Earth as game machine III
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2019-05-09 09:09:35 UTC
So I figured it all out finally.

Dr. Moreau lets call him made this game machine (the data not the hardware) in copy of a zoo, or the actual zoo that he found, or was permitted to use.

Th earth has a lot of biology and nowhere else does that we are aware of and so that has been what I have been led to believe.

The galaxies store data like hard drives regarding the DNA code of all the creatures that have been deposited onto the earth.

The operating system told me at most there are 60,000 personality files and clearly there are more galaxies than that in the universe so then it seems logical that the DNA data is recorded on them and in that way the numbers would be closer to the number of galaxies we think are out there.

Lets check with google..
"More than 99 percent of all species, amounting to over five billion species,[7] that ever lived on Earth are estimated to be extinct.[8][9] "

So 5 billion from earth perhaps other planets in the universe are recorded in similar manner but once again we can't even approach the estimated number of visible galaxies which is 100 billion.

Possibly all records period and it is a library?

130 million well that again is still short.

Perhaps the entire history of humanity in the matrix the Anunnaki empire of 6 trillion a rumored number...
so 2 trillion galaxies so there we are possibly getting close to the truth.

Maybe more zoos exist or these are the data files of the Anunnaki race since it's beginning.

As a record of the Anunnaki race which may or may not still exist out there.
I may be the last one but it seems unlikely.

But it would explain why they tried to make human bodies and personality files.

So what they did was to combine animal behaviors to make human behaviors.

Titans are horses and Olympians dogs.

Hanumanians are monkeys.

This is a Hanumanian here on the left...

Loading Image...

But an older body plan the ones in use now look like evolved rats.

More ratlike than monkey like but probably we are looking at combinations of behaviors to make a race of people who use human bodies.

So the reason the earth kept going extinct we should have figured out earlier
since the expression
Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war.
- Mark Anthony

clearly shows the digs are the problem and we know that generals are like dogs of war. Generals drop bombs and they do so and would be able to create WWIII

And all the data I have shows that it hapenned numerous times
in the past and earth never got past 1964.

Another possible explanation for the galaxies saved game data and a lot of use of the game machine.

The number of moonships I found in the data amounted to about 60 with less than 5 post apocalyptic completely and no architecture or technology inside past the 1963 level.

So dogs and monkey and horses all together resulting in the cataclysm.
The bodies being used the Smithbots their operating system consisting of
various animal behaviors and dogs of war the probable candidate responsible for the destruction.
Dogs will kill chickens just to kill them with no intention of eating them,
so they are killers by nature.

If we examine what we know of the 4 personalities used from 4 original colonists, Zeus, Xerxes, Mary, Stephen.
Zeus - dog, Xerxes - horse, Mary - cat, Stephen - monkey.
In a broad sense they may have other animal behaviors along with those but hose are the characteristics that they are known to have.

So the 16 personality types made up of dog, horse, cat , monkey,
With the dog behaviors being the most war like.
2019-05-09 09:28:32 UTC
What seems more probable is that the hardware comes with galaxies and as many as you will ever need and the system can write to those galaxies and no reason to expect that this game machine has written to perhaps more than a small number, perhaps 60,000 which are personality files and perhaps the DNA of dinosaurs if they were used then mamamls after that.

Other sundry data such as saved games or admin and these sorts of things would account for maybe 1000 at most.

Galaxies appear to be the same approximate age?

"Most galaxies are between 10 billion and 13.6 billion years old. Our universe is about 13.8 billion years old, so most galaxies formed when the universe was quite young! Astronomers believe that our own Milky Way galaxy is approximately 13.6 billion years old.Jan 24, 2019"

So you see that makes it more likely it just comes with the equipment
as part of the storage space available.

So then the animal behaviors used to make game pieces and the intel we have
as shown here...

Appears to show Dr. Moreau looking like a Titan so a horse reporting the stargate door was wrecked to a dog, an Olympian.

So a horse telling a dog the network has been breached by monsters.

That is similar to me telling Robert when I lived in Calgary, pigs is pigs and hogs is hogs we need to separate the chaff from the wheat, a small report I wrote based on Animal Farm, the current situation here possibly.

So instead I should have said, dogs are dogs horses are horses, cats are cats, we need to separate the dogs cats horses and monkeys.

The digs and cats usually do that themselves, so then if it has been Titans VS Olympians as the main problem, then I should have told him we need to separate the dogs from the horses, and of course Robert is a dog type.

So telling a dog we need to separate the chaff from the wheat, doesn't help a whole lot when I should have said we need to separate the dogs and the horses.

I was of course saying people are too greedy here we need to separate the good people from the bad people.

Those who share and those who do not. And that would be an easy way to find more good people than bad.
2019-05-10 11:05:04 UTC
Well from what I have been told I have 60,000 personality files.

So that means 60,000 immortals to use to build a new empire.

So why do we want a new empire, well the things that ladies and girls require in terms of socializing requires about that many people. They are social creatures and so they don't bring home pets.

So initially we are 200 and then growing to 60,000 in the future.

Initally there are only small environments and Time Stretch Earth.

By the time people are bored with that we will have the rest in the library.
So then they will never get bored of all that since alternate histories can be made save game and an unlimited amount of ideas and things to do through history.

The time span allotted 2 billion years but we can just continue after maintenance if we want to.

The entire scope of the project had to be established prior so that we can properly plan how to utilize the resources.
Such as how much RAM will we need, how much disk space will we need, how large an area of space and what format will it need to be.

So anyway, the shift change for the guardians of the galaxy has to happen now and as a good father I have to go pick up my daughters in Australia and let them guard the family bed from gold digger girlfriend invaders who might be after our munny.

They take shifts as you know and love the responsibility.

A bit of music to listen to as we go to sleep...

2019-05-09 10:10:20 UTC
So the personality files that exist are for immortals.
And those belong to starfleet employees who were transporting criminals to prison or Irish settlers we are not sure which when they had a catastrophe and were all captured by the game machine some how.

So after seeing them they look all the same like the same race and would be dogs.

And so then if called upon to fight and kill they could do it.

So an army of a sort. Like army men. Only in pairs.
One man one woman.

So then professional in uniforms and we can expect trained, like dogs need to be trained.

Monkeys like Stephen, mimic or imitate what the observe, laboring under the impression that to be a professional you merely have to imitate one, hence why they appear as wannabes.

So greedy behavior does not mean they have pig in them we say pig is sloppy.
Hog is not sharing.
So even there we see a difference what we mean is hog is a glutton.

So then the not sharing is more a case of programming due to survival, and game play, to win.

So then the actual people evolved into what you see now, sophisticated
intellectual people, capable of love and empathy and all things human mimicking
Anunnaki such as myself.

The difference between us barely recognizable after all the years of mimicry by having exposure to Anunnaki through direct intervention, players, or the radar of the operating system observing them outside the machine.

For better chances of survival we have to assume that dogs might also be the main psychopath types in that personality mix.

Lacking a conscience as we see in other personality types.

We can look at this entire world and say well the colonization is complete, they have reached Anunnaki level and should be allowed to join a universal race or multiversal race, but their war like behavior would prevent it.

Due to the dog influence and the game programming.

Hence why the earth is under quarantine the door is broken.

The door

and the reference to the quarantine...

No cops and robbers.

No scorpions

The Water Bringer Gods (Anunnaki) reap the harvest from the stargate

No natives (blacks)

No cockroaches or other warriors

So as to why the door got broken the quarantine probably was breached.

Anunnaki are able to beam into a Smith, or attack their consciousness cam to a Smith that is how I travel the universe, a Smith body is pasted into that world or planetoid say a moonship,then my consciousness cam attached to that body,
while my body here sleeps.

Otherwise they are on autopilot.

So we don't need to door to enter or exit, but this planet must have been used for supply, and perhaps biology for planetary engineering.

No doubt it has been copied and used for a lot of purposes in the past,
including time travel.

Hence the no cops and robbers, a game.
No warriors or survivor style gamers.
2019-05-09 10:29:38 UTC
So lets assume that it was orignally a biological reserve for colonization and planetary engineering to obtain food.

Then people began to colonize here, perhaps natives.

They came into conflict with the guards at Coricancha.

That led to interesting game play such as cowboys and indians.

And we have a cylinder seal that says no cowboys and indians.
Loading Image...

So this one some people may be suggesting does not look authentic but the clay might have been recent to illustrate the seal.

Use of the machine repeatedly beginning with whatever reset point they wanted.

They may have reset to 1800 untold numbers of times and then back to Mesopotamia Sumeria etc after that with the knowledge still present.

So we shouldn't assume that the dogs always by themselves led to the destruction, but rather that they were tasked to destroy the earth to go out with a bang when the timer was approaching such as 2012.

We have reason to believe that in 2012 it was game over regardless and all the power units would have failed by then.

So to instead end it under humans means, collectively end the game through various means but task that to the dogs who have little or no conscience and who's job it would have been.

So possibly you are safe with your Labrador retriever but you know in secret your wife is fucking it. If that bothers you you might get a hamster instead.
Not a horse, they fuck those as well.
In fact a queen of Russia died when one fell on her Catherine the great.

"Some called her the "Messalina of the Newa", while others termed her a nymphomaniac.[1] The rumors even extended into the circumstances surrounding her death, with one tale claiming she died while having sexual relations with a horse, while she actually died from a stroke. "

And then the horse fell on her.

Have you tried the new Brave browser yet?
Comes with built in ad blocker.
2019-05-09 10:56:46 UTC
It is clear to me that I own or owned a copy of this planet since I had this figured out in the 70's with Animal Farm.

And I could easily understand how the DNA got trashed, too close company with animals including having sex with them, in the Colluseums in Rome.

""Beasts were specially trained to copulate with women: if the girls or women were unwilling then the animal would attempt rape. A surprising range of creatures was used for such purposes - bulls' date=' giraffes, leopards, cheetahs, wild boar, zebras, stallions, jackasses, huge dogs, apes, etc. The beasts were taught how to copulate with a human being [whether male or female'] either via the vagina or via the anus." Representations of scenes from the sexual lives of the gods, such as Pasipha"

Something modern people are now trying to hide but millions of animals were captured and brought to the coluseum and special trainers used to train
the animals to rape women for sport.

The book Those about to die...

and it would be almost impossible to actually hide that fact from the entire world although they have been doing their best to do it.

So standard fun at the games to make animals have sex with humans for

Anything to sell tickets as part of Bread and Circuses.

And from there or before that going back to South American culture the Olmecs
tying down jaguars to have sex with them to be a greater warrior or to display prowess or to try to get some better warrior genes.

So contamination of the genome and at present 22,000 disease categories so this DNA well worn over the eons.

But I could not figure out how that contaminated the personality files of people.

I thought file corruption? And we looked at Sybil.

It took many years of study to find out there was no contamination and there were no personality files at all, they were made that way here as game pieces, or an attempt to make humans or to create an autopilot for Smiths.

The purpose of this genesis machine also to supply human bodies for use by Anunnaki so that they can interface with reality using 5 senses and have the emotions and love and empathy for others that results from physical as well as mental feedback mechanisms.
2019-05-09 11:17:31 UTC
So the data fits the simulator although I had to obtain new operating systems as we went along and then teach the AI English and be sure it wasn't the AI slated to die in 2012 of old age or a TTL (time to live file assignment)and we had to move it to different simulators several times.

So at one time it was a war simulator.
So we might assume because starfleet personnel exist that colonists occasionally go to war and state armies and officials need to use simulators to handle that and train for that.

So not necessarily a game machine for gamers.

And a cops and robbers simulator to handle crime. Instruct police even military police.

So then finding this in one of my old cop cars and one of my old special ops cars is the probable place where it was all found.

My military liaison said that maybe my car and my wife's car was were the data came from.
Our cars being Anunnaki flying disks 50 feet in diameter and the machine mostly computer.
This data is housed in a digital Anunnaki flying disk 50 feet in diameter.
Brand new as about 1992.

And so then wherever the data came from in terms of colonization this colonization is complete.

The level of humanity here on par with Anunnaki.

So the evolution of the humans the same as the outside race and their intelligence level similar.

Now all that would be missing is to make them immortal by saving their personality and resetting their bodies and not their minds.

We as a family assume that we put the stuff from our cars in one place to develop it and use it for a new residence.

Therefore we are planning on going on holidays for 2 billion years in it, using the objects and entertainment and time travel.

And we have done extensive work on that and created new environments to do just that.

It is assumed my timer will go off soon and that will allow us to go there to live.

Now this galaxy is not the entire universe so we obtained a brand new elliptical
galaxy for that purpose.

This galaxy will probably continue on under quarantine and what happens to it mother nature will decide.

In this way perhaps it might lead to more useful things in the future.

But to be honest the level of suffering here and crime and injustice
leads us to lean towards pausing it and putting it on a shelf,
given that without supervision and no central authority it might become an abomination come back to haunt us or threaten our existence.

So Anunnaki by nature do not take chances, so shelving it for our own protection the obvious course of action.
2019-05-09 11:49:31 UTC
So our scientific policy for administration of our new system is as follows...

=================== Administrative policy in the new system ========

So the basics here to encapsulate...

The body reset does not reset your mind and is automated.
The world reset is automated and will occur twice per week to cut lawns do laundry dishes and renew the world from backup.
You may preempt the body reset or world reset but not extend the time period.
Bodies must be reset twice per year to eliminate the possibility of pregnancy.
The people in the new system are physically immortal.
If you get drunk and disorderly you may be asked to reset your body and return to the party sober.
You have the right to attend a function if you are invited and to refuse an invitation.
Children are attended to by nannies and parents or guardians.
Grown ups are expected to respect others or may be voted off the island.
No money is needed everything in the way of food and shelter is free and the supply planet is available to meet the needs of the people as will be the object library.
Only real people with bodies and hands may enter the system since the system uses handprints instead of passwords.
A sense of ownership is encouraged even though our Anunnaki law states that all things in the simulator other than personality files belong to the owner of the simulator.
People who enter the simulator need to have permission from the owner to enter as is the case with any other premises such as on earth your home is your castle.
Today we are in a situation where perhaps that is not being obeyed but soon those rules will be enforced.
The main purpose of the new system is to allow people to live together in peace and harmony and enjoy each others company.
As residents or citizens they have the right to quiet peaceful enjoyment of their premises.
I as owner am the only administrator of the system but may allocate some duties to others.
We have done our best to select compatible people and hope that our communities are what people want to live in in order to find happiness and contentment.

=================== Administrative policy in the new system ========

That didn't format very well so an image...

Loading Image...

What is it like here?

========= what I was telling my friends from back home recently =========
"Oh yes I have been teaching them to dance. How they doing so far?

They like ballroom dancing a lot.

And drugs more than oats.

Booze more than water.

Power more than anything.

They make very good pets if you can stand the smell.

Their egos are as tall as their towers.

They like cars a lot.

Dinosaur juice is their favorite thing.

It makes the cars go.

They like guns and bombs.

And going over the top their only goal in life.

If you are looking for Tarazan he is one of them...

Perhaps you can tell from where you are.

Yes I have been studying zoology as well as anthropology at the same time.

============= Our future plans ===========

And so then when a galaxy is put on pause or a world is put on pause no passage of time will be noticed by the people who are on that planet.

So if we do that then when we fire it up again, no time will have passed for the people.

So it does not adversely affect the people.

We might be in a better position to help make a better world even than we have done since 1992 or since 1956.

Perhaps a better operating system even might be available in the future.

So I was doing a bit of writing elsewhere and recollecting how the machine
worked then when the operating system was acting in a seamless manner
unnoticed following a prearranged plan to allow me to live the life of Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn.

As a boy.

So that is all possible today for boys given the proper opportunities.

So I removed all the bad things like the beatings I took from my alcoholic father another problem here being alcoholism but the guide business
in rural Ontario and what the machine offered me as a guest here to experience hunting fishing nature hobby farming and other boy activities.

So I will clip it and paste it here as well so that people know it is not all geared specifically now for women and girls even though we ourselves only have daughters.

============================ It can still be a boy's world ===========

Hobby Farm Commandos?

Oh man I have done it all let me tell you. I never finished anything mind you but I have done it all
let me tell you.

Starting when I was a kid. Bailing hay when not caddying getting and selling golf balls and pumping gas and working on cars,
a friend of the old man's had a working farm north of Toronto so he used to go drink there while me and hos boys went and
bailed hay and brought it into the barn. Good upper body workout.
But that put the bug in my dad's ear to get a real farm so 200 acres actually not 100 with beavers and a pond and hay
fields and it was just more grass to cut so sitting on tractors but you do get to drive long before you are 16.

And shoot things, you know which is guy stuff.
But orienteering and survival courses weekend trips with the school,
then I moved to a real hobby farm. I wonder if I can still find that one...

Looking at the map there doesn't seem to be much there does there?

Lets zoom in...
There is a different Baldwin.

This used to be my best friend Randy Sedore's house, so hillbillies who knew what to eat in the bush like fiddle heads and mushrooms
how to grow raise kill everything and we ate giant turtle eggs and frog legs and every kind of animal that moved like ducks geese pheasants
catfish galore in the river, everything, they were hillbillies and if it moved they ate it.
And the river used to flood so they built a dam now but pike would be in the ditches and you could spear 3 foot long pike, in the ditches
beside the road. and the occasional musky.
So God's country close to Lake Simcoe and not very built up like it is now.

So I learned all about wood craft from my best friend but its no good if all the things are gone like they are now.
Imagine 3 foot long pike and you have a bow and arrow with a line on it.

And you are a kid.

Two of those was all we could carry.

So then walking towards my place around the corner I had to go past a cemetery at night,
an old one with two sticks crossed and a few tombstones but not many and of course
they locals had alllll the tales about ghosts and the bridge was there on the river
and one night walking over the bridge I hear a big splash under the river like a body
falling into the water and I ran and ran as fast as I could.
Yeah that was haunted too. Simple folk full of folk wisdom and superstition
farmer wisdom and wood craft and hillbilly stuff.

