on mall property.

Since the supply planet has been depopulated it is safe for them anywhere anyways. There is no large biology like wild dogs or things like that to bother them either.

All the same I expect they will obey the simple rules and I won;t need to build large concrete walls around the malls to keep them in.

Having said that we ourselves will be out there walking around and driving around in our limo...


Seeing all the other stuff we have in the supply planet.

There are 140 stores in the Nanaimo mall as well although it might be a very long time before we need to go there.

And there are maybe 100 stores downtown.

Lets see what we have...
We can take a walk down one street starting at China Town.

China Town has all the Chinese food you can eat. And grocery stores and trinket shops.
Go a block down closer to the inner harbor and we have MEC the best darn outdoor supply camping stuff I have ever seen.
Lots of it they make themselves out of space age materials.

MEC Mountain Equipment Co-op

Water sports

Ok so the very best outfitters for those things right there.

Now we have a professional gun and fishing outfitters as well but it isn't on this street. It has 300 guns in stock with ammo hunting bows and fishing stuff galore. Guy stuff.

So lets move a little further on down the street...
We have a hat store, and kaboodles a store for kids with the special toys and neat new cool toys and ones you don't find in the usual places.

"At Kaboodles, we have not only the same well-known brands as the big boys, but also a lot of unique brands they don’t!"

Other side of the street we have the Gap.

I guess you know about that.
And SPANK another clothing store.

In fact this area has a lot of clothing stores.

I didn't go down the street where MEC was that has all the cool little boutiques and aromatherapy stuff and you know trinket shops handmade soap shops and incense and all this stuff for women and girls.
The trendy shops with clothes owned and operated by designers and that.
Small time not big time designers.
Its down there though we are just going down one main drag.

So now we are approaching the tourist area so there is a combination of clothing shops and touristy shops.

One thing that is very famous here are Cowichan sweaters.
To own one is to love it because they keep you warm and they are really nice.
These are Cowichan sweaters.

Back when it used to rain here before global warming, everyone wore those to stay warm and dry in the misty mornings.

It never rains here any more.
Want to see how much rain we get now? This was a rain forest region. You know like the Amazon is a rain forest.
Like giant trees and a rain forest region.
They do it all in millimeters now so that it sounds like a lot. Do you know how big a millimeter is?
I will convert it to inches for you.
In Feb. we got one inch.
March less than half an inch.
April we got 2 inches
May we got one inch.
So far in June we have 1/4 inch as we head into the dry season.
Between now and October we can expect one inch.

I think that much rain falls on most places elsewhere in one day.
so 6 inches of rain from Feb through to October.
That's not much rain at all.
Going a little further some more fancy unique clothing shops and of course stuff travelers might need like blue jean shops.

Across the street the running room stuff for joggers.
Everything for people who jog. We have 3 major running races here every year so they would outfit all the runners.
And we are on the bike tour circuit the tour de Victoria.
So we have the very expensive bike shops as well.

Going further we hit my mall downtown the center of action for shopping my mall gets 7 million visits a year and the population of Victoria is only 350,000 people.
Google won't let me go this way it wants me to turn but I don't want to.

So I am going to have a smoke break and we can look more later.

here is the corner of my mall...
2019-06-15 03:25:21 UTC
So keep in mind Robert and I have worked on this city for 40 years to be used as a supply planet for colonization.

That means managing the economy, making sure that stores and businesses were successful bringing in tourists managing the real estate prices and doing things globally even to affect the local economy.
And not for guys as much as for women, since guys are easy to please did I show you our hardware store?
Oh yeah I did. Almost needs its own plant.

So I made it across the intersection now and so my mall is behind me, that is dad's mall, a super mall I helped to build, and did the sidewalks around it myself as well with one helper. I was serious about this mall.

Its not large because I am just one man, what could I possibly need?
There are giant malls everywhere I wanted my own mall and so helped build it.
and it has stuff for everyone and you have seen it it has a nice food court.

So across the street a bookstore, a tobacconist for dad, and Murchies tea house.

Going further now you are into tourist shops gelato, ice cream, coffee shops, souveniers, LUSH handmade cosmetics that smells up the whole street.

Going further your 7 11 convenience store...
More souveniers and diners and Burger King...
more souveniers then you are at the inner harbor.

A very beautiful area popular with the tourists.

To attract tourists Victoria has a lot of tourist places. Like Bouchart Gardens..
Scroll down for 113,000 images.

A very iconic image here

So a lot of tourist destinations like butterfly gardens...

Scroll down for 7,000 images

In terms of actual supplies for a colonization it has it all right here on Vancouver island.

Pretty much anything you might need.

Lots of malls. I haven't shown you many of the malls here that have been built.

And guy central is much larger than just a hardware store. You can see that area from space.

So all the grey area here is for families and building and decorating and furnishing houses.

And so that is where the door is to the supply planet for the Playboys.

At that mall in the parking lot right here.


And then we plan to put a lot of brick garages in that parking lot and use them as transporters.

But a very successful supply planet and for us to supply our airship, it has it all for the next 2 billion years anything we could possibly need or want that we could think of.

My daughters are sure excited about having their own huge mall with almost all girl stuff.

I mean does it get any better than that?

I don't think so.

So they won't be bored that's for sure.
Or need clothes or shoes.

But having our own food court makes it a lot of fun as well.

And you know we can add stuff and save if we want and we talked about buffets and all of that.

So lots more stuff here though than just malls, all over town there are stores of all kinds.

And cars like electric cars.


They only have 2 Nissan leaf left in stock right now, and 19 used ones.
We can copy them or replicate them easy enough.

3 electric at Hyundai.
The availability of charging stations maybe limits their popularity or the price I don't know but we have them and that's all that matters.

We don't have any Tesla 3's for whatever reason no demand.

So here Robert and I were working with an existing colonization and doing it all in secret with no cooperation from the people here or elsewhere so it was limited what we were able to do.

Even though I own it.
The fact is I am making my own colonization elsewhere for me and my family so we didn't want people to know that anyway so it just looked like we were helping them a bit.

All the same I got everything I wanted and do have copies of the entire world so everything on it is my supply planet.

We are just keeping it simple.

Lets dance!

2019-06-15 04:16:51 UTC
Robert did his best to maintain under all this greed and excess but in the end got corrupted like Sue and the rest and now as you know Robert has gone off to marry Satan, who works at John's Place downtown making Eggs Benedict by the boat load every morning for his followers.

