I thought you said heaven II
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2018-03-12 23:10:03 UTC
The reason my crew was giving me grief on the weekend was because I said hey, no problem, you can go as far as Rosie's no one will know what is behind the hallway door, that is why Wanda hid it there.
As far as anyone need know I live in a room in the back of Rosie's pub.
Second floor and no you don't want to see my room. It has dirty socks on the floor and stuff probably. Lets meet elsewhere.
Meanwhile I keep all my alien technology to myself.
What does it look like behind the hallway door?
Oh just this...
Loading Image...
a transporter door.
and this
Loading Image...

and this in a giant egg shaped holodeck accessed via stargate in the transporter.

and no one would know in here...

Then I could write the software make it all work, hook up the Lazy Susan's and do all that.
Nothing to it.

All you need is a smart fridge, and peg it to the floor so it doesn't move so your door coordinates don't move.
Get the coordinates of the fridge door openings as seen here, the two bottom ones would do fine.
Loading Image...
Then I will make an app that messages the control room computer and requests a door at those coordinates.
The door it wants would be picked from a list which mirrors the warehouse storage lockers doors. By contents.
So you just connect storage lockers with the fridge door area.
You open the door the locker is there. Take stuff out. Get an empty locker, open the door the locker is there, put stuff in and save.
Then when you want your favorites, just one locker to open.
You see the bar to the left of where the fridge is...
You can see the fridge through the bar...

Ok so why do we want to get our drinks from the lazy Susan smart fridge instead of building bar cupboards like at Rosie's which has 2 foot square old style meat locker handles for the ice box to put drinks in cupboards.
Why the fridge?
The height.
Tall bottles.
Loading Image...
Some of these bottles get quite big.
So you have 30 inches easily and could use all 4 door openings.


If you have a drink taller than 30 inches it would need to come out of a stockroom.
Like these things they had in Old Town San Diego, those tall beer glasses, 3 foot tall, like a trumpet. Useless it shoots at you right into your face when you lift it.

A yard of ale.
Loading Image...
Retards, your bus is leaving.

We can do without that so 30 inches will suffice.
Anything larger get it out of a storeroom closet.

Like for champagne breakfasts with a fountain and all that get it out of storage via a closet sized store room. 20' x 20' Like where you store kegs maybe or cases of beer. So you want a series of those store rooms as well.

So then what you need is not cupboards behind the bar, but a door to a store room.
Loading Image...
It's not the most convenient the way it is now.
Loading Image...

So to the right of the opening is an area large enough for a door.
Better still put 2, 4 foot tall cupboards there and one you can get at from the other side. Just in case. That seems ridiculous, 30 inches should be plenty for any bottle. And I would even make them walk to the fridge to get anything that tall.
And just put normal Lazy Emily cupboards 2 feet square like the plan for Rosie's. Have one large cupboard low, a lazy Bridget, for cleaning up spills.
Everything you might need there.
Well if you need a wheelbarrow or a stretcher maybe a closet door is better there.
Yeah nice neat fake cupboard doors and an Ipad to order drinks, pick your door and you could do that from the dance floor side of the bar.
You see there is a small wall there too around the corner.
You could put a very nice drink door right there.
No place to put a drink cupboard there but to the left of the dance floor.
And to the right. There is room for a door each side which could be any connected space at all like a Lazy June 20 x 20 room.

So with fridge and beside the snack bar on that post you can fit a drink door that operates via an Ipad.

I fixed that wall on the left in this diagram. It seems to me that there are lots of places to put fake doors and fake cupboards.
Straight through the short swinging door there is a wall right there that could have anything such as a deluxe kitchen from a 5 star hotel attached and powered and propane piped in, fat fryers stock pots all the equipment.
And just dial up that stock room.
Have a library of rooms that you might need there.

A deluxe commercial gourmet kitchen. I could get a copy of the Epicurean Gourmet house kitchen I used to work in, years ago from Time Stretch Earth, or Hy's steak house, or the Hotel Grand or the Empress hotel here in town.
It would be fully stocked as it was and frozen in time.
That would be awesome.
2018-03-12 23:44:24 UTC
You look at all that stuff and consider it can all be replaced by the little door to the left of the snack bar on the post.

Put one lower as well and Tallia could reach it for smoothies or juice.
You probably want to then restrict what it can have in terms of hot items.
Or alcohol.
Then the kids get their own little door.

That entire cappuccino kiosk could go.
It should go.

Then you would see the transporter behind it...
Loading Image...

You wouldn't notice it gone.

The smell of coffee in the morning might be nice but if you have ever burnt coffee in one of those you know it smells like hell.
That would never happen with the Lazy Emily cupboard and you could then just get drinks anywhere in the ship. All you need is your Iphone and these cupboards placed around the ship.
Here you don;t have much for a vertical wall but surely there would be room there somewhere in the smoking room. Then you don;t have to get up, just get a drink out of the cupboard.
Totally awesome. You always need a drink of some kind in the smoking room.

Looks like room on the left to put a nice cupboard.


And then if you wanted to you could put a handprint inside once you open the door for all alcohol if it was a problem.
But probably it won't be.
And so then you can also get any kind of pot or smokeables from Pineapple Express here in town, you know total head shop with all the scientific expertise the full range of products, plus every kind of tobacco.

I think having it as a ship, helps you to say, well no hard drugs or limit the alcohol or you know be responsible.
2018-03-13 00:53:07 UTC
You know the main suite..

back up from the smoking room on the right and there is the main suite.

Very simple and just a nice hutch and a round bed and nice deck.

Not a lot of vertical walls. But to the left is a walled area where a door can go and also on the right just past the hutch.
So I elongated the hutch to make more closet space but that could be reversed.
And then that door that exists for the fire escape could be a fake door such as a stargate door to a large Lazy June closet, and that is June's quarters and why we called a ladies closet a Lazy June closet.
20' x 20' and so then in the warehouse, such as this...
Loading Image...
You could paste 10 or more 20 x 20 boxes that could contain items.
Now the interior could be just nice wall paper. It is just a closet, It doesn't need windows, it needs to look like a closet. She doesn't want to sit in there and enjoy the view, the view is on the deck, so in there she would need shelves and clothes racks and shoe racks.
Probably numerous versions of that type of closet.
Then a complete Bed Bath and Beyond with all of that and so then you start to think well maybe she wants the whole store or a fashion outlet complete.
A copy of a shoppe from downtown NY or Paris. But no in her bare feet in her house dress she wants to walk into her closet get her fuzzy slippers.
BUT you should see how tiny her bathroom is. So now with that door, she can have a Greek Villa, and go bathe.
Or something more practical like a deluxe bathroom, or, just go to the castle, except it has a really lousy ancient bathroom.
From 1902.
So we won;t even use it, we will just change the door into a stargate and connect that to a wonderful amazing bathroom villa.

Lets face it, if you are able to connect a bathroom anywhere, why not have the ultimate bathing place with everything in it. Sauna, steam room, Jacuzzi, pool, rest area, gym but we have a gym downstairs and a hottub...
We don't want people to be isolated we want to do things together.

So maybe having just a real nice personal mansion sized bathroom is the way to go.
I think the way to go would be to have a library of bathrooms.
And then over time find a favorite.
Then when you need to use the bathroom by an door that has addressing ability like a lazy June closet door and those will be everywhere in every room in the building where you would have a closet.
So then you use your own bathroom.
Dial it up with your Iphone open the door after it connects to your bathroom.

So that takes work in the warehouse to connect all those bathrooms.
So first thing you would do is change all that and not have that warehouse.

You would be far better off, just copying the entire building and pasting it in place, then place a large plastic tank at the sewer end.
Every time you use that bathroom and then close the door, it gets restored from backup.
Not just that building that world. That world 350 miles across would house many many buildings like that since you want to choose.
And so then it comes down to maybe sealing off the doors so you don't have an exit other than how you came in. The rest is immaterial. It will be as it was when you pasted it, frozen in time, no bugs will increase their populations or any thing change at all.
So the thing is if you want a really fancy bathroom you probably want it in a holodeck with a real changeable view outside the windows as you lay in your large tub. Top of Manhattan view or whatever.
So that is not hard to do we have a bay window holodeck now and that could be copied and used for that.
Well lets face it also a home handyman like myself could turn that room into a fine bathroom with very little effort and bit of fussy shopping.
Install marble, and granite counters, and jade floors, and fancy fixtures and gold taps and yeah it would be easy to do.
Then you have your bathroom and you know rather than do it twice, I would make June's bathroom, and then have a copy the same.
Why not have a door in there then, that goes to a steam room, or a sauna or any sort of room like that.

So I think that over time it will improve by designs being added.
Things like a fire exit should be in every closet, like in the ceiling, a panel comes down, a ladder comes down or under a carpet a panel lifts up and its a stargate again but it is your fire exit.
Or emergency exit of any kind.
In that way you integrate that form of safety off every room.

I have a walk in close that I don't need now.
I put a little bed in there for the kids to sleep over.
If you examine the design it is made like a place where kids can run and skip as they go.

Its supposed to look fun and playful. Good for morale.
This is what we have for a dance area with mirror on the wall.
So that wall you can put a dance bar there and all mirrors and use that area.
That's where my office is in the ship, and where the matrix computer is connected to my pc.
There is also game controls that can be used to fly the airship or drive a race car or whatever.
But for programming I lay back, with a wireless keyboard and mouse and just program away after after hour.
And so being in the TV room the kids will maybe want to watch a movie or something and then I will have to take a break.
Or vice versa.
Like too much TV oh daddy has to do some work now.
just that easy, if you plan.
2018-03-13 01:16:58 UTC
There is a slight variation between the design and the reality of the way things turned out.

For instance my quarters as seen here using a camera lens that makes it look long...
So these beds turn and lock so I have a screen behind my bed as well that can be art or view or camera or whatever.
So that was how it started and then now it looks like this...
I removed that hutch the screen, the wall behind it and put another bed there so then there are now three beds there.

Originally behind that screen was this...

so we opened it up and added a bed to make it more fun.

So this is what it is like now and has been for some time.
I mean there is just no sense changing it. It has been that way for years because of necessity.
Sleep overs, quality time and all that stuff and equality and friends and you know.
Here in the basement, that transporter would lead to an attachment for the airship.
So you go in, you have your computer screen, you select an attachment.
So you can just imagine the millions of attachments to your airship that you might want to make.

Just for the prep kitchen there, to give it everything it ever wanted that door would connect to store rooms diners malls who knows what.
Certainly all it needs and more could be had with that transporter door if it can access Time Stretch Earth and that is the plan.
To be able to use the backups as a form of time travel by restoring the backup onto another planet.
Then drop a door using the control room down the hall, then go through that transporter or the other one.