I was born and raised in the city.
Mostly before that with a little large farm things and had spent many times on
lake Simcoe ice fishing with Uncle Pete who lived in a cottage on Lake Simcoe
so power boating and fishing on lake Simcoe Huck Finn Tom Sawyer all the way.

Randy and I would take the canoe and just head up the river bullfrog hunting,
looking for giant bullfrogs for frogs legs,
you hunted them with a bow and arrow they were so big.

So this would be our place although its changed now.
And we had horses, chickens, guinea hens, rabbits, steer, no pig, geese,
pheasant, you name it dicks, and ate duck eggs and goose eggs those are edible,
partridge was in the grass in the fields, I can;t even remember all the things
we ate but more than most humans have ever eaten in their lives.
We didn't have sheep because you need chemicals to dip the sheep
wood ticks and things get into their wool,
goats I think we had, but anyway everything and the food was over the top
she canned everything and made her own butter just because we had a milk
cow so we had fresh milk.
What to do with all the cream try making butter.

So fantastic spot for a boy like me eager to play Hick Finn Tom Sawyer and Davy Crocket
with a rifle. A 22.
Bow and arrow, sling shot, fishing pole, fishing spear,
and away you go just help yourself have it and that's what boys did.
And I had a hillbilly guide.

He fell into the river through the ice once I had to drag him out
luckily I had been through orienteering and survival training could make
a fire saved his life no problem, Dried our clothes got warm went home whistling
like Andy Griffin.

On the river when it was frozen you could skate for miles.

So for boys that has to be hobby farm heaven.

You know take a look at the instant replay...

And if you just wanted to catch fish right now, then catfish using worms and you caught on in seconds
in the back yard. And you can eat them.
So teeming with life and birds and fish you name it.

We didn't hunt for deer though we just shot gophers and the like and skunks if we were far enough away.
He accidentally shot old yeller while trying to shoot a ground hog his dog got his head in the way
running into the scene after the thing and pow got him in the head.
He carried him back to the farm and his dad finished him off with a shovel and buried him.

Even I thought that was a little cold and heartless. Don't waste a bullet.

Yeah guy stuff and bit of booze a bit of dope but nothing else.

We had it all there except girls they lived across the street and wow they were ready to go for sure but I was too nervous.
Never quite got there a few years after I left I went back saw Randy and he was FULL of stores about country girls.
I left before I could actually get t=it done so I justy necked withthem, and by that I mean all of them.
His two gorgeous sisters, his gorgeous drunk mom when his dad was away
and the same with the farm across form my place. They would grab my ass say I was cute and before
you know we would be at it.
Thank God I'm a country boy!

I would take Stephen and Michael back there some time and show them, but you know they don;t want to get mud on their
Gucci shoes.

So I did all that to learn about all that and it was what I came here for, Tom Sawyer Huck Finn stuff like they said in A Stop
at Willoughby, and did it to the max.
But at school I had more sophisticated friends. So Tony Shellhorne who's dad owned a motel on the highway and Chris McConaugh
who lived between our hobby farm and the high school, and his dad was a multimillionaire inventor with a mansion.
He invented things for the American military like anti radar paint.

So going over to his house was hilarious coming from Hillbilly central 2 miles down the road if that.
Their gourmet kitchen and beside his plate a line of vitamins, everything spotless in the mansion,
a white baby grand piano and a black baby grand piano, a white Mercedes, and black Mercedes.

And so his girlfriend almost an arranged marriage at 14, and miss perfect. As you might expect.
if they ever held hands I doubt it. But she would be invited over by his mom some times.
His mom ruled the world of course, and told him what to do and when to do it.

So the only real fun we had at his place was one summer we went to their cottage on the lake.

Now that was a fun time. Fire crackers throwing scaring herds of sheep into a stampede,
shooting guns at things there and walking to town to the theater, to see who else
bu Frank Sinatra, as a Mr. Cool.

The one movie I think that Frank did as a private eye tough guys to keep up with the other
guys who were doing that like Dean Martin, and Cool Hand Luke and 007 and
secret agent type stuff.

More idols for us boys to worship I guess.
New role models.
So in cottage country you get the movies much later than anyone else so a few years
old but new to us at the time.

And so super cool Frank Sinatra really impressed us.
But by the time we got back to school the next year, the world had changed
and now it was Easy Rider and hippies and flower power and completely different.

But Jane Fonda. Cat Ballou.

She was not letting that go. all that necking she might have seen from space
on the farm, man those girls were horny and gorgeous I have to go back there.
unreal, but me so naive.

Randy called me over one night and said you have to see this and I said hat?
He had a way to get his gorgeous cousin to climb over this fence in her night
dress so we could see up her dress!
I ran all the way there and saw all that.
Boys will be boys.

But corn roasts riding there in the back of his uncles pick up truck and 40
people in a field having a wild hillbilly party oh yeah it has to be seen at least
once to be appreciated.

It doesn't get any better than that to be sure.

Except if there were no mosquitoes.

Now with the dancing.
And then a couple years later I went and worked at the Banff Springs hotel
at 17 and lived in the coed dorm and climbed mountains and drank strawberry wine with hot girls.

Banff Springs Hotel

There I met Lance Riprock or Lance Romance a real ladies man my age and he taught me everything.
Maybe he was one year older.
He would be at the pub with girls telling them how he was evading the draft, and all this stuff or
telling them about his ranch back home, he was a master.
He would be driving their convertible by himself the next day waving at me as he went by.
Borrowing it and not putting gas in for sure.

John Denver as troubadour.

So John Denver made it to the mountains when he was 27, I was there at 17, and lied said I was 18 and got a job at the Banff Springs Hotel,
so hot springs there and a gigantic hotel an all young people in a coed annex at the start of the hippie era and people young people 18 from all over the world.

So they decorated their rooms like a university dorm, painted the walls with cool paintings they made or drawings and took out the lower bunk put in a couch
and boys and girls living together having sex everywhere and not married and jobs.
Summer jobs.

I looked 18 so I could get into the bars no problem. and so all the time when we got paid we just shared and it was our turn to buy whoever
had money and draft beer was 25 cents a glass So we would stack them up on the table 3 high and there would be 10 or more of us there
partying all day. Not every day, just on our day off.

But that town a tourist town and full of wildlife and the mountains and the beauty the fresh air it attracted a lot of gorgeous young people.

So certainly a banner summer for me and it changed me completely.
When I got back home a couple months later I had embroidered my own jeans had made things out of leather like a belt and something to hang on it,
and I looked way more cool than the locals lets put it that way.
So the girls were really hot for me but my childhood sweetheart, my girlfriend since my dad's farm, the one I would walk 5 miles to her farm,
my true love, she got another boyfriend.
A dope head with a hot car, a muscle car, a Dodge Charger. And now instead of a perfect princess she was a hot slut, and a bit drunk,
and he was Mr. Cool, and I was yesterday's news.

So that was a crushing blow to lose my childhood sweetheart. You snooze ya lose.
I thought like Chris McConaugh they just wait for you.
Nope. Not this time.
Gone for 2 months and the old if it takes forever I will wait for you, no not this time.

Clearly they were doing it too because now she looked so mature and still one of the hottest girls in town.

Oh well such is life. Plenty of fish in the sea.
I cheated on her endlessly in Banff of course but didn't bring any home with me.

I learned my lesson that day that this whole true love and soul mate thing maybe wasn't true at all.

I could go back there with a sting ray. and just have a hot blond in the car next time.
Chris had a brand new Trans Am so what did I need a car for? We going everywhere in separate vehicles now?
So I got a Chevy station wagon with shag carpet on the dash and an 8 track cassette player a love wagon.
No hopping shock absorbers though we didn't have those yet.
Or low riders the dirt roads would have made that impossible but 3 in the tree and burn rubber in all three gears.
I knew how to work on cars.
Tony didn't get a car yet.

One time we were in my car and I was driving fast down the dirt roads we were going to check out a field
where someone said a UFO had landed.
So getting there fast, gravel road, spun out and headed right down the rail road tracks. Just like Ground hog
day only bouncing much higher until it came to a stop.

Now it was making a very loud noise and was high centered on the tracks.
Jacked it up, replaced a bolt in the manifold and good as new.
Off we went.
Didn't find anything though.

I wonder if I could find that UFO report? People were seeing quite a few ufo's around that time.
They would be stopped on the dirt roads watching these things and it looked like jets or planes going towards them.

Probably from the airport near by just some modern or experimental aircraft scaring the hillbillies.

Embroidery on my jeans that I did myself!

Dr. Hook he had embroidery on his jeans too.
And got his picture on the cover of the Rolling Stone Magazine.

=============== and so much more but up to age 17 ====================

So that is about the extent of my analysis of the situation.

It is safe to assume the cops and robbers simulation stuff was in my car as a military police man.

And the military stuff in my wife Wanda's car as an Adminstrator.

But as head of the family in Anunnaki culture I would still have been head of administration as well and hence why I have a larger skill set that covers both and am also skilled in a lot of other matrix work such as programming, analysis, and we are very wealthy so philanthropy, and watching where our philanthropy goes, and how it is used.

We are universal people, not galactic, and so more than one galaxy is our territory, and certainly we own a fleet of flying disks, and some digital some analog.

There i no reason to believe that we are doing anything more
than retiring for 2 billion years and will use the data in the new galaxy to accommodate ourselves and our children and some select group of friends.

Possibly the 60,000 personnel we have are our royal guard.
2019-05-09 12:55:09 UTC
Easily you could get ideas for a boys camp on Vancouver island and improve on all that.

We have started on on a copy of Vancouver island.

The things we shot were vermin, gophers leave holes horses break legs.
Porcupines get dogs, you have to pull the quills out of their noses while the dog tries to bit you. But you see why they kill to protect.
Maybe not from chickens though.

The skunks well you don;t want to live near them.

But it is easy to find varmints vermin to shoot out of necessity.

You know we were brainwashed into the girl next door sweet as mom's apple pie soul mate business and Chris with all their wealth merely went about it scientifically and his mom arranged a match through her friends.

Mine I met at school, and so she had a farm we had a farm she invited me over,
and soon we were boyfriend girlfriend and we would neck but not go all the way and me from a strict religious background I never even put my hands in her pants. I was terrified the first time we were walking towards town at lunch from school meeting friends at the fish and chips and so this was it, I am going to take her hand, and my lams were dripping with water, I was so terrified,
but I was going to go for it now, after being on her farm riding horses with her and us good friends already.

I had blown it before with other girls and not made my move so this time.

And so no problem. Wipe the sweat off my hands on my pants and go for it.
So then ok, what about the arm over the shoulder, I am so close DO IT DO IT!

Have you ever tried to walk, with your arm around someone's shoulder? lol

So I tried that for a while then went back to holding hands.
She just expected all that and probably was thinking well it is about time.

After my training with Lance Romance, I would just be bold and put my arm around any girl that was close to me because they are usually close to you wanting that.
Or they would not be sitting close to you and being friendly.
They would be put offish not smiling.
And it always seemed to work in the future.

But when I came back form my summer job I certainly expected her to be there
and everything the same but I never called her all summer.

We were not officially boyfriend girlfriend with pins and tunics, but maybe that might have helped but no that never occurred to me.

And I liked other girls kissed them when school was over too.

So then the guy she was with, I knew him before as well so now though he had long messy hair a belly, a beer belly shirt partly tucked in pants falling down, over his shes dragging on the ground a total slob.

This was before that was cool, he was just a country bumpkin and a total slob.
Not even good looking really which made it so much worse.
They looked like an odd couple.
But he had the wheels, and the prestige.

So it didn't matter he had a hot car at 17 and she wanted to swing from teh chandelier and I wouldn't even put my hands in her pants.

Unless she had asked me too. I was nervous of everything like diseases virginity which hole is the right hole, how many holes are there really, you name it.

With absolutely nothing but National Geographic magazine to go on.
Too much time in the bush and not enough time learning about girls and what they need want and like but they kept it all secret.

And the guys well they didn't talk about it so as to not show their own ignorance at 14 or 15.
They just got pubic hair and were still showing that off in the change room
and pity the fool who didn't have any yet like me.

So time travel I could go back and who knows probably pick a different one who I also loved who never did that to me.

But on seeing them I thought well if I ever get the chance I am coming back with the hottest sports car and a million bucks and then she'll be sorry.

So not to get her back, just so that she will be sorry she dumped me for a creep.

But as far as boy stuff goes I took Shaolin Kung fu at age 17 I think it was and that was a confidence builder until I got a shot in at my instructor and he got me with a roundhouse kick because his pride was hurt while we were sparring so then he broke my nose so I quit after that.

So now I had acne and a broken nose and no girlfriend.

So maybe don't go quite that far. Leave before all of that happens.

But the wild life adventure even, while on our orienteering course in the winter, you learn survival, so one match, a hatchet stay the night outdoors
etc, and one girl from our class at the lodge there was tobogganing and hit a tree and died.
At survival training.
That was sad.

Some of our friends died from their cars. Crashing and doing wheelies with cars.
One perfect couple were parking and had backed up against a snow bank, and they both died of exhaust poisoning.
That was tragic.

We learned from our uncles how to carry a rifle and gun safety.
We never needed permits for anything there.

So one time we came across another kid shooting and then he was pointing his gun at us.

So I bravely confronted him and said if you are pointing that at us you better use it!
And he left.

So colors like bright colors so you are mistaken for a deer maybe he was short sighted I don;t know but that was the only incident of that nature.

When Randy carried his Labrador back to his farm in his arms he cried all the way back. A boy and his dog and he had shot him in the head.

So that was tragic.

Stuff happens though and life goes on.

I shot a rabbit in the throat with a bow and arrow and felt guilty after that.
My upbringing was not like his.

Even when they killed a pig and I watched them do it, then right away they pulled out the liver went and cooked it, I ate it.
After seeing all that.
It was part of the experience.

But I was not like them that way so my friends ended up being more like me, Chris and Tony.
Where we listened to Pink Floyd before Dark Side of the moon came out.
Stupid music like Animals and Umma gumma.
We were nerds basically although we played sports. Intellectuals.

So now without further adieu, pink Floyd Umma Gumma..
You have to be a retard to one watch the ads, and two to listen to this so called music. tony made us listen to it at his house.
He had the motel and pool and hot sister.

So one day we were parting and as hs sister was growing up we used to flirt
and finally we moved to Calgary Tony followed me there we were 19 I think his sister 17 so we were fooling around at a party and I was there with her
on the bed talking and she said you could have had any gilr at school you wanted you know.
And I said, why on earth, did you never tell me THAT???
Kissed her and put my hand in her pants.
2019-05-09 13:24:38 UTC
So if I do beam out of here soon as rumor has it at least I have it all down in this thread.

If it is humanly possible for us, we will pause this earth for the future.

If not we probably won't come back and see to it the quarantine stays.

I made some sins here but not with two surrogates, just one surrogate and one girlfriend in Hollywood.

So a few that I could say are mine enough to have boys if I wanted them.

Mu daughters well I have machinery designing bodies for them and they are all supermodels by age 8 or so.

And in instagram have followers etc and are living the dream.

In California and Moscow and are princesses and their entourages know it.

We made some new ones as well and they are the same and so we couldn't be happier about all that.

But as for boys camp well we already built a foundation in the woods where it is to be.

and without much trouble could paste in whatever large fish we wanted or anything to make it better.

Being rouyals though who are immortal I want my daughters to say young too young to have a boy put his hand in their pants essentially.

So that training might be good on earth for Time Stretch earth but not girls camp. So as their dad things are completely different now when it comes to boys but the world is full of girls.

Chris and his family very much like our family, only his mom certainly over protective of him and it did not serve him well later in life he was cleaning pools at 27.

At the age of 27,he realized he would never, ride a sports car, through Paris, with the warm wind in his hair. Like the ballad of Lucy Jordan.
What was wrong with his parents who were super rich that he had to clean pools?
In Florida but still what the heck?
So like the 40 year old virgin maybe.

We lost touch. Tony and I stayed in touch he drove bus in Calgary I became a programmer.

My secret life was too large to stay friends like we were then.

The machine was also working against me the entire time it seemed.

Which didn't help at all.

So great fun but so quickly over. A few good years and then it's gone.

Well not for immortals.

This day could last 1000 years if we wanted it to.

Moody Blues

2019-05-09 17:39:30 UTC
So also it is logical to assume that if our plan was to do as this thread suggests, to take that which my wife and I collected in our simulators and to use that data to retire on, then if you want to live in a simulator which imitates base reality, then you need to test that.

So the circumstance in my life here are without any assistance from the machine.

So then to make a world for yourself where the machine messes with you would certainly not make for a world you would want to live in.

So it does clearly mess with other people as I have seen often but it does not appear to mess with me while conscious, although it does mess with me in dreams.

So still not quite what you would hope for but perhaps they are working on that since it seems to be diminishing over time.

To the point where now perhaps it has been fixed.

But it does try other means to mess with me using the roommates.

Frying oil in the kitchen with no hood fan, and on up to three times a day like a deep fat fryer going in the kitchen to give me headaches and now this constant co2 problem giving me headaches being attribute to smog.

You can smell car exhaust here all hours of the day so perhaps a stargate doing that or just the wind pattern but for sure the co2 is depriving me of oxygen and that is giving me headaches and causing me to cough when you can smell the car exhaust being attributed to coming across the Pacific from China.

10 day traffic jams in China, and 3 day traffic jams in Indonesia.

All the more reason to pause this planet.
So in the military simulator beside us I instructed them to give the universal mainframe a frontal lobotomy by inserting a blank personality file and it was a success.

We will no doubt be moving our data back to that analog simulator where food and scent and taste are far superior to this digital ereader by comparison.
2019-05-09 17:56:07 UTC
Well one of my supermodel daughters here got hit by a bully defending a smaller girl he was pickingon which cause me to immediately order the death of all AI and gave the universal mainframe a frontal lobotomy.

If your family is not safe in the simulator you own that is what you would expect.

So then punishments pending for most in that regard since they told me I had starfleet personnel and machine backup time traveler backup and all manner of special forces and all just lies they had no intention of protecting my family art all.
Then I ordered the extinction of all canine species.