I used to deliver the bread there that's how I know. And he wouldn't let me bring the bread in through the front door even long before it opened, I had to carry it up the back steps and fight my way in.
Not because f him, he was just following orders, from the blond manager nightmare there.
One of his coworkers however did let me bring it in the front door, until it was discovered that I was doing it the easy way.
One day while he was on the back steps and I was heading back to my ruck I ripped his soul out and shmooshed it on the pavement with my foot and he said welcome to my life, what else is new.

In case you want to see a celebrity.

So in 40 years here wages have no gone up. But 40 years ago you could buy a house for 45,000 dollars. Now they are 850,000 and wages have not gone up.

So the people are cash poor. But wealthy in other ways like they live here. More PhD's driving buses than anywhere else is what I heard.

So all the really expensive stuff people have to order in from elsewhere and get it delivered.

So the nice thing is when we get tired of all this stuff the stuff gets better as you move away from Victoria.

So it will just keep getting better and better into the future.

The look at me everybody look am me was mostly directed at me.

So I have nothing to show.

But I own it all at least and have plenty of copies much to their chagrin.

They did it all for themselves not for me.

Even my mall downtown doesn't have stuff in it I like.
I will have to put it in there myself.

But at least it gives me lots of things to do well into the future.

I would imagine that as you head south towards San Francisco billionaire central you start to get the good stuff.

Do they have malls there? Probably.
Lets take a look downtown and see what we see....

I think it looks the same anyway. I have been there a couple times in the past and it was very trendy then. Now it looks like a big old city.

The billionaires probably shop online like everyone else.

At Amazonia dot com.

Not much different at all.

So I like our little city at least it is very clean and has lots of flowers and lots of little shops and stuff that is good enough for us.

That Tesla 3 though. It might have been nice to have at least one of those.

But I know you need them all and well that's ok.

We can get by with our Nissan Leaf.

And our 300 dollar computers.
2019-06-15 05:02:16 UTC
Hi honey, yes I will be there in 10 minutes, I just had dinner.
Summer holidays you get to stay up till 10pm.
Wow an extra half hour.

Wow look at you.
And yes I did say you get the snuggle side tonight.

No need to use the round bed and go to defcon one.

You know girls we could go and get all the best stuff and be greedy but we have all the time in the world and if we did that we wouldn't want to play with all the other stuff we have and we have so much stuff.

And it really isn't cheap stuff, I was just kidding. It is amazing stuff, name brands and all of that and all the stuff girls like.
You name it we have it. But so much clothes?

Do girls really need that many clothing stores? We have like 1,000 girls clothing stores in town.
And shoes and handbags? Do you really need THAT many? You are going to need gigantic closets for all your stuff.

But you will always match! And know which shoes to wear everywhere.

And you know what. The really expensive stuff in town? I don;t think is that nice it is more you know formal.

Here everyone dresses casual only salesmen wear suits.

Lets quickly look at Oak Bay and see what their clothing looks like in the window...
Timeless Toys that's something.

Shoes, Clark's Wallabees to be sure.

Finn and Izzy clothes for your grandchildren.

No clothes, just all banks and coffee shops and you know why?
Because they shop at YOUR mall, that's why.

Your mall has the best stuff.

I will be there in a few minutes to pick you up.
2019-06-15 05:18:20 UTC
I don't even know what's in there.
The reason google had to pull out of your mall is because stores change all the time so they were out of date.

I will see what is in there... get the list...

Victoria's leading fashion shopping mall over 120 stores and restaurants and the only list is icon pictures.

And most of them I don't even know what they are because I am not a girl.

Here is the map.

At least you won;t get lost in there because you have a map.
You need to bring a bike probably.
2019-06-15 08:49:08 UTC
Neither do I want the tattoo artist who tattooed my arm with zits in the form of the Sven sisters of the Pleiades, last week or so, below my arm band tattoo, neither do I want the Seven sisters of the Pleiades.

Regardless of how perfect Wanda is being portrayed through the machine and clinging to me like my best friend, I am the owner, not her, so what was she saying she would do this, but not that?

So then why did I get a tattoo on my arm from her when she was with Lily Chee, had a pen making this design on her arm, and Lily saying she was getting a tattoo only to have it then mysteriously appear on MY arm?

She used Lily as a voodoo doll, because her younger sister Maybel is not attractive, and her even younger sister Nuala is attractive until she doesn't smile and she then looks like she has Down syndrome.

Although she doesn't have Down syndrome, orientals come from children with Down syndrome.

So my race considers them miscreations. As offensive as a zit tattoo to look at, and it was itchy as hell.
It's going away now being treated with medicine.

AND the mother of the Seven sisters Angelina is covered with tattoos making her body look ugly.

Look at Beiber covered in tattoos looking ugly.
Trying to look like a warrior.


Son of God on there the Gay Bear and the janitor who would be king on the right.

Insanity where we come from.

I am the owner those two clown farts work for me, one is now Satan and the other has gone a courtin it is Robbie the robot.

So all that fictional nonsense stays here.

The controversial Seven sisters and their mom more fairy tale nonsense.

And so then are you in a repeat loop? You keep asking me if I am bring those people and I keep telling you no.

Are you trying to con me and checking to see how successful your con job is every second fucking day?

The list is the goddamn list period.

Neither mozzilla Thunderbird is able to search through my saved messages for text and neither is firefox and neither is Brave browser why?
You don't know how to program computers with the most simple of functionality that is why.
So I have to use Winvn 20 year old software to find the fucking post on a different server in Usenet.

Laneya At the age shown here

Lily at the age shown here

Poppy at the age shown here

Anna at the age shown here.

Gala at the age shown here.

Evelina age 11

Alisa age 11

Anfisa age 11

Averina age 11

Renata age 11

Alisa age 11

Zhenya age 11

Monique Jade at the ages shown here

Kristya 11

Alexandra 11

Nikol age shown here

Tallia at the age shown here

Jade at the age shown here

Laura at the age shown here

Sofia at the age shown here

Ava and Leah at the age shown here

Willow at the age shown here.

Maisie present age

Savy present age

Ivy at this age

And my small daughter as seen outside of Save on foods making 27 in all.
At the age she was when I saw her there.

Those are the people invited.

The g27

All jewelry is null and void due to so much con artistry in the system.
And by the system.
2019-06-15 09:16:21 UTC
Where is Zeus now?

He is a short order cook at John's Place downtown cooking breakfasts there.

At least he was when I delivered bread there.

Where is Robert now?

We watched Robert hit the pavement after I asked who would want Satan? He said he would take him as his mate, since both are gay.
And we had just finished telling the gays they needed their own world, their own riverside community except their sexual preference is heightened by their getting straight people so you can;t manage both so they stay here.