These are serious doors down here in the basement.
Not closet doors, these are your proper stargate, addressable, with time travel, and reset capability, snapshots, restore body, send email, etc etc etc all the technology is centered around the door itself. Two computer networks, one for Internet and one for the doors.
The doors are manual, you have to turn a knob so that the door can't be ajar or the knob won't turn.
Humans are still needed for something.
2018-03-13 01:41:10 UTC
Yes I am flattering my wives, you have to go up to go shopping...
and down to go to Rosie's Pirate Cove arrrrghhhhh
Wanda only put that one in, and made it navy blue.
It has a door inside, then past that the hall door in Rosie's.
I have been through there through Rosie's to the water and back to the airship.
And did the final inspection.

Oh she is there alright and then they built the bay window holodeck across the river, at the girls camp, hoping it was the boys camp, and then piped the signal from the airship through Rosie's to the bay window holodeck, and then I went there after watching the construction, and then did that final inspection and it worked perfectly.

So right there is some rather spectacular technology and so it was also hidden in the backyard of that townhouse.
That technology is so amazing, that we are building trains that don't move but the scenery does. You can watch it roll by or pull down the drapes or in our case if you own it, then choose your own scenery.

Loading Image...
comfort and luxury.

So why that when we have this???
Ask my wives, and my girlfriends.
Send in, the clowns.

Well when you have your own space like that you have your own room.
So crew quarters are you get your own room. You don;t always want to go to your own room, you just can if you want.

So then we were thinking of sleeper cars and for sleepovers.
So you could try different tings but to make it standard, the crew quarters look like that.
Not much room but on the wall behind the camera is a door to a June Closet with attachments.
In other words a million different attachments attach to that room.
And it is a bit different than that.
To the left of the bed, is a desk, then a closet.
The desk is important, because that's their computer server.
The system automatically backs that up for them.
The library, one of the key pieces to this entire puzzle, looks after so much of the actual organizing of the data.
So to make that easier, I design standard sizes and standard things.
Like a Lazy Susan Smart Fridge and even select the item.
Only the one type or that size so then that warehouse project, can make 4x8 foot by 3 foot lego blocks with voids the size of the fridge door opening.
Print those with our 3D printer. Easy to do we can print a cabin with that thing.
So then organize those in the warehouse get the math, get the addresses of the doors needed and then into the computer control room computer then up to mine it is upstairs of it.
So although it always looks like the control room controls the world, it is just a facade really and can be turned off without affecting the operation of the ship.
The basement can be ejected lol or reset.
At some point. Right now the elevator locks.
Future upgrades will make the basement a module and so that has already been looked at so that other people could use it and it would be a standard device.
It then looks like this...
Loading Image...
and can time travel.

Supposedly when we get that all together.
2018-03-13 02:10:00 UTC
You know my wife and I and more than just one of them are concerned there about security.

I would think before you get to that world, you need to have a handprint and clearance according to the jewelry that was handed out.
So 120 people maximum have that jewelry and they are all hand picked.
Rosie's is on a necklace.
Another piece of jewelry is for the airship.
and our islands.
The rest is just like to make it more promising. You know. Like a vow.
But it is still useful for clearance.
To get into our castle or similar.
That's the best I could do from here.
With the whole world to choose from.

So then we would still want some things prior to granting access to the airship to everyone unless it was behind Rosie's and in a big hangar that you could see behind Rosie's and did not have a stargate but had a holodeck.

So 4 levels of civilization probably can have access to 4 levels of that technology.

We will see when we get there.

But handprints work the doors so you don't need passwords.
Makes it easy.

One nice thing about all that like the train, what we want is a buffet car, that is from a library of buffet cars.
And for that to be our central meeting place as a large family.
For lunch maybe.
Then if that is a hub, the food holds them there long enough to be spotted.
handprints tell you where people are though.
In essence this entire complex, is our house.

So that means we need security. And so then that also means we shouldn't connect things outside of our own zones. Back door access by the general public can't be allowed. So we have an airlock in the airship holodeck. Nothing behind it.
Cold space.
So I was told.
So then the front door is Rosie's and that is a secret door.
We will change that once we have it addressable.

Then we will have double doors, that fit like a plug into white buildings.
To make a proper library complex.
Out of giant white buildings.
Loading Image...

You have a moat around that area and so it is like a desert island.
But it is just a moat a mile wide.
You have a door up by the white building and some grass huts.
Its a nice big place for a huge number of people like 200 for the day easily.
and then an empty white building two city blocks long.

Well we changed that and made it easier and decided just to use these instead.
Loading Image...

Then if people change those into something and give it to the library they can join the library and use all the ones that have been added.
Now since everyone gets one, a family will have a few and well why not work on it and make a garden out of it.
Paste some buildings in and you have some cool library items.
Paste in museums. Art galleries. Libraries. there are millions.
2018-03-13 02:55:57 UTC
Well if we standardize the basement we only need to go to this wall.
since the transporter should be able to provide anything you might need behind that wall.
At present there is a military style bathroom behind it in case you need to go or are sick or who knows.
Behind that bathroom is the loading bay.
So that loading bay would be an attachment through that door.
At present that basement has its own real loading bay. So Michael asked me what was in it and the same stuff you have in your garage of course. Junk piled up.
You need it. Just not right now.
So we use it as a garage.
But we decided to do it smarter and to have a garage for every different need.

So whatever your trade or your profession, your garage would be outfitted with the tools of your trade.
Again a library of attachments for the basement because behind that door, is a large garage door.
You could drive a truck through that door.
And if you had one on the other side of the loading bay and those also exist, then you can just join two highways.
The possibilities there are endless.

But with ours, we have a door on the right, that is a garage door, and so to get that door open you use your hand print, but you should actually be going through the transporter here...
single person entry. It needs to count how many people are using that door and limit that to 200.
As soon as someone exits that world, that is outside the garage door, then that number is reduced.
All the doors are networked.

So even there you can't let more than 200 people through.
Fire safety and crowding laws etc. Small worlds, 350 miles across can support life for 200 people. Long term.
So that's the law and so to get out the large door you have to first go through the single entry transporter, so then why not just make attachments and seal the other door in the loading bay. Use it as some battery storage for the huge Tesla batteries to power the ship.

So then the double door is a go and 22 feet wide and 14 feet high is semi trailer max so 14.2 feet high or 15 feet.
So then that has to match up with a wall inside that large hangar.

So any concrete retaining wall that was that high would do.
Look on the right hand side that brown wood there is a perfect spot right there.
You just install a wall and garage door 22 feet by 15 feet high and a frame a foot wide and make sure it is anchored into the ground with concrete pylons and steel reinforcing and with pylons out from the door edges in case a truck backs up. So they don't hit anything like a gas station. That well protected.

Then you are fine.
And so you change your garage you change its contents.
You would want to have your own storage lockers or your own garage.
Maybe several.

You know if these were laying on a tarmac in a small world, and remember the door is inside and not visible from outside. It is just a metal box nicely shaped but still it can sit there with a hundred thousand similar boxes on that one world.
But it still only serves one ship at a time.
So it has to go all on one or two worlds unless you are wealthy.
What about a lending library? Well that is part of the library and they will do that for special services or government services and that sort of thing.
They give out garages for firemen and fire rescue, ambulance, forest rangers, animal hospital, flood control on and on.
The people themselves make these and give them to the library to join.

They can get an empty box the planet has many many of them perhaps with their warehouse that serves their lazy Susan. What they would give is a copy, since you might be an expert or researched it and made a cool needed thing.
All the supplies should be free from the library to begin with, and you add your work only.
But it gets done.
And specialist rooms as well for whatever need there might be.
Cars is one thing and a lot of them. The library would catalogue all of them in time.
2018-03-13 03:31:00 UTC
Well the library is the thing and since it is so important, I am going to start my own first.
So I will dedicate a few small worlds to warehousing and put as many warehouses this size as are practical to have level ground and some protection from the elements if needed.

Probably you could find that building power it with this...
then install your lego blocks. Now these can be solid except they have a void inside.
2 feet would be too deep, no back wall, so 22 inches gives you 4 inches of plastic between them and use plastic steel in the printer if you can.
Since you only really need to print one and then copy and paste.
So inside the block 4 inches is an 18 inch deep void then 4 inches of wall then 18 inches of void then 4 inches of plastic outer wall opposite first.
Then there is one beside it and one beside that and one beside that.
4 per side. 8 in total. 18 inches again wide and 4 inches off the bottom then a void 28 inches high then 4 inches of plastic on top. And you then make the tops stack-able and the sides also interlocking with a simple peg out and a peg in lower down from the matching block.
To keep them from sliding sideways. They all have to maintain math accuracy and fit together well.
Now the frame of the opening is 4 inches wide so you have some play there. When you open the fridge door you will see some plastic framing that opening and that protects the door edge as well. Still you need to have that line up well and have a slot for the door so that the edge is protected by a rounded interior edge. The door being a bit large than the opening.
Run your hand on the inside of the opening and your hand goes through the opening and nothing more happens. It is just plastic up to the edge of the door flush.
So then fill warehouses with lots of those and then record the coordinates and paste things in to see if you have them in properly. Do a few tests. Like add contents and save.
Do a backup first then restore.
So that when done the control room computer which is ok to use for now, has the coordinates of all the voids that can be connected to the smart fridge.
We will also add doors the same size as drink doors around the place and anywhere we need small items.
We will use 18x18x28 as our standard size for a Lazy Susan cupboard.
Loading Image...
and it fits within the normal cupboard size as well if you wanted to add that to your cupboards.
You want your door to cover maximum 36 inches high by 26 inches wide.
You run out of plastic edges past that point and a second void might show.
But the fridge is a good way to have a standard start and use those sizes elsewhere to have access to the same library in those warehouse buildings.

So then with the control room computer it attaches a door to a void in a block by address, and coordinates, then it connects the fridge door opening to that. It then sends a wi fi message to the computer that the door is connected and that appears on the screen on the fridge and a light a fake one goes on.
Bright green for ready.

You open the fridge door and put contents in and save and that is entered on a list and you add a comment what you put in there.
And take a picture of the contents and add that to the file. That is for the library.
Now whenever you want, you dial up that door, get your contents.
And since you saved it digitally, it is always there fresh again same as when you put it in and perpetual.
The library has that on file and shares that information of you allowed them to do that. This is my own library so I just share it in house that way.
The library software records all the details.
No one needs to man it, it is all done by the software.
2018-03-13 03:55:31 UTC
What I do is simple.
You are at the fridge you make a door request for an empty door I copy that door and paste it into a different world that is a staging area.
Now you can take your time filling that box it doesn't affect the contents of the other world.
So then when you save save, the original coordinates are used to put it back. To paste it back into place overwriting what is there.
Like a partial restore.
Now the world is not on and things pasted in when it is paused.
So their shelf life remains the same always.
If it was hot going in, it is hot still.
Cold the same.
So then you see you will need as many of those buildings maybe as you can fit there comfortably.
But always the addresses have to be accurate and the inside edge should be 1 inch rounded at least to give you some play on z depth on the door edge so it is smooth.
Then you are golden. The users themselves are the ones who build the library and they also do the admin by taking a picture and listing thw contents and making a category listing. Garbage in and garbage out so you have to be sure to do it right the first time. So you want to save, well the door maybe needs an interior camera with flash to take the picture. Maybe 3 angles. With zoom.
Make it happen automatically it won't be forgotten.
Can you scan the item and if you do will it help?
Not unless the item is in the computer since a bar code is a number that matches a product in a computer system.
So the grocery store has to enter a product code into their system. Then scan the item at the till, it looks up that number in their system, identifies the product or else it does not know what it is either.