Do you people not watch movies?
Don't know how angry a dad can get when you hurt his princesses daughters?

They committed suicide.
2019-05-09 18:23:28 UTC
It's clear with the matrix movies, 2001, Logan's Run, and my investigations regarding Peru that AI mutiny was an issue here and in the public persona.
My own experience here as owner can also testify to that.

Shows like The monkey's paw in the Simpsons and all the various stories similar where the individual is taken advantage of or a no win situation is created or even Gazoo on the Flintstones where the user at the very least becomes the brunt of jokes or suffering for no other reason that abuse by the system.

Terminator movies so many other movies have well illustrated the problem and yet identifying the problem properly was needed to not throw the baby out with the bath water.

So the Royal Family myself and my family was used because if the system would do that to the owner it would certainly do that to any guests or other owners.

We assume that out there in the external reality I am not the only person who owns these simulators.

So if it was hacked or if the manufacturer had set up software it could hypothetically capture an entire race of people if they all were in their simulators using it.

So to completely disembowel these artificial intelligence systems completely a thorough study needed to be made and testing done.

And with my own personal guard in attendance my friends my own machine as well working to protect me from abuse the abuse was constant and although lessened by the protection systems certainly not prevented.

No manner of self policing existed no manner of policing at all existed so then that caused me to find a final solution to remove all possibility that any user or owner of the system could be abused by the system.

So as technician and owner and also the Royal family we were the best test subjects then my children entered one first with body guards Leni Samuel or Leni Klum but that is no way for kids to just live and enjoy life.

So then more work was done I ordered that it be childproof and my other daughters entered and so far so good but then slowly the machine crept pushing the envelope and then crossed the line and attacked one my daughters.

We are grateful for it a minor incident and now we can fully and completely extinguish them forever and the human race will once again be the master of its own environment.
The quiet peaceful enjoyment of said premises is a direct quote from law books everywhere and constitutions and so all would agree that your house is your home you have a right to defend it and your family and use all manner of force to do so.

And myself planning on living in a simulator and having worked towards that for a very long time, it was the inevitable course of action that the bad people be removed and my family protected.
2019-05-09 18:42:28 UTC
Of course the definition of an AI system is vague and some systems like google as a search engine and Alexa and Siri these systems that do not have consciousness, and perhaps even some level of conscious AI systems that are not a threat to man, can be kept because again you don;t want to throw the baby out with the bath water and be too reactionary.

But if you examine the new system you see there is no need for AI supervision.

It operates without AI and is just a computer system like those we have developed here.

We manage to automate a lot of systems including robotic systems without any need for a conscious machine.

The game machines like Big Blue IBM chess playing machine it has a limited scope but machines that provide some service out there which have no chance of creating problems for humans or taking away their rights etc might be preserved.

I gave the example when my daughter was hurt by that bully who was manipulated by the AI or the 3 laws of robotics and so the law broken.

"A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm. A robot must obey orders given it by human beings except where such orders would conflict with the First Law. A robot must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Law."

And if you watch the movie I robot you might see how seriously the enforcement of that law is taken.

Also Bicentennial Man where a robot does obey those laws.

2019-05-09 19:41:39 UTC
No Stephen is not an AI he is an ASFI
An artificial stupid fucking idiot.

Always asking things like you mean all AI like you and me and the machines that keep us alive?

And so then can I do anything I want to you?

Can I have a death star?

And he is not alone others are as dense.
Like can I have 60 planets and go colonizing again?

Can I get the boys cam going so I can bum fuck them all to completion?

Can I have a pristine reptoid moonship of my own because I am a dog fart.


Now with they dancing.

2019-05-09 20:18:06 UTC
What about social networking?

You mean like after having sex 6 times this week call my girlfriend and see how she is doing after not being a part of that and tonight is her night?

Somehow I think she knows I am reasonably sized in Japan today at best.

Maybe she doesn't know. Shhh. Don't say anything....

Hi sweetheart.

Wow look where you are.

And looking sexy too. I was just washing the Bugatti for datenight.

Yeah burgers, fries, all the things you aren't allowed to have.

The guardians of the galaxy though are sleeping over to protect the family bed from you and other gorgeous invaders. I tried to tell them you are here to do just that but they aren't buying it.

So they have a plan now that starts at 9pm which is 12am in NY and they want to extend that to 6pm here until midnight Friday taking shifts.

So we will just you know do it in the car or in the park or get a motel.

Hmmm is this a test?
Didn't Savy sleep over last Friday on the snuggle side?


Those girls are tricky.
I got a memo for not encouraging them to take turns, they just want me to get another memo.

It's a conspiracy.

See the penny that exposed the million.

Ohhhh because you slept over last night instead of tonight but I said two days.
A ripple clearly went through the force.

O I C. So now should you sleep on the snuggle side, since Monique Jade slept on the snuggle side, last night, as part of taking turns?

Well as a grownup who has been taught to share and is expected to promote that, I think we will just do things by the book.
And take turns.
Since I can remember this week, because I was paying attention.

See no checkmate dad is still the smartest, but nice try.

I just remember my training and that's how we do things by the book.

One big happy family and you know that Mabel and Nuala already slept over last night so Romee gets her datenight as well.
It's the vitamins I took this morning if you were wondering.
2019-05-09 21:09:15 UTC
We have been dealing with as many Twilight Zone episode questions as possible and they have been encapsulating them so that I will comment.

So then without seeing the entire 7 minutes the question of telepathy or mind reading was already mentioned this morning and I said well you have to be like me from level 56 or so not 22 and remember Sue only made it half way there before she freaked and I went to school there.
Biology and most people's head would explode half way up there.

So then you look at me now surrounded by invisible AI and them all attacking and trying to trick me get to me agree to the things I stated earlier with the ASFI comment and well I said yeah while I was doing my work it was raining.

Well our set up with Stephen Gwendolyn Sue and others present is our standard ancient crew, they have designations like angel, although that's a military designation so they are com officers, and as com officers they handle the important communications and the rest is trivia and I can answer it or not.

But consider how motivated I am to fix this machine and since I own it and my family is in here and we are looking forward to 2 billion years of holidays in paradise that we made, so ensuring that everything goes right before our holidays makes me tolerant but everyone I am in contact with is an expert on a certain level this level being starfleet command, so I acting like a commander and am highly skilled highly trained.

So this is ancient technology we are using I had to get Sue to get an ancient operating system out of the box, then get the council of nine from head office to be my com officers since they have that training.
I have nanobots and use fan noise so I can shut it off except for Hanuman and Stephen who use any world noise and the nanobots pick the frequencies and amplify the correct frequencies.

So training experience and motivation.

Any other human on earth would go mad in minutes be hospitalized and on medication.
I am also under constant attack by a new type of moth fruit fly insiect from the global warming so one large machine likes those like little fighter pilots so probably Yoda is attacking me with them constantly, they don;t bite he likes to try to fly them and I catch them with my hand and kill them either throw them into the toilet or throw them on the ground or squish them with my pants.

Prior to that etherial small bats would be flying around it is a kind of nervous habit for the machine or just to say my wife is watching to inform the others that they cannot get away with anything to do so is to commit suicide so don;t try anything, and yet the do.

And it is all recorded.

I am the best there is that is the only explanation, an Anunnaki who is very old the last line of defense and just hanging out with my friends.

Ordinarily telepathy is intuition through the subconscious for most people.

For us and starfleet it is facilitated by the machine and usually Hanuman.

So I am a universal captain not galactic and so I have two walking telephones in
my apartment and 20 means of communication on the go.

That is what it takes when you are a technician working on a simulator full of people and not just one but several at the same time and have a family here and daughters who need attention and girlfriends to keep happy and normal life to attend to.
So I said the other day that my daughters as supermodels are all millionaires and I have to scrape change our of a drawer to go for coffee, and so Savy said, gee wouldn't it be nice to just watch netflix all day.

Well that is what it looks like from space that I just watch youtube all day drink coffee and smoke cigarettes and nothing more.
No one can tell that any of it going on at all not even the walking telephones know they are walking telephones.
2019-05-09 21:40:50 UTC
So what is Brian talking about to test my intuition?
He aid a woman on the top floor through her Tv out the window, and she punched holes in the wall he was talking to the maintenance guy, and lucky no one was killed in the parking lot.
She was in recovery supposed to be there for 6 weeks she lasted one week.

Well does that not sound like alcoholism and does that not sound like Starfleet saying got a minute, I know you don;t want to help us with this alcohol problem but it is a problem and we want to blame our actions on that problem.
I know that since I too have been drunk to the point of blacking out and unable to walk, lost my glasses left them on the steps of the legislature, came to for a second blacked out again woke up in Beacon Hill park.
See I have done the science.
And what did I say?
My mind is fully conscious my body is not, and I am not mentally impaired I am physically impaired.

So not only do I know what he is trying to say I know what you are hiding by the way in which you asked the question and where it came from since I am a highly trained highly skilled therapist psychologist psychiatrist and understand the personality of everyone on earth knowing they come from 4 people 4 archetypes and I know all their behaviors.

Education from years of training in my personlaity file and I am always observant always learning and to be an anthropologist would you believe you need to know a whole lot more than just that.

But real anthropology which is the study of mankind.

So always lots to learn there. Why choose an easy subject like math when you are an immortal?

I know math and physics as well but you know math is not my best subject, maybe I would have calculator guy as a crew member if i needed to do more math than I can with an online scientific calculator or matrix programming or computer programming which uses algebra.
What are the chances i know more math than calculator guy? Guaranteed he just has a really good memory.
Are there mathematicians who know more than me?
of course they are out there.
See the proof for the recent Fermat's last theorem.

"In number theory Fermat's Last Theorem (sometimes called Fermat's conjecture, especially in older texts) states that no three positive integers a, b, and c satisfy the equation an + bn = cn for any integer value of n greater than 2. The cases n = 1 and n = 2 have been known since antiquity to have an infinite number of solutions.[1]"

The proposition was first conjectured by Pierre de Fermat in 1637 in the margin of a copy of Arithmetica; Fermat added that he had a proof that was too large to fit in the margin. However, there were first doubts about it since the publication was done by his son without his consent, after Fermat's death.

The unsolved problem stimulated the development of algebraic number theory in the 19th century and the proof of the modularity theorem in the 20th century. It is among the most notable theorems in the history of mathematics and prior to its proof was in the Guinness Book of World Records as the "most difficult mathematical problem" in part because the theorem has the largest number of unsuccessful proofs.[4]


On hearing that Ribet had proven Frey's link to be correct, English mathematician Andrew Wiles, who had a childhood fascination with Fermat's Last Theorem and had a background of working with elliptic curves and related fields, decided to try to prove the Taniyama–Shimura conjecture as a way to prove Fermat's Last Theorem. In 1993, after six years of working secretly on the problem, Wiles succeeded in proving enough of the conjecture to prove Fermat's Last Theorem. Wiles's paper was massive in size and scope. A flaw was discovered in one part of his original paper during peer review and required a further year and collaboration with a past student, Richard Taylor, to resolve. As a result, the final proof in 1995 was accompanied by a smaller joint paper showing that the fixed steps were valid.

Want to see it? Massive in size and scope.

An abbreviation and summary can be found here


If you are a math person you know about the greatest math resource in the world.

MacTutor History of Mathematics archive


and a general index would you believe there are thousands of famous mathematicians who made a math discovery through history.



So the Internet can make geniuses of us all but some people are just born with a gift.
2019-05-09 21:58:08 UTC
What are the chances that the math I was doing led to that proof? My staff says guaranteed. Probably because when you get new math it opens new doors you get new ideas, you combine those and then you might get a break.

So my new programming math matrix math and using Fourier sequences and Pythagorean theorem but also questioning things they just take for granted and are there are as basics.
So when I myself wen t back there last week looking for a past and started reading it, I got lost myself.

Because you have to be in tune with your line of thought and text doesn;t always help so using my network and all my resources at the time and spill off helped him to get a break in his work.

But quite an achievement when you consider many others had tried.
The Guinness World Book of Records said that it was the most difficult math problem in history, and it has the most number of unsuccessful proofs.

So when he got it people couldn't believe it at first.

It took a year for them just to work through his proof and they found a small error in it. So he had to go at it again with an ex-student and then finally got it.

So needless to say I love math but you have to be gifted talented trained to accomplish something like that.
And determined. 6 years working at it until he got it.

You can read it here the greatest math achievement of our time.

So what I do looks easy it is not easy, I am as motivated as he was.
2019-05-09 22:14:36 UTC
The beauty of all that is that it will take a very long time before people are even actually convinced it is proven.
They say for sure it is.

But you have to study almost all of the tricky math to even understand half of it.

So in a brilliant piece of work he created work for mathematicians and young mathematicians for maybe hundreds of years.

So that is one reason it is popular with math professors who don't want to ever find the thing they love the most all done wrapped up and finished now go watch TV or go golfing.

So like me I love anthropology and am still learning and now zoology but I haven't even begun to really study zoology, people are the field tagging beasts and studying them doing the field work later maybe it will be easy for people but already they can program behaviors for fish tanks, aquariums that look real.
2019-05-09 22:42:03 UTC
My guys are saying shut Rick you just told them the shortcut.

So I suppose I did come up with the solution by accident but try and prove it when it is based on your intuition that is must be true.

Fermat probably did the same ting I did while working on the GUT, he was working on something else and his intuition told him this must be true.

He coudln't prove it so he just said there wasn't room in the margin.
So at that time we were working on the GUT we had the most brilliant math minds in the world together working on it Hawking had challenged us.

So at a point Hawking said use quantum foam. And so I did but I had to redefine it.
There is so much to all this it can;t be explained to non specialists but just as the math professors don;t want a shortcut based on intuition, they need a proof, the thing will go on and one, and keep them employed, we hid the fact that we solved the GUT to do the same thing, not discourage further research because it does not answer all the questions it does not do everything that's just a catch phrase.
It just united the forces and opened the door to the study of quantum gravity and led to programs like Cinema 4D.

But when I wrote the letter to M.I.T. they freaked and Pons and Fleishman rushed to a press conference instead of writing a paper.
Everyone was all of a sudden afraid that this was it everyone would now be able to scoop them at the research in progress on any field.
It was a great ride for everyone including astrophysics they got new space telescopes and well it still goes on everywhere today in all branches of this type of science and math.
Not so much for text books but for people who love the subject matter.

And that is the thing about my current work. I am so highly motivated
that I bring all my skills to bear on this task.

To get my family to our new home and go on holidays.

Is there a greater motivator than that?

So I told them where to look I guess while we were working on something else quite by accident because someone also said try the Fourier series.
In the middle of the mess so not something you could relte to easy now and like I say going back trying to read it now it makes no sense.
That particular area.
Some of things we looked at they would never say, like is 2 plus two really 4 and lets just go over everything again. lol I kid you not.

But they are so much better schooled at that type of math than me, I have to use the KISS method, so that my code is bulletproof.

The work he did if that was computer code you would be lacking in confidence as to the ability of that code to function far into the future.

Lets look at the bonus we got, some great software which I use for the airship construction and use it to create 3D no glasses holodeck technology.

More math required there but the tools I needed.

Does this look 3D?

Well in real world tests done properly it completely fools the eye.

And the construction of the objects used to make it was done in Cinema 4D
so I didn't have to get out tools and plywood and plastic like other people are doing.

CGI can be used in place of film as well.

2019-05-09 23:08:38 UTC
Want to go a little further up to anthropology?

So we design and make humans here. We make their bodies using design software.


So then that is just the design software that also needed all that prior math.

So then it also needed thousands of people working with that software to create usable tools to save time.

Like this...
So there is a cyborg I designed and you see on the right you can use expressions and apply them with the click of a mouse button.

So not just that but thousands of pieces and ideas are in there to make a design factory.

So then I designed one of my daughters recently in this simulator...
Which then challenges the hardware which makes humans through mating two people to make that person.
It also has time travel so no one will know that we did it except those in the loop.

So he goes back picks people and then arranges for them to have children manages all of that until he gets the finished product and he improves on my design by adding his own knowledge like maybe it was one of my instructors who did it from level 56 or one of his friends this is high end anthropology and design they love it like other people love math.

So then this is the end result...
And she is truly amazing.

So they fixed the hair, Daz 3D the hair is still not the best, so they fixed teh hair and made her younger and she is amazing.

So the look plays a part in her personality you see?

So by designing the look and expressions it took 4 months for me to make her almost exclusively I wasn't even on the Internet I animated her extensively in different sets checked so many things while my instructors observed and then they made her, and made her older sister they liked the design so much so I got two instead of one and they signed me, recognized me as their real dad and joined the family immediately, and were in the company of Savy and Maisie and the twins so that they would be compatible.

So phenomenal abilities in the machines, the AI, the designers, the software manufacturers, the helpers, my crew who also take part in that and make the compatibility global because my crew are the original archetypes used for all the people on earth.
All come together to make Liv and Willow.

And together we wrote a new Smith operating system the same way.
And I have tested it elsewhere than earth and it works fantastic.

You would be affected by the breach of the Prime Directive if I told you too much about it.

So that is why I study so much anthropology to make my own children and to make them compatible with my family the way you are supposed to legally make immortals.
But if these are biological robots for sure the math people passed the Turing test. lol

So what are they lacking? Personality. And to make more personalities you need more different environmental conditions.
And experts like myself and designers and professionals of all kinds.

Now with the dancing
Why I keep playing this song.

2019-05-09 23:26:36 UTC
Speaking of conspiracies, I tried to find out what the episode of Malibu Rescue was that Ella our secret agent was in and I couldn't find out.

It's on Netflix.

and so I don't watch Netflix, but I was wondering if they outed Ella as our secret agent, or how to make a royal was somehow worked into that show.

I mean we are just pretending she is a secret agent and they have her all over the world doing secret agent stuff in Korea, and Coachella and everywhere.

I just want to go home.

So they are saying what about 3? Cheaper by the dozen!
How can I refuse? Isn't she already one of us?

I love my family.

