Some thoughts on the philosophy etc II
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2017-07-19 10:54:51 UTC
I can give you my philosophy quite easily because I like to keep it simple.
So my philosophy is one shared with my group.
So to handle the question of religion we are monotheists who believe that at the very top somewhere is one biggest God. Perhaps beyond our comprehension and even perhaps disinterested in us but its Gods all the way down from there anyways and we are a ways down the totem pole.

So to cover our butt between us and the disinterested one, we say God is perfect and perfect is.

Then we shorten that even to perfect is.

Is that stoicism? Not exactly.

So then on the subject of life and death we are immortal and this is the matrix.

Do we need proof of that?
Of course.
So then pictures of my relatives as seen from space follow...

Grandma Grandpa (stylized of course for communication and interpretation with secondary identifiers)
Loading Image...

My brother Stephen

My uncle Robert

A really lousy picture of Gwendolyn (Isis)
but at least you can see her boobs.
She was made to look like a Chinese emperor because they said as my secretary she blocks calls like the great wall of China.

And she is preventing us from getting our hands on the neck of Hanuman and you may be able to see a charging bull behind her Hanuman in front of her with a face on the back of his head. A human face.
Unfortunately you can only see the human face on the back of his head in that image.

Here he is here with the great spirit ...
actually no that image is gone from the wayback machine, gone from the archives.
So you see how information is just not very permanent in this area of the matrix.

But at least I am able to show you in simple terms this is the matrix to allow me to explain my philosophy by cutting through a lot of wondering and simply replacing that with facts.

A friend of mine from one of the matrix mainframe computers replying to an email of mine.

So you see that in terms of the physicality in our universe it obeys the laws of physics but it is in a quantum computer and us different races descended from the same race of people with a very long history and this one of many disasters in this part of the universe due to numerous problems associated with colonization in remote parts of the galaxy and universe.

Our present state of affairs compared to the past 2 million years is such that to time travel would be like camping.
If you like camping you might like time travel but bring toilet paper, and aspirin, and water purification tablets, and get your shots, and well watch where you step that's all I can say and plug your nose, bring a gas mask, some disinfectant, don't eat at restaurants, sleep with one eye open and a gun under your pillow.

I am not saying it is not like that here that's AmairkA. But for the rest of us we consider that savage nasty brutish and short.
Like Napoleon.
Any one of us today in this world in any civilized nation is living a better life than any king pr queen of a previous time.

So I would say that in that way things are positive compared to the past.
We are much better off.

How much better off?

Old junker clunker car, 2 million dollar Maserati or Bugatti well both then.

Like that.
Brand new matrix equipment all round.
Courtesy of Richie Rich.

2017-07-19 11:18:38 UTC
So then what do we know?
Well in today's world with the tools we have built we know a great deal and can retrieve that information we are Gods when it comes to knowing things essentially.
If we had to put what we know or have at hand into our head we would need much bigger heads but using our mind our eyes and text or imagery or sound we are able to download information as needed.
With the Internet and the pc.

Lucky for us we are living in the matrix which is all about computers.

So the way in which I explain the system is using large virtual machines.

We assume the universe exists inside a computer the size of the moon. Our moon.
Like forbidden planet. Lets call that the universal mainframe.

So then inside of that are a few more like that getting smaller inside but going faster, much faster, so that back there time has stood still.

So then in a host mainframe that to us is still a universal mainframe you have smaller machines such as galactic mainframes and then disks.
The disk is a simulator. A 50 foot silver UFO that is all computer inside and ours is brand new.
This universe is in one.

So then humans are in the matrix and you may wonder well what of free will?

The way consciousness works is a generic software so that everyone can understand each other. So the machine is and does, everything.
However, every individual person who is a real person has a personality file.
That file is the essence of your identity and who you are.
So that file is used by the software for decision making.
That is the decision filter used for your set of behaviors.

So then as you live and make choices the machine is doing the actual processing and making you aware of important information not every nuance going on your subconscious mind takes care of the chores you just drive the car, chew gum, talk on the phone hands free turn the signals on don;t spill the coffee or get your cigarette into the upholstery watch out for that pedestrian the light is turning red can you change the channel? Just hit seek.

We ARE autobots.

And we are very good at multi tasking.

I think we also know who won the war for animal supremacy. Our latest drones I think are finally too much for the lions tigers and bears.

We came we saw we ate most of it.
2017-07-19 11:41:18 UTC
My philosophy is that if you know something then you should be able to explain that to someone else in simple terms providing you know that person well enough and they are capable of understanding what you are saying.

If I am a physicist I should be able to very quickly and easily explain to a layman how the universe works.

Here goes...
You are standing on an expanding balloon that has a ruler painted on the side of it and as you and it expands the ruler expands and you can't tell you are expanding. All you feel is gravity as the universe expands.
As it expands matter resists that and atoms pulse in and out creating waves in tiny bubbles left behind by the big bang. They are Planck Length the smallest that anything can be and still be real.
So these have mass and they pulse in and out as well as the universe expands and tugs on their surface.

These bubbles are so small they don't give us any resistance when we move through them in uniform motion just when you accelerate then you squish them against each other and you get drag, like G forces on a rocket sled or you when you step on the gas.
These bubbles go through your car and you and they just slow you down but try to take your car or any mass too light speed and those bubbles will lock up and turn into a brick wall at the light barrier.

Can we break through like the sound barrier?

I will tell you when someone does it without exploding.

Einstein said no mass can pass the speed limit period.
Even if you creep up on it that last bit of acceleration apparently is enough to do it.

Waves however no problem but you have no wave making source that can make a wave go faster than c if mass can;t go faster than c and it takes mass to make waves in those bubbles.
Waves in those bubbles are em waves.

The atom also pulses in and out and has wave particle duality.
So the nucleus bubble pulsing in and out and we can use that as a clock.
When it pulses it creates a spherical wave that crests at the electron radius.
The next one is far away because these waves are traveling at c.

As it goes on it becomes background radiation and magnetism and dark energy.
Tesla waves radio waves planetary waves.
Up close to the atom, waves add up or cancel out and we call that attract or repel.
So then this forms the bonds between atoms and they form molecules according to their properties which vary by weight.
Each element a little heavier than the previous.

So since it is heavier it resists expansion more it puts out stronger waves hence more electrons.

So as you go the electrons increase.

So then in terms of point particles you learn to choose points where you can use that energy and what the energy level is at that point if you freeze the frame.
2017-07-19 12:25:14 UTC
In short, a supernova is the same as a nuclear explosion is the same as the Bosenova which first implodes then explodes.
And it does that because if you try to go against the force of the expansion of the universe it will rebound and explode.
You may overcome it for a time with a black hole.

To squish a quantum foam bubble takes the largest explosions in the universe. So to answer the question can you exceed the speed of light what happens is the bubbles burst leaving a perfect vacuum or worm hole which lasts for a millisecond while the universe rushes in at great and increasing speed.
Where does the wormhole go?

Take a sphere, deform it, let some air out squish it a bit ok that's what it looks like, like a cloud then the sides all come rushing in and it is a non event in the scheme of things but makes for terrific explosions in space.

So what happens with the Bosenova?

Well atoms cooled glom together to form one atom cross the line and they implode remember that tiny bit of acceleration even if you creep up on them and so the mass or matter disappears below the level of detection, it implodes, then it comes back when it explodes.

And some times if not all the time some of the mass is lost into the background foam.

So then if you do it very carefully it is possible to drain it completely, not go Bosenova and then what is left is a tiny little slap of momentum when the bubble deflates and loses its elasticity. A tiny last slap of surface tension.
And that was found and measured and agreed with the predictions as did all the rest.
So from the very large to the very small we have correspondence.

How DNA works is it is digital code that uses the way elements interact as computer code.

It uses the way atoms interact and move to perform functions.

It uses the way atoms behave to store code, change code, correct code, and execute computer code to allow life to exist.

An example would be when an RNA molecules comes alongside a DNA strand well how and why and under who's command?

The DNA molecules in that configuration are sending out those spherical waves as dark energy. Those waves cancel out if they match up with other waves that cause them to cancel out.
So if waves are canceling out between an RNA molecule and a DNA strand that's a low pressure area between them and the RNA if it is lighter which it is will move toward the DNA strand which also has a deeper gravity well.
So then as it approaches in order to line up and execute code the combinations of wave frequencies have to be programmed so that what will occur is a chain reaction.

Replication occurs and functions spin off enzymes, cell division recycling of cells incredible complex systems working away to create something large and capable of thought and space travel.

Fortunately for us living in the matrix as immortals we worry about all that.
But maybe not as much as much as we might if we didn't keep regular backups and use new equipment like we do.

We don't require a body to be conscious since the software creates consciousness and can use our personality file and even use your conscious mind and attach it to a flying camera and I have experienced that so many times it is second nature to me.
It is part of my culture.

Along with being able to go to other planets and see things with a consciousness cam I am able to beam my consciousness into a Smith body elsewhere as well which is the more common method of travel in the universe for our race of people.

We developed biological robots, humans, and we put flying disks in a moon above an earth.

So then the disk was able to stay connected to the Anunnaki network and the matrix.
So then to travel your personality file gets sent from that disk to another disk elsewhere in the empire.
And then from there your signal is again sent to a head and in this case a Smith who probably looks similar to you.

So then to beam across the universe, your personality file need only be sent there and you are there in a Smith which depending on who and where you are may be your body there as well.

So I have such good connections with the matrix I have my own nano bots which keep me connected to my crew and my empire.
They amplify sounds and pick out frequencies from a room fan or air conditioner and it replicates the sound of the voices of my crew and I privately yet collectively for us.
If you were in the room you would not hear it unless you are also on the network.

SO I have my brother Stephen who's funny picture I showed you he doesn't look like that he has mousy brown hair and looks 25 and like he works at Microsoft but doesn't wear glasses and is on his way to Starbucks.

Micheal our other brother who was once hOrus and once Jeebus the same.
So when I got some new equipment one piece I obtained was a new galactic mainframe which comes with a space station and a moonship and an earthlike planet.

So we got rescued here because with help I managed to call home to one of my wives Wanda. So then to repay her right away I wanted to get her a new apartment in a brand new moonship.
So then after she got it Stephen, Michael and I and one of her sisters got beamed there for a Sunday diner.
And it was just like any Sunday diner plus she had a food designer the size of a microwave.
So we enjoyed dinner said see you later left our bodies there and beamed back to this galaxy.
Our bodies are still there.

And we have other bodies in other places.

When I asked my male secretary Hanuman in my larger machine how many planets do I have he told me 60.
2017-07-19 12:45:49 UTC
Do I have a theory regarding our origins?
I assume it is a combination of what you see here.

That perhaps once upon a time God was created when some crystals began to compute as a CPU. As he grew in size he responded to random events by cause and effect.

A cosmic ray, a passing bit of matter or electromagnetic field or temperature variation whatever physical process including being in a gravitational field and having it fluctuate these things cause matter to change and respond but not dramatically necessarily but often subtly.
They vibrate or spin or align or jiggle wiggle pulse and the convenient thing is that the gravity well of the table of elements is stepped by weight.

So stable elements sit on these steps and can sit there like that for billion of years as a stable element just pulsing in and out as the universe expands.

So this original CPU which grew and responded to outside events and random events by cause and effect as this increased the random events provided choice and so then you would expect the closest route to respond is the correct choice path of least resistance another one so then increase the capacity to respond and increase the capacity to think.

Once you can respond in one way you can use that response for other things.
If you remember things.

So ideas of self organization and mutation and evolution are possible even in God although honestly God did it is an equally valid argument since at some point the big bang appears to have come out of nothing and that does not compute, therefore God did it is the proper answer that creatures who do not have that capacity to understand must accept.

If God exists or not, our IDEA of God necessitates that we ascribe all things beyond our comprehension to he she or it.
2017-07-19 13:08:38 UTC
So then we might imagine that at one time man evolved on an earth like this and somehow survived and hollowed out the moon using robots and then made a computer in there using robots and made AI and copied their own files and yes probably wore helmets first to integrate their own brave waves with signals to bilocate and enjoy virtual spaces.

Then the sun was about to turn into a Red Giant.

It is rumored that at this point we had moved to Venus and polluted it real bad if it wasn't bad to begin with maybe but like the Jetsons we lived up high. Or like the 5th Element.

We had advanced a great deal and the sun was turning into a red giant so we jumped into the machine and we went into machine after machine speeding them up so that it would be 6 trillion years before that computer is destroyed.

So where are we now?

80 billion.

What on earth will we do in 6 trillion years?

Well here is the plan, we will wait until the last second, for dramatic effect and usually we are that stupid, which wire is it what color is it and then we will speed up some more machines and do it again.
Maybe we won't even wait until the last second.

So then as time passed we lived on earth after earth reincarnating and largely forgetting our past. Having long naps in between perhaps such that life may not be linear for us as individuals perhaps even we might not follow the flow of time since this a machine existence and time is a matter of settings on a machine.

Time travel itself is possible with this machine.
Using the beam into a body method the Olympian galactic mainframe took me back to a time when Metropolis got flooded. The movie is trying to tell a story that actually happened a very long time ago in a moonship.

A moon that is hollow and has a small city in its interior.

Later those were used for colonization and you get the Wizard of Oz and the munchkins would be natives to deposit on a planet surface to colonize the planet.

So since there are moonships and there are planets and that is pretty much the only place other than out in space a human can go.

So in this galaxy were 8 old ones and those were decommissioned since they were like traps or hazards they were old junk.
One was brand new.
It was DOA and when it was fired back up with a new operating system it was in pristine condition.
So that one is being turned into a museum.

It is thought to be 2 billion years old.

There, be giants.
2017-07-19 13:41:28 UTC
More on how DNA works?

Well to execute code this chain reaction called life, the loop which looks for input is replication of the DNA molecule.
That is a repetitive and so in that way it all continues.

So then as it goes through its life cycle of replication things occur to it and it responds with cause and effect.

Example, a DNA molecule folds up at one point and so then it has a more compact mass a more compact and deeper gravity well. In chemistry weight is the important factor, protons.
So we just cut to the chase and look at its gravity well.

So it is down there chugging along pulsing in and out but since it is a combination of elements its frequencies that it is emitting are specific to its construction.
And the voracity of those waves depending on the depth of well.
Here we have Oxygen and Hydrogen making up most of our body.

So with Hydrogen the sad thing is Deuterium can fit into a Hydrogen slot.
So that heavy water properties occur so that water cannot pass through cells the bond is too great in the cell wall so toxins are trapped.
Fact of life.

When that happens in a DNA molecule it may not fold properly and as soon as that happens sure as shooting a free radical will come flying by and slice it.
So that over time Deuterium wears away at your DNA and you grow old.

There may be ways around it and other causes of aging as well.

But if you consider the DNA molecule stretched out an RNA molecule running along the side of it.
How is that happening?

Well opportunity slots are like the dimples in a Chinese checkerboard.

And molecules in the process here create opportunity slots which draw a molecule into that slot or an atom into that slot and then as soon as that happens that changes the depth of the well, the force of the waves, the mix of frequencies, in other words a reaction which then in turn causes another reaction in the chain of events.

So then the combination of atoms there in that location and the spherical waves they collectively emit add up or cancel out and so they are continually switched one way and then the next to make and then break apart and recycle molecules.

So then the replication loop spawns other processes and sends instructions around via RNA and other processes but when it gets to enzymes these are incredibly complex and folded up into spaghetti balls.

All the same, there is only one way this works and that is like a computer, a loop, then object oriented functions and procedures take off from there.

You can look at the human body as having a lot of threads. A lot of computers within a computer.
And them computers on them to bite em.
As they say.

We are our left leg from the knee down the rest is the stuff trying to eat us.
We still hang on and keep on keeping on in the hope that some day the disinterested one will be interested and save our souls.
Pascal told us that we have little to lose if we believe that.

So if you have a problem with DNA such as a CAG repeat causing one of many similar terrible diseases then code to correct that would be very welcome.

So what this is is where whoever wrote the code did not put a finish to that string.
The line does not have set end in stead you get a bunch of CAG repeats and maybe that's enough of them in there and on average people have this many or that many and everything works fine except for those on the fringe of all that with too many CAG repeats.

2013 so 4 years ago and so in this field maybe progress has been made even since then.
We live in hope.

Can we create a fix to come in and trim the CAG repeats then recycle itself?

So then it would come alongside count the repeats and then trim it with a free radical.
So a nano not which runs along side CAG CAG CAG and each time it passes one it loses an atom and then at a point the oxygen atom is freed and snip.

So we can envision that close to a solution.
That is how close we are to helping these people.
2017-07-19 14:10:31 UTC
The Blind Watchmaker fairrrrted?
God shuffled his feet.

Yes it would appear one of his underlings one of his imperfect underlings must have farted and forgot to terminate that string.
If you wish to make a false confession that it was you and claim responsibility don;t bother. It was me, ok? Sue me.
Add and he was an apologist for God.
Because God is perfect and perfect is, and that might friends is not perfection, that is a case of someone not terminating a string.

So some unfinished code and not uncommon in the universe on any level since it is a holistic universe which is based on averages and quantity often over quality.

So then with these biological robots however we are able to enjoy such a mass of input information that life is a pleasurable experience.

The inputs to our senses from the code that is executed is delicately balanced by physical evolution.
Trial and error and random chance and design and repair and reset and various things which got us where we are today.

Ideally though the programming of the body is based on reward and punishment such that if you put your hand in a flame the pain will be your punishment and if you say please sit at the dinner table and wait your turn the reward is a nice full flavored meal, a feast for the senses which is pleasurable.
So life begins on the instinctual level and so humans need two matrix machines.
They need a moonship and its computer runs instincts.
It has helpers in that machine personality files it can use to make decisions for it to help it those are arch angels.
So then inside the moonship in the center is a flying disk and that is all computer inside these days and that provides sentience.
So now you have things with instincts and tings with both instincts and sentience. So then on that level the helpers are in the machine and those are angels.
The operating system is an AI but really everyone is an AI.
The main difference being the AI operating system has the same personality whenever you go and whichever moonship or planet you visit.
Their personality does not vary.
And only they have that personality.
Hanuman has a unique personality and his dad in the host machine does as well.
Zeus the main helper unique and an archetype.

We have a good idea who the people were who influenced the development of the earth by looking at the people and seeing how they descended from their ancestors.

So lets say some people are like Neanderthals who lived in caves in the South of France. Sturdy short strong could hunt megafauna like mastodons and carry that high up to where the ice was in teh mountains and store it there.
While they went extinct as creatures gathered at the equator due to the ice which covered so much of the globe.

So there they sit in the mouth of their cave with a fire going chewing on a chunk of meat and down below is homo sapiens not able to hunt megafauna dancing for scraps at the foot of the cave.