So it is up to the individual to list the contents or photo the labels individually.
But then some character recognition software could gather information from the label. That would work so well that you should really put it on a pedestal rotate it and scan it.
Now that item would have information on that label such as calories.
So character recognition software could read that label or some of it and garner information that would not otherwise exist in the system.
Now if you have a way to analyze the contents that would be even better.
But you could use the Internet, save pages into the file.
Anything at all you can do will help.
So the Internet has to be there on the door or on your phone you look it up save the page that' a lot of information in the knowledge base for that cupboard.
Maybe you are looking for Russian honey mustard.
You put honey mustard. Or mustard.
No one may ever find it but if they do they would then edit it and put Russian Honey Mustard.
So then you have a Wikipedia situation in the normal world but not usually in a household.
You know people have killed each other for that.
2018-03-13 04:52:40 UTC
A hand held scanner set up with a tripod and turntable or just rotate it slowly by hand.
Or pass the scanner over it.
Whatever as long as you get the label and ingredients.
You want to be able to use OCR software to garner information from those images.
In fact you are far better off placing the item so it can have its label photographed accurately.
I would say you need still photos but have to unwrap the item by scanning it first. Scan the item then make the wide page.
Lay the label flat, the picture of it.
Then the software can scan that photo and find text and put that text with the items file.
Animal vegetable or mineral?
What is it? Vegetable beef soup.
Um, now you are screwed if it is both.
Well it has to appear in both listings doesn't it?
I think so.
It may be combined ingredients but they fit both categories.
or the other way around.

So you might be too lazy to do that for everything.
Maybe you just want to remember in your head what your 5 favorite cupboards have that you put together yourself.
And never mind all this scanning business.
Well when you have thousands of items and can't find what you want then you will maybe regret not spending the time to begin with and keeping good habits.

Speaking of Russian honey mustard I invented a new mustard today.
Made a sandwich that was to die for. Ham and cheese and lettuce and mayo and not honey mustard, I made Canadian Maple Syrup mustard.

Always a bigger gunfighter. Powdered mustard, and maple syrup on a ham sandwich.
Awesome, amazing, as you would expect, but you never see it.
2018-03-13 05:08:58 UTC
Timing is everything. Just under the wire last night.

I'm supposed to throw a party tonight but I am not sure I feel up to it.
I think I will just go get them and whatever.
Fall asleep on them.
After last night. 2Am we start our family get together.
Honeymuffin. I will last another hour at most then pick you up I guess.
Life is good.
Well Olivia and Jamie and Emily and Bella and Shay are sleeping over.
Well I tried but maybe tomorrow since I had to say up late on your day Sunday.
We will squeak two days in this week somehow.
2018-03-13 05:50:04 UTC
Zeus says its a grim week this week because I have factored out the librarians and they were planning on leveraging them into a shadow secret government and then starfleet command and who knows what else. 2 by 2 everybody into the ark.

Meanwhile back at the ranch...

How large is your shopping list? 20 items you extend that to 30.
Well scan the labels and make sure your cupboards are organized since you really just use the same basic ones every time once you find your favorite best.
Heinz ketchup sure but is it a darn good bottle of ketchup?
Why would you want any other? For posterity?
Maybe you keep no name ketchup too?
So then what about Kraft Miracle Whip dressing?
So ok Bics pickles?
You see my culture has pretty standard food like Campbell's soup.
Want to try some Chinese chicken noodle in a can instead white eyes?
No? Same of Campbell's soup or make your own.
Chinese chicken noodle is not going to be better.

So maybe your deli items that maybe you won;t eat you tried them like walnut cheese thought it was crap are you going to even list it?
Maybe some day you will say you know what would go great on this apple pie? Some good old imported Walnut cheese from Britain.
I don't know. I think cataloguing things is like data collection some times.
Not always useful but oh well there it is. "Try that, maybe that will make them go away"
Who knows right?

So for sure if you take your time scan the item, scan the label use OCR get the link on the internet for that item, save the page.
All the text in that file gets added to the warehouse knowledgebase.
Then you can do a field search or filtered search etc.
Look for keywords.
Well that's not going to be difficult to find all the items with lime in it in significant amounts since you will list that.
Lime juice. Fresh limes. Limonade.
Punch with lime.
Lime jello.
Probably there are a thousand things made with lime.
Lime candies maybe 1,000 types from all over the world.
So then where do you get the stuff?
Well Time Stretch Earth or else the present earth or a copy or like that.
You may have to go shopping and get it, or open a door at night and make it yourself there to get the special recipe right and save it piping hot.

You just need to get started and soon you will fill a warehouse.
Then fill a second one with ready made dinners you made yourself.

You can make it more organized by saying well this is a lazy Susan cupboard used for these types of items. So pick what it is from drop down lists or create a new category.
If a self serve checkout at a grocery can list all its items any software could be made to list almost every known item if you spend the time.
All to force the user to catalogue things properly.

If you have an MP3 player collection or library that should be an indicator
of the need to spend the time, do it once and for all time, get the information down, even recipes with it if you have them.
If the OCR can't read the label at least get a photo of it and you can zoom in and read it.
Take a few seconds to add things to the listing.
What grouping would you give it? General cleaning supplies?
Fresh produce?
Morning related?
You see you can add truths at any time.
It all helps.

Mustard what else can you say? Great with ham. Ham and mustard.
Great by association.
Sandwich category.
Dinner category.
Power or pre-mixed.

So you are looking for a product you can narrow it down by asking your self questions about the product your are looking for.
Is it used at breakfast often? That's a big help to narrow things down if so.

If you have a lot of photos of labels the software will just plug away at it for hours or days as needed getting all the words at its own speed.

Much easier than copying them out by hand.
2018-03-13 15:43:22 UTC
June was reminding me that I designed a runway in the airship right here...
Behind her suite where the mirror is going for dance. Then a large center section has to open like a door to the left, and then a runway pulls out and chairs are stacked on the runway it is only a very short height.
Then inside are all sorts of designer clothes and costumes. Its a Lazy June closet.

You can see how large the airship is by looking at the size of the patio furniture.

And in that example, all you need is a fake door on a wall or behind a mirror section, you push the side it pops open like a cupboard then swings flush and out pops a fashion show ready to go.
2018-03-13 17:18:27 UTC
Well to fill the cupboards and closets of this ship...

and it is attached to the roof of a hangar that is egg shaped and the scene is projected onto the inner surface of the egg with lasers and looks real.
That is how it is done according to my engineering staff.

I have seen it been on the deck and it looks completely real off the deck.

So then that is inside a moonship. and then it is attached by a stargate in the basement in a transporter door to another moonship. That one is terraformed and is a domed half sphere. 350 miles across.
And we copy and paste things from earth onto it.

So the the airship requires warehouses to store the contents of the cupboards which attach to storage lockers in the warehouses.

The warehouse storage lockers are stocked AFTER they are attached to a cupboard in the airship. Things enter the airship from various means including shopping then things are stored in the cupboards and the contents saved when you backup that entire warehouse world.

Now we divide things into Lazy Susan Lazy June etc, so a Lazy Susan fits a door in a smart fridge we selected. 18 deep, 18 inches wide 28 inches tall.
And so then with that as a standard size for all Lazy Susan cupboards then the warehouse world for those, which is considered perishable items, those storage lockers are all that size.
Those storage lockers are made like a lego block 4 feet by 3 feet high by 8 feet wide. They have 4 storage voids in them on each side that size centered. 4 inches of plastic supports the block around each void and they can be stacked like lego blocks.
So then this being geometrical the coordinates of the doors are easily determined as the blocks fit together tightly. So then a warehouse like this...
Would work fine. You just stack your lego blocks to the rafters and fill that space. Then copy and paste the whole filled building and do it again and then if you need more room you do it again and again.
You have 350 miles in diameter of space to fill and it is dedicated to Lazy Susans alone since perishable goods are there and that world cannot be left on.
So you can't use anything that might be there such as an attachment for the airship since its no good if it is not turned on.

So one whole planet just for those sized storage lockers and then all that is inside of them, is well recorded, the labels photographed and OCR software gleans information from the photos. This requires rotating the object on a turn table but that system exists.
Then the image is stored also as a flat jpeg that is then scanned for text by software and all that information added to the file for that item.
So the user just scans what they are adding and while it is going around they can write what it is.
So you have this on the counter beside the smart fridge. You have your items you want to put into a cupboard. You scan each one, into your Ipad, then you tell the system to get a storage cupboard door, it gets an empty storage cupboard and then you put an item in, and you say add item, and you add the scan for that item, and you information, including Internet links you save the pages, not the link.
It wants the text in the pages for when it does word searches.
So tell the system what it is, and its done. So then you put your 10 items in and you close the door and you save, and that cupboard will always be like that and any time you need those types of items you need only call that storage locker, and then get your items. And it restores that world from saved condition every time you use it.

The Lazy Susans need two worlds one for staging to allow you time to fill the cupboards. It is just a temporary space where your cupboard sits while you fill it so time is not added to the warehouse. That world is not turned on. It is frozen in time. Paused and some day full of stuff.
That would be the Lazy Susan wing of the library.

So then the fashion show closet, that is behind the dance mirrors in the lobby,
look at the far end the wall was paneled with wood but we will make that all mirror. For dance practice.
And so paneled mirrors so that the two center panels can swing open and lay flat and then have decorations like stripes and that to outline the opening for a fashion show.
So fashion show style art of the back of the doors so when they swing open and lay flat they look like they are supposed to be there.
So then now this would be a Lazy June closet and those are usually 20 x 20.
So probably 20 feet of runway could roll out and then be locked into place and it need be only 8 inches high.
People sit down in chairs so 8 inches off the ground is still up in the air.
They have heels on as well often.
So then back inside where that came out on both sides would be clothes racks.
And makeup and hair stations but then what? Well its a Lazy June so there is a door to a closet that has makeup stations, and then there is another door that has hair chairs, there is another door that is a large 20 x 20 bathroom.

So they often have a Lazy June inside so you can chain them together and some times like here more than one. It has 3 Lazy June doors once you get inside the first one where the runway rolled out of.

So now you have lots of room to have your own Victoria Secret show and that is what we have been doing. Having our own Victoria Secret show there once a year or so.
2018-03-13 17:59:01 UTC
So then the next size up from a Lazy Susan is a June Closet or a Lazy Wanda.
Now a Lazy Wanda is the bottom half of an island in a kitchen.