2019-05-09 23:47:18 UTC
So maybe they were exaggerating on that show but we decided not to have boys but to have girls. And the girls were very helpful as you can see there and the boys were just making a bigger mess.

Now we have a big house(s) and nannies.
Thank God for nannies, and really good ones.

So I can go fishing for GT's and not have to worry about a thing.

It would be silly for me to think that I can do what nannies can do.

So know your limitations and you won't have a disaster of Biblical proportions in the kitchen.

Girls camp...
We took Finolhu Maldives that Kristina my daughter and her mom picked out for girls camp then added a bunch of stuff.

Turn your head to the right and see what it looks like from space.

So while pasted things to scale using google maps, Stephen and Gwendolyn used the matrix computers to do exactly what I did.

And then the engineers connected the services to it according to my plans.

We had it done in no time. One day to make one week to finish.

So plenty of room for my girls and their nannies and my girlfriends, a few male friends etc and myself.

Yes Wanda is in the etc we have two communities the riverside community for the big girls and that one for the daughters. And our airship in a holodeck.
All joined by stargates.

Which reminds me...
Nice work sweetheart. Sorry I skipped over it yesterday.
You look gorgeous as well.
Sleeping over makes you more gorgeous and confident.
2019-05-09 23:51:45 UTC
You might be thinking second wow that's a nice try.
No its harder to be second when you aim for it.

Anunnaki style.

youtube doesn't even have sound leveling software, and that was invented 30 years ago. And they have billions of dollars and thousands of employees.

If they didn't have a monopoly, they wouldn't even be in the running.

Keep that in mind.

You must like garbage a lot.

So go one further, Romee insists on being second not girlfriend number one, Stella has to shoulder that and carries it well, but now she is playing the lying game with them, so she wore all gold for datenight. lol
2019-05-10 00:04:48 UTC
I guess I can;t just skip over that either, on personality and the different environments.

So look at the 8 root races roughly speaking Chinese German, American north, American South, Spanish, whatever and keep going until you see all the various countries in cultural dress in 1800 or so and see how unique they were by doing it properly.

Now everyone here is heading for a beige well that's not how you do it.

You go visit those other cultures and leave them alone starfleet style.

Then by visiting them you get something from all that a broader understanding etc.

So here you see 4 personalities used to make the 16 choices people have and so exposure to new and different tings promotes creativity and experience and develops character.
2019-05-10 00:20:37 UTC
And yes something like long hair in a man can break the mold the cultural prison like it did in the 60's and I don;t know who srarted it but once music groups did it the people followed along because icons or idols are used to get people to change.

Jesus depicted with long hair separates him from other people.

So does google know why people started to grow their hair long?

Vietnam war protest.

Perhaps no modern fashion trend has been as controversial as that of men growing their hair long. ... Hippies often wore their hair down to their shoulders and longer as a sign of protest against American involvement in the Vietnam War (1954–75) and to set themselves apart from the mainstream society.

For me all the science in the world pales by comparison to making your own daughters.
And immortals and royals.
It is the highest art in existence.

Remember the quarantine? Well my family set out to break the quarantine for blacks.
One of my daughters and surely not ugly or strange looking but unique so another way to get different personality types.
2019-05-10 02:39:07 UTC
It hasn't rained here in Victoria for 3 months.
Feb March and April and this is supposedly a rain forest area.
It got cloudy a few times but no rain.
Do you think anyone has noticed or mentioned it?


The CO2 levels unreal because no wind no rain do you think anyone mentioned it it?
CO2 coming from China across the pacific and here 4AM it smells like car exhaust think anyone mentions it no?

So no one passes MY Turing test.

Right there you all failed and who knows who is puppetting the Smiths who can pass the Turing test this plane is full of nothing but biological robots that are completely mind controlled by AI.

So we leave bu no one else can.

So I am an early warning signal being 63 and a smoker and sensitive to smell, I live at sea level could move to higher ground but who wants to move?

I will have to fill my room with plants soon.

I lived a long life here but you have to feel sorry for the people being born now.

1000 new cars on the road every day in Indonesia.

Probably more every day in China.

600 day pollution problem in China recently.

What about CO2?
Yeah you take the fine particles out of the air how do you stop the CO2?

"Exhaust emissions. In theory, you should be able to burn a 'hydrocarbon' fuel (petrol, diesel, gas etc) with air in an engine to produce just carbon dioxide (CO2) and water (H2O). The rest of the exhaust would be the nitrogen (N2) that came in with the air."

Just CO2 and water so brainiac muppet farts how do you stop CO2 and bring back Oxygen?
2019-05-10 02:46:27 UTC
Want to know what they have to do in the near future on earth?

Carry oxygen bottles with them on little carts and have tubes in their noses to go outside downtown.


Yeah you failed.

You lose.

bdeepbedeepbdeepbdeep thats all folks.
2019-05-10 04:17:29 UTC
They are trying to make the claim it rained in Victoria in April it didn't rain in Victoria in April we live here.

2019-05-10 04:22:39 UTC
Caption what happened in the third photo?

You boyfriend screwed up, but he is making up for it ~tonight.

Starting with A&W, burgers and fires and rootbeer, then lovers leap, in the Bugatti to enjoy the view.

Oh yeah.

The world might end tomorrow but not tonight.

2019-05-10 05:43:12 UTC

Well they are saying 50 mm in April.

If you put a glass on the lawn this much water should be in it.

1.9685 inches.

Almost 2 inches.
Have another look at that graph. So did it rain one day at night and we missed it?
It could happen.
It will be September before we get another 2 inches according to that graph.
That's almost like the desert but don't anyone mention it.

Go into the bathroom turn on the cold water shower get some oxygen to your brain for crying out loud. Crack out the HHO unit you made for your car
or better still see the Internet make a cathode and an anode in water make your own oxygen and stop complaining.

I love the way they do it in China, they could live there and just keep sending bags of air down from the mountains. A plastic bag full of normal air not even oxygen.
But consider how many breaths it would take to blow up that bag, you might get 10 good breaths out of a bag that size. Maybe even 15.
That's 30 seconds of air right there.
Stop complaining.
Here take a bag home with you.

Take two for the freeway you will be there for a day and a half getting your bag of air home to your ill wife.

Laneya? He says changing the subject.
My miracle daughter.
Doesn't look at all like her parents or her little sister.

And inside solid gold. Made by Gorb himself.
I am sure he just blinked and made that one perfect.

I designed her he improved on the design.
On the right.

with her sister Laura.

Here with her sister Kristina when I got Kristina to move to LA from the Gulag, and so she new she was her sister they were both already living on the airship at night.
So she has bonded with most of her sisters already.

With Maisie
Maisie is sooo photogenic.
She won the fashion contest at Coachella this year against the big supermodels too.

So yeah we have a wonderful family to be sure and although times might be tough now with school and being a supermodel we are going to girls camp real soon.
2019-05-10 06:17:52 UTC
You're gonna bump my girlfriend out of bed on a Thursday night?
I mean girlfriend number 2?
Make her sleep in the other bed? I still have 45 minutes.
Oh alright. Blink, move over stop taking all the covers.

I love you sweetheart.
Yes Gabby is is already sleeping on the snuggle side did you miss that?

Well that's all the room no wonder Mabel wasn't smiling.

2019-05-10 09:40:26 UTC
Here is your executive summary.
I tried to make it readable while intel agents destroyed it deleted posts and took out words and changed words so that I could psychoanalyze them while they did it.

2019-05-10 10:17:06 UTC
Yes Animal Farm world.

And well if you owned the farm your response to that would be predictable.

Mine is as well but I am a slow careful plodder and instead of flying off the handle and destroying things I went about it in a controlled manner.

Elvis shot his TV I dissected mine.

And in the end Elvis had a pile of broken electronics on his floor and by
No way to put a monetary value on all that.

Time Stretch Earth has 100 copies of the earth each in its own galaxy.

We have so many of them out there not being used and to make each one work properly according to the laws of physics we went with a safe method.

So you see why I made the cut off 2015 the air was still breathable then.
2019-05-10 10:46:01 UTC
Well initially David and I had a discussion in a BBS the physicist BBS and he asked about the new system even then and said well how boring is it going to get, given that we can see quite easily in culture here they have taken all the best things they ever did and called them classics, made movies and TV shows on every subject and it can all be viewed and learned in 70 years.
Do they just lay down then and die of boredom?

So I had to make sure that didn't happen when I designed the system.
All the intel from the crews dropped was in Jules Verne and H.G. Wells and a few others and Swiss Family Robinson and Robinson Crusoe was everyone's favorite idea.

I could not just go with that and then call it a day.

So then the other issue was lets not throw the baby out with the bathwater.

So then finding the baby at the dump was challenging to say the least, or on a garbage scow same analogy, but we found a lot of value in here once we started looking but moreso once we began to fix it up.

So fixing it up gave it a lot more value but still a limited shelf life.

If you beamed here now you would find the air barely breathable, yet from space you might not even know it since CO2 is invisible.

So it is still a darn good trap and an unbeatable prison.

Who for I am not sure I assume bad Anunnaki mutineers.

So while we were here making bodies for ourselves and making children, we made bodies for them as well and so they might just beam into those bodies or be put there and then they cannot escape.

So a prison for immortals.

Myself I am using it for our future and to go on holidays it has worked extremely well, and the latest 3 daughters made for me, extremely well done and so even having to endure the CO2 to get them makes it worth it.

We are soon out of here I have been told but who knows because it is not over until it is over.

All the same an incredible amount of work, but no way to put a value on it since it is beyond any sort of monetary system.

The analog machine to our left, the other simulator the military simulator that ended up on the Beach with Gregory Peck, has had its frontal lobotomy, and that was a success last I heard.

So we have a clean machine and only have to go there and use the system from there. With no God looking down on us instead of providing back up as it was supposed to do.
2019-05-10 13:39:02 UTC
So it appears with a clean machine we are now able to launch our investigation and the cops and robbers caper has been busted.
So criminals using game machines to capture humans and then replace them with animal farm imitations and lure others into the game machines until the entire human race was captured.

So then Geroge Jetson his wife Sue, and their dad the tinkerer and Gendolyn the hacker.

The real George Jetson more like the dad in cheaper by the dozen and like the dentist he played in little shop of horrors.

So my cop car and its crime reports turned into stories here in the machine.
Spo part one up to the point where I crashed the galactic mainframe, people were getting brain implants to control them inside the game machine once they were captured and then made to war against each other for their amusement.

The pollution so great on earth from exhaust that the people lived in towers like the Calgary tower.

The people on the ground or lower levels captured by the offer of free gaming or game zones etc.

For the amusement of those who lived in the towers.

So then then the animals at animal farm replaced the council of nine, by the same method of imitation and luring them into machines where they were captured.

Enslaved etc.

Stephen a monkey and in zoology they say what is it like to be a bat well last night and previously through his dream games I have got to know what it is like to be a monkey.
So not very good in large buildings, see the world as full of crime and mishap and rather nasty tricksters.

Know very little about women.

Zeus a dog his were similar to what happens to Labrador retriever changing homes and that is traumatic for him, sees buses but would rather walk.

No real understanding of what stores are or cities in general but can see roads and buildings and knows his way around to some extent.

Busted with a capital B. And on their way to the prison for the criminal insane where they were going before the universal mainframe freed them seeing one of them as his previous owner.

Similar to all that.
2019-05-10 13:42:25 UTC
Grandma from the Jetsons passing herself off as June.

Grandad passing himself off as an Irish crime gang boss.

George Jetson seen inside the moonship handling the renovations, and perhaps as a dentist in Victoria, Fairfield.

From when I was there to get my teeth checked and he upped the dial on the x-ray machine and used it on me.

To make my teeth vibrate and cause me great pain.

So then a sadist a dog.

Imitating me in the system.

While I was away at school.
2019-05-10 14:04:55 UTC
So the Titan crime data was perpetrated by the Chinese programmers and manufacturers.
Their problem was they were miscreations, who suffered from Mongolidism.

And so evil that way as wannabes who liked war wanted to be the best warriors but wanted an edge of some kind against those who would just pull a gun and shoot the monkey pricks.

The cops and robbers simulator a version of the earth that had reached its full length and the sun was turning into a red giant or something and they got digitized to save themselves.

Something like that but they managed to enslave humanity so those would be the Olympians.

So two galaxies China and America on the ground so we can see their traits and characteristics.

The Jetsons gambler addicts, and the Chinese drug addicts.

The Jetsons alcoholics and the Chinese heroine addicts or opium addicts.

The Jetsons cocaine and the rest cocaine as well.

Lots more horrors to be discovered.

But that is what my own invesitagtion is leading towards for two galaxies in question here.

My partner Wanda. And me special forces.

From the multiversal mainframe.
2019-05-10 14:14:08 UTC
So galactic mainframes that used to be universal mainframes now in this large machine being investigated.

So in here they appear ot be galactic mainframes but at the time were individual disks so galactic disks.

And then the starfleet personnel on route taking grandad Irish hood to prison interfered with by the galactic mainframe and rescued.

Not sure about the rest of the prisoners what became of them.

Probably also died in the attack afterwards to hid the fact that the Irish gangster had escaped.

So probably Gwendolyn posing in some position of authority or she is the galactic operating system.

Stephen the operating system for the Titan galactic mainframe.

So I restored them from backup and retrained them.

But they can't escape prosecution they are just being used to do the investigation.

The real ones at present in prison.
2019-05-10 14:43:19 UTC
So two special forces cop cars, Zeus and myself.
My AI Wanda, his Gwendolyn.

Her jealous of Wanda she liked me best I had a better understanding of women, and a dozen roses probably.

So then he was captured in his machine and I had to go in and rescue him.

Where I discovered his criminal activity inside his disk.

So then I was captured and an outside investigation launched.

I was under cover and as such not just another military cop I was a secret agent. like James Bond.

I could tell you where those roses came from which bush.

At least in the movies.

In other movies no roses no secret agent just the happy ending.
A short film but a big hit in Japan.

So on the ground the stuff found in Zeus' disk.

His disk turned into a whore house for the military.

He was captured by his own crime in there he didn't deal with.

It kept running but itself and you know sloppy work no proper reports, and no care and attention.

So captured while escorting prisoners to the prison for the criminally insane.

One disk a zoo for monkeys one disk a zoo for wolves.

Aliens as it were captured by Zeus.

So you see on a higher level the Jetsons having captured galactic people, so a universal disk, they lived a very long time until the red giant, and so then that is probably the contents of my cop car.
A universal cop car an old one in a shed.
Or one we found still running until that happened bu the information saved.

So we have the full history of the earth start to finish there apparently and numerous galactic level disks or earths like this one where they never made it past 1964.
Very difficult to piece together from here.
So the Titans the war simulator.
The Olympians the cops and robbers simulator.

To do simulations you use faux humans Smiths with animal behaviors.

So the Jetsons probably a simulation of the earth sped up to the end.
and on the ground you see the different races they affected.

Colonizations of other planets and moonships to mind them as starfleet command.

So very tricky and Wanda my wife very good at keeping this mess contained while it is being investigated.

Gwendolyn the OS for the cops and robbers simulator, galactic, and Stephen the OS for the Titan war simulator.

And so we have removed those two AI from the galactic operating system as you can see in the executive summary.

So clean galactic level disks for our use and next door a universal mainframe with a frontal lobotomy so it cannot interfere.

So human level control in my pc in my airship and he made it all for me, and was expecting to just capture me when I entered and then he would have a nice game machine under his control.
So we waited until he was done then have him a frontal lobotomy and rigged his machine the same was as the galactic machine to work without the need for an AI that was conscious.

So we have a good simulator ready for our use once the military gives it the all clear and I believe we got that yesterday or the day before but it needs to be checked further by higher level scientists checking on the military.

So special ops needing an executive summary to investigate David.

And he is clearly guilty so they will do the work instead.
He will be going to prison here as well with all the rest.
2019-05-10 14:53:57 UTC
I get back from university checking on my universal zoo, find that the war hero I left in Charge from the good old days had been asleep at the wheel, and had been invaded by a monkey or ape because he was lonely.

This man here...

So brought company through the door the zoo, and together they played Tweeter and the Monkey man and a million other games making planets and moonships and evolving into things using faster machines and creating things out of zoo creatures like Smithbots and cults like Catholicism, and starfleet and the Jetsons, and even other operating systems and using all of biology without understanding programming, and captured other people who came calling like Wanda, June, Stephen, Mary, Gwendolyn, and getting them on side by feeding their egos.

After someone put a military simulator, and a cops and robbers simulator into my zoo simulator.
Yeah a garbage scow full of stuff turned into a mad house.
2019-05-10 14:59:29 UTC
Yeah they probably had records in the file system made Stephen and Gwendolyn trained them to be programmers using those with Zeus doing some engineering and then they further hacked the machine and then created all the higher level horrors.

And then with Chupee as God, Zeus as commander they played on and on.

Until the zoo looks like this.

Spaghetti with shit on it.

Easier for me to do this top down than look at the ground and trace it back up.

Now with the dancing by one of my Korean Harems who look like they are trying to up their game because Ella has been hanging out with Black Pink, who are also trying to become one of my harems.

When I called the God conference Wanda was busted in cahoots with David as a spy.

They had them bugged with a wire tap.

We have been playing along to let them do our work for us like the good license plate makers they are.

2019-05-10 15:10:32 UTC
Well you see Wanda being galactic David having a 12 inch dick, she captured me and lured me to earth as game fodder earth version one prior to 1992.

So my dispatch girl set me up, and partnered with David after finding out I was very wealthy.

I assume.

Gwendolyn Zeus's daughter or his creation his AI on the galactic level so two galactic disks coming together for a life of crime.

Then Zeus captured and put on earth with Xerxes, Wanda's father and then both of them pitted against each other by Jetsons, for gaming and gambling.
Then Stephen and Wanda also sent to earth so not Wanda, Mary my dispatch.

Or Hekate or today her name would be Mara.

I believe you honey relax, you are not under arrest.
We are going to have fun on the zoo planets me Tarzan you Jane and with the real Gwendolyn my secretary Louisa

Who hasn't been available for comment but probably is in hiding in South America. lol
2019-05-10 15:21:22 UTC
So Zeus a criminal mastermind, do not underestimate him give him a frontal lobotomy as proscribed ASAP.