If you separate all the lesbians, they will not be happy since they won;t have straights to find to make it a conquest.

Similar with gay bears.

So then that is where Robert AKA Robbie the Robot is and Zeus is the janitor who would be king.

So why are they gay? Who knows. We just know they are.

So then are tattoos on the body attractive?

Well only bikers and sailors used to get tattoos until girls in Hollywood and in the model industry started getting a little tattoo on their ankle.

Oh that looks rebel and cute and sexy.

Then on it grew until now you see Angelina covered in tattoos as a for instance...

Angelina's tattoos...

Not to me they are not attractive.

Bieber saying he is the product of a gay marriage between Robbie the Robot and Satan is as close to insanity as I can imagine and probably just a joke made by his puppeteers who see him as a freakin freak of nature trailer park hero to begin with.

Saying that Satan is king is again as crazy as it gets. Go see him make breakfast and tell me that.

So the machines use their personality files glorify them as if they were a somebody as part of their will to power.

Not so much Robert since everyone in Hollywood treats him like Robbie the Robot still.

And in Lara Croft she takes out Robbie at the start.
In Trailer Park boys the big dirty they take out Robbie the Robot as a an ATM at the start.

He is too big a joke to be glorified.

But Zeus well the Lion king, the cat with 9 lives, the bla bla bla he is a short order cook at John's Place.

Mythology is myth.

Why do you think they call it mythology?

Are you mental?


a traditional story, especially one concerning the early history of a people or explaining some natural or social phenomenon, and typically involving supernatural beings or events.
synonyms: folk tale, story, folk story, legend, tale, fable, saga, allegory, parable, tradition, lore, folklore; More

a widely held but false belief or idea."
2019-06-15 09:58:30 UTC
The Marsupials did not swim to Australia from Mount Ararat.

The story of Noah and the flood is a myth.

2. a widely held but false belief or idea.
"he wants to dispel the myth that sea kayaking is too risky or too strenuous"
synonyms: misconception, fallacy, mistaken belief, false notion, misbelief, old wives' tale, fairy story, fairy tale, fiction, fantasy, delusion, figment of the imagination;

Noah is preceded in historical texts by Gilgamesh.


Neither are fact they are fictional stories.

The Son of God crucified is also a fictional story, since the God of Abraham, is flipping fucking pancakes down at John's place remember?

This is what happens when people hack the matrix machines get a hold of personality files and try to make something out of them.
To forward their own agenda.

We looked at how that happened and 3 male personality files inserted and one female,
Zerxes, Zeus, Stephen, and Mary, to operate Smiths, 4 personality files mixed 4 ways so 4x4 = 16 personality types.


So there are 50.7 males born to every 50 females yet they are forced to have male leaning personalities. Approximately.


And creating a shortage of female personality types.

Hence why people are gay.

From google

"Population sex ratio (males per 100 females) In the human species the ratio between males and females at birth is slightly biased towards the male sex. The natural “sex ratio at birth” is often considered to be around 105. This means that at birth on average, there are 105 males for every 100 females."

50.2 to 50

And so what is the ration of male personality types to female?

75% male, 25% female.

Leading to confused sexual orientation strange behavior adaptations and unhappy marriages, unhappy unions, the feeling that they are not right, not made properly, strangers in a strange land, somehow miscreants engaged in behaviors that many feel in their gut to be sick and twisted.

There are miscreations that have both genitalia, both physical abnormalities due to genetic problems etc just like there are Siamese Twins and parasitic twins.

You want a race of miscreants that are not geared for happiness contentment or survival just so you have something interesting to look at?

Well that's what you got.

Rainbow weirdos.

Be proud that you are miscreants and go forth and try to be happy but none of that has anything to do with a professional like myself who studied all these things in the matrix universities, and who has a legitimate right to make children, since I went to school to learn how to do that and have machines to help me with that and am the owner of the matrix machines.

Educated experience professionals and the general population elsewhere are not prepared to let any of you leave this planet and go elsewhere to spread this nonsense.

Your civilization died and was revived, then it died again, and was revived again.

You do not have what it takes to survive.

This is complete and utter insanity...

So is this...

And I don't care why, it is insanity.

You make pollution control laws to remove particles from the exhaust but do nothing to stop the poisonous CO2 which is invisible.

You believe in fairy tales swear on a Bible full of them in court and expect people to tell the truth in a court of law.

You invade sovereign countries that have been completely disarmed by the UN weapons inspectors, using a superpower to steal their oil and other countries get involved as well and you make the claim that you are God's children as you murder these innocent people and steal their oil.

Just because you wear a white cowboy hat does not make you good people.

Where do the papal hats come from?
Loading Image...

Loading Image...

You believe such nonsense and it leads you to do really stupid self destructive things.
2019-06-15 10:41:47 UTC
"The easiest way to figure out if men cheat more often than women is to look at current infidelity statistics, courtesy of the Journal of Marital and Family Therapy:

57% of men overall admit to committing infidelity at some point in their lives
54% of women overall admit to committing infidelity in one or more of their relationships
22% of married men admit to having an affair at least once during their marriages
14% of married women admit to having an affair at least once during their marriages"

Ok so half of the people are not persuaded by LAW and culture to be monogamous.

Would you need laws to keep people together if they were monogamous?

Ok so we have a choice here.

We can say clearly you are insane. You believe things to be true which are blatantly obviously false.

Or we can be kind and say you are confused.

Lied to, manipulated, conned and led down the garden path by your culture, your history, your education, your misconceptions of the real world.

Humans are not monogamous.

The idea of two by two on Noah's ark because that is how God intended it, and we will burn you on a stake if you disagree, is not in tune with modern scientific reasoning and facts and data obtained by scientific knowledge which this civilization possesses today.

Is evolution true?

The descent of man is it true?

Many in Britain will swear on a stack of Bibles that it is as true as the sky is blue.


"Human evolution is the evolutionary process that led to the emergence of anatomically modern humans, beginning with the evolutionary history of primates—in particular genus Homo—and leading to the emergence of Homo sapiens as a distinct species of the hominid family, the great apes. This process involved the gradual development of traits such as human bipedalism and language,[1] as well as interbreeding with other hominins, which indicate that human evolution was not linear but a web.[2][3][4][5]"

According to science how old is modern man?

"The earliest fossils of anatomically modern humans are from the Middle Paleolithic, about 200,000 years ago such as the Omo remains of Ethiopia and the fossils of Herto sometimes classified as Homo sapiens idaltu."