So many kitchens have islands and on the back is smooth and flat. So it is sooo easy to make two doors there and when you open them there are two rolling bins or carts.
So that is what that is for maintenance, management, stock as in paper products and things like equipment that size it is management stuff like for hotels.
But your mansion needs paper products and a place to dispose of large things and you know even a couch you could break down and toss in there and close the door and its gone.
The one space two carts two bins allows you to open the both doors, put something in, get rid of it that way.
Kids are immune they will reset back to their transporter, dogs will not. It's buh bye.
Maybe they ran away?
Anyway for large taller items or a larger storage cupboard that is the size of a door itself, or two then you see if it is perishable like a giant roast that is wider than 18 inches, you probably need the option of Lazy Susan doors that can match up with a transporter door.
That's the easiest solution because a door is a door is a closet door is a hallway door so the transporter has one in the back.

So to connect to any door of that kind all you need is your Iphone or a computer and it has a computer.
So in this situation here where Wanda needs something large...
She walks over there attaches THAT storage cupboard there and in this case it could be a walk in freezer, a smoke house, a walk in fridge, a gourmet kitchen, you see that door can pick an address and it can be anything including a Lazy June, a Lazy Susan closet, not Lazy Susan Cupboard so again it is perishable.
So it goes with the warehouses only these go on a tarmac.
They take more work so they are put on the staging area first. Pasted there maybe from a copy of the earth.
Then somehow made usable then copied and pasted onto the tarmac paused in time in the warehouse world.

So she dials up a walk in fridge, one of 20 available by this time in the future and so she knows where the 35 day aged beef is kept and its not cold in there because it was frozen in time. Only the meats are cold and produce in there.
Kept that way in transit until stored.
So she grabs some steaks and closes the door that world then restores from backup and the steaks are replaced.

She wants parsley, so she can time travel and get some from Chelsea.
We know where that is.
She is in Bangcock Poleland.
Or we could just have a nice herb garden in a greenhouse all set up perfect and turn that world on, go in, the meat is rotting over there in storage boxes it won't smell for a long time get your herbs, pick them, and so your gorgeous greenhouse filled with fresh herbs exactly as you transplanted them then they were frozen in time.
Frozen thyme.
Something like this maybe...
How ambitious are you? Want cinnamon bark on the tree?
Loading Image...

I would want several of those. Another couple I like are these two. One at the Calgary Zoo...
and in Edmonton...
they have tropical envy that's why.

So easy to just copy and paste and there you have instant gardens, get them at night there would be no one there and they are operational once you connect water power sewer Internet.
But if you are just getting flowers for the table or herbs for the table you don't need to hook up more than the lights or since it is daylight outside
and they are glass houses you needn't bother even with that.

All you do is connect the door and you are good to go.

So those you see could be off the lobby as well. So they just attach to the transporter door.
And if they are perishable like in minutes then they need to be on the Lazy Susan warehouse world otherwise a two day reset is good enough so take your time walk around enjoy.
Pick some fruit and some berries.
Maybe there are song birds in there.

So one other style of Lazy Susan is where you open the door and it is all cupboards you can reach into.
And so it might be as big as the entire opening or deeper it doesn't matter.
It is whatever you make and paste into place on the tarmac.

Now the idea that it is like a big wheel that you turn and the cupboards change is true although there is no wheel.
It just connects top the opening of the storage box that has a normal sized door that matches the door inside the transporter.
Now you see again if Wanda has to walk up the stairs and bring a cart down that's inconvenient.
She doesn't want to do that.
So she uses the other transporter there...

These ones look big and bulky because they have computers in them and a chair and a screen and they have lots of control and power and options and things they can do. The normal cupboard doors don't need any of that.
These are for transportation but you can still use them as a closet door if you want to.
You just need the address and need the door to match up with some sort of fit.
2018-03-13 18:42:39 UTC
Well if you do the math, a warehouse like this...
3,000 can fit there so maybe 6,000 storage voids if you filled that with lego blocks 4'x8'x3' high.
10 high, 25 deep 12 across per open area.
So then examine this little shop in China. How many items do you think they stock and so then is 6,000 storage cupboards enough room if one little shop stores this many items?
314,252 Items Free Shipping
Dinodirect in China.

So if you had 100 buildings that's only two store inventories in essence from what is available.
So you might need to copy and paste those now before they get filled and start out with twice that so 200 warehouse buildings on that Lazy Susan warehouse planet and then tarmac for what?
For deli's and markets in their entirety. Since this world is dedicated to our family and our ship only, it can put the cupboards out of service while we go there and get something out of a store. But since we are filthy rich, we just spawn a copy, use the copy, and don't put the ship cupboards out of commission someone will need to get a drink.

So if we are going into the world, then it has to have a door sized opening. So those are not cupboards.
So then you see we use the transporter door since that tells you that you are going places. You are going to go in and walk and maybe walk a lot to get to the back of a grocery store that is huge. You might need a cart or a skinny electric vehicle with a wagon.
It might be heavy. Maybe a large ice sculpture or something.
A huge champagne fountain.
Made of gold and silver.
What would she want with that in the crew quarters in the basement?

Who knows the fact is you can bring large things in with equipment like a palette jack if it will fit through the door and you know it won't.

So that is unfortunate and so to get a piano into the lobby, you need to connect a double door there a temporary door and move it there from the loading bay.
So that is the door where the fashion show is. It has a double wide door there.
So that is if we got a special piano from somewhere we would put it in the loading bay then later we would connect a door from the loading bay, to the lobby.
So now the double sized doors are an attachment to the airship, its not the real loading bay it is the one through this door...
Since that would be for moving furniture, so it has a garage door and then inside there somewhere a double sized house door.
It would have things for moving furniture like blankets and dollies and carts.

So then that is not a perishable item so it doesn't go where the Lazy Susan stuff is.
But this entire market will be there.
Brand new personally inspected state of the art.
Loading Image...
So that one has most of the stuff we eat in it on purpose to make it easy.
And the best you can get and almost all organic.
Local stuff from our organic farming industry we built a bakery and stuff it every day with the best bread this planet could make.

It even has the 35 day dry aged beef strip loin for steaks.

So then not satisfied with that we have one that collects things from all over the world and again sells our bread like it was going out of style.
Market on Yates...
If you are ever in the Stephen King movie The Mist, where you are trapped in a grocery store, pick that one.
Loading Image...
So again if you were to ask how many items does it stock? Hundreds of thousands probably. Who knows the place has so much variety from all over the world it would take you a hundred years to try everything once.
And expensive items.

Their deli has bison and you name it. Gourmet food.
So since I know that place and inspected it to some degree delivering bread there we will grab a copy of that as well.

We could grab Save On Foods in Oak Bay as well. And probably the Chinese one Fairways in Oak Bay they have specialty foods.
For fussy people.

So whatever grocery stores we decide like Catarina Deli, the busiest deli in town, uses our buns which are to die for...
But could it compete globally? No probably not. Probably only Red Barn Market, locally, can compete globally.

2018-03-13 19:15:56 UTC
In terms of bare necessity stargate needs, we could get by with one door. And size it position it and use it as needed. We have one door now, that has been sized and positioned as needed.

So all we need to do all of this...is this...
If it can position its door.
We don't need the control room or anything else.
We have a special vault that has been made to take my brain object and small disk and it has a copy of the earth right in it.
So that fits under that transporter.
So that all the technology is right there.
Now then to control that computer however, the wires go to the control room and to my pc upstairs.
So then the control room has a terminal, it accesses that computer (ideally), and positions the door from a more comfortable interface, like flying a camera.


Now at present my pc upstairs is connected to the matrix computer and that's ok for saving data. Admin in terms of library storage of data and permanent records of the people.
That's like a normal network, and it saves things to disk. It just saves it to the matrix computer disk. So that it lasts and lasts hypothetically forever.

So then for immortals to keep their records over a very long period of time in this case 2 billion years.

That's what was allocated. Space for that and all the rest.

So then the transporter though it should be able to use that one door we have and move it where needed if that is the only door we have.

Now I am sure we could copy and paste it since I already made a copy of the airship the door and Rosie's pirate cove planet. To have a working copy.

But even if we couldn't we have the door already and it could be positioned and so then if worst came to worst, the door there would open to a cupboard.

We would still use a moonship 350 miles across and maybe warehouses as well.
But what would be easier is paste red barn market and put a door in there.
Or even just outside where the shopping carts are.
You see if it is just for our own family, well that's as much a part of our culture as anything. And people love to shop and people love to cook even though we would certainly have a full library of buffets.
Firstly, pick them out of Time Stretch Earth, but check to make sure no one on the cruise ship got sick from eating it the day before.

Do cruise ships have the best buffets? Or does Vegas?
You could watch the food being made also.
If you can't find anything to eat there then you are a retard.
All the same people still want home cooked meals their favorites from elsewhere and on and on.

But just take a copy of those buffets and have them in your library and all you need is well maybe the entire ship but possibly just the buffet area.
And in fact maybe the serving tables.
You see that would be how you would get the buffet. Copy and paste the serving tables into some large space prepared for them. It would still need to be elegant like the train.
So we would just use our train buffet car, 100 feet long, and place the tables or displays in that and then save that world.
So again its perishable but at this point not a problem.
It is when you make it.
So it is pasted into a world that is paused.
So you want to connect an attachment to the train car, and so you select a buffet car from the library.
It should tell you what is in it and show you pictures.
So then where is it?
It is sitting on the tarmac but in a holodeck.
A Quonset type hut or tube with a smooth inner surface for a projection screen.

So as you use it, all the train buffet cars are getting cold.
But when you are done that world will reset.
So you are ok to have 10,000 different buffet cars on one planet.
So then all you need again, is one holodeck train car, empty, then you load that as an attachment and you put the tables in there as quickly as you can by using the moving attachment in the basement.
So the buffet car needs double doors to get a steam table through so just past the bathrooms is a wall you could use.
Anything like that a wall that is there without the counter.
Then a double wide door could go there and you could easily move steam tables quickly into place.
To keep things hot and fresh.

So that takes a bit of effort but the rewards are truly great.
2018-03-13 19:57:51 UTC
Well the reason that everything is in that one transporter door is that is my reset point. If I reset I end up in there standing up. Or sitting down. But being a big boy who has been to many a rodeo of this type standing is fine and ready to solve the problem.
So the computer there is master control.

So that transporter probably will have limited access so we have two downstairs.
In the basement. And so then even the world it is connected to is a secure world that requires a high level of clearance.
And at present that door is left propped open.

But at some point all that will change when construction is finished.
The engineers are finished but I will add things when I get there.

So they are putting my small disk under that transporter though, in that new vault mechanism, rather than in the console of the control room.
It just makes more sense to have the controls where you reset to.
Faster response time than leaving the transporter walking or running to the control room.

All the same all you need to do to operate the computer from the control panel is use a wi fi network connection or a cable wire.
And a cable modem. or even two phone lines and a tel modem.
So many ways to do it and the same with the other computers in the airship.
They all need some access to override things and to order things and to access data.
The ships computer, UK Bridget, has her own console now but we are giving her one of THESE!
Here is her present console by the door looking like an ATM...
On the right.
A temporary situation while this was being made., I designed it on the dance floor for the dance floor. Holotube.
Loading Image...
So she has a bunch of stuff there to work with now.