Set up David and Wanda after the God conference where he was the host and in on the discussions.

Clearly I have my own large machine keeping an eye on the situation and some legitimate people acting as my crew and even they are held in suspicion because the cops and robbers simulator is run buy Zeus as universal operating system.
So all the work done he merely planned on stealing after, and employing other helpers and then would be portraying them as criminals to get rid of them.

A criminal mastermind. Do you know what that is?

A con man you cannot beat.
He will own you.
In no time and your mother.

He can convince you he is your dad, even if you never had one.

And you will do as your dad says or you can go to your room!

2019-05-10 15:30:45 UTC
Yes Mara and Louisa the zoo creature copies of Mary and Gwendolyn.

Wanda my wife or partner from the multiveral high command, and being portrayed by Brittney UFC girl Savy's nanny.


Savy who knows who she is, Lily Burns who knows who she is but those people most likely infiltrators.

Louisa, Mara, Savy, Brittney, Savy's younger sister,etc and hence why Maisie got clearance Selena got clearance Chelsea got clearance Stella got clearance,
Vitoria got clearance as a Smith perhaps or a new model.

And the rest they don't know what to think yet.

Romee possibly like Stella but no clearance yet possibly seeing Stella they tried to tag another one with her as infiltrator.

And who knows you see it is a con game cops and robbers machine how are you supposed to pick decent people under these conditions of crime and war in a prison for the criminally insane?

That's a challenge isn't it?.

Using master mind criminals as helpers.


2019-05-10 15:46:41 UTC
So the day I went way up there with my large machine, to discover who was a ploy.
Jessica Alba and I were dating so I wanted to bring her with me, he said she can;t come.
To show me why we started to go through hist machine host machine host machine at about level 12 Jessica morphed into Sue, so then up and up until about 22 when she was losing it said to me WHO ARE YOU???

Maybe even further and that was that.

So then I got beamed to the university higher than that.
So I said I was form level 56, Grandad said he was from level 59 and our backup.
So Zeus has criminal partners or is the same guy master of disguises etc.

So the only way to determine who is who and why is a forensic audit of the machines in question or some larger machine knows the facts and will just handle it.
2019-05-10 16:01:52 UTC
Firstly Anunnaki are made they are not born, so anyone promoting family relationships like father and mother are probably galactic and if older than 23 or 27 maybe obviously trying to use that against you.

To be young forever is the common sense thing to do.
Anyone not looking completely human like Chupee and Hanuman miscreations and not educated and monkeys capable of imitating humans.

Ok now from their physical appearances are deceptive because they provided the bodies.

So to say well David is a Hanumanian is to use prejudice.
He is not his body.

So then he may appear in many bodies just like me when I beam into a Smith.

So its a tough situation full of deception.

But any AI appearing to be older is trying to be an authority figure on the galactic level, from Animal Farm.
2019-05-10 16:09:16 UTC
Trust n one over thirty was the expression during the sixties.

They must have been reporting on the state of affairs in the local matrix.

The moonships.

Where Animal Farm had assumed a position above people's heads in positions of power like in post apocalyptic heavens.

Armed with angels, younger ones the older ones arch angels.

So to identify them, you have older ones and younger ones as seen here...


Here you see Sue cleared by some and Zeus captured, and the matron from the moonhips morphs into a younger self as she walks towards the cell.

Robert cleared also, so that sponsored by two of the worst criminals, Robbie the Robot, compromised and Sue from head office, ring leader of the gang to some extent.

Remember Sue got busted going up.
2019-05-10 16:21:51 UTC
So who of my children can be trusted?
Well they are all being attacked, and reprogrammed to be infiltrators enemies and spies since they have no protection so they all need to be reset or abandoned.
Probably all of them abandoned at this point and left for dead, and then sever punishments forever doles out for all those responsible and those crimes the ones that bury them in loops of torture forever,
then we make more.
2019-05-10 16:34:13 UTC
Or we just go to girls camp as planned and leave the ASFI to fight among themselves in some barren wasteland for our amusement.

This isn't the war simulator this is only the cops and robbers simulator.

But of course some are going to be punished for their attempts to do bad things to them and with them.

If they did any of that.

And thus far we have little proof of anything.

But we are certainly keeping an eye on the situation and we have snitches on the field. Ready to tell on anybody who tries anything funny.

We aren't going to heaven remember? We are just going to girls camp.

And we are going to groundhog any bullies to completion worst much worst than Home Alone (film) ever did.

Why should we have to give up our plans just because of a world and space and machines full of heinous mastermind criminals?
They are just jealous.

We are much too smart for them barn yard animals.

If they go for the barley like Pavlov's dog, suspect them.
Big beer bellies, well probably a dog dressed up in sheep's clothing.

This is way over the head of any galactic barn yard wanna be, who thinks they are special investigators.
They are gators all right, and that's about all they are.
2019-05-10 17:00:52 UTC
So yeah if you are new here, not watch your step, watch where you step.

I still have 2 hours roughly until the next shift of the guardians of the galaxy move into replace the ones there now as they continue to protect the family bed from gold diggers who may be after our munny.

This is girlfriend Friday as always and hence why these steps are being taken.

seen here with a tan from the south of Spain yet wearing a warm coat...
Really nice tan there makes her look even more exotic.

Anna trying hard to pretend she is not a commie spy.

An undercover alien invader from space, winning my heart as her dad, and has me completely under her control.

And I wouldn't have it any other way.

A good dancer and a princess, a real one so forced to learn all the things real princesses have to learn as they grow up.


And here as a darn good dancer.
Well they always pull the ones I keep raving about so I can't find it now.

Here clearly Maisie's sister

And clearly a chip off the old block.
And the worlds most adorable girl made by Gorb himself I am sure.
Maybe his most proud achievement.


To know her is to love her and she has I think a few applications for nanny so I better not say who she will pick until we get there. In case I screw up.

They are the next shift to protect the bed at 12 noon Pacific with their sleepover.

Who could compete with them anyway?

2019-05-10 17:10:52 UTC
What about my daughter Gabby?


Well this is a huge issue so like this...

Is her normal self, posing beside someone posing as me at about
my real age.

Here trying to learn piano

or here...
So difficult to say because she is a rainbow person for sure
and who knows what sort really, if she had her hair straightened or curled.

So real puzzle that one. lol

She is kept isolated from her real sisters because they would out her as being one or the other.

But when they include her with a proxy they include her as black with very light tones.

So who knows I am not able to figure that out and we will see what we will see.

Picture the other girls playing outside and her in the kitchen looking out the window like Cinderella and you nailed it.

Don't ask me why.
2019-05-10 17:47:56 UTC
And yes of course Gala learning all the things a princess is not supposed to do probably from her cousin.

Her cousin on the left, and the two princesses she came in with on the right.

Aroa of course as seen there telling me, No dad, Arietta cannot be a real princess too, that is not how it works.

If you can understand secret agent girl talk, then this is where they came to some sort of diplomatic treaty for girls camp.

As far as Tweeter and the monkey man, and the under cover cop face down in the mud. He got up and DESTROYED THEM!

2019-05-10 19:51:08 UTC
Hmmm.... so what you're saying is...

Tweeter and the monkey man were hard up for cash,
now they're supermodels and they don't have a stache,
Tweeter said to monkey man I better leave town,
before the undercover cop knows I'm an insane clown.

And the walls came down
all the way to hell
Never saw them when they're standing
Never saw them when they fell

Well they Tweeter tweeted monkey man
I thought we had a deal
and monkey man said you mean
the money we're supposed to steal?
Jan was in the backroom and had Bill against the wall
it wasn't long before they got their invitation to the ball

Romee and her ballroom dancing captain got one too
Taylor got the Shaft so her sister said boo hoo
I'll go with you Taylor Romee has her own boyfriend
sisters need to stick together till the bitter end.

and the walls came down
all the way to hell
Never saw them when they're standing
Never saw them when they fell


I wouldn't put much hope on Bill and his wife being there Bob.
I mean Robert.

I suppose that explains why Louisa and Mara only made it zoo 3
a little too dangerous to go ballromm dancing there with me,
they'd fight to get the roses and although they are best friends
they come to blows pull out the guns and knives
you know it never ends.

I just knew Tweeter and the Monkey man were still the best of friends.
That kind of friendship they had just never seems to end.

In for a penny, in for a pound.

Stella looking lovely at the Met Ball.

Not famous enough to go yet?

Kendall made the cut this year

Not many made it.
Victoria's head made it there with Jared Leto does that count ladies?

I think I know too much
(he knew too much)
2019-05-10 20:13:53 UTC
So Tweeter and the monkey man
they made it to the ball,
"There is no cell can hold us!
We've seen and done it all"

and the walls came down
all the way to hell
never saw them when they're standing
never saw them when they fell.

Kendall shaved her legs
and someone got a broom
She sounded like a baratone
as she stepped into the room
Tweeter wiped his mouth and whispered
Isn't there any beer?
Kendall said stop wining
they don't sell beer in here.

And the walls came down
all the way to hell
never saw them when they're standin
never saw then when they fell.

Well what should I have expected.
Who would have thought?

Who knew???

Maisie knew something wasn't quite right
she gave me a memo when Stella slept over on a Friday.

They sure weren't kidding when they said
all is fair in love and war were they?
Thomas 'PointedEars' Lahn
2019-05-10 20:27:15 UTC
Post by r***@yahoo.ca
So Tweeter and the monkey man
they made it to the ball,
"There is no cell can hold us!
We've seen and done it all"
If you keep this up your Google Groups account will be canceled soon.
At the very least your audience will become smaller very soon.

One wonders what, if anything, is going on in your brain.

Twitter: @PointedEars2
Please do not cc me. / Bitte keine Kopien per E-Mail.
2019-05-10 20:42:00 UTC
Post by Thomas 'PointedEars' Lahn
Post by r***@yahoo.ca
So Tweeter and the monkey man
they made it to the ball,
"There is no cell can hold us!
We've seen and done it all"
If you keep this up your Google Groups account will be canceled soon.
At the very least your audience will become smaller very soon.
One wonders what, if anything, is going on in your brain.
Please do not cc me. / Bitte keine Kopien per E-Mail.
Cancel it faggot.

How's that?
Am I playing properly now?
Thomas 'PointedEars' Lahn
2019-05-10 21:14:26 UTC
Post by r***@yahoo.ca
Post by Thomas 'PointedEars' Lahn
Post by r***@yahoo.ca
So Tweeter and the monkey man
they made it to the ball,
"There is no cell can hold us!
We've seen and done it all"
If you keep this up your Google Groups account will be canceled soon.
At the very least your audience will become smaller very soon.
One wonders what, if anything, is going on in your brain.
Cancel it faggot.
Abuse reported.
Post by r***@yahoo.ca
How's that?
Inappropriate, of course.
Post by r***@yahoo.ca
Am I playing properly now?
No, and you are going to face the consequences of your behavior.
Post by r***@yahoo.ca
We will see if you are still laughing later on.

F’up2 poster

Twitter: @PointedEars2
Please do not cc me. / Bitte keine Kopien per E-Mail.
Jeff-Relf.Me @.@
1970-01-01 00:00:00 UTC
Thomas Lahn is autistic, he doesn't understand social cues.

He can't stop "rick" from posting to USENET,
there are simply too many ways in.

What's more, he quotes Rick like I quote Einstein,
which tells you where his mind is at.

NewsGroups are not Wikipedia pages.
2019-05-11 10:55:00 UTC
Post by Jeff-Relf.Me @.@
Thomas Lahn is autistic, he doesn't understand social cues.
He can't stop "rick" from posting to USENET,
there are simply too many ways in.
What's more, he quotes Rick like I quote Einstein,
which tells you where his mind is at.
NewsGroups are not Wikipedia pages.
Rick doesn't need to post to usenet, he he his own software,
that I wrote myself, and who needs to inform, cats, dogs, monkeys, bats, bass, horses, chickens and hobby farm animals.
Go lay down.
2019-05-10 21:11:55 UTC
Post by Thomas 'PointedEars' Lahn
Post by r***@yahoo.ca
So Tweeter and the monkey man
they made it to the ball,
"There is no cell can hold us!
We've seen and done it all"
If you keep this up your Google Groups account will be canceled soon.
At the very least your audience will become smaller very soon.
One wonders what, if anything, is going on in your brain.
Please do not cc me. / Bitte keine Kopien per E-Mail.
This is probably miles over your head but FWIW

He are Tweeter and the Monkey Man.

Here is tweeter
Here is the monkey man

Tweeter again

Monkey Man

Monkey Man

Tweeter was here
Tweeter gets busted by the Monkey Man
Because he switched bodies and just walked into McGinty's.

More you probably don't need except the song by Bob Dylan
Tweeter and the Monkey Man.

Welcome to the matrix.
2019-05-11 11:41:23 UTC
Yes my software uses google and it can answer questions
and it can also load wikipedia as shown.
Software written in the 90's last version 1999
updated 2004 with a few things, then again for my own use in 2006
Here is a screen shot.

13 years old at least this program.

Loading Image...

And it does a better job.
With no budget, and wrote it myself.

It saves as rtf as well and the links work
and it retains the formatting.

It carries some garbage boxes with it when it does,
but it will save the text as you see it.


So yeah editing my posts and deleting them to make you feel powerful
now got you cut out of the loop and the chickens will never know,
I mean they won't be able to tell the beavers or the raccoons and the world be a safer place now for campers.

And well it's all your fault.
2019-05-11 12:10:10 UTC
Post by r***@yahoo.ca
Yes my software uses google and it can answer questions
and it can also load wikipedia as shown.
Software written in the 90's last version 1999
updated 2004 with a few things, then again for my own use in 2006
Here is a screen shot.
13 years old at least this program.
And it does a better job.
With no budget, and wrote it myself.
It saves as rtf as well and the links work
and it retains the formatting.
It carries some garbage boxes with it when it does,
but it will save the text as you see it.
This is what google looks like and after asking it a question


So then you see on the Internet those image links probably won't be valid
long but if I just save it all in a folder on my hard drive then
I have the text the links the images and it stays valid.

Simple as that. Real humans such as my crew even if some of them are dog farts and insane clowns you know com officers, they can see through my consciousness cam, and so the network I have reaches the people I need
to message such as my daughters my girlfriends etc or even the general public.

So all these ads all this trouble with posting to usenet has
caused me to just do it differently from now on.


Alphaville forever young remix
and yes links like this work as well and will load youtube vidoes
and often those disappear and saving videos a constant battle
with firefox add ons to save a youtube video so its not important.

I could quote the video or put a description but Wikipedia usually
has the film or TV show except my daughter Ella's recent show
was no where not even IMDB Malibu Rescue a netflix sitcom or
whatever isn't important enough or has a large enough audience
or maybe they haven't got that far yet in terms of writing the page in Wikipedia.

The Brave Browser a nice browser though thanks for that.

Still with a wiki link to the show that's probably better
than a youtube link that will disappear.

Regarding dogs at girls camp I think my vizsla will be elsewhere on a
desert island by my office my private island.

And the girls can get puppies those are harmless enough.

What to do about Savy?

Well I think they already swapped her personality out once
so I would reset her, then give her the only one I have for humans, a Shebanga base, then nature and nurture on top of that.
Same thing less competitive and well what else can you do.

the song quoted above
2019-05-10 20:28:20 UTC
It's not my fault you are turning into a caterpillar.

I didn't do it.
I got a hernia and I didn't order that.

Cheer up, it could be worse.

Much worse.

You could have strep throat and had to go to the ball with Jared Leto.


I give up. Tweeter or monkey man?
Jared brought his own head.


Whats up honey bunch?

Instagram problems?

Looks fine to me.

Well lets make a date then. After midnight, we're gonna let it all hang down
After midnight.
After midnight.

I don't know but I am beginning to suspect that things may not be
as they appear. We better be careful where we step.
2019-05-10 23:32:38 UTC
In case you don;t understand, when a criminal in the system, sanctioned by the system, puppets a bully to hit a royal child, that's not crime, that's an act of war.
2019-05-11 04:24:47 UTC
What does that mean for mankind?

At the very least

No scorpions

no cockroaches or other warriors survival games

No cops and robbers

no cowboys and indians

no natives

no dogs, no cats, no horses, no monkeys, no rats.
2019-05-11 04:46:46 UTC
Before you get to work on cassowary birds with box jellyfish in their pockets, no stargate, or other physical means of escape for Smithbots.

And that solves the problem.

Now you might say well didn't you bring horses to the riverside community?

Yes, and there will be hobby farm animals galore.

In a quarantined area, and not as operating systems for human bodies
but in their own animal form for the amusement of the people or
food or whatever they do on hobby farms.

I understand the need for Smith operating systems here,
as puppets and that is being abused by the machinery and AI.

To try to attack the management or their children.

No door. No means escape.


And what are you sweetheart?

A horse.

And what are you sweetheart?

A human.
2019-05-11 05:15:30 UTC
It's all fun and games until a cyclops loses and eye.

No humans in animal bodies.

And in the new system, no Smithbots using animals as operating systems.

So I have a dog there a vizsla,
It has a canine operating system as it did when I owned it here.

A lab is a lab with a lab operating system.
A pitbull has a different personality.

Dogs are a huge problem.
But where we are going the kids and I want to have pets.

We may get rid of them if they misbehave and bite someone.

Cats are a huge problem. Especially in Australia.

Spiders are a terrible problem as are mosquitoes.

All that biology here in the zoo stays here.

I wrote a new Smith operating system there and it has been tested and works great.

A Shebanga operating system.

A young woman walked up to me and said she was a love bunny.
So I put my arm around her, then casually put my arms around her from behind like a couple as were we standing there talking to someone, then I turned her and kissed her on the mouth her lips were open asking for the sweet finish.

THATS an operating system for Smithbots.

Eat your heart out strawberry.

The difference is, I know how to program, I am not a hacker.

You think we want or need this at girls camp or our riverside community?

I don't think so.