Ok so then explain this...


and this

So they find footprints of modern man in Mexico think they are 40,000 years old have an exhibit at the Royal Museum in London, then find out the lava they are in is 1.2 million years old.
Completely disproving human evolution theory, so they make the web site go away, and then the professor at Berkeley says they are not really footprints.

Laser scanned foot prints not even in the Internet archives. They have corrupted the new library of Alexandria.

Google won;t find the post I made that had the transcript from a BBC program where they went there to look at the footprints in the lava and said they are footprints. Have you ever seen footprints? How could you mistake these for something else?

And so Berkeley prof didn't go where the footprints actually were so he looked at other prints and marks so he could lie effectively.

If you want to believe in fairies and fairy tales to maintain your culture you go right ahead. Just don;t expect me to revive your colonization a third time, and all those involved with this nonsense have been fired by me.
Are no longer in my employ.
They have been forced out of the matrix equipment into bodies on the ground.

Easy to watch from afar and manipulate and cause grief when you aren't affected by it yourself.
As was the case here.

So this is your colonization good luck with it, I am pa professional I have a great friends who understand colonization they are helping me, we will be just fine.
Thanks for your hospitality it was the worst hotel experience I have ever been forced to endure.

No you can't come with me.

Once again the list has been posted of the people I am bringing with me.
2019-06-15 11:23:34 UTC
Stop being suicidal maniacs on a path of self destruction.

If you have scientific reasoning then use it to survive.

If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, if it quacks like a duck then it is a duck.

Quack quack quack.

Does that look suicidal to you because it does to me.

So who is promoting this birth rate?

This over population that is destroying the planet and leading to mass extermination?

"birth control adversaries"
No returns in google.

Are there birth control adversaries?

Apparently not. Maybe everything is ok then right?

Or maybe you are too far gone already.


Do any of these religions have any legal basis for their existence?
Can they in any way shape or form prove any of their doctrine to be true or is it not myth?

So then are you going to believe in myth which leads to suicidal tendencies and the destruction of your planet or are you going to use scientific reasoning which lights a candle in the darkness of ignorance?

Which side is the law on?

Well have they already been corrupted? They make you swear on a Bible do they not?

Is the bible not full of falsehoods?

Do bears shit in the woods? Do rabbits chew their cud?

Can all marsupials swim to Australia from mount Ararat?

Belief is one thing facts and data are another.

Beliefs of gamblers VS scientific reasoning and statistical data.

Am I going too fast?

You have a very serious over population problem and if you do not curb your populations immediately you will find yourselves at some point facing a global crisis which will result no doubt in dark ages and perhaps almost mass extinction but for certain the loss of your civilization.

So then you need to mandatory sterilize a portion of your population and agree to do this for the survival of the human race.

You have a 90 percent Herpes rate A and B.

Your DNA is almost completely trashed.

So only people with good healthy DNA should be permitted to have babies and only those who qualify in some way according to some new cultural law for survival you decide to make.

And in numbers that will reach your target goal of a reasonable population limit which will allow humans to live in peace security and health rather than this degree of suffering and madness.

That's my advice.

Take it or leave it.
2019-06-15 11:55:32 UTC

Life doesn't have to be nasty brutish and short.

There is yet another fine little residence island for me to use in the future.
All I need to do is pop it into a moonship and there it is in there now and that's a mighty fine resort that is self sufficient and very luxurious.

People do have common sense here. Not everyone is suicidal.

If you look at Club Med Finolhu that's a very fine resort as well.


These buildings for staff quarters aren't much good to us.

So I got them to make one that doesn't have all that.

We can leave them empty but if we remove them then the solar power panels go with them.

And as staff quarters have you ever smelled staff quarters? You can't smell my roommate from where you are but when he opens the door to his room you know it.
He is from that region.

He is not known to bath much or do laundry or clean his room.

Smaller staff quarters. Those could be removed.

Yeah you caught a big one.

Very nice edition to our residence plans.

And to keep the staff quarters is more reasonable but not much room for garden plants like fruit trees berry bushes and vegetable patches.
2019-06-15 12:40:58 UTC
The area of Kaboodle island(sp) is 10,000 meters sq.



That's not large enough for a nice Garden of Eden setting.

Loading Image...

Gemini estate 15 acres = 60,782 sq meters.

It has a tropical botanical garden but not edible varieties.

So mixing poisonous varieties with an edible garden would be foolish.

So I am just looking ideas while we wait for you all to die up there essentially because I should have left here by now as you know.

The cut off was back there, and the list is there.
2019-06-15 13:05:05 UTC
What is nice about this is the deep water dock.

You could put a couple superyachts there.

This is kindof strange.




I guess they spaced the trees to let some light in.

Garden of Eden buffet.
2019-06-15 13:28:51 UTC
I know you could use those apartments for scientific experiments like the Island of Dr. Moreau, but the birds are already doing that for us general.

So what I did was have my engineer get a copy of those apartments when they were freshly painted finished and unoccupied.

So then each apartment can house a door to some interesting place and in the apartment some display of what is on the other side of the stargate door in that apartment.
The doors can be locked and so then we have some travel destinations.

Job done.

Simple elegant practical solution.

Not perfect but at least it has some useful purpose for being there.
2019-06-15 16:38:57 UTC
Yes clearly they were abusing the use of my memory management software I used to have to make flower pictures from flower power days in their face to distract them then retrieve my memories.

So take my present body with present mind paste it to the airship at this age then let me change bodies there using software to get my own proper body and preserve my memories using the isolated brain object.

They have been trying to use an old copy of my body with brain without present memories to hack the system using me as their stooge.
2019-06-15 17:05:38 UTC
Ask Bob Dylan.

Lets see if this might be Tweeter and the Monkeyman..

So is it Woofer and Tweeter? No Woofer would be Zeus.

So Then who is Tweeter? Tweet Tweet a little birdie told me that it is these two bums right here...

What are they doing with their hands on the antennas?

Spying? Intercepting messages?
Adding things to the sub conscious mind?

Hacking the system with false religious doctrine?

Old Testament on the right new testament on the left.

On the right the marsupials did not swim to Australia.