And the dance floor...
What it needs is a thin transparent film that unrolls and comes down.
Peppers ghost style holography.

But you know I didn't invent this technology just figured out how to do it.
Star Trek, hand held holotube device for looking at holographic images...
From Alice on the Edge of Night.

But all the same there it is and so it is going in our lobby there where her console was and she looks different from that image.
We have a standard blond stewardess.
That we use.
So as a stewardess if she locks you out she is just doing her job, not a gone mental AI named HAL 9000.

She can't do much though. Just the lights the music the doors if you have jewelry they will open automatically that sort of thing.
Lots of that wouldn't have been installed yet.
All added extras and computer technology.
And some kind of snow maker for the dance floor that you turn on and it blows a bit of snow and you cool off.
The kids love it.
So the hologram dance floor is to learn dance lessons and the teachers are in the holotube there which in this case is the plastic film that rolled down.
And to watch that form of entertainment but its a tiny stage there for that just that dance floor. SO really it is for instruction.
And at this point no content of that sort even exists yet.
So it is a futuristic concept but the holotube by the front door is for information and some admin access but not much. It is not a real intelligent AI it is like Siri in your Iphone or Windows 10.
Not like matrix AI at all.
It will tell you what you want to know based on the button you press.
2018-03-13 22:05:38 UTC
You see our plan is based on our own needs.

So the idea was that from there we would end up at this double door in the buffet car once it is installed...

Just as a prop so my engineers knew what I was talking about.

So the prep kitchen is supposed to be able to connect to that door via the transporter here...
And that lip on the floor of the transporter removed so you can roll a cart right through.
You see that door connects to the buffet but you see it has a single door so it needs an attachment a double door on both sides so one goes to the train buffet there and the other one to wherever you might want to deliver food.

Suppose you are having a big party here...

So you use the prep kitchen add that double door attachment, then get things from the buffet and bring them over including the steam tables themselves if you want.
Now the reason we still have the prep kitchen is people bring stuff and you need counter space or you forgot something you know it is handy.
But that is what it is for. To organize party food.
Including in the lobby, so then again those double doors where the fashion show is, open and allow you to actually put buffet tables there if you want for the party, and the dance floor is at the other end.

And that's right, a good way to do the dance floor holotube would be to have a track in the ceiling and floor and then pull the film around like a curtain.
They use film to do it in Hollywood like the Tupac hologram.
2018-03-13 23:21:26 UTC
Well it wouldn't be heaven without the buffet car library.

Vegas has a lot of buffets but I think they might be the low end free kind.
Maybe there are some gourmet ones.
Worlds largest buffet would fit in our train as is.
and the Guinness world record
So much selection.

And I think if you can isolate the object while the machine is paused then copy that object and paste it into a warehouse that is paused. Then plan your arrangement in the train car arrange your items on the tarmac to the shape you want then copy and paste them into an empty buffet train car.
That's the easiest way then it is the exact way it was and no need to even plug anything in you are going to eat it right now.
What if you were late and the food is cold? Use a lazy Susan cupboard get a meal out of it. There would be a million in there to choose from and probably all the meals on the buffet table would also be part of that library.

There would be one on the wall for sure. For drinks and everything you want.
Right beside your table booth by your leg you could have a cupboard just for spills or napkins or tooth picks or ketchup or a million things you wish you had but forgot to get.
So use your Iphone get the booth number, dial up what you need connect that storage cupboard there. Open the door get the tooth picks.
Loading Image...
You have enough height under the table. 28 inches is cupboard height.
So there against the wall you could have a lazy Susan cupboard.
Always have everything you need even sit down get food and eat and dispose of the dishes right there.
So much of it all is social and visual and the buffet excitement. And making up your mind.
Even though you have this instant technology at your fingertips, you don't always choose to use it. Ketchup or mayo or whipped dressing?
I would think so. Always and even vinegar and salt and pepper and Parmesan cheese and chilies and crackers bread sticks dinner rolls butter margarine jam peanut butter etc. Lets face it we need a lot of stuff.

So this works well for us to have the food organized and visual and fun to enjoy.

And at the same time we build a library of these choices and the storage of it.
In the warehouse worlds.
So for the buffet in the train you would need its own world since you want to change the buffet maybe three times a day.
To clean it you reset it.
when everyone is finished eating last one out turns out the light and presses reset.
If they want they can pick the next buffet or the first person there will.
It could feed 200 and that is about how many our community will probably have.

So feeding the airship and 40 people would be easy.
That's 42 right there.
This is another nice design...
Loading Image...
Observation decks and lounges are out there in large numbers.
All you need to do is paste them into a holodeck connect stargates at each end and the train cars connect. And also be able to change the address and go elsewhere. But to do that at the end of the car you need a single entry system, then you can use your hand print and go where you want. Where your clearance will allow.
The idea for us would be to have double doors that can be connected to a lobby to make it easy to get in and out. Rosie's pub would be a sensible place to connect to.
2018-03-14 00:01:08 UTC
This design here...
Loading Image...

is the best design we have seen thus far.
With some alterations like the hallway is part of the room and a desk and closet are beside the bed towards the hall.
Mini bar facilities, would be a Lazy Susan cupboard and would give you access to everything you might need there in terms of food or drink or supplies.
18x18x28 you could get a pillow in there, sheets in there, all that and more.
Magazines. Games. Electronics. Lets face it it could fit in there like luggage so you could also have all your luggage in there.
Other than things you hang up.
18x18x28 is the standard moving box size.
At any rate that room design also has a great little bathroom. If you had a door off the wall there you could enter your favorite Roman bath or whatever you dialed up from the library.
The closet doors could be stargate doors and addressable to take attachments for the train car.
Like this...
That is what we are getting.
Behind the bed is a built in wood cupboard that extends to the left beyond the wall there.
That wall is moved over quite a ways.
The train is fake so this part doesn't have to be accurate.
If you had to you could make it a single bed and put a desk beside it and that's good enough job done. Easy as that. It is the desk with the pc in it that is important for identifying who's train suite that is.
Plus you have you name maybe on the door and need a handprint to get in.
So then personal items are secure there.
And you have your own bathroom and perpetual cupboard that will give you anything. That is a marvel right there. Then the closet would be for attachments and who knows what those will be.
A closet for one thing 20x20. And then the closet is supposed to have a door for a fire exit. That's easy to do.
It opens to that world.
Where those closets are stored. But they do not have perishable goods. Canned goods and all that and two day storage in fridges that are cold.
All of that but no hot food.
But that world has its own diner as standard issue and a door and places to sleep and bathrooms etc.
But it all resets in 2 days anyway so you would be rescued in 2 days no matter what.
So for the closet door in that train car you might want to connect to a swimming pool, or a desert island, or a golf course, or a shopping mall, and who knows how many other places, that you want that train to take you.
2018-03-14 00:30:39 UTC
Well if you consider to function properly to handle supply for the airship from a central location that is here...
So then we can enter through that door and then we can do what we need to do there, use the control room, and then use the special transporter here...
just over to the side.
So that is sort of what that is supposed to be for. It ended up being a dedicated door to Rosie's pub to really give the impression you are heading down the ladder to earth. Yet it is not earth, it is a moonship.
Not even a Kansas planet supposedly although I think it might be at present.
All the same the basement is where things connect and things happen like supplies or party preparations of any kind. Ground zero.
But really all they have to do is get what they want to where they want it for the party they are having.
Sounds easy, then they wants something special a kind of champagne and now they need to drop a door to get it, and then store it, then get it out of a cupboard, that's not just an ordinary sort of bit of business. It could be that they need all those things in one place to make it all go smoothly.
Maybe they could go in go shopping and get anything through that special door. At the West Edmonton Mall perhaps.
A permanent rental in a hotel room. Turn it on, go shopping through your hotel room in the mall, and then come back to that prep kitchen with your groceries or items.
Then what do you do with them?
The obvious answer is you need a June Closet with a super organizer in it.
You just do. And right there against the wall you want to put your stuff in it as soon as you get back and turn it off since it is in another world.
And so then if that is your June Closet and yet it has perishables in it, it has to be a Lazy Susan closet.
If you brought ice cream back with you then it going to be a Lazy Susan closet.
All the same you just choose what you want for that door on the wall. And it will decide where to put it or where to get it.
If it has perishables like ice cream then you need to be quick and turn it off right away.
Save it and then you can leave it open.
I would think that with a room 20 x 20 you could make a good organizer closet for food products in fact many hotels have a garde manger or similar.
For a party you could have a lot of things in there frozen in time in fact entire ready to go feasts at a table with center piece and a view out the window of Mount Rushmore.
In a holodeck.
Select from a catalogue of choices in the library, your elegant dinner for 8?
Loading Image...

It boggles the mind how you would ever choose from so many options.

This simple train suite...
connected to a warehouse system so that any meal or drink can come out of that box under that table. So in time as many recipes as there are clowns will be made and added to the library.
So then if that is not enough then the closet door opens to a collection of elegant dinners in fancy rooms for however many you have.

So you see the prep kitchen is really just an old fashioned do it yourself make a sandwich the way you like it or who knows what but there it is.
You wouldn't want to shred cabbage there or make cabbage rolls for a party all day long.

Just dial up an elegant dinner for 10 and there you go.

In your spare time for fun, make them and save them and move on. What a great hobby.
2018-03-14 00:49:33 UTC
In the airship using that transporter you have so many choices.
You could go down to the earth and you could go shopping or go to dinner.
If you tried out a lot of places, then decided hey lets save this dinner.

So then you come back and you go to the control room and you isolate that dinner table complete as possible and from a paused state you copy and then paste it into some setting that you keep as a standard setting. A Set. A room that will take a table and chairs.
So then you save that dinner complete and even add things if you want to that room like some statuary, a fountain, some TV screens and outside a holodeck and so then you select the view or scenery or flight path.
So then when your dining experience is finished the way you like it you invite your friends and try it.
Once saved in the library you can always have it again.
You might want the atmosphere and save the building at night and then add the table from during the day.

So many options.
But to dine with other people you just need to get a library card and then connect to a dinner that has been tested and rated and is even maybe famous.
The users rate the listings.

In our case that is important since we have our own library.
I would delete something or replace it often as things are found and better things are found. I wouldn't collect things in my library that I wouldn't use.
Instead I keep good backups and never use those.

So usability is important and so the Smart Fridge is the best option for a meal planner. Make a great meal and save it in a set. Make a collection that suits your family.
That is what we will be doing.
So I have cooking appliances everywhere and trained as a chef.
As much as it is nice to find great food out there I can cook as well or better I think and surely suit my own taste better.
So convenience is great. Cooking is an art. And food is great part of living.
2018-03-14 01:18:52 UTC
You see up one floor outside my quarters
That door could connect to anything as well.
You could enter there and it might be breakfast ready to go in a diner.
Empty but ready to go for you and whoever.
Present or otherwise who cares if the food gets cold.