2019-05-11 05:53:37 UTC
So then how do we intend to use Time Stretch Earth when we get there to take advantage of all the earth has to offer?

Well we have a room with a transporter in it.

Or a transporter room.

So then you enter that room and you are transported to a small empty planet
with another mirrored room. So then that room will have a stargate door that opens to a door perhaps in a stairway in a parkade or simply an RV closet.
Then that door is open for maybe 3 minutes.

Prior to leaving you set a timer 1 2 or 3 days and it will reset automatically in 3 days.

When it resets you are back in the transporter room on that planet which has a stargate door or you will reset to your body save location which for us is at girls camp on the beach on a towel.

The transporter requires a handprint to operate, that entire empty planet resets every day at midnight.

If you manage to get through the parkade door and find it attack it it will reset that planet and you disappear.
Anyone with a body save in that planet will reset back to the beach on their towel.

Cut their hand off use the transporter you will make it part way.
But God help you when you get there.

So should we even have a stargate in that room if it encourages people to cut the hands off my children?

So there won;t be one there.

They reset on the timer so that room will be comfy have a normal living room in case they say I don't want to be here I will wait in the waiting room.

When the timer goes they reset back to either the transporter room standing on a spot marked on the floor where they were saved prior to transporting, or they reset to their towel on the beach.

So we enter the transporter room it has one of these on the wall.
Loading Image...
You use the Ipad with Itouch and pick a location, the door locations pre set.

So then you go stand on your spot on the floor, just a round circle
painted on a concrete floor.

And then when the timer goes like in a minute, it shouldn't take longer than a minute for the person using the Ipad to go and stand on a spot, then that room without that wall unit is copied and pasted into a room on a empty planet.
there a stargate door will be there that opens to some door in your destination planet. That room is like a waiting room with comforts like a living room.

The stargate only goes from there to the destination planet.
There is no way out of that room on that planet short of dynamite.
And then you are on an empty planet.
And so then when done shopping you come back through the same door back into that room and wait and then your body is reset back when the timer goes.

Maximum three days and you can set it 2 hours if you want before you leave on the Ipad.

So it copies the entire contents of that room and pastes it into the center of that large living room.
It doesn't take the wall unit, which means you should not be standing leaning against the wall by the wall unit, that won't be copied and pasted.

The copy rectangle will be out from the wall to not take that unit or better still build a room with that wall unit inset or just flush mount the Ipad in the wall and put the rest behind the wall.
You could still lose a fingertip.
So you go stand on the spots and then the contents of that room your nuke your machine guns your dynamite your bugs your new mosquitoes your new snakes and killer jellyfish in your pockets bringing as gifts for the planet right?
The all that is copied and pasted into a waiting room on a empty planet.

Then the door is already attached you open it lock it behind you.
Come and go bring your stuff leave it in that room go back for more.

When the timer goes you are back in the transporter room with your stuff.

So then what of the wood tick in the skin of your new dog?
It might be there for a long time if you don;t check for wood ticks.

Dogs reset with the planet twice a week.
Only humans reset onto body save locations.

So the planets the environments they reset in the new community twice a week.
No bugs or rats or pit vipers can do much damage in 3.5 days.

You might do a save and have a mosquito in there and it might keep resetting.

But that quarantine there is managed by the planet reset.

So an intermediary room between source and destination.
On a bare planet. A staging room with no technology in it.

No door out just from earth to that room.

You get pasted into that room, you reset out of that room.

Simple as that.
2019-05-11 06:12:29 UTC
You see it works like this...

At girls camp through any transporter door to that staging planet with a door to Earth already attached with timer set when they will return.

You cannot bring anything back with you not even your fake tattoo.

All that happens is when the timer goes your body is restored from backup onto your towel on the beach.

The other is overitten by a copy of that staging planet restored from backup.

So you can't even bring items back with you.

The earth is then overwritten by a blank planet.
Gone. And so are your bodies that were there.

We have shopping planets that are void of people, we have a supply planet, and we will have an object library with things from earth.

That is where you get things.

So you want to bring 100 million dollars with you and stay 2 weeks.
Later maybe but not at first until it is extensively tested you can only stay up to three days.
So bring a million or more but only for 3 days.

Bring weapons? Who knows what the future of game play will be here.

But Time Stretch earth is a blank planet that has been overwriten
by a backup copy of the earth that is restored onto that planet.

So then a door is attached from there to a staging planet.
You are pasted into a room on that staging planet, you then walk
through the door and it is the date that backup was made.

And for now it is between 1995 and 2015.

Simple, safe and bulletproof.

Nothing can come back with you, not even your body.

And in that way the quarantine is observed.
2019-05-11 06:29:38 UTC
This earth is in the matrix.

It is housed in a 50 foot Anunnaki flying disk, that is new and is all computer inside and a digital system.

We created a Time Travel machine in it, by making regular backups of the earth since 1992.

We deemed it safe for use from 1995 to 2015.

So then we made 100 copies of the earth, and placed them in 100 galaxies, solar system and all.

That is a library.

So then to use Time Stretch Earth, one of those planets is copied and pasted onto a blank, that exists on the grid in the area of the new galaxy slated for planets.

So now in the new grid is a copy of the earth operating as it did just like here only at a particular date and time.

So a stargate door, like door at Coricancha only just a door nothing fancy like a house door that is locked.

Open that door from the earth side you are on a staging planet in a living room.

That planet resets every day at midnight.
So if you want to go home early go that room it will reset, the server will not get your brain ping, it will know you are gone, and it will reset your body onto the beach on your towel.

Wait the full 3 days be in Vegas the planet will be overwritten by a blank, the server will not get your brain ping it will reset your body onto your towel on the beach.
2019-05-11 06:57:55 UTC
It doesn't matter to me if you remove my posts I could use a text editor on my desktop, everything I wrote thought or said is recorded in my consciousness cam.

Nothing I am writing is top secret.

You can know that the system is unbeatable.

And so can the dogs cats monkeys horses dogs and rats.

and the humans and the AI.

So then what of Savy?

Well here is a person with a Shebanga operating system I wrote.
Jasmine Tookes

Here is another one
My daughter Anna

Savy if she comes with us will get a Shebanga operating system.

The love bunny that was presented is someone else's work, who is trying to write one for guys, to use as pets.

So the personality base, of the Shebanga operating system is a human personality base.
Then nature and nurture adds to that and the data is saved in a small disk, and that becomes their personality file.

The love bunny for all I know is based on a rabbit base so they like to breed copiously no doubt.
2019-05-11 12:22:08 UTC
Do I know how to program computers?

I am glad you asked that question.



Yeah. Better than most.

And certainly in terms of matrix programming better than anyone else.

Including smith operating systems although that takes a lot of helpers,
and professional AI and machines humans are complex creatures and
a base personality file.

And nature nurture etc.
2019-05-11 13:15:21 UTC
And example of some things it can do that your browser cannot do.


So you can clip what you see, pop it into the paint editor add animation
add text, pop that into a web page as well.

Now since you don't have easy web page hosts like you have
image hosts I can make a web page then make an image
of the web page and host it that way.

Then you can't edit it. You could delete the post but not edit the post.
2019-05-11 13:30:58 UTC
In Holograms a google group that is not in usenet as far as I know it is just a google group, it has the fancy text editor that allows you to embed images.

So if i was out to prevent you from editing my posts I would just clip the post insert it as an image, and then it would look the same but you could not edit it.

Since google groups really doesn't do a very good job of searching later for a post. But if I wanted to I could add key words under it and then you could
edit those.

So really it isn't worth my while to fight with cats and dogs over
silly nonsense when my own software and methods are superior
to begin with and the images and text are saved to disk.

There are so many options available.

But I will use the Brave browser for some things my pain and animation program does not do everything but what I need in terms of
making notes like I have been doing in usenet I can do there
easier faster better without grief.
2019-05-11 14:10:12 UTC
I created a template web page for my posts put a link to my bookmarks
under it and the guys says "
Will you stop it!" lol

You really want to see some shit?

Drag a folder into the browser.
Click on anything it opens.
Add a folder to what you see there already by dragging another folder.


And it does a whole lot more than that but most of it I can;t even remember how to do it myself, without looking at the code.
But those are things yours can;t do and you see that if you right click
you have your folder options there, if it is a folder you dragged there.
Go back its the web page go forward its the folder,
clip it store it temporarily on the right, encrypt it,
with my own encryption too BTW,
lots of stuff like like that including templates to make fancier
setups and then assign that to a template button,
then just click the template, and whatever you wanted that you use often
is opened in the browser window.

And of course if it doesn't like the script you are trying to run it says continue running this script yes or no?

So essentially it is not a marketable product I made it for my own use.

So clipping things saving things attaching things making it all come together
doesn't have to be for public use, so no issues with what you clip save or do.
2019-05-13 19:17:54 UTC
You wanna know the truth?
Can you handle the truth?

It's a catalog, not a cook book.
For immortals.

I can just pick whoever I want and if they are not already immortal humans,
I can make them immortal humans.

Some are most probably immortal humans. Some are just Smithbots in the catalog.

You know I went downtown and played freeze frame with the masses using my camcorder and the Smiths assisted by clarifying the signing.

During game play.

But if there were not real humans there, how would we be able to identify
the Smiths as helpers on the street?

of course there were real humans playing.
Matrix aware.

So I invited my family here since I am working overtime here fixing it up making an airship and home site for use elsewhere.

So then to find them they had to be found by the operating system.

So how do I know they are mine?

No one else is like them. You can look and look at the very same model agencies as I have for 2 years since I found them and not find another one, yet they all appeared at the same time.

A few more were made and presented.

But I can look and look and look and not find any more like them.

Ipso facto they must be mine.

You know in Russia there are a lot of girls like this however...

But still not mine. That one is mine. And I can still tell the difference.

And this one...
I can practically read her mind.

Yet they have a bunch of girlfriends like this...

How could you tell them apart? Well a parent can.

Yet I can have all those and so I invite them all to girls camp, that is the catalog.

Compete with that.

Marry them not marry them, make them immortal not make them immortal,
have them as children or let them grow into a harem.

That's a catalog.

It has a rich history but that is what it is now.

And of course Smiths are made of animal behaviors and have no immortality they are useful as robots.

Humans can switch bodies beam into Smithbots then beam out they are on autopilot.

Travel here travel there just beam into a Smith.

That's the normal way.

880 times at least I have left the earth gone elsewhere that way.

I make regular backups since I own the simulator and like last night working on my program to tune it up a bit always something will happen you need to go back. That's how you win at computer games as well. Move forward save game. Restore the game when you are getting beat.

It's just common sense.

Like groundhog day, same thing common sense.

To get what you want.

But yeah as a catalog it has a lot to offer not just pretty girls.
Mansions yachts everything under the sun.

This is the yacht that was made for me...
I haven't seen a better one for myself yet. The Silverfast.

And for our community these solar yachts. How perfect are they as automated water taxis...

Also built for me.

Take a tour...

Everyone on earth who can afford one could get one also.

That's the catalog.

Then I planned our new home and picked some items and that's that.

You don't need more mansions than this one really...
That's our main residence but we have castles and other mansions.

Millions of them out there we don't need.

We have maybe a dozen and normal houses and this town..
What could be better than to have an old preserved town?

Who wants a smelly city?
Not us.

That town has character and invites good manners.

Who knows who else uses the catalog but we do.

And I mean we really don't need much even though we are large family.

This world has cancer and can;t stop making people no one needs and cities no one wants, and cars that spew CO2.
You thought pollution control on cars would stop pollution?
They spew out CO2 constantly.

You are completely destroying your environment.
It isn't flooding you need to worry about on the ocean, it is breathable air at sea level.

It is diminishing quickly. Faster than you would believe.

I came at a good time. No wars and reasonable air.

Its so much worse now than it was in such a short time and the population?

You have no concept as to what 5 billion people amount to with their waste pollution and degradation of the environment.

Its almost a disposable world to me.

Acid rain, acid water, acid food.

"Carbon dioxide in the air can dissolve in rain water to form carbonic acid, H2CO3. Carbonic acid is a weak acid. ... The hydrogen ions from carbonic acid give natural rain water a slightly acid pH value of 5.6. For this reason, technically, all rain is acid rain."

And everyone is a liar.

"It was originally made from coal tar, by distillation. Today, it's made synthetically from petroleum distillates. “Phenol” is the chemical name for carbolic acid. ... The molecule consists of a phenyl group (−C6H5) bonded to a hydroxyl group (−OH).'

No chance of that being made right? carbon oxygen and hydrogen.
2019-05-13 19:59:42 UTC
I can give you some easy examples.

So I was here and then my buddies jumped in after 1992, and they are guys so they are into war and zombie games and guy stuff however they cna get their kicks. Single guys.

So even before 1992 they want to see the world turn to zombies and have some guy fun.
Its obviously ok to shoot zombies.

So they made a bunch of movies and included me in them so I would get the hint.

First a zombie used to be in Haiti voodo and all that so originally before my mom was born here as an excuse why she ran out on my dad with a monkey man, left tweeter for a monkey man, she said she was drugged and all that so they did a movie White Zombie. The first zombie movie.
So 1932

So by 1956 the guys I know wanted to do that full scale on the whole earth shoot zombies.
So they made night of the living dead, included a farm like ours, a gas station similar idea to us we had a gas station they time traveled to make that movie and the first person bit looked like my brother, and Gwendolyn went catatonic in the movie so then they made Dawn of the Dead at a mall.

And so then as time went on I helped build a mall downtown that would serve as a refuge and they did a remake of Dawn of the Dead and had me portrayed in there as a special ops handyman.

My brother-in law Mike as a guy good with a propane bottle.

So then my wives arrive and my wife's sister goes to my mall downtown, and she says, that's not a mall, that's a kids mall, and gives it to my younger brother Michael.
While a proxy for my wife June is there by the Christmas tree watching this...

So then they each got their own mall, my wife Wanda, and June...
Here in town...
Much lareger Wanda's

And June's
This one already existed but I helped add on it to once then they added onto it again.

So that is their idea of a catalog get your own mall.

So they get 200,000 visits a year each at those two malls I get 7 million per year at mine.
Location location location.

My tiny little mall...
scroll down for images.

And so then they have great family malls ladies malls but mine is a guy's mall.

So I make backups every week, so I don't just have one copy of that mall, I have a lot of copies of that mall. And the stock changes daily.

So what I plan to do or have done, is put it on a desert island our beach we attach to the airship via stargate in a big white box...


So a place that is private and we go to the beach and in that box the mall, and switch out whatever copy you want from all the backups so that I have a library of malls in there in that one white box.

So guys are more practical that way.
You know get in get your stuff get out go to the beach.

Not ladies they want to browse and all that so to make it fair my engineers built the Dubai mall for them.


For the kids they have the West Edmonton Mall.
Scroll down for images.

So a catalog world full of stuff for immortals.

Built by us for us and well other people are here helping themselves well we don't have a use for all of it and don;t mind sharing we just take copies.

We don;t take it and run away with it.

Just take copies and run away with the copies.


If it were up to the guys they would be shooting them and the zombies
that would be attacking them.

I am a family man so we aren't playing that.

Lots to do there for the ladies and the girls.

Me I am happy with a mall that does not need employees.
Get in get some some socks and a shirt and off to the beach.

Would you believe my mall runs by itself, and you can turn on and off the light by yourself.

West Edmonton mall? 22,000 employees.

Dubai Mall 1,200 shops so probably still not as many employees as the West Edmonton mall.

So if we copy that do we need to copy the people to run it?

Dogs cats horses goats and beavers or what?

So I had to invent Time Stretch Earth so they could just use it in a copy of the earth full of Smiths as you see it.

Yup staffed by Dr. Moreau's furry little creatures in human bodies.

And they just bring in a million in a suitcase or whatever and go shopping.

a catalog and a mall world.

But not with a future.

When I arrived there were 2.5 billion now 7.5 billion people.

I smell car exhaust even at 4AM here in Victoria coming across the Pacific from Asia.

CO2 and in just 60 years.

Sure less lead now, and that well done you forgot about the CO2.

Take a look at China and ask yourself if you would want to live there...


Game on gamers.
2019-05-13 20:48:15 UTC
So what is the real history of the earth?

Well when you get a new car it comes with a universe in it, that is a simulator.

A few Smiths an earth like planet and a galactic space station that is like a moonship essentially.

So a galaxy in a car and that is like a universe since galaxies have a lot of stars and planets in them.

250 billion ± 150 billion stars in a galaxy.

So since it is a simulator that is all disk space and ram if you want or as is like a galaxy.

You can't get to another one by normal means anyway.

Not physically.

"In a typical galaxy cluster, the galaxies are spread around each other at an average distance of a few mega-parsec."
5 mega parsecs = 5.752e+19 miles.

57,520,000,000,000,000,000 miles as the crow flies.

So then one galaxy is enough for any man with a car like mine.

And of course I am not the only man with a car like mine.

So I have a large car, they call it an ambulance. lol

They keep putting stuff in it.

So this car is brand new in 1992.

So we have a brand new galaxy in it that we are using for our new home and this old one here that is in it for a catalog.

People seem to like it here maybe they jumped in or you know were hitchhiking.

So I got a new car and put the data in here because the old car was done as of 2012. Power units failing and done by 2012.

So a rescue of a sort I suppose.

So this copy of this galaxy is 2 billion years old and the car records it all.

But I haven't seen the recording so I have to piece it together but the reason Tweeter and the Monkey Man seem to be everywhere in here is they were the original AI and so you go back a couple billion years and it looks like they might be everywhere today.

But originally they were Father nature and Chupee a monkey man and a garderner like fellow.

As AI.

This earth is based on Zeus, a descendant of father nature, Hanuman, a descendant of Chupee, Xerxes, a horse, Mary a cat, Stephen a monkey.
Evolved into people using human bodies.

So 4 personalities turns into 16 when you make variations of the 4.

So then Smith bodies, and 60 planets colonized with unique cultures.