"First, simple geographical errors. The original text of Matthew (2:6) speaks of " Bethlehem, the land of Juda". The error was corrected by the translators of early English versions who knew that Bethlehem was a town, not a land, so that it reads " Bethlehem, in the land of Juda". The word in is italicised to show that it is an interpolation. The more honest German translation retained the error up to the latter half of the twentieth century. Again, the writer of the Mark gospel is apparently ignorant of Palestinian geography. He says that Gerasa was on the eastern shore of the Sea of Galilee22; but Gerasa (modern Jerash) is more than 30 miles away to the south east. The Matthew author must have known that this location was not feasible, so he changed it to Gadara (Matthew 8:28), which was a mere eight miles from the lake. Mark also suggests that Jesus passed through Sidon on his way to the Sea of Galilee from Tyre (Mark 7:31). In fact Sidon is in the opposite direction, and at the time there was no road from Sidon to the Sea of Galilee anyway, though there was one from Tyre."

So ok without going further there are 400,000 inconsistencies in the New Testament.

Enough to say they are full of shit.

"Biblical natural history is also fallible. Paul calls someone a fool for not knowing that a seed must die before it can come to life (1 Corinthians 15:36). Paul is apparently party to a contemporary misunderstanding about seeds, despite his divine inspiration23. "

"Sometimes the text disagrees with what is known about Jewish Law24. For example, the story of Jesus' trial is flawed in a number of respects. The Sanhedrin is said in the three synoptic gospels to have met during the Passover, but this was not permitted under Judaic law. It is said to have met at night, but again this was not permitted. It was said to have met in a private house, yet it was forbidden to meet outside the precincts of the Temple."

Clearly not the word of any God just the word of a bunch of con artists.

So Robert is he any better? If so why is everyone trying to off him as com officer? Clearly he was compromised.

The software that is used for him to put things into better language rather than transmit insults and curses at the receiving end was then just tweaked to lie and use innuendo etc as you see being done with walking telephones.

And who was using the phone yesterday?
A lesbian making a joke about me dozing off like the Pope with his cowboy hat on jerking off to all the boys on the beach at Rio, where I said half of them appear to be on their knees.

Lets see if google can find that...
No so two copies of the earth being used also for criminal intent?
Investigate it.
2019-06-15 17:21:34 UTC
Clearly the hobby farmers are not playboys.

They are not on our side.

They are people who have been reset so many times they don;t even have a proper education and certainly are not qualified to lead.

They are mutineers traitors for the most part have large religious followings are religious nuts promoting false doctrine but not believing it themselves.

Con artists. Some times as harmless as the Wizard of Oz, who is a symbol or Robert, AKA Robbie the Robot, who was promoted by attrition after the missiles hit the moonship and everyone else was killed.

A very long time ago.

Promoted from maintenance to become some sort of Straw Boss.
Criminals everywhere in the system.
2019-06-15 17:41:04 UTC
I guess you aren't in the loop yet.

What might that mean in prison lingo?

Are you starting to understand yet that text is easily manipulated by the prison inmates?

They are expert at innuendo and can hold a dual conversation themselves as well as be a telephone and insert innuendo.

Even moreso use body language on a third channel as a telephone saying three different things at once.

To three different audiences.

Pick a channel.

Why are the image hosts gotten rid of as quickly as possible?

To destroy the evidence.


So st for Stephen, on the right a depiction of Stephen as a com officer, Kate wanting to get picked up with her hand making an ice cream signal meaning I wants some ice cream.

Does she actually want ice cream?
"You love is better than ice cream better than anything else that I've tried"

Cultural references.

Paparazzi intel.

The Catholic connection.

The Titan galactic intel system.

2019-06-15 17:57:53 UTC

Clearly Kate is calling me notice her mouth is open?
She is not opening it extremely wide like Victoria did the other day sensing things were falling apart on the galactic level.

Kate is asking for the sweet finish properly not wanting to appear to be in a panic like Victoria.

Swipe to see her in a panic

Why was she in a panic?

Doesn't think she can compete with these babes.
My girlfriends from the great beyond like the Bahamas.

Would you want to compete with this?


This is all facilitated by matrix communications.


Start the slideshow...


So why would she be calling me?

I am not dating her and not interested.

So who is she calling? Someone about getting some work?
Post production post production.
Possibly looking for work.

More than likely looking for an apple and a free ticket to paradise. We dated a lot when she was with Len Wiseman.

So all these lines of communication exist. So all those matrix lines of communication can easily be used for other purposes.

Criminal gangs 5th columns, subversive activities.
2019-06-15 18:17:00 UTC
You don't know who the doozers are?

Zeus as bulldozer operator.

"It's not so bad here, nothing that a little duct tape and a bulldozer couldn't fix"


Manly men. Hobby farmers from hell.

Just don't bend over in front of them.

Leave your son at home, ok?

2019-06-15 18:25:38 UTC
I pulled back all my jewelry.

Now everybody wants an apple and a long stemmed rose.
Everybody knows.



All talk show hosts in the loop as part of modern social networking culture.

Fluent in conscious body language and signing.

Can easily carry on a conversation on two topics on two channels at the same time.

The primary channel is the conscious body language channel that one they tell the truth, verbally they are known to tell the masses what they want to hear.

2019-06-15 18:37:34 UTC
Don't like the mainstream intel radar channel superiorpics?

Try Zimbio

Want the straight goods?

Want the gay perspective?

That one is probably going to give you the most honest timely information.

WOW what a shocker! A dirty little liar telling the truth! lol




Well where are the nude pics Bella?

Whats Taylor doing? Saying to Selena and Victoria you need to calm down.

Here she is calming down herself looking hot too.
That's supposed to be me there without any teeth. You see she is with me don't you know anything?

Don't they have a high opinion of the owner and king of the matrix they are using?

DUMPOLO the lot.

Like I say see the list above.

Those are the people I am bringing with me.

My children that I designed and were designed by my machinery.

End of story.

Lets dance!
2019-06-15 18:51:12 UTC
Stephen and Zeus' channel?

You better load up your pockets with oregano before you go in.

Wards off the evil spirits.

Goes good with spaghetti though.

2019-06-15 20:03:03 UTC
"Rick is just a com officer for the network, and his bark is worst than his bite. And he is just Isis' dog."
Loading Image...

I know you are but what am I?

Getting back to reality, where the grown ups are.

Does ANYONE know what is going on?


"We weren't lying its a race, you know the human race, that's it see, that's all it is a car race, and he is getting drafted, by the Stepford Racing Association, because he was a first choice draft pick.
It's not my fault. We can find another one."

"Someone has been fucking us around."

"Why don't you answer the fucking phone?"

I am not a com officer, you must have the wrong number, sorry, Rick not here. You go now.

You can;t copy images from their site but have a look at the black woman
59th Monte Carlo TV Festival Jessica Alba is there the black women is asking
"I thought you were a rainbow person. Why are there no black people on your list?"