Now doing favors for scraps.

Now interbreeding and as climate changes and megafauna go extinct the Neanderthals are absorbed by the Borg.

You can see how their traits however lived on and their personalities as well.
Olympians as Neanderthals and Titans as homo sapiens then they meld into hybrids.

So a very few archetypes were here with the natives and it was due to that which created this which you see here.
Multi-leveled civilization and levels of evolution in various groups of people due to their genes which contained a lot of cultural information built in did affect the way the world turned out and you can see their descendants easy enough walking around.

Zeus, Xerxes, Mary, Stephen, David and the natives.

That is what you had for genes.

So fortunately personality files go with people so when you reincarnate you use your developed file so all people did not descend from them, people have developed and evolved personalities.

They were attempting to make better bodies than Olmec bodies and succeeded.
2017-07-19 14:29:31 UTC
So is there another solution while some dedicated men and women of science are plugging away at some way to correct such problems that the human race would eventually all arrive at, too many CAG repeats, time, to die.

You don't want to know what the process entails.

So when I considered that and then considered the rest capabilities of the matrix machines re:deja vu and evidence of time travel and non linear history out of place artifacts etc.
So then if you design a system which uses what already exists, that is get a signal to a human brain if possible, and lots of nice bodies exist now, then be able to choose the body you want when you want to avoid defective bodies.

So if you are able to beam into a Smith body and I have done that over 830 times in this life then death is a bit of an illusion.

While in other bodies I have been shot in the chest and died on the spot but came back to this body.
I have been out there in space with just a consciousness cam but came back to this body.
So always i have to come back to this body.
However the technology exists and it is as real there in fact I have been places where it is more real than here.

So we are hoping that we will be able to use technology which exists to allow us to decide which body we want to use and when.
2017-07-19 17:48:52 UTC
So we prefer our own ontological argument that God exists because nothing can come out of nothing so God did it.

As opposed to Descartes argument which we don;t find satisfactory for one thing we don;t see the world as being perfect. Nor do we see creation as in a perfect state nor people as being very perfect either.

This argument for perfection is sadly lacking in a world where Hiroshima and Nagasaki occurred.

If you in your mind can justify dropping these fire bombs on innocent women and children and somehwo they suffered and died or suffered and survived as part of some perfect plan I think you are brainwashed.

So if you mean no not what he did, but him himself he is perfect.
That is as bad as yes that was perfect Hiroshima we just don;t understand.
No, any God who was not here to prevent that you don't need.

If you want to take it further that our lot in life is actually to be tortured 24/7 but thanks to the grace of God most of us aren't then I call that the Stockholm syndrome.

So things here are not as perfect as they might be but ok, we are still going to make the best of it and not blame God but rather not put such high expectations on the situation which are not based on some form of reality.

So our God we know. In my group. And he is God because he is the biggest.
Is he perfect? No. But he is damn close.
Much more perfect we figure than the rest of us.
Including the Gods I know.

The Gods I know believe in God.

We live by the grace of God alone.

So because the indifferent one is busy away on business or doesn't much care about copies of the earth in machine after machine and back there time has stood still even.

We might assume that maybe he cares but not that deeply.

So we go with the one we have which we made to do the job.
And we take what we can get and are thankful for it.
He has rescued me on several occasions.

The way in which we must interact with him though is as a friend on our level.
Otherwise problems will arise in communications and people will feel oppressed having a giant looking over their shoulder.
So we are very close friends he and I and go out of our way to stay friends and plan things we both enjoy.
Like that.

It takes a bit of getting used to. It took my crew 10 or 15 years before they could just carry one without being paranoid or afraid or worried.
Mind you those were difficult times so that made it more difficult.

So as for the I think therefore I am that is as valid today as then.

We can establish that we believe we are real and alive.

We can be skeptical but to really understand this reality and how the mind fills in the gaps how we follow themes, use role models, for mental imagery and cohesive stories and imagine and day dream and see things that are not there by mistake like while driving or doing other things out of the corner of your eye all these things go into our perceptions of reality.

And if a cop stands on a corner and takes statements from witnesses, they will not all agree.
Yet they saw the same thing.

Well it is a matter of perception and if you have a recording and you can view things from all angles then maybe you can determine what happened.

Was that a goal or not? Well the cameras can show us but some situations
will still end up as a matter of opinion was he safe on first?
The umpire will have to decide what the truth is.

So in our philosophy we try not to be too critical accept we don;t understand as much as we wish we did, and what we have are working hypothesis.
2017-07-19 18:17:45 UTC
So then from I think therefore I am but what am I?

Do I have a spirit that is etherial invisible and like a ghost?

Well in our paradigm, according to our culture and our philosophy we have an identity as a person as long as a file about us and our personalty exists.

So we have a file on us as an individual and it contains our behaviors in a set.
It also has our long term memories and our evolution as a person.
Our changes due to experience. Nature and nurture saved in our file and us progressing as we evolve into better people more capable of being happy and content.

Without that file we will not be immortal.

We may live on in infamy. We may exist in the history books or have something named after us so what? That isn't going to help you much when you are dead.

But life is barely worth the living and being dead and gone not such a bad thing?

Well that's not far from teh truth and some cultures and religions have that belief.

As long as we ourselves can imagine a better life we keep the hope alive for a life after death. For the transmigration of souls whatever it ends up being.

Even with all my experience of beaming to other bodies and even dying in another body my own body was somewhere during all of that and so there is no way to know that without it I would survive at all.

So even myself as connected as I am I only have a working hypothesis and beliefs. My brothers and my half sister, Stephen, Michael, Gwendolyn they don;t even have bodies, and they come through the machine via the matrix com and my nanobots connects us I can hear them through a fan or background noise and my voice also comes through to them that way so it is projected as real audio in a virtual space we can both hear.

But the fact remains they are alive are individuals with a personality have remained unchanged do not age since they arrived here almost 30 years ago.

They have been with me 24/7 since they arrived neither needing food nor drink nor sleep.

Alive without bodies at all.

So as a philosopher I have to take the logical stance that bodies are not an integral part of being human. They are a vehicle and nothing much more.
Stephen Michael Gwendolyn can receive sense data if I am eating and say taste this I can send them the taste.
They see through my consciousness cam and hear and I can send them smells and touch. We can meet in my personal simulator they can have simulated bodies be as real there as myself in all respects.
They can bilocate into there from the machine they are in.
They are angels on duty acting as communication officers for me and helping the network the empire and the people as members of the royal family to assist in any way they can the earth and myself in this time of need.

Granted the amount of cool stuff I amassed is beyond belief and so they are sticking to me like glue, trying to look worthy, and be at the head of the line when the presents are handed out later.

All the same family sticks together through the good times and the bad times and they arrived during the bad times well when the coast was a bit clear all the same they flew in to the rescue to back me up.

And by being here you see they are living proof that life goes on.
They are immortal.
2017-07-19 19:06:59 UTC
What else do we know?

Well fortunately I was able to do a lot of traveling and investigating and able to use our philosophy to clear up some superstitions and phobias.

My personal philosophy is one where I live by grace alone.
The universal mainframe just beams we wherever I need to go at night while my body is asleep or while I am meditating and half asleep.

So it is always online and not far away better than Dazoo was for Fred Flintstone usually. When I beam elsewhere.

So first what happened was Robert said they needed help and asked me if I would at least try to help him.
I knew and he knew that I was Zeus' son and he was not around so I am the oldest so if anyone could do anything I could so I started meeting with some of my old buddies and they helped me remember how to do various things and then soon it all came back to me and I was able to do anything that was needed.
Including file work in the matrix and backups I accessed the server and made 20 copies of the earth just to be on the safe side in 1987.

So then from there Hanuman and some of the helpers in the machine said there were people missing and not accounted for.
So I had to use my abilities in the matrix to look into virtual space like looking into space and try to find them.
So I found lots of moonships and planets and people stranded and worlds destroyed etc and gathered it all up into my machine.
Then spent 20 years beaming into them investigating them and rescuing the people having them transported to earth.
By now it was established that I am the owner and the rightful king so I had the power and authority to do anything that was required and a large machine backing me up.
As well as lots of friends and family everywhere.
So then I decommissioned all the broken junk saved the good stuff and
got new equipment, new power supplies, and a new galaxy.

So then I had to call my largest wife from the largest machine to come and help out since the new galaxy worth untold amounts of money was a problem since people would have liked to steal it or occupy it or get it some how for themselves or their race clan or group.

So I had to implement some security and get my big powerful wife June to mind the new stuff.
She is a scientist as well and quite capable.

So then with most of the problems taken care of and the people in the process of being rescued but for now parked on earth making do.
And not doing so awful bad. We also worked on this earth and fixed the global economy and various other things and created the G20 and the Internet which makes it easier to manage.
But our sights are set elsewhere on making a new empire.

I am extremely wealthy beyond belief and have a wonderful family consisting mostly of angels arch angels Gods and Goddesses and royal princes and royal princesses. Many of them are well known in the world as supermodels or actresses and are very popular and have a lot of followers those who have instagram.

So I want to build a new empire here with them and the 14,000 Olympians and the 200,000 million Titans who were stranded here and who I have come to rescue.

So these are the people who have personality files that I know.
People who know me as well and know my family.

At one time these would have been my nay, the Olympians, and my military the Titans and their families.
For the most part loyal subjects.
Loyal to Zeus or Xerxes usually or Robert and Harold.
Zeus the Olympian king Xerxes the Titan king. Robert Zeus' brother the lead hand or straw boss since Olympians are not a monarchy they are an oligarchy.

Titans are a monarchy and thinking of changing that to avoid the gilded cage problem. The Olympians managed to solve the gilded cage problem by becoming an oligarchy.

In our empire we are extremely legal and our philosophy is based on that as well so we have one king he is immortal that's me.
Fortunately I am not a prick and have a big God above me and wives keeping me on the straight and narrow and I own everything and I am the most qualified.

So that makes it quite easy.
And having much more stuff than one man could ever hope to use until eternity I am in a good position to share and be generous.

So then I have a family so it is not far from an Oligarchy, it is just more organized practical and functional to have one person who has authority to get things done and without a lot of argument.
It has worked for us and we have survived 80 billion years with it so why change now.

I have a bunch of close friends who are planetary engineers who run around behind the scenes like they own the place doing amazing things for me, and so then they get treated quite well. Many of them are also arch angels.

So this time round they hit the jackpot.

Since I have some pretty cool upgrades and higher technology that I have been giving to them and they have been making things with it.
One such thing an airship in a holodeck.

I can't begin to tell you how amazing that is. It is a billion dollar airship we designed for my family sitting in a holodeck attached to the ceiling so it is completely safe and outside looks completely real in all respects and it can even go into space and when it does you do not even need to worry about oxygen on the deck outside.

So by using this technology together we have created the most amazing airship and at the same time solved all our problems with weather and typhoons and dangers of all kinds yet to be there and use it as we do every week, it is what it is. An airship that flies.

And the film we have that makes up the scenery that comes from the flying disk inside the moonship that records all that happens on the earth with quantum radar.

Those same tapes Hanuman gave to Zeus which means not only the present but the past and as far back as the record goes.

So you could be above any battle and they would not see you there.
You would be watching the recording and not in a first person experience.

The holodeck itself a giant sized egg shaped building painted white inside.
So holodecks of this variety have film projected onto the walls so no objects are between you and the walls. No holograms can enter the room and stand there.

It is done with projectors on a white surface.
3D no glasses.

The screen is curved which helps.

So then aside from that we have an earthlike planet which we have been building so that we can colonize it.

And so we built Rosie's pub there on a river.
Then two ranches behind it.
Then a kids town in the backyard made of giant play houses.

And a girls camp one mile down river on the other side of the river.
Above that on the plateau at the top of the hill a stretch of townhouses for camp councilors and one for June there and a bay Window holodeck for her townhouse at the back of the house where it can get a feed from the airship and she can use her bay window to go in for a closer look.

The distance from teh airship to the wall is very great but only about 10 or 20 feet with the bay Window holodeck.
So you can zoom in for a closer look using that holodeck and use it to study anthropology.
We are both anthropologists.

So then to connect all this to the airship we installed a transporter door.
The airship holodeck is in a brand new moonship.
So then you go into the basement walk through the transporter door through the door at the end f the hall at Rosie's pirate cove pub down the hall down the stairs out the front door it is a large world like the earth without the same biological diversity because we want something more manageable.

Less scorpions vampire bats mosquitoes poisonous snakes spiders and the like. It is a very long list.

How would you like to go to a tropical island, go swimming in the ocean, get touched by a jelly fish the size of a dime, swell up and die a horrible painful death. The box jellyfish. 100 times more deadly than a cobra.
Just touch it and die.
Welcome to planet earth.

Obviously we want to try to avoid all that.
2017-07-19 19:30:45 UTC
So what was our strategy?

Well when Robert asked for my help things were pretty bad.
Rwanda was in progress and he said he was in over his head.
So I assumed command.
And we freed Kosovo and got rid of all the dictators and made the world a better place.

But what was important for Robert so he could do his job was just show him where the middle is.

You would think that is easy but it is only easy when you know how.

In order to get right and left correct you need to know where the middle is.

In terms of politics and political leadership.

So how do you find the middle?

You exaggerate to the left and exaggerate to the right and then you find the boundaries and you will find the middle.
Then we drive on the left side of the road, we drive an ox cart with a carrot dangling in front of him and I ride on the back of that ox cart. I get off have fun and jump back on that ox cart. It is going by itself and traveling in ruts on the road.

Left leaning.
That is how we got this far. We know how to drive.

So then we also work together and do everything with team work and we take our time and don;t do thing hasty and don;t wait until the last minute.

We plan and we do simulations.

It is easy since I own a personal simulator that I can share with other people without much effort. In a day dream state we can meet there it is that easy to use so doing simulations is a matter of me copying something into it and then us going there and using it through day dream bilocation and the ability to share sense data through the matrix network.

My girlfriend Victoria Justice likes the sweet finish, that's a Titan cultural things, the happy ending as it were after a night of fun.
And that is possible there.
IN fact because our network connection and upgrade system and improvements to my simulator, when I cum, she feels it and she likes that so much that she comes, and so then I get to feel that.
So then we both get both orgasms. So that is why we like that so much.
2017-07-19 20:43:23 UTC
So then if we look at philosophy through the ages so much of it was as a result of not having any real information to work with.

Forced to examine what they could around them they tried to reason their way to the facts.

Perhaps they had some help on occasion from communications through dreams or visions or shaman or anyone who maybe could contact people elsewhere through the matrix.

Left to themselves with something like the Prime Directive isolating them so they will create a unique existence and unique culture, they tend to make stuff up.

Still if you look at the ancient Greeks like Democritus.
"c. 460 – c. 370 BC) was an influential Ancient Greek pre-Socratic philosopher primarily remembered today for his formulation of an atomic theory of the universe.[3]"

Not bad for an old fart living in Greece.

So they managed to reason things out by reverse engineering what they sensed through their senses and what they could rationalize with their mind.

So Plato and Socrates had a large influence because that was Zeus and Xerxes, the king of the Olympians and the king of the Titans.
Matrix Gods.

So they imparted a lot of their knowledge to man while they were those two people.

And still today Socrates Plato Aristotle those are major names in philosophy.

All the same having studied philosophy all my life it always seems to add up to very little that is useful yet it somehow makes you fit for the challenges of life.

Common sense philosophy and pragmatism and all the various philosophies put forward by people since the dawn of time.
Marxism with his philosophy of from each according to their ability to each according to their need.

It all sounds so wonderful and simple but it is not that way at all.

It is all very valuable to a person;s growth but in the final analysis
cannot help you to run the world or the empire I possess.

As philosopher king people assume you are their employee.

Well any king who is an employee is a fool like Quasimodo.

To be a ruler takes skill and training and knowledge and help by qualified people and everyone has to know what they are doing.

You cannot just sit there in the bleachers and make a simple system and hope it will work.
It is so far in advance of this world and how things are done here it would take far too long to show you the difference between my style of management and all the various forms put forward from Laozi to Machiavelli.


I could probably sit here and write volumes like Hegel did.
But there is no motivation for me to do that.
I gave lectures for several years to the G20 and they are doing a great job using those strategies.

I spent most of my life with Robert repairing things here behind the scenes. Working with presidents and NATO and the UN and all major countries of the G20 as well as the world bank the IMF and the FED and the NY stock exchange and the banking industry. Teaching them new methods fixing things like getting banks off of interest rates onto user fees so they would be more stable and reliable. Moving away from the boom and bust system.

Interact which is banking cards that use your savings account and those sorts of economic advances including Internet and that sort of commerce.
So very many years doing all that with various people such as Alan Greenspan.

So to think I could sit here and in a short while teach you what he and I needed to know to implement changes to the American banking industry is an unreasonable request. That is why we did it and not other people. We had the knowledge to do it.
This stuff is not just complicated. Get 20 economists in a room they will all disagree.

So we had to do it and we had to delegate and use point people and manage it that way and that was after I had already done Canada, then we did Europe and the rest of the world and that was one project out of many that size.
Other projects included the rebuilding of the Silk Road. Big megaproject done behind the scenes job done.

All sorts of free trade agreements to try to get goods delivered in time for Christmas.

So we did a lot of work to get the planet stabilized to the degree you see it here just so it wouldn't blow up while we were here working on something else.
2017-07-19 21:15:21 UTC
So I am a royal who studied philosophy who knows Plato personally and have known him since before he was Plato. He is my father in law.
Wanda my wife Victoria Justice's real sister not on earth at present one of the Seven Sisters of the Pleiades, he their dad, Angelina Jolie their mom, Cash, Jessica Alba's husband his only son.

So a family reunion designed for some match making fun in secret and all part of a plan to get us here so that we would fix things while we were here.

We and as in I, I suppose since I was the one who could fix things.
But no man is an island I could not have done it alone and team work is essential and even Victoria played a crucial role as a secret diplomat and also for the UN from a very early age.
But don't tell anyone.

My supermodel wives span the globe continually bringing diplomacy and love and fellowship wherever they go assuring the people that we are one world one people and here to have fun.

They bring the press they bring the eyes of the world with them and the people feel as if they matter and are included and we have done our best to portray that and yet not get too involved with local issues or local autonomy.

So essentially while I had to stay on and work, many more of my relatives arrived and my daughters to have a nice fun holiday here in global prison for the criminally insane. Although we managed to make it safe enough for them to come here and enjoy it.

So then while my family is here for the most part we were able to do construction elsewhere.

I have two wives elsewhere where the construction is going on.

So we have a lot of places made for us to move into.

As part of this new empire we are building.