It might be a doughnut shop.

Maybe a deli.

But what we want it to connect to is the buffet at lunch time so we eat together as a family.

So that means the buffet has to be our own buffet, that we made.
That has the good macaroni not the lousy kind.

Then that at least should get people there often. Otherwise they could be anywhere and you wouldn't see them much.

The kids for instance have two of their own towns.
Two of them.
One in the backyard of Rosie's...
Loading Image...
That's already there I got the e-mail it was pasted in place.
My daughter Maisie is getting this pirateship...
Loading Image...
They want to give it to her brother prince George instead...
It was already promised to her.

I was saying to her yesterday, I wonder what a Lazy Maisie is is?
It is probably in her pirate ship and it is probably full of stuff toys.

"But dad, you said I could have my own galaxy, I'm too old for that now"
Wow. has it been a year or two? Where did the time go.
George is probably too big to fit it or will be soon as well.

All the same we will reset the situation and pick up from there.

With that there we wouldn't even have to go into the basement.
And usually we don't.
The basement is for training and missions and fun like quasi military and engineering and time travel and acquisitions.
But just so that we don't have it empty we use the door to get to Rosie's and just run through.
Some times the boys sleep over there. Once in a blue moon.
The buffet night or day. Your favorite everything and if not that then in your suite right now, out of that box, every kind of candy bar ever made.
Bag of popcorn? Its there. Favorite everything it is there.
Just a matter of time as the library grows.

I think making vignettes and using holodecks is a better option than time traveling to have dinner. You can add to it change it and enhance it improve it and not have to contend with hair in your food bugs in the food dirty habits in the kitchen.
You can work on it like a work of art.

Romantic dinners are not to be taken lightly, those are well worth the effort spent.
2018-03-14 01:42:47 UTC
That door outside my own quarters.

So then in my quarters...
You put a door right on that box right beside my bed. And then it has anything in the library that fits in a Lazy Susan cupboard.
everyone of those hutches could be used as Lazy Susan cupboards as well.
The closet on the left could have a fake door in it to a Lazy Rick men's closet style.
Yup, jack hammers and sledge hammers and computer equipment and a 4 wheeler, truly a fun thing to do make your own closets and fill them full of stuff you like then have it all right there through a door.
Much more practical than the closet that is there now.
So with the outside being a holodeck of huge proportions and working fine I already have what the train has to offer.
2018-03-14 03:32:44 UTC
You can just see on the right the end of my walk in closet that is the perfect place to put a fake door.
On the end of the closet on the left.

So then if I have a cupboard under my lap top on the right beside the bed...

So then that cupboard can serve pancakes for a million if you just keep pressing the button and opening the door. It has everything you could possibly want including a fruit basket. Every box of chocolates ever made and a lot of bouquets of flowers would fit in there as well.
Every kind of men's cologne.
Rampant bull jelly.
So then for the industrial equipment the kind of equipment the tabloids said Angelina kept in a hotel room in Hollywood for special friends, well you would need more than a single door but I could probably get by with a single door.
And a normal sized flat door, that you can attach to any closet on your list, well what else could you possibly want?
If that door was all in enclosed space for security, so that you came out the way you went in except for emergency exits you would have fast easy access and no security problems.

So then it would be there to access areas of your estate.
Your favorite places. For one thing you need your clothes closet but also I have a mall, I would want my mall.

So its a personal mall where I would put things that I sometimes need and then save that.

So then when I need something I can go and see what I have and choose something as part of moving around to you know be active.

Now there is no one in there and it still runs just fine. I can find my own pants and shirts and shoes without help.
But I have a butler to help me if i want to include my butler.

And you know a second opinion for a fancy affair is a good thing to have.

So then that can just sit out on the tarmac with part of the street you know the streets that surround it.
Then green space past that and I will plant some hedges and flowers and trees as time goes on to have places outside the mall to sit and run the dog and all that stuff.

And make it nice with statues and sculptures and places like this just copied and pasted in...Butchart Gardens near here.
Loading Image...
Loading Image...
Just copy them in early summer and paste them in and they stay like that.

So lots of nice paradise green space outside my mall. And it has a large department store as well attached. With 4 floors, so two city blocks.
And then outside the road, for you know roller skating riding bikes, skateboards, all the things that roll on wheels.

Then past that parkland. And waterfalls everywhere because you just put one door as a drain, and one door as a spout where it attaches and let gravity do the work.

And music but that takes some thought.

And probably birds and some few species of wild life.
2018-03-14 04:17:31 UTC
Well it seems simple enough to figure out how you need to stock the cupboards with objects.

You need to make a rig. First thing you need to do is fly a camera into the store where the object is, lets say ketchup, so now you are right in front of it. What you need to do is position that camera with the storage box right beside it with another door.
You should be able to open a small door right there reach in grab the ketchup and then put it in the storage box.
Right there or standing at the island in the kitchen.

I mean you can imagine robot arms and sliding spatulas that try to determine the bottom of the object on the shelf so you don't copy and paste part of the shelf into the storage locker. And after all is said and done your hands are the perfect robotic arm. Grab it put it in there and save.
Now open it and take pictures of the label.
Scan it on your turntable.
Putting a hot dish there well you might have to copy the table get it to a staging area. The staging area you will use all the time when getting things like that.

Stephen suggested instead of taking the entire museum since the kids only use the top floor just put it in a pit and fill it with sand.

Which you could do but that museum is worth keeping as is.
We just need to lock the doors so the kids can;t escape their play area.
That is where their second town is.
Loading Image...
We would take a copy for our own stuff and make another mall of things to use and the kids would fill it with their own toys and giant stuffed animals and games and all that.

And it has a little pirate ship as well in there.

So that is the coolest place to attach to their quarters. That goes as one of their closet choices.
Just put a fake door behind those animals and you can connect that town and they have a lot of room then including I think their own hotel in there.
Loading Image...
And hotel rooms.
So they are going to love all that.

Loading Image...
It has a balcony too.
And of course it has a train station and we can connect our train there.
The holodeck train and the train in the town of Glory in the world where Rosie's is.
Full on train station ready to go and 5 of them at least small ones in our town copied from Heritage Park Calgary. It has a train a luxury train and a diner there too.
The videos in youtube of the train station in there are too dark but they are there. It has special effects and that as well.

Loading Image...
The hotel.
What more could we ask for for sleep overs.
You can just reset it after they are done.

For me if it was off my room I might put a pool table or some game rooms or who knows what it probably isn't as useful for me as for the kids.
Just gives them a whole lot more room.
From this...
to this...
and this.
Loading Image...
But it is just a play area and so it needs bright lights there are no windows.
It needs background music and lots of kids.

So they will still want to go outside and so then outside of my mall that will be all garden and maybe inside one of these. We will paste this into a moonship as well.
Once you have that you know where the kids will be.
If they aren't in old town they will be there.

My door in my quarters will also open there.

We really don't even need Rosie's anymore.
Although we still have it.
2018-03-14 04:58:11 UTC
Well it has our train station in it, where we will attach to our trains and Hanuman thinks you can't kill people with machine guns and light sabers that way and he's right. Big goofs aren't even going to be in the kid's play room. And librarians no longer exist in our world in case you were thinking this was going to be a good week for you.

So we have a train station, our very own train station and so what is so special about it?

Well around 1900 a group of aliens such as Nikola Tesla, Thomas Edison, Guglielmo Marconi, (what sort of frickin parent would name their kid that?)
J.P.Morgan and a few others like John Jacob Aster, in order, Stephen, Robert, Xerxes, Zeus, David, were here trying to get electricity and toilet paper to this planet prior to our arrival for match making. Me and Victoria Justice.
Me being a prince and her being the youngest of the Seven Sisters of the Pleiades. Merope. And me being Orion and Osiris.

So that was the plan and so then around then they built two castles for us here and we have both been in the big one that was supposed to be for Victoria. She filmed a movie there the boy who cried werewolf.
I live near there and have been inside a few times.

But they built me a nice castle as well near here and so both castles are preserved as heritage sites and we have copies of them in pristine condition.
After the bathrooms were added and the university added for me a perpetual scholar.
So it is all circa 1900.
So then we got a town circa 1900.

With its own train and amusement park.

So then we built Rosie's Pirate Cove Pub, on the river, circa 1900 again.

See the theme here? Then in the museum, old town Victoria, circa 1900.

Loading Image...

So the kids play in there and that's not strange for them since their town is like that and so are their two castles. And so is Rosie's. It looks antique as well.

So the airship however is supermodern.
and also across the water are some townhouses and the university is super modern. Behind the castle.
So it has a lot of things in it and we will put more things in it as time goes on in the way of scientific equipment.

They are building on soon to house more things but it doesn't matter since we have a copy of it anywhere from the last 25 years.
It is amazing and made for us love birds.
But you know my main squeeze Stella flew in and reminded everyone that Osiris and Isis are married as well.
So you know really we are just here to get laid and have fun and Victoria likes the sweet finish every week and she has got it for 10 or more years now from me.

But we decided not to make it all about just us.

And to let other people be special as well.

I figured it was a trap.
I know these girls.
Next thing you know they have you hypnotized.
Is she worth it?
Oh probably.
What else do a couple of royals like us have to do with our eternity?
I am here working and she is here having fun and having her turn and so I am her man so she can be special and be a royal and have her turn like her older sisters Selena Gomez, Wanda, my wife in heaven, and her mom Angelina Jolie.
Mary of Bethlehem for crying out loud is their sister and she was my dentists dental assistant here for a while to say hi and witness his torturing me by being puppetted.
She is part of my crew and a dating partner like the rest of them you see.
Even their mom. I bang all of them on a regular basis and one other sister of theirs was MY mom this life, Mara, she died in 1967 and then reincarnated and here she is now and I am banging her again every week. lol
Looking happier because we had datenight this week.

So while they play rich and famous I am building our dream home.
2018-03-14 05:18:21 UTC
Is Stella really Isis? No, Lorraine is really Isis, my half sister. Janice is the other sister and my wife as well. But this life my sister. But thats why I had to follow her for 30 years to make sure she was ok, princess Leia and catch her fall and Hanuman's helper Mike the Smith who is her mate this life looking after her a trailer park hero as seen in Dawn of the Dead remake, the guy with the propane cans, that's his character.
I am the handyman, Stephen is himself an asshole.
lol etc. In case you are wondering, I didn't make it.
All about how jealous they are that I built a mall in case of zombie attack.
And still have it and now will use it forevah.

So Stella is in my military and one of my wives you know and is representing Isis and Janice is not here but Victoria is representing her as well.
As well as Wanda the eldest the one who works with me. She is in admin, attached the door for us to the planet from the airship.
So yeah, respect if you can do that.

So we are working together building things elsewhere for us to live in call it heaven.