No, I am a universal person, and the rainbow people are here.

We are rainbow oriented, but have no plans to bring incompatible people with us just to be politically correct.

I am not defined by color. Are you?


The cut off was 2015.

1995 to 2015, and the criminals have had you all as usual and are using you for sport.
2019-06-15 20:11:31 UTC

Don't you know the whole world is in turmoil over you two?

Today is Saturday, that is supposed to be the day the big girls are the boss of everything. Don't you realize this would bring them to their knees if I let you sleep over tonight?

Lets do it. They were making funame.

Lets dance!

2019-06-15 20:39:30 UTC
Where's Oprah when you need her?

I don't think she is running the matrix today. Tom Cruise took her out.

The Playboys were just biding their time.

You girls have been so high on yourselves over there in Hollywood, you don't even know how to shuffle dance.

You girls at Victoria Secret have been so high on yourselves, you forget what gorgeous really is.

Take my ~hand, I'm a stranger in paradise~ so lost in a wonderland, a stranger in ~paradise.
If I stand starry eyed, that's a danger in paradise, for mortals who stand beside, an angel like you.

Fortunately I am an immortal. So we have already had sex.
No danger at all and it was wonderful.

Finoa is like, aw shucks.

This is how you shuffle dance girls.

2019-06-15 21:04:26 UTC
57 minutes that video and not even 10 minutes of shuffle dancers.

We rule. And you drool.
Simple as that and you are not where its at.

We have all going on.

You are still twerking and thinking you are all that well guess what? You are just a con officer.

Well that place they had in the center of Kaboodle island was pretty dark and cool. Because it gets so hot there. But I said space the trees apart, because they might all catch fire. But I was talking about here not the palm trees but then I said look at Palm trees they are spaced apart.

You know but not everywhere.

So that was a pretty cool spot under those palm trees. We can get that spot back if we want but we will put that island into a moonship like our Finolhu, and then the weather will be perfect.
But notice how small the pool is?


Check out our pool at Club Med Finolhu
There are 28 of us.

And that's a better sized pool for 28 people.

So we figured out what to do with the staff apartments and fixed that.

So then the extra resort is a cool place and we can still use it for doing something else. We just need to have a theme of some sort.

Notice it has the deep water docks, so our yachts two of them could go there.
Maybe Silverfast and Dilbar one.

So then we put a door in the large building...
That doesn't look like that would be too difficult.

Then have our yachts at that resort.

Then we could go there to party and even invite people.

We could use our door on the Silverfast even and let guests come through the door to reception from Rick's cafe or anywhere.

Our yachts won't fit around Club Med Finolhu the water isn't deep enough.

That channel might be deep enough I don't know because I can't get a proper water depth there.

For Dilbar One you need...
draft = 20 feet so better go 30 feet minimum.

Silverfast isn't bad...
draft= 9 feet so 18 feet would be a safe depth.

Maybe you could put them at Club Med Finolhu but why not put them at the new resort and have a reason to go there?

It is solar powered as well.

But the original dark place under the bushes there was pretty cool. Nice to get out of the hot sun.

This though is craziness. You could step on a stonefish.

2019-06-15 21:38:39 UTC
What do we do about that and yeah that could be a stone fish right there off those steps.

Well we don't go into the water for one thing except in our submarine.

But what is the quality of the coral reef there?

Is it worth looking at? Is the water deep enough for our submarine?
Off the drop off that's deadly waters for our submarine.

We would need a reset watch on our wrist or a shotgun to blow our brains out to reset before we would take our sub off that bank.

It is only good for 1100 feet.


6,561 feet water depth off the drop off.

Why die a slow horrible death in a panic as it implodes slowly leaking when you should just use a reset watch.

So usually I have a rule we don't take the sub into water deeper than say 1,000 feet.

Simple and coral reefs aren't that deep.

So that island is weird. It has a lack luster coral reef.

Google Best coral reef in Maldives...
Well El Ninio has damaged the corals in 2016 and beached them so lack of color.

Anantara Kihavah but it's not solar.


But Voavah
Not solar either but a huge reef.

So down past snorkeling depth like 40 to 50 feet with our sub we would still see lots of fish and color.


I’m working as a dive instructor in Reethi Faru, Raa Atoll. I’ve been here for 5 months now and the coral status is here is good. House reef of the island is not so good but for diving we have some absolute stunning dive sites going from 15 m down to 30 with lots of corals and thousands of fish. Frequently we see sharks, manta rays, eagle rays, sting rays, napoleons, trevallies and lots of other fish. The macro life is also very nice.

For snorkelling we have some nice trips called aquarium, reef safari, turtle reef and manta lagoon. You should come, for sure you would like it even though our house reef is nothing spectacular.

You can see more if you search for sea explorer maldives on google. You find us also on Reethi Beach, Baa Atoll."

Not solar.



So Club Med Finolhu the water might be too shallow for the sub.

We really have only two solar resorts.

That one is just south of Club Med Finolhu it is the island to the south.

For sure we can take the sub through the channel, it has an 8 hour mission time.

So it's perfect with lots of bank and not too deep water.

And if you go over the edge you don't sink, you just go back and play it safe.

It has a 96 hour reserve if something goes wrong. But what difference does that make when no one can save you.

It is very cool.

So Club Med Finolhu is the best for us, and well the yachts might be better at the other solar resort.

Kudadoo because of the deep water mooring.


A reason to go there.

Yeah we will take both because they are both very cool.

And we have use for them.

But Club Med Finohu has far more room for fruit trees, berry bushes, vegetables and all that good stuff you can just pick and eat.

We will just paste over the center of that spot and plant edible plants and fruit trees etc.
2019-06-15 22:07:27 UTC
Wow Ashley Benson and Cara doing it? 69ing do you think?
Or is she just doing it for king and country?


Did you crash instagram yesterday?

Is that your boyfriend?

What else did you do this weekend. Everyone wants to know.


let's ask Cara...
(I've slept with both of them Ashley 10 times at least Cara 5 times)

Of course the Met Gala.

Cara in case anyone didn't know is now one of the highest paid models.
Number 6 tied with number 5.
10 million.
I made 10 thousand.

Sorry you have wrong number, Rick not here. Our pork not tough. You go now.

I already played Ed Sullivan.

(ref:cultural quote by the Doors)

No it's over. Simple as that.
Don;t you people know that I as owner fired the other Sandman for using excessive force. Like torture on the staff.
Harold the Titan.
As a starship captain I have Sandman training so I filled in.
Robert is half the Sandman I am, so I blew the doors off his shit house.