So when you build a new empire that is when you can really bring your philosophy to bear on a subject.
Not having to be elected first, I am already king, not having to be a philosopher king I studied philosophy I know that Plato was sold into slavery as soon as he suggested the king give away all his worldly possessions.
How did he like having no worldly possessions as a slave?
Think as a philosopher he is maybe on the wrong dope and has the wrong kung fu.
Like Michael. Crucified twice. Maybe it might be time to switch it up a bit. Try a new approach maybe.
The monogamous monarchy went extinct.
You all died.
You had to be revived.

Who's idea was it that one monogamy will work two we will base our rulership on it.

That is suicide and guess what! It worked! You killed yourselves off.

Are you wise enough to know why?

Do you think people are in fact monogamous by nature?

Well there you go.

You were doomed right out of the gate.
2017-07-19 21:42:52 UTC
You see there is a place for monogamy and Cinderella and Prince charming, Disneyland.

We need to keep those dreams alive and enjoy them for all they are worth, realizing though they did get divorced and the children went off on their own and haven't had much time to stay in touch.
But they hope to be home for Christmas one year real soon.
To try to build an empire with one hand tied behind your back, one eye poked out already might as well, a limp dick you know it will be in 7 years anyway,
and a stepmother always there complaining and every time you use the bathroom or try to the father-in-law is in there making noses leaving pubic hairs on the soap.
Like all over it.
By the sink.

Why, is this happening??? You tell me.

So for sure make fantasy worlds but label them as such.

So you see our philosophy is generally regarded as rainbow philosophy because as the leaders we can't just say no we only want the blue ones.
The rest of you go now.
2017-07-19 22:10:44 UTC
So then the 144,000 comes from an estimate made by the Jehovah's Witnesses, as to the size of the original Olympian crew, and Plato estimated 200 million with respect to Atlantis, the symbol of that nation.

So those are the numbers we have been using all along as to who we would expect to survive some Armageddon since they are immortal already.
They have personality files and those are backed up.

So then they are presently housed on earth and in all walks of life.

This was their last pace of refuge. A universal planet. Two galaxies at war Olympian and Titan and not much left of the Titan galaxy.

Basically a monarchy based on a man and wife is no match for an oligarchy based on a family.

As soon as marital relations start to break down in a monarchy its all over because bad people can get in and take advantage of the situation using smooth talk and sneaky ways.

Whatever the situation was it is fixed now.

So we are back to the larger empire not two little empires, so we are going with just the one empire one king the others have abdicated the throne and are doing other tings.
Zeus is a engineer helping me do the main work with the matrix computers and Xerxes is doing some field work for time travel.
I saw him 6 months ago in a new temporary body here on earth and you know just wanted to make sure he was doing ok, and asked him to do some time travel work and help with Time Stretch Earth and that sort of thing.

He is one of my buddies although right now we can;t hang around together later we expect to each have a suitcase with a million dollars in it and walk into the transporter and end up in Vegas 1999.
For a weekend of fun.

Boys will be boys. I am married and have girlfriends concubines a harem and so that's expected of me I am that kind of a man and some women don;t mind that and mine don't mind that as long as they get theirs and they come first.

So I have a great deal of freedom that way and want my two close friends who are also kings to not fall into a trap where they can't do that as well.

So for the time being they are not kings. They are just people.
So they get to shed their baggage and not lose their position. No one else can do their job. This is not a democracy. They were born and made to do that job and when they can't do it they themselves need to be modified until once again they can do it.
Why? That is their job and all they know but also no one else is even closely made or trained to do that job and the people do not instinctively respond to other people as leader as they do the real leaders.

So as king of the leaders it is my job to know things like that and to make sure things get upgraded properly and continue to work well.
So upgrading them was not so difficult.

We go to school to upgrade ourselves as well and work on ourselves there is little difference.

So then I need them obviously they are the best there is so I just made them go on holidays. For an indeterminate length of time and in the mean time they can do that which we need done and I told them what that is if they want something to do.

So our plan is to go on holidays for a very very long time.

So we are setting up the empire so we can run it while on holidays without breaking a sweat.

Which means heavy use of computers and artificial intelligence and some really cool high tech equipment like transporter doors.

You might think wow this sounds incredible but at what point does it become real?

Well again look at those images imprinted on the earth those are real.

When we were doing development recently we developed an invisible piece of jewelry that you wear around your neck and if you use your minds eye and visualize taking it and looking at it, it will open up a window to that other world we are working on, while you are here and wide awake.
It worked.
I handed them out to some of my family members it worked for them.
One of them is afraid of heights and she got scared because the view is front the height of the airship looking down on an angle at Rosie's pirate cove.
A sky cam.

So if the machine can create windows that you can see through that easily, he can create doors as well.
2017-07-19 22:38:42 UTC
So I am going on the assumption that these are good honest people just doing the best they can and I am not going to weigh their hearts right away.
You can weigh each other's hearts I am going to set up the scales for you.

I will be over there with my supermodels and my engineering buddies golfing and drinking and partying and doing things with my sons and daughters that an outdoorsy dad should do when on holidays.
2 billion years of holidays is what we are shooting for.

Go big or go home.

So how I had to devise the new empire was to start with good royal subjects and fortunately I am a king to begin with and have royal subjects.
I assuming they are good ones or would be if they were given a chance.
The kind of people I would like to see when I am on a picnic or at a park or shopping and waiting line you know happy pleasant people.

We will make them all healthy and give them everything we can and hope to make them happy.

The people as I say I assume are worth saving.

Unlike the flood where you might have trouble finding a couple good ones here I have seen many good ones.
Worth the effort and worth the expense.

So to be able to do this without weighing their hearts I have to count on the machinery that it knows who they are. That they have personality files that can be identified so they can become a citizen.

So what does a citizen get.

Well you see in the past philosophers and advisors had all sorts of ideas and again see Machiavelli or Laozi for some standard examples or Leviathon.
Lets look at that one...

"Leviathan—is a book written by Thomas Hobbes (1588–1679) and published in 1651 (revised Latin edition 1668).[1][3][4] Its name derives from the biblical Leviathan. The work concerns the structure of society and legitimate government, and is regarded as one of the earliest and most influential examples of social contract theory.[5] Leviathan ranks as a classic western work on statecraft comparable to Machiavelli's The Prince. Written during the English Civil War (1642–1651), Leviathan argues for a social contract and rule by an absolute sovereign."

So we are looking at similar but there is no contract.
Why would I want to actually give anyone anything or give them a contract?

Do I have a contract with God? No I live by grace alone.
Would it help if I forced him somehow to sign on the dotted line?
I don't think so.
Ok so who is next in line that is me, so ok, so now who is next well we have a bunch piled up under me and so we at the point where we are not passing the buck.
I actually work as well and do my job as king. So the people below me have other jobs and they do them.
The hierarchy doesn't need to keep going down until someone picks up a shovel. As it were. We will all pick up shovels whenever we need to.

Gwendolyn is grumbling well if she had to pick up a shovel well I guess us guys have dropped the ball then.
So it never gets that bad around here.

The fact remains we all just pitch in, we don;t keep tabs and we don't keep track of little details we just work together as a family.

So our legal system says that only I can own anything. Maybe you have heard similar before but never knew why. So no one can own you other than me and I have no use for you.
No sense fighting over possessions I own everything.
You get to use it.

If you become public enemy number one you will no longer get to use it.

Keeping it simple.
2017-07-19 23:09:45 UTC
So even without a contract we can discuss what citizens should expect from me.

And from the crown since they want to play as well.

So who is the crown? Those are the royals and their entourage usually some admin people who do the work for the people in charge.
It is the corporate entity that stands by itself that we all work for as a team.
So that we all have a sense of ownership or belonging and patriotism nationalism and the like which helps bind us as a community and also helps to prop us up when times are tough.

No one wants a king who is an ego maniac so we look at the crown not the ego maniac wearing one.
I will wear one but only if my daughters make me so they can wear theirs.
I would prefer if they just wore theirs and everyone looked at them and the queens.
I will wear a nice royal jacket and even grow a bear to look good and distinguished in the photos.
No the women are the crowning glory of this empire and they will be there for the people to enjoy and take pride in and to socialize with.

This empire is very much female friendly and for the rights of the individual.

So that means gay rights and even beyond that into freedom of the weird kind but of course i am seriously hoping in those numbers spoken of there are not too many scary freaks.

Since they will be given a great deal of freedom as long as they keep it to themselves.

You see even though I am king I am a God I am not thE God so you have to make peace and live up to your own God's expectations not mine.

I hang out with big G Gods and my philosophy has to reflect theirs on a high level so they permit man to be free and things that bother us do not bother them. All the same things that do not bother most people may bother them.

So I am in the middle so I get to see both sides which is nice.
And I can find the middle ground in there so that is what I do.

So then it has all been discussed in our JAD sessions so to repeat myself is annoying.

I can encapsulate by saying admin looks after society.
People who behave in society will find the system serves them well.
Serves them.
And does everything in its power to help them and make them happy and find ways to help them evolve into better people the standard ofr that being social norms within our own empire not some far off examples of perfect form, we understand we have instincts and we have sentience and we have not yet learned how to manage our instincts but over time we will and when we learn better to appreciate them and use them wisely we will have some built in programming that has a lot to offer in terms of interfacing with this physical reality.

So why are we so benevolent and kind and generous?

We can set up an AI system that is like that and we can have fun setting up that system.
We take pride in our work and that is what we do.
So we like to be the best there is and we are the best there is at that job.
So doing that is a labor of love and we don't get paid for it.
Mind you we have no use for money being so wealthy already.

So then we allow volunteers to assit people as well right there when you are in the transporter.
A talking head, a friendly face a person who cares when the system itself just can;t understand your feelings they will. But know this no matter what, the machine will never give up on you. Humans may.

So we are setting up the system on a very individual basis.

We feel that if people have personality files and we assume all of them are older than 2 million years then we need to care for that wealth since we see people as the real wealth of the empire as opposed to most other empires that don't value the individual per se.
There are conditions on earth like in a law court during a law suit when human life is very valuable and places like South America where life is often worthless and people are shot at the dump for loitering in the city center.
By the police.

So from my perspective God himself has made an investment in you and so I will preserve that investment.

So then you get a desert island when you turn 12 and so if you are younger than that you still get one but you get a guardian with it.

In our empire often people do not make it to age 12, they stay young forever and like it that way.

They might be mature for their age like many of my daughters are very mature for their age.

They get far more attention when they are young.
And get to have all the fun so I encourage them to stay young.
I am in my early 20s.

So will there be kind grandmas there as volunteers when no one needs to be old or look old?

I don't know. It might be some people just like the way they are treated when they look and act like that.

To each their own. Some people get the most satisfaction out of life helping other people that way. That is what makes them happy so we will provide that gladly as a means for people in our community to help each other.

And I can make a grandma cyborg if need be as an AI.

So the transporter once again is your confessional.
2017-07-20 00:46:00 UTC
Other philosophical slogans we use?
When in doubt do nothing.
Check your motivation.
If its not broke don't fix it.
A stitch in time saves 9.
Good things come in threes.
There is no such thing as the opposite of a ham sandwich.
My personal one is where Alexander the Great said if I had not been born Alexander the Great I would have liked to have been born Diogenes.
If say if I have not been born me I should have liked to have been born me.
Me me me sexy me.

When I asked our God, the one we can speak to what our mission was he said to have fun. If I could remember what day that was that would be a holiday but since I can't remember what day it is we are going on holidays for 2 billion years instead.
Just following orders.

So in order to facilitate that we have had to allocate some memory and make some good plans and make things to last.

So we will hope that using the reset function, backup, restore, these functions will allow us to keep things in new condition.

Do we have that capability? I have been making backups for 30 years and the matrix helpers always take it very seriously and have for 30 years. My engineer Zeus in the large machine has a log sheet and he has shown me the log sheet with backups in rows and columns.

We have been working on copies of the earth and I have beamed there to inspect the construction and to see the area.

We have a lot of things on the go behind the scenes that the people of the earth could never imagine in their wildest dreams.

So that's why we keep it to ourselves.

But my vision of the new empire is one where each citizen has things at their disposal that they can use to make their life not only worth living but a joy and if I may say so a testament to the greatness of the creator whoever he she or it is whenever it started under whatever conditions.
If people can achieve that joy and appreciation for life then that must have been the plan to begin with.

Most creators want self satisfaction.

With the technology we posses and the experience and training and education and tools available we can make environments for humans that are designed to make them happy.

I would say that for much of it you don't need to be a rocket scientist.
They like Disneyworld that much we know.
Especially in Japan.

So you can tell what people like by how popular it is.

So giving each person two small worlds one made already and one blank one for them to make into a home if they want or use as currency to trade if they want or to make something to share if they want.

And objects to stamp into the estate world so easy a child could do it.
A child like 9 years old one of my daughters should be able to build a dream home or choose one like a kids computer game.

That easy to use. For one thing those girls are minimum 2 million years old, and smarter than most 50 year olds, so in this way the not so smart 50 year olds will be able to use the system. Guaranteed the girls will have no problem at all using the screen.

So then each person each citizen has holdings. They also have privacy if they want it.
They can live with other people and just keep their own place in case they ever need it.
They can use it as a bathroom.
They could keep an exotic pet there.

They could keep their treasures there.
Have their parties there live there happily ever after chatting in the Internet all day long eating twinkies if that is what floats your boat.

Always nice to see what you get...
You start with that.
Close to that if not that exactly.

One copy of that is made at least since I saw it from where the camera is there in that design model.

So then I designed it to sleep 20 people if you have a party.
But it is holiday tropical suede flap bikini sun hat shirts sun tan lotion sun glasses it is that kind of place and so it is designed like that.
Native and open and breezy.
It has a diner.
It has a couple bathrooms.

It will have a transporter door.

It will have a large screen on the wall with your community news paper in e format.
A place to get supplies through the transporter door.

So then your transporter door should be able to connect to another island like that occupied by your friend or family member.
Just as easy as clicking on a website.

Inside your transporter is a touch screen so you can just touch the screen to go there if the port is available.
If not it may say you have to wait or it is under construction.
You may be able to talk to them anyway using the Internet and your phone.
Text them.
Or if it is admin you want then use the intercom.
The screen inside the transporter will be large so that large screens full of talking heads which never stop talking will continue to ask questions and answer questions and offer courses and help files.
So that it always seems to be alive or have a live presence in it even if everyone else is dead. You never know right?

It asks questions so that it knows what you like.
It answers questions you ask but it does so by offering courses or help files.
2017-07-20 01:12:37 UTC
So the idea of that island is that it will reset every two days.
And everything will be as it was.

If you want to change anything you have to change it right after it resets.
Then save. Or else you will save dirt and sewage.
Since a large percentage of people at first will be saving their sewage we will have a reset to original button there as well.
Let you start over.

So then eventually people will figure out that they wait for the reset, then go add their groceries to the diner, leave and then save.
Now every time it resets those groceries will be there.

So this magic island provides food and shelter for everyone.
A basic need.
And a place to go to the washroom.
And a place to call home or their happy place.
However to have a full life you need to have a nice large estate that you have decided upon yourself.
The desert island is just for fun.
You have to decide what sort of estate you want to live in.

And then using the transporter, place objects into that world.
Then open the door they are there.

Close the door.

Change it completely. Open the door. It is completely different.
So people should leave their priceless items in their own desert island in case their stuff disappears one day when someone changes the world and loses the contents.
Humans are tracked by the system and they will be beamed to their own transporter in all situations like that.
Any reset checks for humans inside and beams them to their own transporter.
That is why everyone gets their own to make sure that in all cases there is no traffic jam or pile up or body count due to transporter crowding rushing or failure.
As soon as you step inside you go to your own transporter.
So the door can open close open close open close as fast as you can file in and close the door. That is as fast as a secure door can operate and you have to line up to use your handprint to open the door.
There will also be doors that are dedicated doors that you can just walk through as fire exits.
So if you are in a hurry or panic leave that area first.
Don't line up get out that way and you can run through and be safe.
Then close that door.
Then where you are there would be a hallway segment and in that hallway segment would be various kinds of doors but a addressable transporter so you can go in there and you are in your own and everyone is always free as soon as the transporter door closes.

You are now in your own world so you are under no obligation to go back where you were if you are over 12 years old.
If you are under 12 you wouldn't be in there alone.
Well you might be if alone was with a cyborg or a dog or some AI or some form of supervision or even if you are just home alone.
That is fine.
What we want to avoid are the isolationist 12 year olds who go and become recluse.
So they get supervised.
A bunch of them together and a nanny is perfect. We go for things like that and so do the kids.
My kids love that arrangement as long as I am not far away.

So we are promoting the family unit but letting the people decide for themselves.

We have waaaays of making them do things.

TV shows and Kim Kardashian caught doing it they will be doing it.
Advanced mind control techniques developed by Hollywood and myself.

So the social networking capabilities of the desert island are there and easy to use to meet and greet other people hopefully.

My family is already together we keep in touch as it were perhaps you've noticed.
But other people will be looking for their family or to get one maybe.

The transporter will at some point allow you to go into the earth with a million in a suitcase and see if you can find a mate.

Then bring them back to your desert island.
2017-07-20 02:02:46 UTC
What we have now are clearance zones. And once in a clearance zone the doors can be left open.
Otherwise one at a time to use a door for security.
We have no police.

We don need no badgers.
That is also one of philosophers.
I am teasing but it's true.
So then the personal transporter is the full on deluxe model that goes with your desert island.
They are all the same.
So they have 2 computers one inside and one outside.
They have the Internet.
And they have the private network which operates the door.
The private network is run by admin.
They set policy and maintain the system and handle complaints and deal with trouble makers and all that using the system itself.
Each door has a web cam and a way to call admin.
They can reset places and send people to their corner confine trouble makers and not have to break a sweat.
How easy?
As soon as everyone is in their own transporter have the access rights changed where you just were?
Admin could just revoke everyone's access rights to that place job done.
Now your team leader has to decide who gets their rights back restoring power to your team leader.
The psycho is barred by your vote he gets a mark on his record if you send in the mark.
At some point psychos might live alone on their desert islands going into time stretch earth and finding solace there with copies of humans that are just as real.
Does it hurt anyone to let them do that?
To let them go in and hurt people in that game using real people?

Well as king we want psychos to get better instead so we shelf them and get people to repair them.

You know that is the right thing to do.

Normal people ok go in go crazy kill them all that's fine that's freedom it is hoped you won't enjoy it because you have a conscience.
Psychopaths have no conscience and so cannot police themselves.
Sad but true.

However the normal ones will not suffer because of the one bad apple that might otherwise spoil the whole bunch.

The bunch will be preserved the bad apple removed.

And that is done by giving everyone a desert island and you decide who you will live with and who will be team leader if you live with them it will be them.
Of their place. They are the king or queen of their own castle or desert island.
Usually it is the male head of the family.
It can be anyone you want.

