What if On Water
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reber G=emc^2
2018-03-13 19:19:17 UTC
Earth is a rock covered by 75% water.All other rock planets are dry.To say comets hit the Earth and gave it water is crazy.Comets are dry.Moon is dry.All proven dry.We spent 100 of billion $$$ proven they are dry.Not one molecule of water found in 830 lb of moon rocks.Why do imperial thinkers still go with snowball comets? Ijust can't get Bert
2018-03-13 19:57:46 UTC
"reber G=emc^2" <***@gmail.com> wrote:
"I just can't get it" but given that "reber G=emc^2" is
<http://tinyurl.com/The-Chosen-Graveyard-Vandal> who
pimps <https://tinyurl.com/Glazier-s-sexual-harassments>
and constantly posts -tales-about-tails- to hide and cover up
<http://tinyurl.com/Swine-Glazier-s-REAL-intent> [1] which
is very different from SwineBert's posted, phony Sanctimony,
(see Bert's filthy and criminal details inside [1], wherein
Bert says:
"I am a proud Jew with a Superiority complex & an
IQ of 1.22", and "I know how everything works." because...
"My Grandfathers had tails". Trebert (see link [2 & 3] below)
"The bigger their tail the more they looks like an
asshole on steroids" (asteroids). No tail very small. It fits Bert
"Most have one tail. Some have two, (WOW)

"They have little spin if any at all." "They do not rotate"
"They hav no Twins. Even ones with two tails."
"Their tails show this reality when making U turns". Trebert
which is why...
"I park & bark in the dark. I'm of low wit & a stupid shit."
"My bar tab for Bud Light broke all records". Bert
"I use Cocaine which is a wonder-drug for me". Bert
"I am all alone in my van with my bucket that I shit into"
"I have profound conversations with that bucket. (see link [3] below)
."I feel very safe when I lie. I will lie till I die.O ya. Trebert."
"Why am I posting this, it's making me cry as it always does"
"I am all alone in my van and I am very depressed". Bert
"Why am I not loved by all. I am very depressed". Bert.
"Being Jewish I know this is so very true. O ya" -- Bert.
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