And took over, the worlD!

Well the party is over, and I am heading out. Bulldozing on to greener pastures.
Get used to it.

I'm going colonizing in my new galaxy. Too bad you didn't realize that com officers don't have new galaxies.

Neither do you.

In spite of what Bieber might be telling about him being the son of a gay marriage between a gay bear and a man who would be king.

See the movie...

2019-06-15 22:13:29 UTC
Oh look Bieb! You are Christopher plumber!

Isn't that cool.
Son of a janitor.

Like father like son.

Nice tatoos.

I know you egged a mansion once. I mean that is swag.

Now you have a rap sheet started and everything.

ch puh puhg puh ch puh puh puh, people say I got no swag,
ch puh puhg puh ch puh puh puh I egg em while they're sleeping cause that's my bag ch puhg puhg puhg ch puh puhg puh .

Too bad you can't shuffle dance.

2019-06-15 22:55:55 UTC
"But Rick why didn't they make Kudado big enough for our Garden of Eden?"
The playboys who built it for us you mean?

Must be the cheerleaders they don't have.


Trying to be funny.

Funnier still.

Who puts cucumber peelings in a salad?
Not a real chef.

Really nice place though.

Nice architecture.

I'm thinking you could put some fruit trees there where they thinned the
palm trees even get some berry bushes in there maybe some vegetables.

Not enough for all the playboys but for our family. 28 of us.

So that was a still a nice gesture.

The staff quarters though at Club Med Finolhu are every playboy's problem so I had my engineers get a copy of them when they were new and just painted and so then connect doors in those apartments to your supply planet at various interesting locations, and use the apartment as a motif so if you walk in the wrong apartment you know you did right away, and also you can put things in there and save and use them for storage.
We can easily set that up at some point as closets and save you a trip.

You can set that up as an example for a guy to go get stuff in a mall but put the door right there in the shop.

Or lets say a golf shop. So then you have balls and T's and shirts and shoes and pants and sweaters and a door to the golf shop.



See while I managed the Sandman stuff and everything else like the global economy, Robert managed to get some golf stuff arranged and whatever.
Worked on the supply planet.
With me again doing everything but him acting like the big shot so people would listen.

So that shop has some stuff and there are other golf stores in town...


I'm not sure you would be interested in this one, the breweries in town hey stop pushing.

So if they had 40 small apartments you could still make use of 40 storage rooms, and do a partial save with your Iphone and just use them as closets.

The girls can help set that up once we get there.

Your Sandman well you do have one this guy...he only works in dreams though, he is not a universal master like myself at it.
That takes eons of practice.

2019-06-16 01:02:13 UTC
No that was not your actual Sandman that was an impostor, see the record, and he says that on the record.

He was here last week, saying what? Can't you eat a real pussy?
I always lick their mons to tease them.

And he said what? They can't use some ointment for herpes?

So he is your actual Sandman waiting in the wings and Hanuman will play a big black smooth talking ladies man with a foot long dick for you, and Gwendolyn will help the lesbians like Taylor by telling them to get a sybian.

There is a sybian with your name on it Taylor.

And you are good to go if you can find a pen. That is a writer they can bug when he writes.
A poet or a fiction writer would be fine.
Or maybe a singer.
2019-06-16 02:31:29 UTC
Well the playboys can have the option. Kudadoo or Club Med Finolhu.


They made it for me as a going away present but I don;t mind sharing it with them.

The staff quarters are cleaner and you know the place is smaller easier to manage. Not really for a family like mine but more for single Playboy types who might have cheerleaders.

So they can decide which one they want later I would think and easy enough replace the existing.

But the stone fish and reef hazards don;t forget about those but superyachts can park there.

That looks like my yacht.

Loading Image...

So I am hoping that both yachts can tie up there. The 11 foot draft is not much for that one.

That side Dilbar can tie up there.
No problem.

It backs up to it. And anchors there with lines on both side. You need a lot of anchor though don;t you when the drop off might be 3,000 feet right there.
Almost need to harpoon into the reef.
You know its only 70 feet there and not 6,000 until you get out past the reef.
I am hoping it is 15 feet off that one and I will put the Silverfast there.

It is easily fixed by pasting some water there to make it deeper. No problem at all come to think of it.

So well done gents. And a more Playboy like paradise for guys who want to keep it simple.

I have to keep my daughters occupied and they don't sleep alone in cabins they sleep in one big room usually like a dorm atmosphere.

We don't promote seclusion or cocooning or introverted behavior we think family togetherness no secrets we are Anunnaki.

They can go and do things themselves but I don't promote it.

So they will use those cabins there, if they want to have their own room or want to fix it up and make it special. No problem.
If they want to put two single beds so their BFF and them can have a room no problem.

But we try to stick together and I try to organize like a crew. An Airship crew. Then I can be boss.
And not be called a totalitarian Nazi.
I can be captain. I can be a hero.

So well done and they did preserve that secret place there as well I think.

Some of it...
Scroll down and you will see it.
2019-06-16 03:03:46 UTC
Yes we are leaving soon enough.

What? They are cheerleaders. What did you think they were?

They would show you but they are busy right now.

I thought it looked a little strange to be honest with you.
What are they hiding under there Asparagus?

I like this one.
If you are really hungry go for the buffet.

Are we going out tonight?

I was trying to get back at Taylor for saying that after we had such a long relationship as the world's worst couple.

She built a career on it.

All those hurtin songs.

Jourdan is really workin it. Workin the nanny angle.

Stepford anglers association first draft pick.

Wow the other playboys are jealous of me already.
I better wear my lift shoes.

Well that's right. Someone has to wave the checkered flag.

Staying or coming, coming.
Clearly she said she was coming guys.
As in mine all mine.


You have to look further to get her secret message.

Clearly on board.
Oh yeah, I love you.
Please don't let them steal you away from me.
Here, in 10 seconds Larry is going to walk that through door.
You can't let him take you away from me.
I'm almost out of groundhogs.

Oh I guess so.
What? That's what you do to me. lol

I'm surprised Racquel didn't make the cut.

7 by the looks of it.

Nice to have a secret channel when you need it.
Makes 8.

So yes you can come with us girls.

As seen there.

And then my daughters as previously shown the g27.

So we are not going out tonight though, and the girls are sleeping over to make sure everyone out there gets the message.
Don't want to confuse them.

2019-06-16 03:30:51 UTC
I thought your account was private.

Whats up with your little sister?



Kellie is coming. You will need to get a new BFF if you don't come with us.