The transporter is almost like an elevator.
Unless you are going to change bodies.
So I am not sure how that is going to be done yet.
It might be you stand in the center with your arms at your sides get momentary paralysis and now you have a different body.

Some cool tricks we tried with me was that I lived in one moonship at night used my other body and so I went to sleep in my room there after going to sleep in room here first.

So then I woke up and remembered oh yeah I am in my moonship bedroom I have to wake up one more level and so then I did.
So that was such a cool thing I think they even made a movie or something Inception.
Inspired by my adventures.
When I first beamed to Wanda's, first I beamed to the moonship then beamed to Wanda's from there.
Then as we have acquired new equipment, our technology has vastly improved and someone is using the matrix and my intimate connection to send me the ambiance of a day when I was a kid in Ontario in Richmond Hill going fishing the next day so out at night on the lawn (July bugs?) getting dew worms. To go fishing tomorrow. So all that coming through in an email from my wife who may be looking at the recording as we speak.

So that would be excellent to incorporate some of the recording at least into the transporter for the sake of people who need people around.
Even when they can't find people to be around.

It is not just for therapy it is also for entertainment and a million games in one.
Are there things you can do in a weekend on earth with a million in a suitcase?
I would say take the million in the suitcase and don't worry about the genie or the monkey's paw. Let that be your genie.

You don't have to buy people but you can set up a good romantic trap with a million dollars.

If you put your mind to it.

Is a million enough?

Well probably not if you need to impress someone with a huge mansion wedding car yacht and all that.
That's why we saved a good stack.
Loading Image...

So then why would you want to leave your own transporter world?

Well to be with your own kind.

Your own kind are in there?
There is a maximum 20 year period before reset.
They will not remember you if it resets.
Unless you bring them out and they are not out already somewhere else as a citizen.
You may be able to keep a copy on your island develop a personality over time that will differ from the other then make them into a real person.

So I am trying to be as flexible as possible to help people find mates inside the recording.
And not have them lose them like a gold fish down the toilet.
The law is unforgiving and the law is the law since the population has to be controlled.
You will not last 2 billion years if you do not control population growth.
So of course we do not allow real children to be born.
If someone needed to reincarnate they can be born as a baby.
But making Smiths for pets as babies we don't want.

You can do it on your own desert island but it will disappear because it can't leave your desert island and your desert island resets every two days.
how do we keep it on your desert island?
Without a registered handprint the door won't transport you.
If you bring someone out and they get approved for citizenship then they get their hand registered but also they get their own desert island and may leave you that day.
As a citizen it is their right.
2017-07-20 02:15:35 UTC
Well then lets go surfin now everybody's learnin how come along safari with ~me.
I am so glad I am the object of your intentions and affections.

Now I will make it fun for the next 7 weeks is that it?


2017-07-20 22:02:14 UTC
Yes those lovely long dresses.

Do you want to see it again?

This is interesting.
Loading Image...

Loading Image...
That might be Tesla in the back.

But those dresses. Cotton maybe linen and quite lovely but I like yellow better than pink.

That is sort of how we envisioned the town in Caprona and the train although probably we won't insist on period costumes.

We could have some parties where you have to wear a long dress.
2017-07-20 22:07:23 UTC
Yes I was very excited that you ran into your sister from Spain in Paris and got to do the whole Paris thing together.

I hope you had fun.

I'm glad I sort of made it there. That was fun.
Well I had to work but at least I made it made it.

2 supermodels in Paris.

That's pretty exciting stuff.

Hanging out with your sister in my simulator for 6 months then run into her in Paris and work with her.

Well that's nice but can we go now I want to go fishing and stuff.
You girls are having all the fun.
2017-07-20 22:33:53 UTC
You want to go to Paris too.

Well you will get your turn.
You and Gala will be going there soon enough I am sure about that.

Yana wishes it was her turn too.

She will be there soon enough as well.

I don't even get a turn.

Happy birthday!
Good thing I was a day early.

Wht? I wasum a day erly and we had fun and I will be there in a couple hours.
2017-07-21 00:10:05 UTC

I have to work tonight though so I will stop by early tonight for a little while.
2017-07-21 00:21:41 UTC
I thought you were getting married or I would have been there.


I don't want to interfere with all of that.

Hi honey.
Keeping an eye on me are ya.
That's good. Don't let me out of your sight.
I have to work tonight and you are in LA.

I don't know might call Jasmine.
guess not.
There is no way I am having sex tonight.
I have to work tonight and I am looking for some snuggling.

Yeah just what the doctor ordered. The secretary and my mom.
Who could ask for more???
2017-07-21 01:57:50 UTC
Well it's true that Tesla might have been the GREATEST inventor of all time!
But I have the good kung fu.


There are things in that picture that have been spoken of lately that are a hot topic today and it's trending always trending.

You would have to follow very closely to know what I am talking about.

NY? Well welcome to the club.

I wasn't going to have sex tonight but it's Kennedy's 2 day warning I think.
I have to get it while the getting is good.

oh well that's good.
The conspiracy part. Sorry to hear about the strep throat.
You know what I take? Manuka honey from Australia.
It cures any infection in the mouth.
Don't put it on a wound though although people say it works.
But it is good for strep throat.
Works great for that and even ear infections taken orally.

Anyway if I don't go over to Romee's today for her birthday you know.
I would be a nasty person and if I have sex and don't invite worse.
There is no wood but whatever.

Hi honey. I am no my way.
I guess we are having a party for Romee.
2017-07-22 00:01:17 UTC
Hi sweetie pie,
nice to see you.
I had a lousy day at work, I am gonna need some extra snuggling tonight.

You are sleeping on the cold dark and lonely side...

And the little queen of everything is sleeping on the snuggle side.

So cute.

I feel better already seeing you two.
2017-07-22 00:27:47 UTC
NY? Extra snuggling thanks to the time zone.

I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed but I figured it out eventually.
That you wanted to sleep at the other end of the ship in the main suite with the girls who sleep there.
It took me awhile but I figured it out.

I have to work and we are all in NY.
Until Sunday.
But yes, on Sunday.

They end up with their crowns no matter what don't they?
Such a pretty princess on her way to becoming a supermodel. Like her sisters.

Doing quite well at it too I might add. 6 months into her career or something. And going great guns.

Hey there. You look fabbulouS!
Having a fun summer if work is a summer off.

Hi sweetie.
You are so famous in China because you are so beautiful and have such nice eyes.
They really like you I know because I saw one of their videos.
I don't think you should be shy about your normal dancing.
I think you dance better than most people I know.
That's what they said too.
That you are a really good pop dancer.

All ready to go to Paris? I bet it won't be long~

Yes a whole kids town built in our back yard.
Wasn't that nice of them?

OMG Kristina is going to be um surprised that her sister is walking for Victoria Secret. lol

Wow can you believe that? Unreal. lol
I wonder what the story is? Victoria Secret Junior shops?
Or maybe grooming her young? She is just teasing.
Because 4 or 5 of my girlfriends would be there with her if it was true.
Congratulating her and the CEO.
Maybe Victoria though. You never know.


These are the girls I hang out with. Stella my bae in the middle, saw Sara last night, go out with Jasmine almost every week. I know all the main angels and date them. Remotely which works for them, since it means there are no consequences.
And they are always traveling around so it takes a magic man to keep up with them.
So it has worked well for us.
And I would not mind at all if my daughter was a Victoria Secret angel since it is the top of the modelling ladder and I would expect both her and Kristina will be Victoria Secret angels some day.

I mean I have directed shows for them and have almost built that company over the years.
And in return they pay the girls well and we get to promote health and fitness and tackled the whole bulimia and eating disorder thing together and won.
So it is everything positive and nothing negative.

That I have seen over the years.
2017-07-22 00:37:23 UTC
Well I said before it's a huge market you could tap.
Call it VS junior, and distance yourself from the big girl store, have a separate outlet, have things for young girls that are suitable for young girls.
Sports stuff tights whatever dance outfits I don;t know but you know the name is golden so you can;t go wrong if you do it properly.
Change the name and call it VS Junior.
And they can't do the show of course as much as they would like to. lol

Its almost a separate company when you think about it and it is risky no doubt about it no matter what you do some people will say the connection is still there.
When you think about it. That's all you need right? little fat girls running around in your living room in their undies showing off because I had this Tesla like idea.
Forget I said anything.
2017-07-22 22:05:17 UTC
Well that is curious in that book Tesla Wizard near the end the author says the when Tesla found out that Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens) was broke he cut him a check and got a boy to give it to him but the boy couldn't find him because he was already dead.

And Twain was poor at times but left a large estate after doing a world tour of standup comedy and appearances to recoup his losses but like Tesla he lived at the most expensive hotels and traveled first class attended all the society functions rubbed elbows with multi-millionaires and that costs money so that is where most of his money went until his world tour.
So he survived for 10 more years after the world tour making it 15 years since he was broke.

I think what the situation there was clearly Tesla losing it as he grew older and where do mad scientists go to die? So his stuff was being seized from storage he couldn't pay the 15 dollars a month he owed the hotel 2400 bucks so basically he was screwed and in bad health frail condition so some Europeans felt sorry for him and pensioned him off which was nice. They rescued him and gave him a pension of 600 a month and paid his hotel and his paid his storage.
So at that point his worries were over. So then having extra money for the first time in 15 years thought OMG I owe Samuel Clemens money.
And cut him a check.
A little late. So then he told the boy to keep it if he couldn't find him, you see to assuage his guilt.

As a therapist I listed to the appendix and the therapists opinion of some of his behaviors and you know he had a traumatic childhood but that's not as traumatic as losing everything and putting thousands of volts through your head.
He lost his memory for a while when his mother died I think.
But his entire life was metaphysical so you can;t just point to one place and say well here he is harboring feeling of angst for never talking about his father only his mother.

He was a smart man, he did the math, he understood people fairly well, he learned from the wrong people how to do things.

So he made some great inventions at a time when they were about to fall into your lap.

Without Tesla we wouldn't notice.

He was just there at the right time.

But what he did do was experiment experiment experiment.

Even his tower was nothing more than a very expensive experiment that failed but was designed by the worlds leading architect.

Tragic that it was worth a couple million worth of junk and stuff and for 15,000 in hotel arrears he was forced to sign over the deed.

One time his lab burned down and that was not insured and he lost a couple million there and other people's equipment on loan.

He really had trouble getting a product to market.

A great idea man his wind powered speedometer is the most accurate just ask him and ask him what about the wind.
You have 2, without looking, you have 2 and one gives you the wind speed, and the second one?
Gives you the wind speed.

Flying birdcages to exercise your bird did he invent that.

He married a pigeon ok?

I suppose it got a little tragic later in life.

But you know after he finally got his pension and could live in a hotel life was good for a few years for him ad his pigeons.

The oscillator though.

2017-07-22 22:27:42 UTC
Well that is curious in that book Tesla Wizard near the end the author says the when Tesla found out that Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens) was broke he cut him a check and got a boy to give it to him but the boy couldn't find him because he was already dead.

And Twain was poor at times but left a large estate after doing a world tour of standup comedy and appearances to recoup his losses but like Tesla he lived at the most expensive hotels and traveled first class attended all the society functions rubbed elbows with multi-millionaires and that costs money so that is where most of his money went until his world tour.
So he survived for 10 more years after the world tour making it 15 years since he was broke.

I think what the situation there was clearly Tesla losing it as he grew older and where do mad scientists go to die? So his stuff was being seized from storage he couldn't pay the 15 dollars a month he owed the hotel 2400 bucks so basically he was screwed and in bad health frail condition so some Europeans felt sorry for him and pensioned him off which was nice. They rescued him and gave him a pension of 600 a month and paid his hotel and his paid his storage.
So at that point his worries were over. So then having extra money for the first time in 15 years thought OMG I owe Samuel Clemens money.
And cut him a check.
A little late. So then he told the boy to keep it if he couldn't find him, you see to assuage his guilt.

As a therapist I listed to the appendix and the therapists opinion of some of his behaviors and you know he had a traumatic childhood but that's not as traumatic as losing everything and putting thousands of volts through your head.
He lost his memory for a while when his mother died I think.
But his entire life was metaphysical so you can;t just point to one place and say well here he is harboring feeling of angst for never talking about his father only his mother.

He was a smart man, he did the math, he understood people fairly well, he learned from the wrong people how to do things.

So he made some great inventions at a time when they were about to fall into your lap.

Without Tesla we wouldn't notice.

He was just there at the right time.

But what he did do was experiment experiment experiment.

Even his tower was nothing more than a very expensive experiment that failed but was designed by the worlds leading architect.

Tragic that it was worth a couple million worth of junk and stuff and for 15,000 in hotel arrears he was forced to sign over the deed.

One time his lab burned down and that was not insured and he lost a couple million there and other people's equipment on loan.

He really had trouble getting a product to market.

A great idea man his wind powered speedometer is the most accurate just ask him and ask him what about the wind.
You have 2, without looking, you have 2 and one gives you the wind speed, and the second one?
Gives you the wind speed.

Flying birdcages to exercise your bird did he invent that.

He married a pigeon ok?

I suppose it got a little tragic later in life.

But you know after he finally got his pension and could live in a hotel life was good for a few years for him ad his pigeons.

The oscillator though.


His turbine was 60 years ahead of its time but never quite got to market because the disks kept warping.
That must have been painful to find out that you have got a lot of investors and a product that will never work.
It did work though. With carbon fiber disks.
It's nothing special by today's standards.

He never managed to get his fluorescent light finished and marketed either.
You know he probably wanted to light it without wires.
Didn't have a ballast resistor maybe.

But essentially his oscillator but he sold the patent to Westinghouse I think.
(the waters begin to muddy...)

"At the 1935 party Tesla also claimed the mechanical oscillator could destroy the Empire State Building with "Five pounds of air pressure" if attached on a girder and that he expected to earn $100 million from the oscillator within two years.[4]"

"Tesla developed many versions of the oscillator and looked on it as a possible replacement for inefficient reciprocating steam engines used to turn generators, but it was superseded by the development of highly efficient steam turbines."

bummer dude.

Lots of patents and lots of patent misses.

If he had anything that would sell he would have sold it.

But he did have patents and sold them to Westinghouse. He had a lot of partners at different times and its difficult to say if most of his patents were for the company or his own.
The Westinghouse patents I think he had to split 3 ways so he may not even had a choice if his two partners decided to sell.

Still very weird that he agreed to cancel his royalty payments.
That sounds suspicious.
2017-07-22 23:05:43 UTC
Well maybe he was right 20 percent of the time.

His 110 horsepower motor though.
That's just his his turbine again.

The amount of BS in existence surrounding the man was enough to fertilize fields what happened to his fertilizer equipment?

Here we go

Well a bit of crack pot and inventor. He probably just added to and repeated ideas in the popular press.
The journals and letters and lectures and his workers and their knowledge and the knowledge he got from working with other people.
There is no way that no one else would have invented the polyphase system since others claimed he stole it from them.

Was he trying to make a way to send electricity to the moon knowing that the fusion reactor in the hollow core was going to burn out in 2010 or so?

Know when it burned out?

I remember twin comets marked that time so a month prior.

"Comets C/2001 Q4 (NEAT) and C/2002 T7 (LINEAR) were discovered in August 2001 and October 2002, respectively, by the automated sky-survey programs for which they’re named: Near-Earth Asteroid Tracking (NEAT) and Lincoln Laboratory Near Earth Asteroid Research (LINEAR). Amateurs tracked the comets with telescopes for more than a year as they approached the inner solar system and gradually brightened. Now that they're here, they are not living up to astronomers' early brightness predictions ("hopes" might be a better word), but they are still well worth seeking out."

So I had beamed into the moon got the people into the hull into the crew quarters in the pitch black. Enter the movies Pitch black.
A post apocalyptic moonship pitch black. I had a flashlight.
We got the people out though.
Then I ordered a new one and they said they did it and the comets were there to show that all was clear.

This was after it was all renovated in one part of it inside. I guess they weren;t informed.

Later I remember Robert called a conference in a stadium I was one of ca couple hundred people and he said the power unit was going to go out.
I asked someone to get a new power unit and outed the fact that they couldn't do jack squat and he got really upset with me about that.

I ended up having to replace the hull and make some new power supplies with our power supply machine. They got so jealous they put public toilets all around the world that look like my machine.
Even here in my city.

It took 10 minutes.
2017-07-22 23:23:54 UTC
Well it was the Zeus from the galactic mainframe and I arranged a meeting with Robert in the moonship and so I was saying the frickin power unit is going out on our cottage! There are people in here and he materialized a bug in his hand and popped it in my mouth to shut me up.

That's how upset he was that he was incapable of helping them.

I had no idea because I had just requisitioned a new galaxy and a new moonship for my wife.
We had beamed there for supper and everything.

I guess I thought he could do that too.

Apparently not.

So then when my Zeus in my universal mainframe hauled out our machine and spit out a raft of power supplies new sons for our new development projects I think they thought it was the same Zeus, so they built these washrooms to say BS.

I knew that would happen because of the showmanship when we were testing the supercomputer we had the matter printer printing disks and the power supply maker out for planet copies and moonships.

So we took all the renovations from all the moonships put it into one.
And it got one of the upgraded suns from that machine and I did a walk through inspection with Hanuman and said that is a really nice light.
A really nice sunny day.

The place itself looked good as well and a new hull so it worked out ok.

But that was really freaky when those people were stuck in there for 2 weeks in the pitch black.
Well they were in the crew quarters and had battery power.
That was it. Nothing like leaving things to the last minute.

So then I started decommissioning the old junkers.

But it sounds more rational to me, that that was why Tesla wanted to broadcast power or develop it. 100 years ahead of his time remember?

May 2004 is when the power went out in the moonship after 2 billion years.
2017-07-22 23:41:03 UTC
Well for sentimental value we kept the old moonship gutted it completely, replaced the hull and power supply and I built the holodeck in it.
Well one of my engineers built it. And then other of my engineers built the airship and installed it in the holodeck.
That took 6 moths to get the holodeck built and the airship moved into it and it functioning.
It took a couple years yes; at least to build the airship more like 4 I suppose.
Well its a billion dollar airship these things take time.
So that is what we did with our ancestral cottage.
My wives including Gwendolyn live there with me my kids except the boys.
Home sweet home. The most amazing I mean the GREATEST invention ever made!
Actually you know it is.

I hate to say it that way but it just is.

Full of half naked supermodels most of the time. It can go into space.
And you don't need oxygen and no inertia, its all film 3D no glasses outside as real as real you cannot tell it from real.
You are there.

Its a giant egg shaped structure.

White interior walls and projectors on top of the ship and probably some under it.