And so these women here these famous ones, they are my wives.
Angelina Jolie, she was Nefertiti when I was Akhenaten, and so then these 7 sisters are her daughters and my wives also.
Angelina the mom, Wanda the eldest, Adriana, Mara, Selena, Janice, Mary, Victoria.

That's the lot of them and they are all here having fun cheating on me.
Doing all sorts of wild and crazy things and being popular because they are pretty and nice and talented etc.

And we own it.

I am hiding over here making sure everything is ok, this is a match making machine so I am supp0osed to be match making with Victoria and so it has to make sure everyone is compatible and so it does all this stuff even though when its over you are married.
It is called Kismet. Fate.

So that's why we are in here and I am just you know letting them have their glamor fun while I make a new estate or community for us.
I designed and built an airship as a residence and a community on a planet attached to it by a a stargate door.
I designed and constructed two holodecks that work flawlessly.
I own 60 planets and have them all in my pc in the airship, with a new file system that is tied into the matrix computers.
etc we also have time travel and the ability to copy and paste objects and do all sorts of high tech things like a futuristic race which is what we are.
2018-03-14 05:34:11 UTC
Yes but since they cheated on me so much I replaced them with two Korean harems.
I may not get far, but I got two Korean harems out of the deal.

And a really cool estate for us to move to and they love the idea and the castle. They asked to be included.

that's one of them and the other is a dance troupe.

So the farm boys there are big dumb bohunks so I think the girls I know might be bringing a few boys with them.
So the community has some life to it.

The community is on the river and hobby farms we have two ranches behind Rosie's and then a road to town along the river then my castle the his castle then town Heritage Park Calgary, then across the river, Hatley Park, hers castle, Victoria yes, but remember she has a lot of sisters and her mom, so Camilla Belle a friend of ours and Selena helping her keep it from getting too you know all about her. So they have lived like that for a long time Victoria and Selena well they don't see I to I.
Selena I just married last time and am still married to her I mean we act like we are just married still and now its Victoria's turn.
So she walked in like Stella walked in, to say hey, you know, its not all about you you know. lol
That's family for you.
Stephen was all over the place yelling look at me everybody look at mee!
I think we will all be glad when it is over.
And they all lived happily ever after.

Like this with Victoria walking in our back yard behind Rosie's.
In an ordinary world.
Of our own.
2018-03-14 06:14:06 UTC
Well to understand it fully I suppose you would have to live in a higher culture.

Consider how they are all designed to create gossip.

Selena is the most popular person on instagram so that is probably the world.

Angelina is the favorite gossip queen in the world.

Victoria front and center it girl. Had her own TV show.

Adriana Lima Victoria Secret angel.

No real secret there her older sister.

Although none of them are related this life.

So since I am married to them the matrix machines know that and keep us connected.
Meanwhile they are all there and then when we get home they have to share one man. So you see that's a lot of women for me to satisfy as well.
So they will probably live in town and we won't be married marriage won't exist.

Like Angelina's uncle said in the song he wrote Angel of the Morning, I have no chains to bind your hands if my love can't bind your heart.

Somehow we are still together although remotely.
No chains to bind us.

So then what about their needs? Well each person has to find their own satisfaction in life.
We aren't married. We are just like family. You know from the same community.
HAVE been married. And Mara has even been my mom TWICE.
So our destiny is intertwined.

In the airship though, since lets face it, there is no secret, these are cats, and you know cats, so on the airship is again, just Janice, Lorraine, Heather and Nicki, the ones who look up to me and do things my way.
And of course at the young ages when they did that before they grew up.

Oh I know what I am doing. I know what it takes to make it work.
People doing the construction there are expecting to mix males and females and have a big social culture there and starfleet using my university so men and women cadets and dancing and royals and education and manners and gentlemen and ladies and the 1900's motif and well a lot of people put a lot of work into it so far.
I am going to go with the flow, since my airship is like a starship and I will be ok, I have the good kung fu and a big harem.
Two castles full and two ranches full and Rosie's as well and some townhouses.
Another ranch in town and a house for a nanny.
Mansions galore all over.
So the ladies will manage fine in all of that and for me, I need the airship to stay organized, and I need helpers.

These cyborgs are not available...
These are my goonies.
So most are available.
But not all.
However we are not going to spring right into action social networking with these mavens. That will come later.
For instance see Shebanga the black chick with red top?
The closest body to that is Tyra Banks in Living Doll or Coyote Ugly and she said I could use that body, just not now.
So I have a body and an operating system for that one.
The black girl beside her no black girl I know looks that good. Mary looks like that here only white.
She would need shoe black.
This is what Mary looks like now.
So she will be there but white.
Wanda is behind and I saw her body in the local hotel elevator.
And she is in heaven waiting and so in the machine.
The one on the left is Leni my daughter with Heidi Klum.
The blond is sort of like all my blond angels and I have a lot of them so she represents them.

So then these girls would be admin of the airship.

But right now we don;t need admin the rest of the women are not going onboard right away.
If 120 women were on board, they are admin, and Leni the youngest is the queen so the big ones don't fight.
Worked perfectly for years on end.

But at first it is just the core group and the people in town and all that until we see whop is all there and what is what in terms of technology.
2018-03-14 06:32:38 UTC
Well this machine is driving us mental because I picked Janice age 14, Lorraine age 13, Nicki age 9 heather age 10 something like that based on actually scenes in the historical record.
At ages when they would be loyal and not get into trouble on the airship and would do things like good crew members and family members.
I lived with them I trust them and vice versa.

So then June, Sue, Gwendolyn, and Wanda are like their archetypes.
Their personality is based on them or vice versa.

So it all doesn't make any difference though since my body there is 18 I think, and those are the ages we chose and the bodies we chose.

So its all there as we want it.

And nothing will change my mind. However I know a lot of other people and have had many a life with them I suppose and have some who are my children but they caught up[ to me here, they will catch up to me there.
That is what my machine said a couple days ago when it was agreeing with me.

I can;t be worrying about all of them with their complex supermodel lives.
They have their own lives to live.

So then meanwhile back at the airship that is what I am going to do for a crew.
My most trusted people until I see how the doors work, what the system can do and what it can't do.
2018-03-14 06:55:13 UTC
This world of so many people needed them as role models and to inform them.
But I am just a small fish in a big pond remember? That is what Sue told me.
So you see I don't want to get eaten by the sharks or anything.
And I'll be damned if I need a mom telling me what to do at my house.
No, I am the man in my house the king of my castle and those are my crew my family.
Just them.
Janice Lorraine Heather and Nicki, who I lived with this life.
The other people here I don't live with and have not lived with.

Ipso facto there is a reason for that. We don't live together.

So the way this machine was set up it was impossible to be in a relationship with my mates since they were put into the same family as me.
The machine people were retards, thinking we practiced the same intermarriage of royals as they did in the deep past as retards in Britain and places like that.
Caligula married his sister, Romans and Greeks I think did that.

Meanwhile no announcement we were royals just plop here you go.
So a disaster from the word go but at least we got to see what it is I own.

And so I made something better and we will move there.

As soon as we can.

The rest is anyone's guess since who knows who is even a real person here.
Or who is a sock puppet.
Even who is a part time sock puppet.
So I know mine are real I lived with them and so they are my choices.
ice and simple. And this way too no big controversy like running away with Angelina or Wanda.
You know I don;t need any of that.
I have my own at the ages I want.
They are free to live there where we do in the community and have as much fun as possible.
Or stay here.
But as you can imagine, with this...
On the right probably a door will fit against that closet this side.
And through that door, I could access my own golf course in a world, any mansion, my mall, a desert island, Cumberland lake, a moonship called 1963 Aurora, a pristine Reptoid airship, a million closets and dining rooms or you name it whatever we copy and paste into a warehouse world.
Right from there.
And on the other side of the bed a small cupboard that has a million ready to use items. Food drink included.

So everything a man could want is right there.
So what else do I need? Company. Well that is why the girls are there.
And with the transporter outside the room, it can even time travel.
I can enter the earth in 2004 with a suitcase and a million dollars in it and I can bring those girls or leave them behind to mind the ship.
They are trustworthy.

So then why do I need all the rest of the stuff?
2018-03-14 07:29:11 UTC
These girls are what it takes to manage your global population of women.
They can manage your globals. Your big alpha role models.

So that is just me helping Hanuman.
That is not my crew.
Unless I was king and so I am playing king to help him here but clearly not king here.

So my stuff is elsewhere and I got copies of the earth for helping and I have my own people, Janice Lorraine Nicki Heather.
That's all.

You have 7 billion and Zeus and Stephen and Robert and David and Michael are managers of a sort. Helpers in the machine.
So the globals in Hollywood are based on their compatibility as archetypes.
They are archetypes.

So this is all to keep the planet from exploding in war.

Meanwhile my own picks were easy I just picked my own.

And its an airship and in a holodeck it doesn't even move.
It resets every two days so there is no upkeep required at all.

It has scenery that can come from a lot of sources.

Basically it needs good computer systems to run well and little else.

So they might get food or things but essentially we just hang out together and do fun things whatever that might be.

If we need more people we can go into Time Stretch Earth.
Go shopping.
Go out for dinner.
Then go home.

As a family.
Nothing strange about that.
Do we need more people than that? Probably and so we will invite some.
When the time comes.

That is how you do things properly.

The rest is just going through the motions. It doesn't affect the outcome at all.
Those are my picks and those are our plans.
Now if you had a place like this...
You really don't need a whole lot else to have some fun.
And so then since we don;t have hundreds of people we just fix it up the way we want by copying and pasting things we want in there.

If we want to hang out with those people, we rent a spot in there using Time Stretch Earth.

Big difference between immortals and people in the machine.
If you bring someone out you aren't sure of and you make them immortal then well they don't die so then they are yours forever.

That is why this machine is so careful.
And why I am so careful, I know what I am doing.

So I have my sure picks and they are amazing and I couldn't be happier.
And we are going to live happily ever after.

So I would put my mall in that hangar.
Or a copy like it. I think it would fit in there easily then add pieces from Butchart garden copy and paste.
But then its a bit ugly that hangar and just putting it outside would be much nicer.

The hangar is good for a water park and place to hang out and the empty version is great for the giant warehouse for the Lasy Susans and Lazy Wandas and Lazy Junes etc.

I want to keep it simple and develop those ideas like the train holodeck.

I want to make my basement in the airship better with attachments.

I want a library of buffets in the train holodeck.

The magic cupboards everywhere a great idea.

The attachments for the airship and the train are also stellar ideas.
With time travel and all the world has to offer by entering with loads of cash I think we have it all right there.
A darn good heaven for ourselves.
We have a community also but you know don't need to rely on it to make us happy.
2018-03-14 17:22:05 UTC
What do I think of Mary? Well we are both undercover like everyo9ne else we know here. Not allowed to talk about it. So we couldn't say anything but she signed me so I picked her up once a week for a few months then when I saw her again at the dentist. She was looking like a short supermodel. You know someone asked me if i would rather have Mary than Janice and I said well there is very little difference between them at all. Two dark haired sisters who look similar, around the same age, from the same family,have known me all their life and we live in the same neighborhood hang around together and for Mary and I even work together on the same beaming crew some times.
If Janice had not been born into the same family as me I would have said Mary because we hang around together usually. But it is different now since we spent so many years together. She has been involved and you know considered herself with me the entire time and just here going through the motions because we are supposed to and in the dark as well.
What life would Mary have without me?