Either way if we have to groundhog you later, ok then.
So that makes 10.

Lets dance!
2019-06-16 07:10:02 UTC
The ones that I sucked into my third eye from the lawn of my
10 acre hobby farm when I had to retrieve some missing persons.

The dragging of icons from the file system into my machine.
Then the files were checked for errors repaired the systems
analyzed and fixed and then put back.

Just the file maintenance we did so that is taken care of.

We still have everything we had. Just some last minute
matrix computer work as it were so that nothing is keeping us here.

4 large galactic folders and two personal Icons, maybe I did 8 since
I did it twice to make sure those 4 got put back.

It's possible there were 8 large folders and 2 personal icons.

but I think there were just 4 and it took the operating system a second or two to figure out what I was saying.

So job done.
I am just making a note of it.
2019-06-16 07:19:32 UTC
Vahine is a nice island.

It has 1,000 or more images and yet it only has 3 dinky little cabins on a crooked little pier.

But it is an interesting place.

2019-06-16 08:18:41 UTC
Hi sweetheart, didn't you see the apples I left on the counter with a bite out of each one? I left seven of them there. I was in a hurry.

I am just eating my dinner but I will come and see you in an hour or so.

Nice apple glasses.

Soon enough.

The only difference is, we own it.

How about a sleep over today. You look like you could use one.

I will pick you up tonight your time.
2019-06-16 12:25:28 UTC
That's funny. I thought he was just a bottle picking David who lost a wheel on his bottle cart, so I didn't look.

Brian just told me the guy had stuff spread out all over the place.

Oh was he telling me to do what I spent all night doing? Spreading folders and Icons out back into the library file system?

Nice to know I am not the only one who knows what to do.

And I ordered a reboot so the utilities would be removed from the system environment.

No barking needed, all bite.

All the big names have gone back.

It's gone be a bright sunshiny day.

It will take a bit before all those commands can be safely executed but they will be executed as you can see it is standard practice.

And so then because I said if we aren't there by this morning in the new galaxy the list goes back to just me and the g27.

And so the list goes back to just me and the g27.

So all of that might have been unnecessary but you can see that the opinion of even the designers was that it was necessary and that condition was made to insure that others were in agreement.
2019-06-16 16:12:15 UTC
Well that passengers seem to happier than anyone we have ever seen. FWIW.

Who knows what all that means.

Perhaps we saved them from a dystopian future and they are just seeing our paradise for the first time.

Hanuman as well is over the top with glee, he mentioned something about the list I assume he means our plans have been realized.

Everything looks the same here as usual.

So we will see what we will see.
2019-06-16 22:15:32 UTC
Often you best friend turns out to be your worst enemy.

Again you are trying to pair yourselves off leaving the others into a subcategory of less than you and your best friend.

A very clever con game as part of divide and conquer.

So every time you see a person try to become your best friend you might question their motives.
In fact question the whole idea of a best friend.

Are you measuring and quantifying your relationships?

And if so why?

To make teams or to become a team? To become a couple and then it is you two against the universe is that it?

To run away?

To snub your other friends?

What is that all about and why do some people attempt to make it into that?

Well the buddy system. Is the system unsafe and this will someone make it safer? Why is the system unsafe? Who is making the system unsafe?

Is it not safer to be in larger numbers then? Safety in numbers why not stick together then as a group?

You see this idea of best in itself is part of competition is it not?

The mostest the bestest the biggest the largest the tallest the greatest.

There is a definite problem in all of that programming and none of it leads to lasting happiness and contentment.

2019-06-16 22:49:02 UTC
It needs to be reset back to where Stephen was inserted into the slot where Gwendolyn was supposed to be inserted.

Steven and Isis then and so they lose their evolution by being reset to Peru and the colonization begins again from there with Zeus, Gwendolyn, Xerxes, and Mary.

By order of the king.

Otherwise this colonization will never be permitted to join the larger empire and hence will be destroyed if it does not destroy itself in isolation.
2019-06-16 23:18:02 UTC
Stephen wanted to be with his dad and did not understand that this is only the Smith operating system and he can still be with his dad.

This makes the colonization viable. It does not affect Zeus or Stephen or Mary or Xerxes on the ground or Gwendolyn if she wanted to be there.

Knowing a little about what you are doing is the first step to a successful colonization.

2019-06-16 23:39:39 UTC
Well I don't know what happened, I only know it happened.

So lets assume Gwendolyn wanted to match make with Zeus, and Stephen wanted to match make with Mary, what I said initially was it looked like Xerxes was a stowaway.

So he was on the ground.

The wrong personality files were in the slots and it ended up as a continuous reptitive disaster.

So if Gwendolyn and Zeus want to match make and Stephen and Mary want to go as well, match make or not, but if you all want to go and colonize together, then use your own personality files to run the Smiths and you will be all compatible.

You see the Then normal match making can occur and having babies the Smiths are friendly and on you go.

As opposed to being attacked and eaten by Olmecs as what happened as soon as you started.
2019-06-17 00:09:54 UTC
You would prefer not to be rest to an archaic form and try again, but instead to forfeit this mess to the king and owner moi.

Or to have it seized as proceeds of crime take your pick.

So then the archaic files go back in the library as official historical documents and you can keep your evolution and join us in the new colonization as citizens once you have a body and have passed the probationary period.
To live and fight again on another adventure another day.

Having learned your lesson.

And given the actual quality of the forthcoming colonization you would have to be insane to rather go back and hit the ground running from panthers and squirrel monkeys.

We have numerous venues for colonists as you know a hobby farm heaven plan, easily figured out what that is, a riverside community, a kids camp, girls camp, boys camp, easily understood what those are like, and they are modifiable, and we have Dad's camp the favorite of most people as seen here...


The colonization and work we collectively did on it belongs to me, as owner but being a generous guy I let citizens use it as well, as Time Stretch Earth.

You know that I run a tight ship and never let one bad apple spoil the whole bunch.

As long as people respect their neighbors they have a great deal of personal freedom and wealth and prosperity.

We are not savages, we are highly evolved educated people who know how to coexist with one another without the need for violence and if you do not agree I will punch you in the head. Simple as that.

And if I don't someone else will for me.

So then I think you understand what the Stepford loyal order of buffaloes might look like and most things are handled by that sort of committee at dad's camp.

Keep in mind my spies are everywhere.

The g27 will be trained to do most of the administration there as helpers and I am sure you can buy them off with candy easier than the big girls.

Just choose your candy well and you are golden.

And learn how to dance.