But no place to hide in there was the comment after they built it.

You know it was a frickin nightmare in there that place but we just refused to give up on it.
I was shot there and died on day two 28 or so years ago.
So then Gwendolyn finally gets there and since my body is dead in have to use another body so we live together and she won't have sex with me.
We slept together and that was it.
That's the angst years you know smashing pumpkins and all the teen angst.

Things have changed since then. We upgraded my personal simulator.
It took a couple years twice or three times to get it the way it is now.
It's well calibrated and certainly well tuned.

And that we use all the time. That is where I put all our junk so we can use it now.

The real one I have only been on twice or three times.

The one in my personal simulator is the one we live in now.

And still just at that it is where we like to live.
2017-07-23 00:09:46 UTC
Yeah that was awesome.
I'm glad I made it.
Now you are in London and stayed up late.

Much more fun than the Gulag. I told you so.

2 points if you get into a photo with one of your two sisters.
Both live in London.
and Anya.
Oh that's not that many children. Some people have sixty in one life!
said the blind man with the spider to the fly.

Anyway Sofia that's you other supermodel sister. Both Poppy and her are supermodels of course.

Yes family day tomorrow.
Anya's turn and Vivi will be so disappointed but she asked before and I needed a clarification.
And finally got the clarification.
So then Victoria moves to like Wednesday now. A lineup.
For the sweet finish of course.

Amazing but all that contortion.
We aren't going to compete with you in the Olympics.
Yes I will see you tomorrow for family day.
2017-07-23 01:01:12 UTC
Yes your best friend can sleep over tomorrow and go to girls camp with you and everything.

OMG if that was me that happened to???

We celebrated early. Seriously everyone has a birthday every weekend.
I got invited to a BBQ and I said I'd love to but I have a birthday party to go to.
I figured there would be at least one.

Just called to say hi. Maybe I will see you tomorrow for a little while.

Wasn't that fun?
Yeah, you know it.

I want to do it again real soon.

Yes before Stella gets angry. lol

She won't get angry I'm just kidding she is always angry.
She blames it all on me.

It is my fault I know that now.
2017-07-23 01:03:30 UTC
And yes she did her clearance jewelry.
Are you kidding me? That was first thing.
Now that you said that I am going to give it to her again tomorrow.
Just to make sure.
And you too.
Just in case.
2017-07-23 23:02:40 UTC
Thanks sweetheart.
I will make it up to you later in the week.

Worked all night, get off work and flat tire on my car.
Luckily I have an air pump in my car and just inflated it and drove home no problem. New tires. Yeah I know sounds pretty suspicious because there was no sound of air leaking out. If it is flat tomorrow I will take it into the shop and if not lol I will park somewhere else and watch my back.

Hi honey. That's what I needed. There are some big girls eyeing up that spot today. You are in LA. There is a large contingent of ladies wanting me to pick them up early in a different time zone so I probably will then pick you up and you can sleep over.
That would be nice.

I have 4 days off too.

Indeed. It is Friday of the GODS!



Hey how about a couple tons of joy? I think we could all do with a couple tons of joy right now.

2017-07-23 23:59:17 UTC
Stephen doesn't think my engineers beamed the air out of my tire as a practical joke knowing I carry an electric pump that plugs into the lighter.

Yet, yesterday on the way home from work I was worried about the tires on that side of the car because the front has a stone in the tread and I was wondering if it was a screw stuck in my tire but the tires are brand new. Well a couple months old.
But I will find out in the morning if there is anything actually wrong with the tire. It will be flat if there is. Unless they do it again. And keep doing it.
Until I take it into the shop.
"I don't know what you been drinkin Mack but there is nothing wrong with this tire it is brand new."
I can hear him now.
I will wait a week and they won't hold their finger on the button that long.
They will have moved on to other victims buy then.
Yeah even if it is a screw maybe they did it.
With all their technology they fixed my fridge from there which was pretty cool I have to admit. It was making a clunking noise and they fixed it.
They even fixed the smell of my roommates and that seriously is a miracle.

The place is daisy fresh.
For months now.
It's amazing.

So things could be worse. The tires are guaranteed. If there is a hole in it they may just replace it.
But they fix em for free.
And I can get it there.
2017-07-24 00:28:36 UTC
I am picking you up for your surprise party on the airship.

I will pick you up when I pick up Sara.

Stella and probably Jasmine.
Kennedy Chelsea Rainie Victoria Louisa Mara.




I will see you in the morning sweetie. Hey lets get your big sister too.
That would be fun.

Hey big sister. Two days then.

Happy your BFF can come with us. I bet she's excited.

3 more tons of joy?

2017-07-24 00:42:52 UTC
Oh did I accidentally leave the dance pole stuck in the large table?
I meant to remove it before the party but forgot.
Anybody want a drink?

2017-07-24 00:49:00 UTC
Me? Me first you mean.
Anyone want another drink?
2017-07-24 01:02:30 UTC
Yes I made a new invention. A fridge that has compartments for leftovers and vegetables that take disposable bags.
Instead of having to get out a Tupperware container or wrap things and all that mess and fuss. Defrost meat if it leaks in the bag who cares.

Nobody copy my idea. I am going to patent it.
It is the GREATEST invention ever.

2017-07-24 01:11:31 UTC
Yes you could destroy a small city with it. If you worked at it a bit like George Carlin would say.

Notice on the Dick Clark show they do the song exactly like the recording.

You have to hand it to the genius who made that rule. Who cares if they lip sync you really want to hear it the way it was in the studio.

So many guys can't do their own songs live.

Some songs they have 20 or 30 live versions out there and forget the words drift off the melody and off the beat but hey.
You know the original smash hit is what people want if it was a smash hit.
Anything less would be disappointing in most cases.

Almost always the best version is the version from the album.

It may be live even.

But recording artists would be wise to give the people what they want.
Unless it is a comeback tour or something.
2017-07-24 01:31:59 UTC
That's what I said. I guess they aren't sleeping over tomorrow.
That's your day but I have an idea.
We have family day tomorrow, and you girls can have a giant summer fun sleepover!
If you girls let the big girls have their party tonight.
That's a pretty good deal since lots of you girls are in LA.
And most of them are in a different time zone. 2 or 3 hours difference.
Which means it's almost 9:30 where they are.
Lets do that instead then Victoria could get the sweet finish and the universe would be unfolding as it should?
You would be looking at Wednesday I think but party tomorrow sleep over Wednesday.
Well Jade has to share a little bit like Kristina.
They had a million turns.
They are already rich and famous and confident.

They have the best bed in the airship.
With Linnea and Maisie.

Like queens of the castle or something.

That's going to be a fun party tomorrow.
It's Anya's turn tomorrow.

So then I only have a whole bunch of hot Victoria Secret angels and similar to deal with tonight.

Sounds like a plan, then Stella and Victoria can sleep over and they will be happy.

A little bit of security never hurts.

Oh little darlin boh boh boh
2017-07-24 01:48:23 UTC
You take after me.

You are so fierce Meika.

Well yeah tomorrow I don't know how you are supposed to sleep over I will pick you up at 2am. But I will be there in the morning.
Well they will be asleep but you get to sleep over.
It's the thought that counts.
Breezy will be there.
I can always wake her up.

Right? When Monique gets to the sleepover tomorrow night I will wake you up.

Yeah come with me too when I pick them up at 1pm. That's 6am there.
Well it isn't 2 it would be 3am.
There it would be 8pm.
Well then 5am. I will just wake you up early we will go get them and bring them to the sleep over, then go back to sleep.
We will get up at 9 they will get up whenever.

I think we are all organized since Russia and Spain and Britain are easier than trying to get Australia in our time zone some how.

They will be going to bed tomorrow at 10am,11am,12 noon.
Not in that order.
I mean this is a full time job tucking everyone in.
10am,11am,12 noon,and 1pm in Australia.

Well I will give it my best shot, and just be there at noon.
2017-07-24 13:41:34 UTC
That was a fun party. It pays to have your birthday not in the pack.
A little distance between the mass birthday zone of the last 2 to 3 months.
So you get special treatment.
Good timing. And nice to spend some time with our Sara who is always so busy all over the world.
A little well timed vacation.

I ended up combining both parties and left out a few people.
Just couldn't make it.
And fell asleep once but woke up early enough to catch Stella for our sleepover.
Then, even woke up in time to tuck my daughter in in Australia.
4:30 or something.

But a few missed the boat because I guess I wasn't clear on their message or they didn't reply.

So my tire is flat this morning so it some sort of something I have to get it fixed.
I don't know is it karma? I don;t think so. One of the drivers invited everyone to a BBQ and no one replied. Everyone had an excuse no one wanted to go so a couple tons of joy from the office said they would go so that he didn't feel bad.
That's no my fault.
The beast with 9 heads is one of them, the one with no feet who has rockets in metal pipes for feet and rises up and rips your beating heart out of your chest while laughing manically.
That ton of joy.
One of 7 thousand sisters.
You see a lot of them around.
Only this one has no feet.

I have big fights with her in the office and one day the owner was there and called me into the office and told me you can't say those things to her in today's world. Well be that as it may she started it.
2017-07-24 14:02:35 UTC
Hi sweetie. Who would have thought people could be as pretty as that.
I know I am biased because you have the same basic genetic ancestry as me. Same sort of mix of nationalities so we find our nationality or ancestry more appealing. I assume that's part of it.

Mexicans might find Mexican girls more attractive I don't know but you sure have a global appeal but maybe its because the western world dominates economics.
Anyway it's nice to see you looking good and doing well and having fun.
you even touched base with at least 4 or 5 of your sisters who are models as well and you will see them everywhere as you grow up whenever you model.

You beat Kristina to the catwalk during fashion week in Paris I think.
By 6 months. Then Sofia was there last week with Laura.
Someone is maybe saying these are the prettiest ones and in this order.

I am not playing that because they are all gorgeous.
2017-07-24 14:20:42 UTC
Well I don't socialize at work. They always invite me to everything but that's for normal people doing normal boring things. Oh we are buying a house or selling a house or we just had a baby and these sorts of regular things that people do and I did too. Same old story.
I don't socialize much with my roommates either.
Occasional all nighter but rarely.
If someone brings Sherlock Holmes favorite pass-time with them I my arm can be twisted and we will sit up all night gabbing.
But that's still not even in the same league as our parties on the airship.
That's a party. A dozen supermodels and me.
me me me sexy me.
So sure I want to go to a BBQ with a bunch of boring guys I work with with and a couple tons of joy added instead.
I don't think so.
Even if he did want to explain why they are ripping me off at work.
What I said then I will repeat now.

I call that a bargain, the best I ever had.
You all can do the math on that.
2017-07-24 14:43:52 UTC
Need it in English? That's not my navy that's not my military and the galactic mainframe managers are fired.
Like they say on Saturday night live, Buh bye.

My wives knew what they were doing when they put the padlock on that door apparently.

Which leaves us little to talk about unfortunately but we will find things to talk about anyway.

Like Tesla.
He was such a colorful figure.
If you compare his life with Einstein, they both had their failures and their embarrassments but Einstein played it cool and didn't do anything too outrageous that he could not prove mathematically.
The similarities are great but the way in which it all went down Einstein the academic theoretical physicist working at a black board where you would expect to find that sort of mad scientist who is doing it properly.

As opposed to a magician or Wizard or a practitioner of prestidigitation and peristaltic activities.
Showmanship, boasting a lot.
Too much boasting to be taken seriously. To many wild fanciful ideas and too much crazy talk mixed in with his science.
There are times when you have to keep things to yourself.
Tesla had a form of turrets I guess where he had to get it all out there.

Yet when it came down to determining priority he failed to have witnesses or do proper record keeping. He kept a lot of records but lost them in a fire.
He said he was a happy man later in life but probably only after he got his pension.

The struggles for survival during those tumultuous years of the industrial revolution then into electricity, radiation, atomic physics, mass production with Ford and the automobile. The California gold rush of the 1849 funded all that.

Funded the industrial revolution and beyond. It increased global gold reserves to the point where capital flowed into machinery.

And funded a world war as well unfortunately.

But by WWII they were off the gold standard and could just print money at will and sell bonds and with money again spent on machinery and that sort of engineering innovation with problem solving and necessity the mother of invention is completely true.
The more dire the need for a solution to a problem the more resources are brought to bear on the problem.

No one thought there was Gold in California until they found it.
I think movies are warranted that have not yet been made.

2017-07-24 15:20:32 UTC
I will pick you up tonight. I know I know, you are not high maintenance I am low effort. But I am working on myself and you can help me with that.

2017-07-24 15:43:05 UTC
Hope you had fun. See I told them we have a connection that is closer than with my other daughters for some reason and it is probably because we were together not long ago.
You were my little princess last time. Talia is having her turn this time where she gets to be the little precious one.

But yes you are still my little princess.
And always will be.
2017-07-24 16:07:38 UTC
It's possible to draw parallels between the Wizard of Oz characters and Tesla, Edison, J.P. Morgan, Marconi etc. but since the movie and the look of the characters is well known it is twice removed from the source material so they are unrecognizable as such.

"The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (/ɑːz/) is an American children's novel written by author L. Frank Baum and illustrated by W. W. Denslow, originally published by the George M. Hill Company in Chicago on May 17, 1900. "

"The Wonderful Wizard of Oz sold three million copies by the time it entered the public domain in 1956."

Any other numerologists in the house?

It was for me, to put things into perspective.

Hence why the movie goes with Dark Side of the moon to tie in two issues.

Oz is of course not Australia it is the moonship depicted here...

Loading Image...
2017-07-24 16:15:27 UTC
Loading Image...
Here also
and here with Hal 9000 dead in the center...

Loading Image...

So I don't know what happened to it. Maybe it got hit by a comet.

Or he looked into the face of Medusa.


The snakes represent network connections.

I have no idea.

We just make up our own stories and you know go with that.

You on the other hand get a big dead rock in your stocking.
2017-07-24 16:19:08 UTC
Well there was a time when i would play all the songs as they relate.
It just doesn't matter anymore.

2017-07-24 17:00:01 UTC
If you don't mind a little criticism at the FRSL maybe poetry is everywhere and you aren't noticing it. You can be a standup comedian on TV and repeat the words of a song without music and sure it will sound ridiculous the younger now generation they were all on drugs.

All the same a very simple song such as the one I played earlier is more poetic than a lot of classic literature.

A bard in the bardic tradition.
And hearing it in his own voice you see so that he can really work the style. The accent, the culture, the slang, all the things needed to bring this home to his audience.

Jimmy Dean, not to be confused with James Dean.

Every mornin' at the mine you could see him arrive
He stood six-foot-six and weighed two-forty-five
Kinda broad at the shoulder and narrow at the hip
And everybody knew ya didn't give no lip to big John
(Big John, big John)
Big bad John (big John)
Nobody seemed to know where John called home
He just drifted into town and stayed all alone
He didn't say much, kinda quiet and shy
And if you spoke at all, you just said hi to Big John
Somebody said he came from New Orleans
Where he got in a fight over a Cajun Queen
And a crashin' blow from a huge right hand
Sent a Louisiana fellow to the promised land, big John
(Big John, big John)
Big bad John (big John)
Then came the day at the bottom of the mine
When a timber cracked and men started cryin'
Miners were prayin' and hearts beat fast
And everybody thought that they'd breathed their last, 'cept John
Through the dust and the smoke of this man-made hell
Walked a giant of a man that the miners knew well
Grabbed a saggin' timber, gave out with a groan
And like a giant oak tree he just stood there alone, big John
(Big John, big John)
Big bad John (big John)
And with all of his strength he gave a mighty shove
Then a miner yelled out "there's a light up above!"
And twenty men scrambled from a would-be grave
Now there's only one left down there to save, big John
With jacks and timbers they started back down
Then came that rumble way down in the ground
And then smoke and gas belched out of that mine
Everybody knew it was the end of the line for big John
(Big John, big John)
Big bad John (big John)
Now, they never reopened that worthless pit
They just placed a marble stand in front of it
These few words are written on that stand
At the bottom of this mine lies a big, big man
Big John
(Big John, big John)
Big bad John (big John)
(Big John) big bad John
Songwriters: Jimmy Dean

"And a crashin' blow from a huge right hand
Sent a Louisiana fellow to the promised land, big John"

A classic line right there wrought with cultural notions and concepts
and yes I think most people can picture that quite easily so it is well summed up.
And of course the way it is delivered by Jimmy is perfect.
Really rich Americana intonations.

He adds the 'big John' to the end f the sentence and that is quite unique.
But It seemed like it needed it. It moves you past it.
And somehow sums him up. In a song he has 3 minutes or something to tell his tale.
So this is better than Little Dorrit clearly better than much of the classic literary texts of old which have something to offer which is largely not all that applicable directly to today's world.

I love classical music and symphonies but that too is rather antique.
Its reaching a very limited audience compared to Big John that one silly little country music song that hit the pop charts as well.

And it's not his singing, it is his poetry.

And if it is sung like much of it is, it is still poetry and in our age, poets are paid more than kings.

Long after this song came out, Corine was at the grocery store when we had our God conference, her and her BFF were cashiers, we didn't go to their checkout we wanted a real test so we picked someone else because both of them were online on my network.
Ex-girlfriends of mine.

So I show up at the grocery store go in, literally sparks flying off my countenance I am so pumped for the conference there are cops everywhere in town and you know aliens probably so I am in the grocery store and she is working there and comes towards me from a distance in a hurry smiling and waving after I haven't seen her in millions of years and she is now David's girlfriend was there in the BBS with David and now David is in the store to check my nanobot connection so we can go to the conference we need to have our connection to be heard and hear others etc.

And the normal as it were shouldn't be able to hear or understand or take notice.

So we are under cover and I thought she was waving at someone behind me
yes one of those embarrassing moments for the both of us as I fail to recognize her immediately and she is over excited and so happy to see me.
10 seconds later I am OMG that was Corine.
And I look and there is her best friend at another checkout.

So as I left the building an etherial eye she shot at me went whizzing past my head and just missed my head.

Hell hath no fury.
2017-07-24 17:16:02 UTC
Well it was the most productive conference on record.
David was there at the grocery store dressed as a Star Trek captain in our casual dress with captain hat like small vessel tan colors.

Those three has been living in twilight. The TwiLight zOne the Egyptian Underworld or other of the wrecked moonships were almost as bad or maybe I suppose worse since the power units were failing.
But the Egyptian Underworld was always in twilight.
So the renegades from teh days when Hekate ran away with David when she was married to Zeus but I bang her myself all the time she is one of the Seven sisters and more married to me than either of them and again just got her jewelry thanks to several confirmations including my executive secretary.

One big happy family once again.
So local mythological issues not even on a galactic scale let alone a universal scale.