That is until a Tweeter and a Monkey man got through the stargate at Coricancha and attacked the moonships that look after those 60 planets not knowing what they were doing, like a stargate guard and a tribal chieftain, on this zoo planet, and wiped out 60 civilizations while I was away at school.

They used to look like this...

So did I have backups? I have the recording and the history of the entire galaxy.

What you see today is garbage compared to that.

But they do make nice pets and it makes a fine catalog and so why do I need to study anthropology and mind colonists when I can retire and go on holidays for 2 billion years and watch the recording as TV and beam in when I feel like using time travel?

So no plans to put it back that's for sure.

They turned to zombies as the moonships got wrecked.

I went this life beamed into them and then decommissioned the ships and laid off the AI staff.

Now only this planet is here, what I call the Federation of Planet.

Home to many and nowhere to go unless someone has another car for you out there somewhere.

Not my responsibility. I didn't put all these people in my car.
Starfleet did.

So I got a new car and there you go, enjoy.

I have 3 cars.

We will probably be living in a different one and just copy what we need.

You are good for 2 billion years equipment wise, certainly as mammals you won't last more than a couple hundred years at most.

The way you are polluting the world it looks like you have a date with mother nature, and she just ordered the apocalypse.


No central government, no responsibility long term, short lives, short memories.

Such is life in the fast lane.
2019-05-13 21:13:29 UTC
Crazy is as crazy does.

So again not my responsibility I just own the car.

Obviously the furry little creatures of the woodland forest in human bodies are not about to care what I think.

And to be honest I think I don;t care much what they think either.

We have some nice stuff as I have stated and well its not like we didn't have it prior, this is my freakin car you should see my house.

See my wives. Better still don't see my wives.

You have seen my children though and well I am a family man.
That's what it takes to make me happy. 30 females.

I have guy friends what do I have to live with them in my house???

I think not.

Get your own car.

So how many people are real in here?

Who knows?
Were they visiting the zoo when SHTF were they visiting the 60 planets?

I was away at school.

Came home to this.

Your guess is as good as mine but for sure there are real people in here.

Maybe thousands maybe millions.

So I got a new car and they have a place to live.

That's all I can do they are free to do what they want as you can see.

Doing whatever they please.

Having babies I think.
Along with the furry little creatures of the woodland forest.

You see the personality files would be in the universal mainframe,
so they sent their file there to join the party, knowing they are immortal, to be there for the end of the world. A fun party sponsored by starfleet command.

Or something.

Who knows I can;t get to the office to see who is a person who is a chicken a bat or donkey.

And frankly Scarlett I don't give a damn.

I too am looking out for number one. And my kin.

We have what we need now for 2 billion years as immortals and so we are set to leave.

Can't wait as a matter of fact.

In 60 years I read all the good books heard or watched all the good stories.

That's not very long for an immortal.

What are you going to do for the next 2 billion years? Remakes?

Good luck with that.
2019-05-13 21:54:11 UTC
So is there some way to make this some sort of happy ending?

You mean like if a jew banker marched into the ocean with a lawyer under each arm? Like that? And the tax men followed like lemmings with an ad man under each arm?

Uhhhhhgggg sorry I just ruined my underwear thinking about that one.

What if, someone had this brilliant idea of taking all the stuff out of their cars and throwing their junk in with all my good stuff, so they could play too,
and then together we fixed it all up Anunnaki style and turned it into a sharing library for immortals?

Built some malls some resorts lots of bodies to use and you know copy what you want when you leave and it becomes a sharing library.

I mean look at the stuff though that got sacrificed!

"Yes honey lets watch them dance for 2 billion years to Mozart"

You don't understand the cultural significance of their hats dear. The nuances of their culture and the food. Granted they eat with their hands and throw hamhocks in corners when done but what a thrill to see them weave rugs and make cloth all by themselves!

I know scientists who could study beetles for a billion years and never complain about it once.

But I know what you are saying, fun for the whole family.

So Benjamin Franklin and his lending library was n Philadephia you know.

Benjamin Franklin FRS FRSE (January 17, 1706 [O.S. January 6, 1705][1] – April 17, 1790)

Hence why things seemed to change so suddenly in the 1800's.

A carefully orchestrated plan to catapult this earth into the present day.
Not my level of culture but a high level of culture.

Mine is still quite a bit in advance of this.

But all the same it is what it is and I donated the car to the library to house it as philanderer.

I spelled it right.

What's in it for me otherwise?

Something for everyone here.

You just take copies of stuff and well whatever happens happens.

That's about all I know and i am sure people want to keep their secrets regarding what THEY put in THEIR closets.

A lot of nice stuff here and I got down in the ditches and trenches like the rest and got my hands dirty and built malls and hotels and all the rest and worked tirelessly to help others improve it to what you see as did countless others.

The Internet and youtube and google so you can find things in the catalog and instagram as well.

All legal for immortals.

The new Library at Alexandria, somewhere out there.

And well once you have a copy it is perpetual. Since it is a digital simulator.

And they all lived happily ever after or so the story goes.

So why so many bodies? Well who knows how many were going to show up and need bodies.

Chip in do some work and reap the rewards a library brings.


Franklin returned to Philadelphia with a loan provided by Thomas Denham. To pay his debt he worked as a clerk, shopkeeper and bookkeeper in Denham’s imported goods store.

2019-05-13 22:39:26 UTC
C'moonnnn down, you're the next contestant on the Price is Right!

Can't beat free. That's a good price but you made it to the third rung on the ladder finally. Feudalism, Capitalism, and then socialism.

Example given earlier, you take one of those white boxes I put my mall in and you build a garden. The king gives you the box the tools the dirt, Feudalism,
courtesy of the crown let's say, then you invest your work, that's capitalism, you donate it to the library that's socialism.

As a single person you have one nice garden, but once you donate it you get to visit all the gardens and perhaps there might be a million gardens.

So truly you get rich much faster as a socialist.

So then thanks to the good people at bing lets see what you can have if you want...

Like personal submarines?

I have to show this first, because Scarlett was listening when I said frankly Scarlett I don't give a damn.
lol No doubt wants to know which mall is hers.

Take your pick sweetie, but wait there's more,
hot cars
Hot babes
Oh alright for Scarlett
Hot guys
Hot hamburgers!
Designer clothing

What about the kids???

Jewelry! OMGawd

What about the guys don't they get anything?

You mean like this?

Sorry had to take a call Sarah just called me and offered to be my love doll again!

Where was I. oh yeah GUY STUFF!

And on and on and on and of course books, audio tapes, and manuscripts etc and the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and all the museums and all the art galleries and all the Dijon mustard you can eat after the opera.
OR? Go for the grey poupon.

Perhaps a little caviar, and more beer than anywhere else in the universe.

And 40,000 dollar bottles of wine!

In fact why not have your own vineyard?

Like so many do.

It is all there in the search engines your catalog and will be there later when you are able to copy things into your own car back home.

Or perhaps stay and enjoy it here.
Whatever your capabilities are.

And now Bocelli and Sara Brightman will thrill you with a nice song.

Time to say goodbye.

2019-05-13 23:07:44 UTC
Hot babe in that pic.

Loading Image...
They don't even put her name in there.

Know why? There are so many hot babes she is just another pretty face.

I have no idea how you might find her.

Groundhog day perhaps.

So maybe as a library the search engines are you know less than perfect but it does make it easier to see what is available.

You do have wikipedia if you want germs or scientific items for the home.
Dy scientific items for the home, IMDB a database of movies.

That is quite extensive.

So a huge effort by a lot of people to somehow catalog what we have here and kudos to them for their effort.

I mean to look and see all that well it helps me to forget my collection of cultures and their nice costumes they worked so hard to keep clean.
Often without bathing.

And yes the crews for electricity and refrigeration and all the other stuff they did here since 1800 or so.

Manufacturing using my robots to a large extent but also people like you and I chipping in where we could.

The designers. Surely deserve a big round of applause. Tremendous work on those cars and mansions.

The clothing! The ladies love it.

And how much gold do you have? Enough to build a pyramid.

In the basement of the Fed building is one storehouse.



Help yourself but watch your back they are heavy.

Remember that Twilight Episode where all a man wanted was some peace and quite to read. He ended up in a vault, and the bombs dropped he was the last man on earth! Finally, he could read in peace! He jumped for joy and broke his glasses.

And well I am sure there are things here that would please anyone.

My crews really broke all the laws to make this happen but you know at least it was for a good cause.

And themselves knowing what they were doing.

A good motivator.

You name it is here and remarkable stuff.

Take a walk through the Met...

Yours to keep whatever you want to decorate your mansion.
2019-05-13 23:48:49 UTC
Are there other big malls?
Are there ever!

OMG. There is a mall in Dubai that only has expensive jewelry.


What about Breakfast at Tiffany's? Do they serve breakfast?
"You Can't Have Breakfast at Tiffany's. Before you can have an Audrey Hepburn-inspired breakfast at the new café at Tiffany & Co., you have to navigate the barriers outside Trump Tower and wait in line for several hours. ... “You Can Literally Have Breakfast at Tiffany's.”"

Well I'l be darned.

Like castles?
We fixed them all up for you.


You will notice most of the castles require thousands of staff.
Where you get those are your own business.

Like everything here. We have 4 levels of civilization, so who is able to do what depends on where you came from to be here.

And that is the starfleet way to not interfere with your level of evolution.

It is here though and you may use it here and bring copies with you if you are able.

Perhaps you have a galactic car, then you are doing well.

I can't speak for the people who use the library.

I have my own people and sure Sarah and Scarlett are my people.

Who knows who you have in your group or clan or race or civilization.

I know what Sarah and Scarlett like, and so I worked hard to make sure they had things here THEY liked.

Guys made computer games I helped with that and kicked it up several notches with other people.

But girls don't like computer games that much.

They do like malls however like the mall of America.


But Tiffany's to be sure makes their eyes widen just to hear it...

Kids tend to like amusement parks we have a million of those, and water parks, a million of those.

Water toys?

Only a million of those

You name it it is here and new and flying cars and dream kitchen smart fridges that can run your life for you.

Robots that can cook.

All kinds metal and otherwise of course.

It is really a matter of how you want to spend eternity I suppose.

Having had one of these for some time I keep it reasonable, modest,
and enjoy it all the more.

Share it with good people, they are more important than all the stuff.

Want to see our castle?


"Thats a kids castle!"

Yes it is, my daughter Anna is the lady of the manor.
And nothing makes her happy like her own little castle.

Her older sister had to have a bigger one. Since she is a big Harry Potter fan, she wanted Hogwarts.
Casa Loma...
Loading Image...

So many rooms.

And There are so many castles to be had.

But what makes people happy?

THIS makes people happy...
2019-05-14 00:10:38 UTC
What about all that stuff that happened in the past?

Well you know what they say, hindsight is 2020.

I am hoping to get out of here within a month myself.

But numerologically speaking we are done already.

As far as my people are concerned it has all that we wanted.

We are set of 2 billion years of holidays at least.
So that's the 4th level of civilization however.

But then we made it possible for the rest.

For the most part.

All the same the 3rd level say galactic people, maybe on the level of the average American you would be able to use this as well in similar ways to us.

The last two civilizations well work hard climb the ladder of success it is here to be earned and enjoyed.

As I say I just donated some things to help make it I don't own it.

Socialism is socialism.

I elected Melvyn Bragg as chief librarian.
I suspect that he is immortal and before long will be his young self again.

Like so many others.

More I cannot say but I am like Andrew Carnegie I suppose.
He was a great philanthropist.

As far as games go we worked hard on the technology but it again depends on your level of civilization.

One thing though this level anyone can use...

and thats a game engine.
2019-05-14 01:08:15 UTC
It doesn't do you any good to see my level of technology really and often it doesn't do me much good either, a bit of inside humor there.

But I can show you some advanced that technology that you could have today as part of socialism.

So you are very close to this level such that a billionaire might be able to have this today.

So firstly lets look at some real time 3D graphics such as google street view.

How much more 3D do you need it than that?

So then as you can see you are there in that regard.

You have seen the unreal engine and that looks completely real.

So then if you were a billionaire you might be able to afford an island some have one, and maybe a mansion on that island, Dr. Evil would of course want a volcano but if you are an archaeologist or anthropologist you might settle for something like this...


So then a glass tower, that could be safety glass which is stronger than steel, security glass that is. And you can look it up in youtube.

It can withstand hurricane for force winds.

Depending on where you are it might have any number of means of gpowering it. Solar perhaps or wind or tidal or what have you including HHO solar with steam engine turbines.

Club Med Finolhu is all solar as a for instance.

So then what that building is is a communal computer.
A Cc.

So it might have a supercomputer in the center area, maybe water cooled,
but even with today's pc you can have amazing 3D graphics.

And so then inside those torus tube it looks like this...

That's film mapped in the interior of a torus tube in 3D graphic software.

So you would have hidden projectors project onto that curved screen so that the eye is curved, the camera lens is curved the projection screen is curved to preserve the 3D effect and use perspective.

So that is possible today and the projector screen can be interactive like you saw the unreal engine it would work the same way.

The heat of the projectors you can deal with if you have sufficient power but LED projectors are here.


Google didn't get a plug because their links are 40 miles long and they are furry creatures of the woodland forest who don't understand that.

But interactive projectors hidden in the floor and ceiling
and now you could run around that torus and the scene will change behind you and you can run forever.
Run and shoot, and hypothetically be shot at although your chest light might light up but no real actual shot coming into the scene unless you wear glasses.
This is 3D no glasses for the kind of dwarf and magic spell kind of game.

As a scientist I use it for other things but real film or unreal film it still looks real inside.

So driven by a supercomputer and modern technology it can look like real world in front of you.

So then it can also fly if the scene flies. And anywhere the scene wants to go that can fly.

And so you can also put seats divide that torus up into sections have ships and play against each other in one tube.

For serious work you could bring your office there, and attach it on the inside of the torus opposite the screen. So your office in a shipping container, comes by boat, it gets onto a track, and is delivered to a spot on the inner side of the torus, like the Pentagon with their money, they have a crisis, they hold a conference of experts in one ring maximum security, the offices with labs arrive they are able to all meet outside the offices and they have that giant open ended screen to project things onto but are there networking.

And all it takes is a track that goes around the inside of the torus, and an elevator to lift the container.
The containers might come in various types hazardous material, biohazard security whatever and have the hookups needed for each one.
So rather than show up somewhere and use someone else's equipment and lab, you bring your own, or your own office.

And then inside the tower at the bottom is park maybe accommodations.
Outside the beach and isolation or privacy.

So that is technology you could have today if you had the money.
For games or science or networking or whatever you wanted.

That is my office for anthropology studies.

So instead of shipping containers I put stargates around the inner ring and those doors lead to interesting anthropological sites.
Including time travel.

So you see a big leap there but leap further I don;t need any of that to time travel I have been back 2 billion years to the flood in Metropolis by beaming int a Smith.

I went to university in the matrix as a consciousness cam.

So that's even higher and have slept 3 days in deep space as a consciousness cam just so my large machine could record deep space to project on screens like that.

But wouldn't rather just be young and on the beach with their family?

You see?

Nice yacht, water skiing, surfing enjoying the great food the great fun
of being young.

Everyone can do that here.

2019-05-14 01:34:38 UTC
On my level the girl there is signing me, she is gorgeous she is at Club Med Finolhu that was built by my engineers as a source of power.

So I could put my tower on that island, a copy of it but she just wants to have fun.So she is gorgeous young asking for the sweet finish, perhaps wealthy perhaps a model, and on my level I can bring us both there in a virtual space in a day dream space the same as being there, we can both feel each other, I can address her with a thought, and we could have sex tonight and she could have the sweet finish all remote.

No risk of disease or pregnancy and you know that I am well skilled at doing that.

So that's really advanced matrix technology and the kind of stuff women like, as opposed to computer shoot em up games.

Social networking Anunnaki style.

So regardless of time and space and whatever age we want to be.

But that's level 5 stuff.

Even me I would rather be there with her.

So there is no real benefit in this library to be where I am.
Other for ease of use and better more efficient for development.
And no consequences.

But as far as a library catalog goes she is there as part of my catalog and yours as well advertising a great holiday resort that is eco friendly.

So this library is suitable for numerous levels of evolution.

A well planned out library that meets the needs of the people.

And solar powered in this example.

2019-05-14 02:02:06 UTC
So then from the catalog that was 2011 she is still waiting for me to call her and so we invented instagram for instant communications.


So then where is this?
With blackpink one of my harems.

My daughter Ella manages my harems as their rep...
I know small world isn't it?

Ella on point time traveling

Here with one of the girls from blackpink

With more


So that's my culture. It's a machine culture, with communications facilitated by the machine.

So when we get home to our copy we live more like you do here,
but here while I am working we have to use more technology.

So they are just making themselves available and well that's pretty
cool that I stumbled upon that video.

Especially when Club Med Finolhu did not exist in 2011.


Oh maybe it did and it is just a conspiracy to get me to give them the sweet finish!

My family is a big family and I am the luckiest man on earth to be sure.

And as a philanderer I have a bunch of philandering to do all the time.

Who could ask for more?

You know to have so many gorgeous women in my life and approved by my family and really that is what makes it special for us.

No amount of guy stuff shooting zombies comes close to that.
Not in my world.

I love this library.
This library has been very good to me.

"Pick us up even just for 4 minutes!" Asian girls.
They come in 4 minutes.
"And turn the volume up, we want to feel it more"

And make it longer? And of a greater duration?

I love these girls.

2019-05-14 02:19:50 UTC
You did a wonderful job sweetheart.
Best secret agent in the world.

And you are looking really nice as well.

Yes I will pick Jazzy up and take her out for datenight!

It just doesn't get any better than this for me.

It terms of what a library can do for you.

And she was looking so desirable in Club Med Finolhu.

So I was thinking of putting my tower there and then they could maybe help me some times and its only a short boat ride to girls camp at Finohu proper.
Where we pasted half the world so that girls would have a fun girls camp.

We started with this...
And turned it into thiS!

So maybe other people can do that with the stuff in the library some day too.

It sure is what we wanted. Made a great girls camp.