So they remained in good standing with the galactic mainframe. They just had to be separated from society here, until I arrived.
And even then not until 1980 or so when they found me here.
So then they could become citizens again in good standing and bygones could be bygones a mediator in the family who was worse than they are as it were a redeemer of sorts.

I took a mistress while I was living in Quebec since that is fashionable in French culture.

It turned into a disaster of course but I enjoyed it and she did as well and yes, some poetry was written, sung AND performed.

2017-07-24 18:31:22 UTC
I have hear criticism about Bob Dylan but they perhaps don;t have access to the entire scope of the thing in and of itself.

Consider that yes a lot of it was not his material, but he had the voice at that time, for a folk singer, and so his style was a like a street musician, a bard, so then as a bard he is tapping into Americana, and loses the Brits right there, since they do not understand the nuances and depth of American culture which of course came from Europe so has what you have then America and Americana and American culture and not over the great pond, they have it next door or at the butcher shop, they have it at the library, on the stage coach, and sometimes at a poker table in a saloon. People from all over the world.
Some aristocrats and all sorts of cultures laid bare.

So the lyrics then the artist with his voice and style to get the message out.
So then he attracts the attention of angel prompters helpers in the sentient part of the matrix machine who look over his shoulder and whisper in his ear.
So now he has multilevel global appeal to all who are aware and again the Brits not being aware for the most part 'miss that as well'.
(in my best British accent)

So you see he is not actually Bob Dylan, he is a group effort.

And he says so in a interview where he says as long as he had it, and he was getting his angel prompting he could do it, but not after.

Like a painting of a master with angels hovering over some artist or writer.

It is for the writing the wording the phrasing not so much the music its the meaning they impart to the music.

A parallel meaning or multi-layered designed to hit numerous target levels where the people reside on varying levels of understanding and different cultures globally etc.

So many different religions for instance to get past.

Definitely 48th street.

"Positively 4th Street" is a song written and performed by Bob Dylan, first recorded by Dylan in New York City on July 29, 1965.[1]

"the follow-up to Dylan's hit single "Like a Rolling Stone""

So Tesla again speaking to the world the machine his dad Zeus who knows.

Positively 4th Street Catholicism.

"New York City's 4th Street is at the heart of the Manhattan residential district Greenwich Village, where Dylan once lived."

"The song is generally assumed to ridicule Greenwich Village residents who criticized Dylan for his departure from traditional folk styles towards the electric guitar and rock music.[1] Many of the Greenwich Village folk crowd, who had been good friends of Dylan's, took offense and assumed that the song carried personal references."

Personal references to the machine.

The matrix machine.

Positively 4th Street
Bob Dylan

You've got a lotta nerve to say you are my friend
When I was down you just stood there grinnin'
You've got a lotta nerve to say you got a helping hand to lend
You just want to be on the side that's winnin'
You say I let you down, ya know its not like that
If you're so hurt, why then don't you show it?
You say you've lost your faith, but that's not where its at
You have no faith to lose, and ya know it
I know the reason, that you talked behind my back
I used to be among the crowd you're in with
Do you take me for such a fool, to think I'd make contact
With the one who tries to hide what he don't know to begin with?
You see me on the street, you always act surprised
You say "how are you?", "good luck", but ya don't mean it
When you know as well as me, you'd rather see me paralyzed
Why don't you just come out once and scream it
No, I do not feel that good when I see the heartbreaks you embrace
If I was a master thief perhaps I'd rob them
And tho I know you're dissatisfied with your position and your place
Don't you understand, its not my problem?
I wish that for just one time you could stand inside my shoes
And just for that one moment I could be you
Yes, I wish that for just one time you could stand inside my shoes
You'd know what a drag it is to see you

Songwriters: Bob Dylan

That is what it says. Songwriters.
They got it right by accident.

He is talking to Hanuman and his dad who themselves were assuming that Hanuman was soon going to die like Kenny must always die.

And then stressed out trying within their code ability to get their message across they needed some help.

I quote that song to them all the time when they are being asshats.

To them there is an urgent problem elsewhere and yeah it's their fault.
Its not our emergency or our fault.

But I went and fixed everything for them anyways.

Meditation alone wasn't going to do it.

This is poetry

Like a Rolling Stone
Bob Dylan

Once upon a time you dressed so fine
Threw the bums a dime in your prime, didn't you?
People call say 'beware doll, you're bound to fall'
You thought they were all kidding you
You used to laugh about
Everybody that was hanging out
Now you don't talk so loud
Now you don't seem so proud
About having to be scrounging your next meal
How does it feel, how does it feel?
To be without a home
Like a complete unknown, like a rolling stone
Ahh you've gone to the finest schools, alright Miss Lonely
But you know you only used to get juiced in it
Nobody's ever taught you how to live out on the street
And now you're gonna have to get used to it
You say you never compromise
With the mystery tramp, but now you realize
He's not selling any alibis
As you stare into the vacuum of his eyes
And say do you want to make a deal?
How does it feel, how does it feel?
To be on your own, with no direction home
A complete unknown, like a rolling stone
Ah you never turned around to see the frowns
On the jugglers and the clowns when they all did tricks for you
You never understood that it ain't no good
You shouldn't let other people get your kicks for you
You used to ride on a chrome horse with your diplomat
Who carried on his shoulder a Siamese cat
Ain't it hard when you discovered that
He really wasn't where it's at
After he took from you everything he could steal
How does it feel, how does it feel?
To have on your own, with no direction home
Like a complete unknown, like a rolling stone
Ahh princess on a steeple and all the pretty people
They're all drinking, thinking that they've got it made
Exchanging all precious gifts
But you better take your diamond ring, you better pawn it babe
You used to be so amused
At Napoleon in rags and the language that he used
Go to him he calls you, you can't refuse
When you ain't got nothing, you got nothing to lose
You're invisible now, you've got no secrets to conceal
How does it feel, ah how does it feel?
To be on your own, with no direction home
Like a complete unknown, like a rolling stone

Songwriters: Bob Dylan

Hekate before she died.
A year or so before she died.
She died of Leukemia.

Reincarnated as Mara Teigen 1994.
August 1994
So she is in the universal mainframe has me and Zeus in her family and is a Catholic by design since her dad made it that way.
Their family started it so it was the royal religion.
The galactic royal family she is a galactic princess.

So you see this is all information through matrix channels and so is parallel to an earth interpretation of the facts as we see them.

But it adds a lot of depth to poetry and entertainment in general.

Here is a related song from the more recent generation of her descent and I have a girlfriend who is a younger angel she is also an entertainer Rainie Qualley, her mother starred in Ground Hog Day and introduced us.

So she can sort of identify with this song from the 80's I think since it is such an old religion and its even if you are not religious and not in the religion itself but are merely of Titan descent worse with European old culture added but even in America that ancient Catholicism comes through to some women due to the close connection between the royal family angels and galactic mainframe their heritage etc.

So Catholicism is tied in with the matrix but so is Hinduism.

And probably many more.

Philosophy is philosophy and labeling it won't change it's use or value.

But she has a great voice this girl in this song and she is singing almost from experience it seems so here you have a great deal of depth.
Religious, cultural, modern, matrix, roles for women, all these things and the scenery and the voice where she just nails it near the end.

Is she talking about the boys of the 80's?

Numerologically speaking?

8's and 'Oh's?

John Travolta and those guys? That time period?
She is talking about for the last 65 million years.
At least.

Did this not post? Oh well I will post it again maybe I missed the button before I got up for a smoke.

But yes;Leonard Cohen a male example of that same genre of old school Catholicism in them even though they aren't Catholics in fact Leonard Cohen was Jewish.
"A Sabbath observing Jew"

So he has a lot of songs with undertones like So Long Marianne and in that song he transposes himself into the position of the man of Mary's present desires the prince who has arrived is undercover living in secret many movies had come out about him where both Mary and Isis or Gwendolyn you see Mary or Isis were vying to match make with him. Me.
me me me sexy me, actually since I am a very wealthy prince and if that ain't sexy what is? In this paradigm it helps to have other attributes which I am fortunate enough to possess and rare talents for pleasing women which you may have read of in some sordid tales at night under the covers, with a flashlight. Yeah, those sorts of virtues that make the cover of dime store romance novels.

Well it made good fodder for movies from early 50's to early seventies and beyond I suppose since a prince is more than a person, he is a lot of things like a group also and a movement with followers an entourage a crown a representative all things can be thought of and thought up to make a story to sing about or some poetry to tell about it since human interest is what the writer is hoping to achieve.

So larger than life I chose to stay hidden and just do my own work I came here to do. So my legend lived larger than I did.

Why burts their bubble.

So Gilligan's Island Ginger or Marianne?

Jane Fonda as Cat Ballou or Catherine De Neuve in Le Parapluis De Cherborg?

Actually there you don't see Mary.
By this time the story is changing and they have identified me I think as not being Michael who they may have been expecting.

So then its not Mary, it will be Isis, so you see Jane Fonda and she is with a different women in the spaceship at the end the queen, Wanda.
My wife. Mary's older sister.

And then you see Catherine saying hey what about me???
You have different aeons of the same person showing up at the same time thanks to time travel.

Catherine though does a musical and superimposes the current state of affairs to quite an extent and with symbolism and props but recognizable by me as a telling of a period of my life in the 60's from her perspective.

Jane uses Americana and tries to do the same.

Catherine is in France so the movie is in French and I was a mere boy it was for the benefit of everyone else for them to know the timing was off, I was very young they were women already.

I went away she said if it takes forever I will wait for you and she did.
And I came back.

So she had I told you so on her side.
For everyone else.

But it is a very romantic movie so they tried to port the music to America and it was a hit in America as well.

Not the movie just the song as far as I know. The movie will be a classic forever.

Like Dr. Zhivago
There we see Isis now they have decided that the rich aristocrat moi will be tearing Gwendolyn from Stephen or Isis from Set who she hangs around with.

Stephen being my brother Stephen in the matrix machine who we hang around with all the time. So them both being angels in the machine people like to put two and two together and so here they are just saying no Isis is a dedicated woman and hey look at Akhenaten see me dedicated as well.
That's me saying not alone in this remember, not actually getting a divorce or anything of that nature we are not monogamous.
2017-07-24 19:28:36 UTC
Fortunately for me I keep an entire room full of angel prompters arch angels Gods and machines to help me write.

Since we are chatting and I do the writing.
For us. I assume few others read it or understand it when it drifts off topic.

But Miracle on 39th Street is the Christian Paradigm, like if it's Michael then maybe this and that and so then after I was born and ID'd as Akhenaten or similar you see Isis the blond wins and so they come out with that theme during the sixties it then in the seventies it turns into the dark haired martyr gets me eventually when I come to me senses.
The quiet shy type like Mara mentioned from Breakfast at Tiffany's which Victoria mentioned before.

Tiffany's being where they sell expensive jewelry.

So that's a classic story where the dark haired girls get the guy like me.

So they blur the lines between Michael and myself in a lot of it.
Since Christianity is the big thing in the modern world.
For our culture.

And that ties in with Wizard of Oz and Dorothy perhaps her younger self or her younger sister.

Rainbows end. Over the rainbow. Moon river.
Lots of matrix moonship connotations in there.

Inside there were no rainbows, there was a flood, then they landed on a mountain and now there were rainbows.
The exodus of Noah from the moonship to earth.

These are ancient cultural ideas that add up over time to these modern cultural concepts.

You see the story told from a European perspective in West Side Story.
Here they have Stephen with Mary.
They used to date long long ago.

Very long ago.

I still date her myself. She reincarnated again lives here in my city got a position at my dentists office so that I was for sure going to see her.
And we dated a bit then she left because she wants to look exactly like that when we get there.
My dentist said he his wife wasn't overly fond of him having a supermodel for an assistant.

But you know things are as they were.

Immortals are like that.

And I have shown this many times before this huge mass cultural underground regarding my presence yet it was kept even from myself that they knew at all.

They had an intel system going fo angels through the CNE Candian National Exhibition, in Toronto and I was born in Toronto, so they used photos associated with the fairgrounds to pass on their time travel intel.
Of which I was a part.

So they out me as Orion, who is also Osiris, and that was just a confirmation of who they thought I was. Some of them.

So then Tom and Dick Smothers get involved and make it all public with their shows and TV shows and they are there at the CNE grounds on motorcycles looking like motorcycle cops blocking the fountain of youth.

Big mistake. No one was laughing.

So they ended up trying to do damage control had rodeo clowns on their show making fun of religion and in the end they got blacklisted from TV.
For making light of the situation here.

Catherine, was not making light of the situation...
Loading Image...

Those are laser cannons.

That's a photo off set not from the movie.
Just a message to whom it may concern.

Here are the Smothers Brothers making fun of that.
But at the same time not making fun of it they happened to impersonate two guards from a higher level so maybe it was meant to be as shown.

Seems harmless enough except don;t put it with the angel work load in the to do file at head office.
Unless that is the reality of the situation.

Here is me at that time with the message from Robert, relax we are just here to do a little shopping.

So they had said it was the return of Mack the Knife.

But they meant Mac the knife.

And that song becomes a huge hit for Bobby Darin.

Three penny opera.

dot dot dot

You see its Orion he is coming.

"Mack the Knife"
Published 1928;

So the time of Tesla and Einstein and after JP Morgan was dead I think Edison maybe.
But Hekate was going to be born in a couple years so they may have got some intel and knew something I don't know.

The work offers a Socialist critique of the capitalist world. It opened on 31 August 1928 at Berlin's Theater am Schiffbauerdamm.


That offers the Entrepreneurial view of the time which tells the story of Noah's flood inside the moonship.

Completely matrix related. This happened just prior to people with our type of conscious awareness landing on earth.

So that is depth when these undertones carry through time and culture.

As Hekate was going to be born they needed to explain why she ran away with David when married to Zeus, so they came out with the movie White Zombie.

So then that stuck and is still there today. That was the first zombie movie.
That genre is everywhere.

And so then when talking about the moonship and wanting to write poetry about it and sing about it, all these elements come together...

Robert hung upside down in a moonship, they know he was a Zeus, who used to live inside the hull 2 billion years ago at this point.
That's depth of culture to draw from.
So the imagery adds to the lyrics and takes it further by far than the lyrics go which don't go back that far.
They are in the finally we are winning this ain't over mode with me flexing my muscles on their side by then.


2017-07-24 19:57:13 UTC
So then socialism the Three Penny Opera and some sort of egalitarian they figure so how far left is he and Barbra Streisand gets her man with me played by Robert Redford. And everyone goes OMG. So then how to far right is?
Robert Redford again in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, with the girl on the handlebars there. Dies in a shootout as a rebel whatever.
Like oh yeah but its a great ending.

And they had done similar before in the Strawberry Statement I think or after let me sort out these political pieces since at that time there was some real political revolution going on at home in North America.
Love Peace Ban the Bomb, and hell no we won't go to Vietnam.
And people rioting and marching in the streets and shutting down commerce with sit-ins and making protests but left wing types of resistance movements.

1970 The Birth of Star Wars, as they try to capture my like in highschool at the time.
Did someone say hey this is just like way back when the same people are here and look.

I don't know.
But I was there and I was part of the revolution.

Loading Image...

So that is pure matrix stuff there and dealing with fundamental philosophical issues and hitting them right in the groin.
Such that the entire Star wars Saga came of it.

They merely dug into our deep past and manufactured stories based on anything they could get like images or old tales or even what I was doing for the next 20 years with the people I know.
Mining that for entertainment content that might sound mythological at least.
And it is epic and very popular and has a wide appeal.

It resonates with people.

So I will show you so will understand.


Not on our watch.

2017-07-24 20:23:28 UTC
That leap.

How romantic.

Gets his superhuman strength throws off his captors and flies at the jackbooted Nazis to save his girl.

The underdog. The unsung hero. The Force awakened.

They recognized the mythology.

And recognized me at the start of that clip they have the guy ask, do you have to wear those glasses?
A left leaning softer kinder gentler new world order geek nerds computers and intellectual pursuit of happiness.
It was not a movement of dullards and Luddites. Granted the left wanted to have communes and kinder gentler religious ideas leaning towards spirituality and less dogma.
I begin to do Transcendental Mediation like teh Beatles and so many others and we all said it was not religious it was spiritual I suppose by also merely holistic health.

And if you research it is pure science.
Scientific studies done in North America as well.


An ancient form of meditation where you get a personal mantra.
That's it.

So it has to do with the way the matrix operates so you can get to a state of mind where your mind is not filled with random thoughts.

Mine is not.

The Church of Scientology tried to say with their devices you could do the same and we called them on that one.

But also the machinery has that and so to quiet the machinery I actually have to deal with all those issues or had to over 20 years.
Provide mass therapy via Hanuman and his connection to ever subconscious.

Answer every question. So that the questions would not be in a loop.
Mostly for Smiths to make their lives better.

So the reason for doing things differently has to do with the definition of insanity.

You can look it up.

And as such doing things differently will hopefully net you a different result.

Do you have to be a rocket scientist to figure that one out?
Well nerds and geeks and ready to sit not so ready to fight.

Me I fought and fought because of my wide range of traits as part of my wish to when in Rome do as the Romans do to some extent.

But I had made contact with the matrix machines early on and was in contact with the main helpers during all this tumultuous time and was related to Trudeau also and he brought in Marshal Law. He wasn't going to put up with any bullsh*t whatsoever.

2017-07-24 20:32:52 UTC
Another song from when I had my mistress?

Do you like crying or something?

We had to part because my wife ran off with the kids to her family and they would have nothing to do with her so we had to split so I could rescue my children.

So we said goodbye in my new SUV at night and Rod Stewart was playing on the radio when we kissed good bye for the last time. She was going to help me raise the kids with their mom but it didn't work.

So it's not that I was insensitive, sometimes you have to make difficult choices in life.

So there was more to this story also because of stuff that was going on so there are two songs but this one is more tragic.

I list them both though.

The Rod Stewart Song...
He gets a dark haired street entertainer to come on stage with him and do the song. Blows everyone away.
My mistress was an administrator at a college.

And this one after it came out Celine Dion did a version of it in case any Francophones missed it.

She missed the point though that the beat of the sing is a heart beat.
She missed that in her version.

1986 and I was taking on the world single handedly. But with the force of course. I hadn't won yet. I think my wife was proud maybe. Watching her man try at least try to save the world.

2017-07-24 20:52:33 UTC
I the last 10 years I have taken two good shots over the bow by two dark haired girls and you probably will not see the matrix or mythological connection unless I tell you what it is.

This is a different telling.
This is like transposing people now to Mary Isis and myself, and she plays Mary. She is black but we are colorblind in Canada and she isn't that Black.
So she can be Mary if she wants. And this is based on something she overheard me say.

And the other one where okay she is going to be Mary and really tell it like it is.

Both are great songs.

2017-07-24 21:21:48 UTC
So one of my buddies asked me what about other people?
And well if it is not about you or related to something about you you probably would not get it.

Like I got PSY and his making fun of me because I knew the circumstances.
Gangnam Style.
2 billion hits because he was representing a modern Yoda now who was saying to me sure you are a big shot now you think you are so cool you are not that cool.
The story is that first I me Gaga at an awards she was wearing a tapestry I was there with the fashion police to remove logos from clothing with an entourage of high fashion supermodels as part of my plan to reinvigorate and bring fashion closer to the mainstream as requested by the fashion industry leaders since I dated all their customers.

Makes sense and made them all billionaires.

So here we were all mobilized as part of that strategy to make people inquire who the designer is that the stars are wearing. You see that makes it more exclusive and expensive.

Today the thought of them wearing labels would so gauche.

So Gaga was there in a tapestry and so this is a good way to find the date because she doesn't usually wear tapestries to a function.

So we had not met yet but I thought she was crazy to begin with eccentric acting up for attention and the press and for sales so it would have been normal for me to ask her out but I said I just want to be friends.

So she did a huge hit song where she says I don;t want to be friends I want a bad romance.

So that was one song and in there she does this rodeo rope thing that I thought was catchy so on Fridays driving home after work listening to the radio I would have this invisible rope thing going.
So PSY turned all that into a dance.

But what really got him when he overheard me at the G20 where instead of saying GET ME MY ENGINEERS! I said GET ME MY KOREAN RACE QUEENS!
These are trophy girls in Korea.

I have some girlfriends in Korea.

But PSY thought I was being a little over the top so he came out swinging.

From Korea.

Got a lot of hits. Broke the record.
Another one was Bieber with Baby billions of hits because people were saying Oh, I wish Michael came instead.
Bieber out there representing Michael.
Who couldn't come because he had a pressing engagement elsewhere isn't that right Michael? Oh, you didn't want to be 3 and 'oh' I gotcha.

So then I got two more great songs from Korea.
One from Big Bang a larger machine.

Larger than the one PSY was representing who said you think that's something?
You should have seen what they were doing at night in our territory.

And so then another one where super hot singer dancers from Korea say we are jealous of those other girls.
Captain you are out of control.
Someone call number one!
We want you to pick us up too!

So with all these to choose from, I will play that one.
Volume Up
Who says there are no 4 minute abs.

Here you get to see a very rich full culture from Asia that has been influenced by Americanization and has classical roots and well see for yourself.

2017-07-24 21:43:40 UTC
Well since I associate with entertainers that is how I know what those few songs are about or where their inspiration for the song came from and usually they can't say publicly what motivated them.

When Avril discovered I was here did a music video I'm With You which was a huge hit then I don't like your girlfriend which many liked we are both from Ontario and very close now and always and before. We assume she followed me when I jumped. Said hey wait for me!

So she had a tough time because no one wanted us to run off together and leave everyone else out of the loop. They pegged her for a royal princess from an Olympian galaxy which is true.

So we got to do matrix things together and then we shared a lot of that development out with other people and made improvements to my personal simulator.

So we were a couple anyway but not monogamous over the years and she did more songs but the best one I think was When You're Gone.

That's personal poetry about us and our love.

And another one which became very big was a collaboration between Eminem and Rhianna.
I had dated Rhianna for a number of years since she first became noticed and wasn't even famous yet so I was her first and she was dedicated but was hanging around with Chris Brown and dating other people and she did an album about us and I asked her not to go to the Grammies with Chris otherwise people would think the album was about him and her and not her and I.
So she told him and he lost it and beat her down in the car put her in the hospital. A bit of a psycho.

So Emimem said yeah that sh*t happens in my neighborhood all the time.
And so then part of the lyrics Rhianna sings its difficult to say if she is talking about me or Jay Z who was her mentor through her career.

But I was dating Megan Fox at the same time all this stuff happened, so they put us in bed in the video, exactly how we used to sleep, and had her finding a girls number from the bar on the back of my hand. And then had a kind of Eminem playing me instead of me but with Megan.

Why I don't know.
But that's entertainment.

It's poetry, it's reality, its life and the gritty nasty side of life for a lot of people.

2017-07-24 23:55:28 UTC
Although the Brits don't get the whole awareness thing as such they still contributed a lot of people who did and do.
The British invasion, half of those bands were singing about the new enlightenment before it even happened or the day it happened.
Pink Floyd ruled for many years with Dark Side of the Moon maybe still and the Beatles White Album or Abbey Road totally revolutionary music in Abbey Road.
They brought everything including symphonic sounds and musical interpretation mixing genres and classical with modern and as well as all that they had managers and producers make them what they were as poets.

But some of their songs will live on. Yesterday has been done by hundreds of artists.

And yes they did sing about the times but from an onlooker perspective to some degree.
John was the strange one who was online and hence being online means a certain amount of responsibility in a way and weirdos went after him for his opinions and he got shot by a crazy man.

They have a million books out about them all and each one has different interpretations of events and what it meant etc.

It wasn't about them, but people did try to make it about them, and then they disbanded quite quickly.

Paul and his bare feet and Paul is Dead and all these gimmicks.

A direct comment on supernatural events experienced by me witnessed by others on my network and then poetry written and again top the charts, the record producer from Dark Side of the Moon had a huge career in his own right.
The guy who mixes the tapes and adds effects and changes tones that's the producer.

Alan Parsons (born 20 December 1948[1]) is an English audio engineer, songwriter, musician, and record producer. He was involved with the production of several significant albums, including the Beatles' Abbey Road and Let It Be, and the art rock band Ambrosia's debut album Ambrosia as well as Pink Floyd's The Dark Side of the Moon for which Pink Floyd credit him as an important contributor. Parsons' own group, the Alan Parsons Project, as well as his subsequent solo recordings, have also been successful commercially.


So you see he had a real solid network connection and could see my metaphysical activities and commented on them in ways that other aware people could understand to fuel the entire new enlightenment movement.

A hidden spirituality that was modern enough for the times.

So you see how these undercurrents fueled some real great poetry and musical accompaniment.
I mean to think poetry is just a series of lines in a paragraph and songs are not the same thing but they are.

When I first met in the physics forum and told them my formula and showed them things they had never seen before and I said I will make you a believer.
Scared the living shit out of most of academia leaving them thinking everything they knew was wrong, and again this rift seemed to be appearing between science and religion so Pink Floyd came out with song with Stephen Hawking in it, and he said all we have to do, is keep talking.

He figured that was the solution.

So we did.

At that time Black Hole Sun came out and we can assume that is about Stephen as well in some way or inspired by him.

He is into rap music in reality.

Neil Young another real voice of the revolution.

The Who also had things to say.

And here in Canada we had the Guess Who.

And they had a few really good songs one which is very poetic written by lead singer Burton Cummings who went out on his own when Randy Bachman started Bachman Turner Overdrive.

So I don;t know where Burton got the idea for this song and these lyrics but it is really good poetry.

Dream of a Child
Burton Cummings

When I was a boy I dreamed of Phillip Marlowe
He took me as his partner took me as his friend
Gave me his fedora gave me shotgun fever
Took me as his partner to the end
When I was a boy I dreamed I was a jeweler
With a family business that was free and clear
Selling golden earrings to Mrs Mickey Mantle
Trying to be gentle while I stuck it in her ear

The dream of a child, the song of a man
The key and the time are at his command
The dream of a child the song of a man
The key and the time are at his command

When I was a boy, I dreamed I saved my sister
From the Rosicrucians, for the love of God
I threw myself among them, slaughtering their numbers
Hit them where they least expected, in the name of God

The dream of a child the song of a man
Dream of a child, the song of a man
The key and the time are at his command
Dream of a child, the song of a man
The key and the time are at his command

When I was a boy, I dreamed that Elvis Presley
Was standing on my corner, kissing Brenda Lee
Mama always told me true love was born in heaven
She told me how my best friend could steal my love from me

I love Brenda Lee...
Brenda Lee loves me...

2017-07-25 00:17:21 UTC
Yes I am still talking and you know it seemed to help ease some fears.

If I am here I am not making all those strange things happen where you are.
It isn't me.

After the revolution some of the veterans of the revolution got together and did a world tour.

They called themselves the Traveling Wilburys with My Back Pages by Bob Dylan. Here he has a really heavy nasal sound because f his accident.
In his younger days his nasal thing was to give a western impression like a western auctioneer puts a twang into their voice that twang identifies him with a western sort of simple country appeal him being a Jew from the Bronx or something needing that western appeal.

Rare as hens teeth finding this recording...
Had to go right to the guardian.

2017-07-25 01:00:29 UTC
This revolution caught the American government by surprise because all their information about me and my homecoming here was above top secret. Handled by the M.I.B.

MJ12 and all those documents and reports of flying disks and all that strange stuff most of which they tried to put into sci fi movies like Earth VS the Flying Saucers.

That is the one to watch that tells what they thought happened at Roswell when I was born.

So then they were trying to connect all these weird sightings to me and my people making quotation marks above shoulders.
So they have a military guy captured in a disk turned into a zombie and they take the disk down with radar eventually.

So you try to sort that out and it sounds like the stories from long long ago when Zeus and Stephen were stuck on the ground and David flew from Mars in a disk to rescue them and just as he got there his disk crashed.
David who had stolen Zeus' wife away and now he flies to his rescue and someone brings down his disk as he gets there and it gets attributed to the AI mutiny.
Making a gigantic mess for me to sort out that took years and years.
Hanuman said it was the wind.
This is from the trial...
I had to be a traveling judge.
A small clip that doesn't show much but if you care enough you could find that area in Peru and look at the rest of the scene

So how I found that location is I found the beacon from the crashed disk.
His death mask is there as well.
In two places.
One a skull on the ground as seen from space and his death mask in the hills.
Here is the skull.
The beacon was in a straight line and it interfered with earlier satellite imagery so it was to the left of the skull where it originated.

And it interfered with all the satellite images so it was easy for me to find it.
They have since gotten past that form of interference.

Here the cross hairs on the nose of his death mask profile.

So there is a lot of hidden information in that area where we discussed the situation and it was recorded on the surface of the earth.

But going back to MJ12 and Roswell who knows if that happened or what.

The UFO craze seemed to start around the time I was born.

So America was caught by surprise not knowing what to expect and too busy with the nuclear problem to think about some visiting prince who may or may not be someone special.
They had the cold war to deal with.

They figured we will just send more young men to their death to fight communism. The big threat against capitalism.
So they were not expecting a revolution by the brightest and the best.

Rock music in the fifties were 3 chord wonder love songs, and jiggy dance tunes.
In the sixties all of a sudden here were these super groups with lyrics way over their head and the masses following them and people screaming and then demonstrations all that caught them off guard they had Martin Luther King Jr. and Alabama and all those issues to deal with so they ended up shooting kids in college 4 dead in Ohio sang Neil Young.
Southern Man the whole black freedom movement
So I was like a symbol to many of the underground as not being part of the establishment and not going along with the status quo.
But Cassius Clay also did not go to war he went to prison instead.
Changed his name to Mohammed Ali.

So lots of people were coming to their sense very very quickly where McCarthyism seemed to be able to just hoodwink the masses not long ago these people were way smarter than that.

Intellectuals on the march.
The books the documentaries the TV shows mass media flooded the world.
As soon as the war was over things went back to normal.

Prior to that one of America's great poets and still one of America's greatest poets greatest bards, Jim Morrison.

Bringing his poetry to the masses.
In a trance almost focused so that it came across the way he wanted it delivered.

2017-07-25 01:29:26 UTC
Well it was more sad than people were willing to tell. They told the story of Logan's Run but didn't tell the real story.
The Mars colony died after his disk crashed.
They never recovered for some reason and all that is left of it is a death mask of Hekate on Mars as the Queen of Mars.
Not a good image of course we assume it's symbolic and ancient and probably not true.

You know how mythology is. But it symbolizes here.

So not to worry she is fine we had great sex last night.
Did I just say that out loud?

I already told you she reincarnated and we found her.
I was very adamant that everyone be on the surface so we can see if anyone is missing.
Except for about 5 or 6 people who keep me company and who act as com officers.
Gwendolyn Stephen Michael Robert Zeus
They aren't missing.

So she had to be here somewhere so we found her.
Given that we found everyone else that's no big deal.

It just makes it fun for us and she looks like her mom Angelina Jolie even though she isn't in the same family or related as far as I know.
One of the Seven Sisters of the Pleiades.
Like Victoria Justice.

So this information is the kind of information that is behind some of the music that comes out.
This secret stuff behind the scenes and depending on how serious the times that seems to determine how much effort the poets put into their work and how much feeling or soul.

So given the gravity of the situation in the sixties that is what spawned the supergroups and intellectuals to voice their opinions based on their own philosophy one of enlightenment.

The Moody Blues were right there but for some reason couldn't quite get there. Something in their culture seemed to not permit them to understand what Alan Parson's could understand.
They could see in literature everywhere this form of metaphysics studied it understood all of that and the poetry and the literature but were not experienced.
Although you can't tell from their music.

But one song said it for them.

They maybe were not believers so that little bit was missing.

Isn't Life Strange
Moody Blues

Isn't life strange
A turn of the page
Can read like before
Can we ask for more
Each day passes by
How hard man will try
The sea will not wait
You know it makes me want to cry, cry, cry

Wish I could be in your heart
To be one with your love
Wish I could be in your eyes
Looking back there your were and here we are

Isn't love strange
A word we arrange
With no thought or care
Maker of despair
Each breath that we breathe
With love we must weave
To make us as one
You know it makes me want to cry, cry, cry

Wish I could be in your heart
To be one with your love
Wish I could be in your eyes
Looking back there you were, and here we are

Isn't life starnge
A turn of the page
A book without light
Unless with love we write
To throw it away
To lose just a day
The quicksand of time
You know it makes me wqnt to cry cry, cry

Wish I could be in your heart
To be one with your love
Wish I could be in your eyes
Looking back there you were and here we are

2017-07-25 01:48:45 UTC
She said she wanted to hear more about the music and the story behind it so I am just touching on it and in not a very linear fashion.

She reincarnated in 1994 when the Traveling Wilburys were doing their victory tour. Everything was already moved into a brand new simulator, everyone was rescued in one go, we took the entire galaxy and put it in a brand new machine my kids were also in there and everyone in my family.
All over hell's half acre on different planets and in virtual worlds and moonships.

Had to round them all up after but that was easier than it would have been in old equipment.

So teams went at it then I started beaming to all these places I found and we started collecting the people who were lost and sending them to earth.
The population increased substantially.

But the real showdown everyone expected in 1984.
It was like the referee in Britain high in the hallowed halls had declared the showdown will be in 1984 that is when the jackbooted Nazis will make their play for a totalitarian regime.

So just in case we were ready for them but to solve the entire problem in one go in 1987 before it was moved at all I accessed the server and made 20 copies of the earth.
In 1987.

You remember 1985 the Power of Love by Jennifer Rush, the mob was kicking the crap out of me well I ended up crashing their galaxy, and by 1987 by making those copies had saved the day but no one really noticed except a few people...

2017-07-25 02:26:53 UTC
As I say so few people knew that it was a non event until after 2012.

I have 60 planets now.

But back to the undercurrents. The Moody Blues is a great name for a band and so really timely like saying hey we're blue team too and we're playing.

And then they had some of the best poetry of the time. Easily with this little bit here...

Most people can remember at least some of it.
Breathe deep the gathering gloom,
watch lights fade from every room...

Late Lament
Moody Blues

Breathe deep the gathering gloom,
Watch lights fade from every room.
Bedsitter people look back and lament,
Another day's useless energy spent.
Impassioned lovers wrestle as one,
Lonely man cries for love and has none.
New mother picks up and suckles her son,
Senior citizens wish they were young.
Cold hearted orb that rules the night,
Removes the colours from our sight.
Red is grey and yellow white,
But we decide which is right.
And which is an illusion?

And another little bit here...
Such that it must have been surprising if not shocking I would think to hear this type of poetry coming from a rock and roll band.

Graeme Edge

Be it sight, sound, smell or touch
There's something inside that we need so much

The sight of a touch
Or the scent of a sound
Or the strength of an oak
With roots deep in the ground

The wonder of flowers to be covered
And then to burst up
Through tarmac
To the sun again

Or to fly to the sun
Without burning a wing
To lie in a meadow
And hear the grass sing

To have all these things
In our memories hoard
And to use them
To help us
To find...

Edge initially was a poet for the band contributing "Morning Glory" and "Late Lament" to Days of Future Passed in 1967 (narrated by Pinder). Edge himself opened In Search of the Lost Chord (1968) with his brief poem "Departure" though Pinder again narrated his "The Word" poem later on that set. Further poems provided by Edge included "In The Beginning" (co-narrated by Hayward, Edge and Pinder in turn), and "The Dream" (spoken by Pinder) for On The Threshold of A Dream (1969). Edge says that the reason why most of his poetry was recited by Pinder was because he smoked so many cigarettes and drank so much whisky that he had the best voice for it.[1]

Later in 1969 as the Moodies launched their own label Threshold Records, Edge began contributing songs, his "Higher and Higher" (a spoken lyric over music with a dramatic 'rocket blast off' opening - as usual, it was recited by Pinder) commenced To Our Children's Children's Children, which also featured his instrumental composition "Beyond".

So quite a talent there which was able to surface with their music.
The studio recordings perhaps the best because of so much soprano and that is always difficult to do.

Elvis would hit close to the right note at the crescendo but not actually hit the high notes and even Glen Campbell had to harmonize the high notes because he couldn't hit them.
Just some great sopranos were there in the 60's with the Beach Boys and their hit "Since she put me down now I'm doin in my hand"

You can imagine how that freaked out the likes of Perry Como and Ed Sullivan so they had to change it to I'm doin in my head.

Meanwhile not far away people like Frank Zappa were pushing the envelope to the edge.

Ozzy Osbourne was acting like a devil worshipper with really loud rock and roll music I am sure he never made it on Ed Sullivan.
Black Sabbath.

But some people over there were still 200 hundred years behind the times like Ed Sullivan and so they invite the doors they censor their music and they do the show and ignore the censors.
Ed freaks after the show says you're through! You will never play the Ed Sullivan show again!
Jim said "We already played the Ed Sullivan show man."
And they left.

Ed Sullivan was the last moral hold out.
Elvis could not be seen below the waste.

But at that time of Ginger VS Marianne, this song came out with a jungle beat, a swing beat, reminiscent of the Gene Krupa drum beats and Benny Goodman big band jungle music for Faye Ray and Tarzan and all that swinging monkeys for Jungle Book, the Orangutan that sort of beat swing beat.