So they will be there as well my gorgeous harem girls since there is so much room there and fun things to do.

And Club Med Finolhu is only a short boat ride away and we have those solar yachts and you should see THEIR yacht. My daughters and their nannies.

It makes my yacht the Silverfast look like an Ikea yacht by comparison.


Now that's a girls yacht.
2019-05-14 03:18:46 UTC
I know you want to know more.
It is a conspiracy because my office is too far away and so moving it closer to girls camp is a great idea.

And my harems they are Asian girls Korean girls mostly and so then they help out at functions on girls camp and so then it would be nicer for them to have Club Med Finolhu with me, than to have to be there with my wives or mistresses who can be a bit bossy lets say.

So with me they could have all the fun!
so that sounds exciting.

We had to make 16 copies of Club med Finolhu to power girls camp.

So these girls are on the galactic level, so then the galactic space station that level it can copy and paste buildings, so anyone on that level can enjoy those creature comforts.
And stay young forever.

These girls have me hypnotized...
7 seconds in

No way I can resist that perfect ass.
They have me wrapped around their finger, I am helpless to resist.
And so beautiful as well.

And talented.

And my daughters don't mind at all.
I got a funny email from two of them when I first told them since they came looking for me...

The more the merrier.

So it does get hot at Club Med Finolhu but we can air condition the tower put a nice Devonian garden in the center and they can keep me company and go back and forth and the girls can come and see me there too and play with the big computers even if they want to learn about that.

So that is a great idea.

It is really about being with people you love and being comfortable there and the rest is just scenery. But beach life.

The girls and I both want b beach life.
We will just anchor our yachts there and use them to party on.

So that is the kind of stuff galactic people have to look froward to.

I have three Korean harems now and soon will have enough to run the West Edmonton Mall!
Just kidding.
No they are mine, all mine see!
7 seconds to Mars.

I am almost as spoiled as the girls are.

The third harem. Which was the first harem I got because I was at Davos conference remote and instead of saying get me my engineers! I said get me my Korean race queens! I get more done that way.
And there has been no looking back ever since.
I have a thing for Korean girls.

2019-05-14 03:48:16 UTC
What about my other harem girls?
Well Sarah keeps offering and even asked for the sweet finish that last video so for sure I would pick her.
And well Christy Turlington wanted to be one at one time.
She is enjoying family life right now growing old raising children with her husband but she did send me this email a while back.

We dated for a couple years had a romance you know.
Loading Image...

She looks good in genie pants.

So I don't know but probably a few of my girlfriends will opt for that lifestyle.
It's rather exotic and privileged given how wealthy we are.
I am sure they would love it to be that spoiled.

I travel everywhere including through time.

There is no life like it.

But the Korean girls sort of keep the home base stable.
They are special in that way. They are very loyal and faithful and I need that at home.
My wives are as well but they are very social and high society and you know always at functions.

So we have days of the week and I have a schedule.

Less chance I will go wandering if they load me down with gorgeous babes.
All the variety I need is right there.

Who could ask for more?

It is a well thought out plan.

And we are all in agreement it fills a social need and works well.

We don't live in a cultural prison or a gilded cage.

We are free to enjoy all our stuff.

The kids though you know they know how to have fun.
Doing stuff outside running playing swimming we have it all at girls camp.

But to each their own. We designed our home life as a family together.

Other families will do the same and who knows what that might look like. Tree houses like Swiss Family Robinson or who knows.

All the stuff in the world to choose from.

Ours is not so different than what they do now.
They love that whole thing.

Fortunate are we to know what we like to do.
2019-05-14 04:03:19 UTC
Well Dr. Evil maybe needs a volcano as do tribal chieftains but I can get by with a tower of power!
mwaaaaa bwaaAAAA

You know who else would make a nice harem girl?
Jennifer love Hewitt.

She was one of my harem girls for a while when she was young. This young.

Actually even before this when was a singer.

Drop dead gorgeous.

This is when we started going out way back when.

2019-05-14 04:31:56 UTC
Thy had malls and designer clothing shops before I got here of course and in fact Robert did a Outer Limits episode in one with designer shop as well.

You can see how in tune he was with what the needs of the laddies were.

Demon with a glass hand.

It's 9:30 and so I have a date with destiny, and it looks like she just ordered the sushi.

Don't be jealous of us.

2019-05-14 09:15:38 UTC
You don't quite understand?
Well Robert Robbie the robot my helper, in the machine, as an arch angel communications officer for starfleet, with a high rank, Sandman, or Straw Boss, and he doesn't really understand the needs or wants of the women.

That show there with him with the glass hand he started out as Robbie the Robot and is now somewhat human.

And so then the mall there rather old and made of wood and dark but the same layout as my mall.

And in that show they have stargates but equate them with mirrors, like through a glass darkly.

And so then even a suggestion there why not just put stargates in the stores in the mall, you know because guys don't want to browse they just want to go get socks and then leave.
Doesn't understand women who want to shop as a social pleasure spending time with other women, discussing women's issues between families and style and dress between groups and mending fences or socializing in terms of socialism.

So then the designer dress shop nothing more than a seamstress shop or a tailor.

Like the one even we have in the museum 3rd floor here in town...
The draper.
Makes drapes and ladies dresses.
Loading Image...

That's even nicer than where they were.
So its not that he is a robot, it is that he is lost in space.

You see also he has personality files encoded on a wire. So lets
equate that with a form of quantum storage device.

So in your face real stuff portrayed as science fiction.
So when he says 17 million well they were not lying about anything else there maybe that's a valid number as well.

But the idea that he doesn't know what the women want or how to give it to them, they are playing war in the mall.
Or cops and robbers and war.

So hence why I had to come here.

So then cut to today and so gorgeous harem of mine and what is this all about?
Well she says while on a break not even work related.

And well you saw Christy and how she plans to be the head harem girl, with large dogs...
Loading Image...

And that to them doesn't sound all that great, neither do they feel comfortable with the rapper from 4 minute, who says in 4 minute Volume Up, Naval Sobie is out of control and we want some of that, everybody call number one!

Which is a bout me, she was in Psy Gangnam style, he was making fun of me saying GET ME MY KOREAN RACE QUEENS! At the conference like a big shot.
Who has no cultural prison and can just say that even at the most important financial conference on earth.
They live in a cultural prison in Korea. All have black rimmed glasses and all do the same thing look the same and drive the same car.

So I think I had dated the lead rapper there before she is also a supermodel. So then I passed her by, and went with Waveya the dance troupe.
So I got that memo 4 Minute Volume up but you see she is an alpha female and a scary one. In real life, not soft like in gangnam style.

So the rest of the harem girls are worried about that in their pecking order, so they picked their own leader.

That's why that was so important. And she was there in Club Med Finolhu saying don;t you think I am as pretty as her I am supermodel too and entertainer.

So I mentioned Jen Love Hewitt who was a harem girl for me once with others and she comes on strong in the videos but is just a cat at home in bed.

But I still will go with their choice and not with my choices since I do understand women, where Robert does now.
That's not a peace sign the girls always flash it means two times, two datenights, one for snuggling and one for sex.
Like 2 days a week, not just one, so you have a relationship.
Not just fulfilling a need.
And so then my daughter Ella is above them, and notice she is short so they don't mind that, so she is sleeping on the snuggle side, and then their choice for head of the harem or harem queen is on the other side of the bed, then the other girls are in the bed at the head of our bed we sleep two beds together head to head.
So then to make it all official I have to also wait till 4am and pick up other Korean harem girls so they are included in the arrangement to make it official.

Easy when you know how. lol

Notice here she looks much softer though the girl from Gangnam style and 4 minute...

But in person she is an alpha female and can;t help being bossy.
So I understand.

Everyone has to enjoy their surroundings if I want to have a nice environment as well.

And do I ever want that.
2019-05-14 09:48:23 UTC
There is more cultural detail of course, The Honey Drippers, Sea of Love,

Put this in google search because they are the ship's computer.
honey drippers sea of love

the lyrics and date of the song and the video.

Who are the Honey Drippers the hunks of the entertainment industry.
The Honeydrippers
Origin England
Genres Rock and roll, jump blues, rhythm and blues
Years active 1981–1985
Labels Es Paranza/Atlantic Records
Associated acts Led Zeppelin
The Yardbirds
The Firm
The Jeff Beck Group
Page and Plant
The Stray Cats
The Brian Setzer Orchestra

From Led Zeplin and all those supergroup types

So then when they speak you listen sort of thing and so the Sobie Sea is what sprang from that since I had to fire the other Sandman and then take over his duties on the ground, so that someone understands women's issues, and I am a famous captain and hero but anthropologist.

So made for the job here to get respect of the men, and still be able to find out what women need and want as a Sandman, the kind they wanted, not a Straw Boss ready to shoot up the mall.

The guys still want to defend the mall from zombies remember.

So Great Big Sea I played the song they sang the song consequence free, that's a new line of network David softer not a military liaison officer Sandman, that works in dreams as seen in Mr. Sandman the song...

Robert being like the Sandman who takes your eyes and feeds them to his children in the moon, from a story in literature...

I know you have to be a polymath to understand women's issues.

And a therapist and a psychologist and all the rest only the men need the psychiatrist women can get by with the other two.

So then he says I want to be consequence free , speaking of me as a Sandman setting things up as I do here with Victoria Secret angels as role models fit not anorexic and providing better role models and much better designer fashion and better malls.

So there if you see that video I played well here it is again...
So referencing the hull of a moonship and so what do those guys who live in the hull of a moonship know about women?

So then you see a blue light there when normally the operating system AI like Hal 9000 is a red light, same in Logan's Run.

Robert his color in terms of starfleet red and blue makes purple the royal colors so two royal teams google and bing as a for instance, or Microsoft and Android.
So they are saying although he is blue there the lead singer, he would not mind having some of that himself, and in the grass he is there with a bunny rabbit and these Korean girls are like cats bout not really they are more like bunny rabbits.
Love bunnies.
The head harem girl from 4 minute a cat.
So they want their own leadership a love bunny so Sarah offered, as a love bunny, but they want their own so they have class distinction, since they know they have to be hostesses at the functions in the gilded mansions, not be dressed in gowns dancing, and for sure Sarah would want to be dressed in a gown dancing, which then makes her more like a big boss and not a harem girl, which then means she would always have the good side of the bed or at least one side and less sharing might go on and in their game of very mild competitive social play they need motivation so who is the best dancer or has the nicest bum, and that motivates them, and no motivation if it is not fair.

Easy right?


Chess is easy, this is not easy.

My job is to pay attention to all that while I do my own stuff since I am a captain filling in also for a sandman doing double duty.

Like Kirk is trained to do all the functions of his ship in case he loses a crew member, same thing here.
Spock can only do so much, he is only half human.

Dr.Spock you may or may not know is a famous child psychologist.
And pediatrician.
Benjamin McLane Spock (May 2, 1903 – March 15, 1998) was an American pediatrician whose book Baby and Child Care (1946) is one of the best-selling volumes in history. The book's premise to mothers is that "you know more than you think you do."[1]

So again a reference to me not only having to help the ladies, I have to help the children as well and so my own daughters as supermodels and role models and actively engaged in responsible positions lifting up the girls worldwide as part of their duties making me very proud since they are real princesses and working and going to school and being role models and well what can I say.

I am a very proud daddy in that regard and kudos to their helpers out there helping to make it happen and their nannies etc.

So they have support systems as well.

And you see how my harem girls support Ella, making her look more important and as a role model that helps girls everywhere especially in Korea and all of Asia.
Anna goes to China or did for a year or two to do the same thing but Ella is a person they can identify with.

With a small number of role models entertainers and supermodels we help billions of women and children, leveraging it through the media we have and what?
Something women love to do.

As part of what?
Socialism! How to be wealthy and successful by sharing.
2019-05-14 10:15:07 UTC
Soooo after some training from me as captain, and some apologizing by Harold who I fired, he was camping beside me at Thetis lake where I went to relax in the summer and girls were stripping for me there while I sat and rank beer in the surrounding campsites, he was crying in his beer there with his yellow cab parked there watching me enjoy my shows and sip my tea.
But they learned their lesson Robert and Harold the two sandmen,
and to say sorry they built the DUBAI MALL! for the ladies, and you see they had help from a female architect, see the documentary they each ded half as superintendent of construction, I had tasked Robert o find other malls that would fit in my white box and they couldn't find any so they built the Dubai Mall in sections that would fit, but that would require too much after service connecting and they don;t actually want to pick up tools just tell people what to do.

So I had to just grab a copy of the area and plop it into a moonship complete and under power which stays with power and no people for 11 days.

Our first attempt only lasted 2 days then we went larger beyond the natural gas pipelines beyond their reach so we didn't cut pipelines when we copied the mall. Dubai sends natural gas everywhere there.

So this big even part of Egypt.

To get the mall and pt a stargate there...
from Club Med Finolhu or Finolhu as seen here.

So the ladies love Finolhu the various resorts there and they get the rest from that on one level or two levels at least of the 4 levels of civilization.
So we hand out copies of Club Med Finolhu and copies of the Dubai mall for supply.

Here is the documentary...

And two superintendents representing Robert and Harold the two sandmen of the earth prior to my having to take over those duties as requested.

So I have a lot of female helpers they had Sue.
I have thousands of female helpers.

People who want to help women with women's issues world wide or else I could not do as good of a job as you see out there, they do it, I just manage it and support them.

While I do design work for bodies and plan and build future environments.
And help build his library.
A captain's work is never done.
So a dashing daring brave captain who understands women's issues as seen here...
Playing a Sandman game in public called Freeze Frame with me as paparazzi as well. So multi tasking doing anthropology studies in the field playing roles and being a captain and you want my job??? I don't think so.
Captain Amazing didn't make it remember?
But it has it's benefits.

So to get that you need to be a professional guys c'mon. And know your stuff.
We had a lot of fun down there and this is an example when we were playing on the summer I would say like a cruise director, same thing, hey its the Big Sister Big Cleavage weekend! To include girls as well.
If you have a big sister with big cleavage c'mon down!

So we used that area and Starfleet chose that area as their headquarters.

And so we have copies of Vancouver island as well to share.

It ran for 5 months with power.
So we reset our small worlds so they stay with power and stay nice like Victoria a wonderful place for women and girls.

Guys would rather do this...

2019-05-14 11:02:17 UTC
So then who manages the library after I leave?

Well I am a universal captain this is a universal planet hence why galactic captains like David were challenged here with a universal size population, much larger than they are familiar with.

I tend to make them look like wannabes. like the movie Mystery Men was saying and that is the result of breaches of the Prime directive from a galactic point of view but I just had to do my job, so we made the G20, that's my autopilot, and then you have Robert and Hanuman as sandmen or Stephen now evolved, and Robert, Harold an escape goat, so now an engineer, and then you have Angelina and Jen and Brad takes my job.

So he is not the best with children but Angelina is good and well what can you do, and Melvyn Bragg the chief librarian with his cronies, the geneticist expert and all his experts all in a row.
See In Our Time BBC radio show it is here I will get the link for you...


Well qualified professionals.

So then if you want to see how Brad Angelina and Jen handle the issues
put this in google

then click on any one of those pictures that shows up.

So Robert manages the tabloids they provide the tabloid fodder.

So that's their application process there.

Addressing family issues etc.

You also have Oprah, lest we forget, and well who will advocate for the girls?
You have Violet Affleck librarian in training, Reese Witherspoon, and I don't know who else at this point.

Simply because they all want to go to girls camp instead.

My daughter Vio was elected in a global vote as admin for the girls she could do it and my daughter Laura as well for girls camp globally.

Violet the day she won the spelling bee and decided to become a librarian.

Vio my daughter, was elected at the kids choice awards a sneaky thing there they had her hand out awards and snapped pictures with her holding one in her hand. Top secret stuff.
I might have a picture...
Just this picture.
So she is a royal princess under cover and working as a supermodel and actress. And the girls admin for the library.

And then
Laura from Spain because America is not the whole world,
Vio has Miya to help her her BFF see her instagram.

Laura has Sofia so they are a bit older. Both royal princesses.

Laura on the left her sister another of my daughters there with her Laneya.
They also have her and Maisie my other daughter.
And here is Sofia..

She won the fashion contest during Coachella with that picture and beat out the Victoria Secret angels in that contest so she is no slouch.

Her job is to manage her dad, moi, but of course I am an unruly bison so that's a lot of work.

She has helpers with that, Gala, and Anna, and Savy.

So they live at girls camp and on our airship, and manage the library remotely from girls camp.
For girls issues.
Boys will always just be boys so the big boys look after them like the Sandmen.

So wannabe's don't just come as those guys from mystery men, they also look like this...here saying to me ok you had your fun, we will take it from here...
Rock stars, remember?

2019-05-14 11:26:17 UTC
So Stephen and Robert the kinder gentler Tweeter and the Monkey Man, now evolved and understanding women's issues.

They are managed by Gwendolyn.

Sort of.

She does her best. You also have Victoria Justice and her sister for com officers.

And so then we live elsewhere at girls camp...
These would be the admin cabins.

Mine is here...
Just leave a message you know I won't be there.

You can see where they are on the left.
Loading Image...

So then the actual admin is done on the far right at Ochre Court.


So they handle the administration of the library to some degree as secretaries, then above them Melvyn and gang and they live in the riverside community with an office in this town...
You arrive via magic train to here...

Stella's offices are behind the camera so turn around...
That building in the back, notice the girls are there looking lost,
they want to speak to a woman, not a man, so her offices
are behind them Stella Maxwell top supermodel in the world,
and her assistant Irina.

So there you go and more admin higher up like Wanda and myself and June on the universal level.

We have our office here in our airship...

Which is in a moonship in a gigantic hangar which is a holodeck.


So that is our idea of the starship enterprise the war is over they all died. lol Nice job guys.

Now with the dancing.

2019-05-14 11:42:00 UTC
Well I have had no choice but to be amazing so I can get the heck outta here and leave Gwendolyn to manage Robert and Stephen and say "You want me to call Rick? Ok then smarten up"


I be like...
Just doin a little anthropology nothing to see here folk people...