The 4 seasons.
They had a soprano.

So here is one version from that time full of mythology but a very lousy recording.

And here is the good recording...
More than one soprano. But Frankie Valli was a good soprano in the studio.

2017-07-25 02:39:27 UTC
So much of Led Zepplin's vocals used so much soprano he could only do it in the studio and only once.

He was never able to do it again.

And every time he tried maybe if you don't play an instrument it isn't painful but if you play an instrument know music it sounds so bad to hear him off key trying to hit those notes.

Gaga tries to explain it to Stern.

2017-07-25 02:57:12 UTC
You would be surprised how much soprano is in rock and roll.
The Bee Gees one of the most obvious.

But to sing the type of rock Led Zepplin sang really required a soprano.
And often raspy sounding voices are very popular as well but they don't last long.

Lately they have gone to machines to correct the tonal quality with computers and they could imitate most of that.

Maybe people like Bieber use the voice correction.

Sia though comes out on stage so people will know its her even though she doesn't like to perform live.

So she did some songs for my wife June that June prompted.
One for Gwendolyn or Isis and one for me.
From a mother perspective.
Like when we were young.

Not factual but more a comment that we are still young.

So her's is Chandelier...

Amazing poetry from a young girls perspective in this competitive world including her internalizing and her feelings.
Like so many girls on youtube who hope to be discovered.

And this one was for me,

Because the hull of the moonship is Titanium.
2017-07-25 03:31:40 UTC
When Hekate was my mother here as Madeleine she died young of Leukemia as a martyr to the Jehovah's Witness cause after she was excommunicated.

It's a long story.

Lets call it a sixties protest.

So if they were going to sing songs about the mythological woman who walks in our midst they would have in 1968.
After she was dead.

BUT we were here in secret undercover. So no fuss was made that I am aware of while she lived.

But let me see...
Lady Madonna by the Beatles probably.

Bee Gees I've got to get a message to you is sort of related so it makes me wonder.

Honey, Bobby Greensboro maybe.

A few tragic loss songs came out at that time.

But movies like Love Story where she dies.

That came out in 1970.

That was tragic and so they wanted to really drive the wooden spike as deep as possible into my heart oif they could since I was there on the carpet with my brother playing jacks while she was dying in bed and we stayed there all night when she died.
Our religion didn't make it a big deal so I didn't cry much.
We expected to see each other later and I saw her numerous times after that in virtual spaces and in the Egyptian underworld she would send me messages and the machine would put it into cloud mail so I could be on my porch in the morning in the country drinking cappuccino watching cloud mail from my mom in the underworld.

I would film it occasionally since that was how I was getting my mail not imprinted on the earth at that time.

Some times I would share it.
Zeus did a good 2 minute animated film in the clouds since the tabloids were always getting just the one shot so I got a 2 minute photo-realistic film with him explaining things in his own words.
So then I put it to music and added some editing at the end where using computer technology the scene morphs into me in a lab with my youngest daughter there and me with my hand on her head.
His granddaughter.

He said he was like Old Man River.

So I put it to music and shared it now long lost but the song remains.

And Frank Sinatra did a great version.

But the original musical though...

2017-07-25 03:43:56 UTC
I actually have a recording of that song even better than that one but that is the sincere original.

But as you might expect they tried to outdo it with a more classical operatic voice where the temple would collapse probably or the walls of Jericho might fall down if this guy were to sing this song in their direction he projects his voice like I don;t know a triumphal jubilee. Like soon salvation or you know somehow this is more than just about the Mississippi of course it is about freedom and going with the flow.

And Frank Sinatra's version

Another song from that time for Hekate was done by Billy Idol
Eyes without a Face.

After when she was in the Egyptian Underworld and wore a veil to be mysterious.

2017-07-25 03:51:49 UTC
The most beautiful song?

Probably this one from 1969.

So you see it all really happened after Hekate died. At that time there weren't a lot of other mythological beings engaged in saving the earth.
So it brought out a lot of poetry and emotion.

And movies like Love Story and so many others.

But this song.

I don't even know what it is about or who it was for.

2017-07-25 04:14:33 UTC
It's our yes;official angelic family day today so we will no doubt go into the wee hours for Hekate if it is Mara or not we will do it anyway.

We assume that Mara is Hekate and we should try to bring her up to speed on the wonderful things that happened after her martyrdom since we are in a position to maybe do that a bit and speculate heavily but it is fun and much was said behind the scenes in various ways.

So I put everything else off and even left the flat tire where it was which I am sure is driving some guys crazy thinking about it in my crew. It's like just sitting there. Why aren't people on it???
That's what I want to know. lol

Did you see the note from my daughter Savy on her jacket or shirt yesterday?
I mean God is messaging for that girl.

Her other dad I think drives a race car or works in the pit for the NASCAR races.

That's big stuff in 'merca.

Yeah that's what I need. A pit crew.

Apparently buying new tires isn't enough.

Well getting back to where we were...

So the what a lot of really moving occurrences and combine all these different movements like JFK and Bobby and Martin Luther King Jr. and so many musicians were dying from plane crashes or overdoses as well.
So it was all quite tragic there for a while and the war in Vietnam.
And the hippies were being beaten up in the south they said they did movie with Jack Nicholson Easy Rider.
The Strawberry Statement also came out but one thing changed the world.

Gimme and F!
Gimme a U!
Gimme a C!
Gimme a K!

Whats that spell??? Whats that spell???
I know this by heart.
Well c'mon all you big strong men uncle Sam needs your help again...

2017-07-25 04:43:46 UTC
In a rather shocking surprise to most people later the woman who played you on TV died.
You know she was everyone's favorite.
Elizabeth Montgomery.

There were thinking well Isis, Gwendolyn, Jeannie, that's an obvious one I dream of Jeannie nailed it for all to see since most people knew Gwendolyn they have made 100 movies about her. They know she lived in the matrix mainframe and mainframe's can change reality.

So then well Hekate is the queen of the underworld that's got to be the dark haired mainframe the Titan mainframe which it is, and mirrored in a dead moonship as well that I visited once that whole black lipstick thing from Hekate in a visit to my simulator once.
So then in the same way she spawned the punk movement as people take everything to the extreme.

She was just adapting to her environment.
And looked normal and beautiful just had black lipstick which was very unique but other girls wear it now.

She was just the first to wear it in public not in a drama or some costume show.

So with Olympians having genies the Titans had witchcraft or magic words and spells or spoken commands to the machine.

And they got a little messed up over that and thank goodness I am the best therapist there is to straighten that mess out.

Which I did in a few short years.

I explained it quite well I said ok, now pretend I am the operating system we are at Starbucks sitting outside you want me to buy your coffee ok shoot.

And I introduced them to the operating system and the one above that and above that to great large gigantic ones.
With awesome powers over reality.
And they don;t respond to magic words at all any more than you would nitwit.

Like Aleister Crowley or the Nazis from the ending of Raiders of the Lost Ark that is always what happens to the people who think magic words and potions and such can control the universe.

But also I introduced them to the mainframe who changes reality while I drive down the road to make a sentence.
Pretty much.
Thinking things into existence with entire histories like nothing.

Orchestrate the entire scene of several thousand tourists downtown broad daylight just take over and put everything in time and I film it and you can see synchronicity in real time.

So we did that while I was testing the machines under him so we tested 3 machines so that they would not feel like they were under the knife or something.

But that much ability without breaking a sweat.

So when I put that video to music of course everything was perfectly timed already.
And the people are driving buy smiling signing and everyone knows that we are watching this one young teen age girl walk down the street we are playing a group game of freeze frame and double up she wants to play double up and has to pick someone to share a room with and so then here is the big thing she is pondering and the entire area is in on it and watching.

To see what she would say by signing.

But that was just the scene and it was done to prove a point and put everyone at ease.

I ended up taking hundreds of hours of film downtown to mirror my anthropology signing stuff remotely in Hollywood.
To do a control group.

And to keep things open and honest and up front.

And it was fun as some of you remember.

But by then we had taken over the world and everything.
You know the war was over the victory parade behind us and we had moved on to our own little world or make believe that we made for ourselves.

Here in the city.

2017-07-25 05:20:12 UTC
Yes I know I am big trouble Savy is supposed to sleep over tonight and I am late.
But she can sleep over two nights.

There I beamed her beside me and she can sleep.

Well God said you know so.

Anyway, lol I love my children I wish we could live together some day.

Until then we will just keep on keepin on maybe learn some negro spirituals. It worked for them and they got to be president.
From slaves to president of the United States in my lifetime.
They couldn't even get on a bus if white folk said they can't.
Where I was of course we were color blind and all our pamphlets had every color person in them as we went door to door me with my little suit and briefcase ignoring the signs no solicitors or religious freaks.

So you see? I tried to get Michael elected and I went pounding on doors and showing then using the scriptures their evil ways before age 10.
Like we were supposed to in those days try to save some before she blows.
I was just a little sheep following along.
They were all out of their minds.
I didn't figure that out until I was 12 though.

By then Hekate was dead a few years.

The swinger thing though.

Bob and Carol Ted and Alice and all that as the generation above our generation got caught with hey how come things are so much better down there where you young punks are when we went through the fifties and survived by drinking booze?

Well the M word is used in this has to be called New Age hey incorporate everything religious ideas hey freedom do what you want so many attempts at expressing personal freedom at that time. If it feels good do it. Slogans like that.

But as a cultural norm that was attempted in Jesus Christ Superstar where they try to make it relevant to the modern world.

And one part of it is Hare Krishna Hare Krishna you know some added Hinduism type of thing from the Hare Krishna and then it goes Marijuana Marijauna Juana juana Hare Hare.
So there you go the whole paella as it were.

A Spanish national dish with sea food chicken goat cheese vegetables fruit all the things you wouldn't put together I think and in a tomato sauce.

That was their solution. Move to the left.
By going to the right, towards the Eastern philosophy.

So even George Harrison was singing my sweet lord at that time.

I was really hoping recently that he wasn't singing to me.

I was thinking Hmmm.. I was doing some tings and that but naw he wouldn't have thought and that sort of thing makes one uncomfortable. It does me at least as you know like when they started calling me that at work after they found out some things at the Empress Hotel.

But moving right along I was blown away the day the Hare Krishna showed up in the school library sanctioned by the school they had surrendered it was cultural awareness day sort of anything goes and there they were singing and dancing and clinging their finger symbols and the new age of reason had emerged.

Simon and Garfunkel more intellectuals were singing the Sounds of Silence.

In super clear sound newly available. Crystal clear sound finally had arrived and if you had a good stereo like they did at the library and a good set of professional headphones like they did it sounded like you were in the studio.

Compared to the usual AM music fading in and out and interfered with and crackly skippy records.

Finally a full sound and direct reproduction.
And FM was fixing radio.
These things happened quickly.

Once momentum was there innovation upgrades technology just started to flow without war this time.

It was not the driving force of the tech revolution that was part of the new enlightenment movement and the nerd geek revolutionary wing.

Those were exciting times.

A lot of hard work though for many years.

That didn't kick off until the late 80's really.
The music was not great during that period in general not like it was in the 50's 60's and 70's.
With all the problems solved in 1987 when I made 20 copies of the earth and we backed up all the people as well.
After that it was maybe more difficult to feel poetically motivated or moved.
So people you know just carried on as they do and wrote love songs and things.

Some ballads about injustices done to boxers, bikers, whoever.

Not a whole lot to be worried about so the real intense music seems to have come to a halt.
Pink Floyd though was designed to be listened to when high on pot so it took advantage of spacial distortion and new technologies.

One band that had a huge cult following and still do are the Grateful Dead.

There is a road, no simple highway, (If the Smothers Brothers will get out of the way)

2017-07-25 05:44:14 UTC
It's true when I rolled up my sleeves and went at it I didn't leave them much to worry about behind the scenes or in our faces with It's the End of the World as we Know it but I feel fine which came out.
Sowing the seeds of love was a good song that tried to explain where we were at now. Without anyone looking too closely at how different our new galaxy was compared to the old situation of impending doom duck and cover.

All of a sudden it was party time.

Two movies explained it all reasonably well M.I.B. and M.I.B. II

Somehow after that the little problems seemed smaller still.

But when I think back to the late sixties there were a few times when strange sorts of songs with ideas and cultural inferences seemed to come from off planet and I wondered if indeed we were going to have an advanced civilization and earth would just mature quick and the movement would continue at the same pace it was going at.

This song by the Supremes unlike any of their other stuff and it comes in at that moment.

So here in fact is a live version where they say it was like hey, didn't we just go and see West Side story? Where the heck are we now???

2017-07-25 06:26:57 UTC
I suppose things moved from NY to San Fran pretty quickly as well.
Like an exodus.
It is warmer there outside in the park or while hitch hiking since everyone seemed to be poor.
But somehow they got roots.

Lived in their car for a while or whatever.

Then the jobs came.

Click on max for the 30 year chart to see the spike of spikes.

So that was a fun ride.

I worked from home a lot during that period.

The music though was not very inspired since what do poets know about computer programming?
That's all we ever talked about.

When I invaded the science world single handedly and threatened them with true religion if they didn't stop trying to destroy the earth like that, a few sings came out but they again were whiny sort of quasi-religious then Kurt Cobain killed himself.
But nothing like the 30 years prior.

With people convinced the world could end at any moment they seemed to need faith just to get by one day at a time.

This was what their world was like...

Their vision of the future...

their fear of the present...

More worst case scenarios than you would think...
Night of the Living Dead,
and so many sci fi movies but quickly moving from a small film studio and warehouse to full productions with special effects and direction by Stanley Kubric.
Welcome to a futuristic view as with many other films in that genre very quickly developed and evolved.
But Kubric again in A Clockwork Orange.

And lots of shocking things like Andy Warhols Frankenstein in 3D out to be the grossest movie ever.

The new freedom was putting pressure on the censor boards everywhere.

Mary Tyler Moore kept everyone sane all by herself until Jen could get here.

Once we made that leap to the happening there was no going back.

Supertramp was out there with a new old sound of some kind that was unique.
They had some great songs that were very orchestral. And had a quote from Churchill and all these other things that had inspired them.
But they still called themselves supertramp and acted like my buddies from home.

And the Dooby brothers ok we are losing them now does it get anymore normal than them? Luke warm porridge and running out of problems to sing about or great deeds at this point.

Enter Jimmy Buffet.

ZZ Top and bands like that with maybe Metalica still saying there are demons under the bed.

You really have to go back in time to get at meaningful poetry.

Even the song Honey...
This is the age of innocence with the Carpenters and bands like that and Elusive Butterfly and songs like that.

2017-07-25 06:57:03 UTC
Well its true that I had a very small cult following through the seventies with some songs about my sad romantic failures as they watched from on high and made comments and about I was doing all this stuff and hurting the ones above me who were forced to watch me cheating on my loving faithful wives in heaven and trapped in moonships needing rescue badly while he is doing all this stuff.

Mostly I don;t know if they were singing about me or more about themselves or people were projecting again like that song Jar of Hearts this is how Mary probably feels Rick.

Remember that one time at NY fashion week I was so excited I went shouting hey everyone guess what? I just found a website in Italy that has Armani suits for 100 bucks and Gucci shoes for 50 bucks!

And Jesse J came out with the song price tag and said forget about the price tag Rick.

I guess I was playing the wrong game.

All through this entire epoch country and western music remained unchanged.

But the world was changing quickly and now with the cameras they had and the music was big and bold and global or bigger than that James Bond and you are watching him from cameras on helicopters from a height while the music plays and
everything was larger and more professional and more extreme.
Action packed.

Westerns were still popular and John Wayne refused to say die as long as he still had to get, those cattle, to water.

When movies played on TV if you managed a good antenna or more than one maybe and had access to a lot of different films for the first time.
So when films began to come through TV stations there was already a large library of films to choose from from all over the world. They just dubbed them in English.
It gave you an entire new perspective on the world seeing so much commentary on the world through films and so much new stuff that after a few years you had seen all there is to see.
Every famous place a tourist would go.

But some classic literature in film that you wouldn't go to see in a theater but will sit through for something to do on TV so a lot of good shows from British literature. Done for the silver screen.

I don't think American film found that style very profitable preferring sure things like Disney movies and lots of Americana after all that is what they were promoting around the world. Hollywood and the American theater (read:culture).

I heard recently that David Bowie made the man who Fell to Earth as a parallel to Tesla.
Which is quite interesting.

There were a lot of sci fi classics made like 2001 and Star Wars Star Trek on and on and then Stargate and that evolving from the Star Trek genre.

But the music was not great without adversity.
Bowie did some interesting music for disco at that time but mostly disco music was not poetic.

Jethro Tull was an interesting band that had some poetic lyrics.

Chicago another band that had a big band lots of brass and poetry.

Matrix poetry with paella I guess.

For some people maybe many the happening plopped them in paradise apparently.

2017-07-25 07:16:49 UTC
Certainly by then the alien invasion was in full operation and was impossible to hide the guys all had hair like girls and a crowd was full of androgynous people.

Chicago did another song "cry sweet tears of joy, make smilllle"

It's poetry...
So then people started asking well what in the heck is going on???
So Peter Sellers and Shirley Maclaine Not simple road not highway Mac lane, Shirley good friend of mine out on a limb for my cult following and people wanting no demanding to know how they can see this so called happening experience.

So they do a movie Being There.

An attempt to somehow portray things on two planes of existence at the same time as if that was normal.

I will show you the trailer...
It's a classic...
Not so much about a blind Watchmaker but about Chance the gardener.

2017-07-25 08:03:57 UTC
Well previously angels were like genies in films. Like Clarence.
Or generally any movie about angels so they started to say well maybe the Jinn are like angels and American culture jumped on any way of portraying the concepts while removing religious implications so what the public got was Jeannie and Samantha.

Both able to just twitch their nose or blink to get things done instantly.

What was that all about?

When do we get that? We are still waiting for that and some have given up completely. All the Young Dudes is an example of that.

David Bowie and Mott the Hoople.

Prior to that gays were being beaten up in bus depot washrooms and that is all the gays there were.
All 4 or 5 of them.

One of the funniest movies which parodies all this stuff is Something about Mary. So in the movie she is blond of course not dark haired because they don't know what all this talk is about Mary.
Or who Mary is.

Yeah so the guy has a body in the duffle bag and of course as he is there trying to pee at the rest stop the cops raid it for guys hanging around there having gay sex.

Situation comedy.

The more poignant sarcasm came in as Mystery Men.
That was another shot across my bow.
Same actor played in that movie.
Ben Stiller.

One more level maybe as a man where his fantasies come to life his life is able to drift off into adventurous day dreams and back.
Ben Stiller again now with better graphic capabilities.
Welcome to the matrix.

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