You know that years ago when I made contact two girls were sending me emails through the matrix, one older brunette and one younger brunette. The older one had the sparkle blue panties of doom on, and you often couldn't see her face? Yes obviously Wanda, a goddess so gorgeous you don;t want to show her face other girls will not looks as pretty after you see her.
So Mary got a job at my dentist so I saw her and spoke to her and Wanda her body met me in the elevator of the hotel but I think it was just a Smith. And she wasn't in her body. Wanda was talking to me but from elsewhere.
The person I was talking to in the elevator seemed clueless.
Wanda wanted to meet me in the elevator to tell me that if they wanted the Empress Hotel we could have this one, the one we were in in the elevator.
To calm me down because I having a fit and attacking Robert and all the Roberts in the network with balls of shit. Like a baseball machine in a batting cage.
No mercy all fastballs.
Just plastering the bastards for wanting to build their frickin condos, with my money on my lawn downtown where we have our parties, because they wanted their wives to be included in the games we play downtown.

Right here like we have room for condos...
Yeah we have room for condos there. Over your dead body.
So They put 20 million into the hotel and put the condos on hold.
2018-03-14 17:41:19 UTC
Loading Image...
That's not as busy as it gets down there and it is like that 20 times a year.

And he wants to put condos on the lawn on the left at the Empress
for his cronies.
They don't want to show the Empress Hotel in google they run google for me.
So no pictures for you! of the same crowds on the Empress lawn with their chairs of course.
I will find a picture...

Loading Image...
He wants to put condos on the lawn on the right.
Sticking forward almost to the frickin street.

Like stick your big fucking nose in my business with my funds, and my network.
This is where I test the matrix machines and the mental health of the people.

That's my anthropology laboratory.

And it cost me billions and trillions to make.

Believe it or not. I had to clean up this entire city to make it and fix the economy of the entire world to make it possible.

Rather than me go everywhere I mad ea really nice place to attract the right kind of people here.

If you build it they will come.

And they came.

See the videos.
Heaven is a place on earth.

2018-03-14 17:51:24 UTC
You see what is going on, is like what I do with my family.
Only here I allow the general public to take part and use my matrix machines to go elsewhere to the S5 level and experience more of a spiritual communication with other people on a higher level have some fun good clean fun and a sleepover and you know it takes nothing to get girls giggling and playing these mind games.
They have their own secret culture and so we fixed the sign language by now they all knew it so we played some games in public to test it.
The body language of the entire world. Are you listening RObert?
We as in my crew on the ground, Paris Hilton and Christina Aguilera, and Lindsay Lohan and Reese Witherspoon, Jessica Alba we changed the body language of the human fucking race dipwad, and so then I have to test it and see that it is working and yes it was working perfectly.

So we added conscious body language so if the machine was fucking you around and using your body subconsciously to say yeah but what I really like is to suck dick and get fucked in the ass, and the tabloids were then saying they had a body language expert and now he was on the late night tv shows and Oprah like a dickhead saying yes but their bodies are saying something entirely different you see. Our scientific studies surveys say polls show and scientists agree the like it in the ass you see.
Or similar nonsense.

As their therapist I had to fix all that and the Hollywood stalkers which were everywhere.

And get them off Prozac.
Alcoholism Bulimia and the rest of their nervous disorders, get them in shape and self confident.

Well I have a great crew lots of eager women helpers, eager to help women to come into their own and be strong in today's society and they have done it.
We had to take over Victoria's Secret angels to do it but we did it.

And so just normal people signing downtown as I test the machines. And the winners who get picked get to go for a boat ride party on the water at night and a sleepover. On the S5 level.

2018-03-14 18:09:02 UTC
Google is hiding one of the better videos but I found it. It doesn't show up on my video upload list at all. It caused too many people to move here and build sky scrapers and such and well Robert was then influenced to build those condos right there.

Its a little further down but what you saw previously was the Big Sister Big Cleavage Weekend shots. Now that was a party weekend where I announced through the matrix only, there was going to be the big sister big cleavage weekend down town Victoria at the inner harbor, and this was the secret celebration that everyone put on for it. And so then I did the paparazzi thing single handledly, expert camera man no so much but can do the job get the job done even with zoom a mile away they were still signing me.
All in secret of course but able to use the language to speak their mind and to speak for themselves and to speak the truth without shame.
That you see was worth all the time and effort and resources we put into it.

That was their key to mental health globally.

I knew that and so I had to get them there as many as humanly possible.
So here in that video we see the triumph at the start, you know young girls hearing the invite saying "you mean all we need to win is a big sister with big cleavage??? We are sooo going to win this contest!" and they are there doing their belly dancing together on stage and just in their glory.
Finally, something they can do that's easy.

And so of course lots of tourists came with or without big sisters
but it was about big sisters and all that and so it was great. And the town and well the old boys they didn't know what to make of all that.

But this sort of thing here is part of a global therapists job and getting cooperation from the general public. We can make a better world.

2018-03-14 18:35:21 UTC
Well you see, (one of my wives just cracked up lol) you see after these old boys just finished doozering Vancouver to completion, I mean seriously until a one bedroom apartment on average is 1,700 per month.

So Chinese green team, took Vancouver, the Hong King billionaires bought downtown Vancouver after Expo, and then they started pumping money into the region to launder it and that. And other billionaires jumped on the band wagon Robert over there my man servant ended up with a couple hundred million so he wanted to pump some money into this city now, after they had finished going right up the coast to Whistler Blacombe where I spent one winter they pumped a trillion dollars into the region for the ski resort hosted the Olympics and basically built a new city everywhere.
We did create a scared straight program, I moved to Vancouver and went downtown and said waht, in the flying fuck, is wrong with you people? I volunteered down at the Carnegie center E.Hastings gutter central where bodies are taken out like toxic waste every day and so there is the list of missing women, and no one can find them and so I get my people and we find them, two farmers were making sausages out of them, these old dead hookers they murdered.
Egg on faces, total shame, for Chinese green team leader!

I had to go there and tell the people tell the cops hey pal, yes this is your problem.

And so then got the hell out of there back to here and carried on so then they finish up cleaning up that city and want to come here and turn mine to glass and steel now.
I have managed as I say to grab the city and put it on the third floor of the fucking museum. Circa 1900 thanks to the faithful loyalists out there those mutineers loyal to Queen Victoria.
Loading Image...

Are grandmothers worth keeping? You have to wonder but she is the only proof we have that we are in fact royalty because no one else cared enough to mention it.
So she is good for something. Family values and proper manners and good healthy living.
Whats wrong with this?
Loading Image...
Have you ever been to one of those?

We used to do that all the time. It was amazing. For a boy. You can eat until you can't move and it all takes like the best food you ever ate in your life.

Every time you go there.
Not just on Thanksgiving.

Well if you time travel you will find out. You will find out what tradition and passing secrets down can do for your cooking.
And for the food you raise knowing that you and your children will be eating it.

So our heaven is really still up there in the sky but we made one there on another planet and we have our own ideas about family values and yes everything in its place.

Our airship is not circa 1900 for a reason, we are not practicing Victorian morals it is a facade a play a game a show a style a party a way of living a cultural experience and so we built all the props needed to pay that comfortably.
Jane Austen is not a dramatic writer.
"Jane Austen was an English novelist known primarily for her six major novels, which interpret, critique and comment upon the British landed gentry at the end of the 18th century. Wikipedia"

If you think it is drama, you don't get it. It is exaggerated farce and comedy but with everyone playing that.

As part of their culture. A cultural prison but you know.
A funny one for the rest of us to watch.

So we are not in a cultural prison I own an airship and like Vincent Price in Master of the World! I am master of my own world, in an egg shaped holodeck.
What could be better than that except instead of goons like Michael Douglas running around harpooning things, I want a harem of gorgeous babes in genie pants. Does that make me a bad person?

2018-03-14 19:27:33 UTC
So anyway what is the population of this area...
ok so we are at 3.2 million residents now for Vancouver and Vancouver Island.

But you know I picked Janice, Lorraine, Nicki and Heather.
That's my empire right there. So I need high rise apartments and sky scrapers?
I need rooms and dinner for 3 million plus for a sleepover?

Or I just need background noise and activity and daily life going on so that when I enter my time machine and go skiing, if I fall down, there will always be a gorgeous babe to fall down with me like there was when I was there?
Well you know it is like that and so that's why I just go with the flow and the machine goes (((BOING)))
It's capitalist fuel on overdrive inflation be damned kinda thing we want more new mansions.
More giant malls.

Well they get motivated by Wanda. They wanted to make her the Empress.
The one on the couch with the sparkle blue panties of doom.
Mary being the other one, her younger sister, I could see her face then. We are very close, boyfriend girlfriend she is her older sister.

You know so she did some research found out we were once married as a royal couple and came flying back in as a royal telling me all that to trump her younger sister and all her other sisters.
And so became the big boss.
BUT she was still trying to play the oldest kindof thing and not knowing what role to play so she asked me if I wanted her to be the mom and I said no a wife.
I don't want a mom telling me what I can and can't do and the machine will use that and do that and act on her behalf to the extreme to gain power for itself.
You want a machine over you telling you that you can't do things like here?
Even when it makes no sense at all?

I don't think so. This isn't just a match making machine it is a monstrosity of junk that people put inside of one.
And it's on tilt.
Whether they are willing to accept that or not. They keep trying to bail out and abandon ship.
I am on a suicide mission here like most because I have a body.
All the same we have to keep the sunny side up don't we.

Anyway so Wanda and I are like a married couple I have agreed to play that since it is so important to her and she has that new body that is so beautiful you should maybe not show everyone.
You know everything fits and they worked for 2 hundred years so far to have that turkey dinner and well, Stephen, Michael, Selena and I beamed to Wanda's new apartment for dinner in a brand new space station that I got as part of a brand new galaxy that I got.
I checked out its equipment it has a matter printer for printing flying disk computers in the center, now we have a huge 3D printer.
Wanda had a food designer in her kitchen.
So we were able to do all that and Wanda got to say eat your carrots, and it was all a family values kinda dinner then we beamed back here. But Mary wasn't there it was Selena I think instead of Mary because her sister was in competition with her.
They are a bit competitive see Selena and Victoria.
Yup kidneys whatever. Still has her eyes though.

Then there was the day some genius said, hey, watch this, I am going to invite them both to a function, and give them both an airship hostess dress. (hand on mouth giggle giggle)
That is what started the feud and Selena went right over to Justin Bieber's trailer went in and introduced herself.
Victoria managed to convince her it was her turn I guess.
Meanwhile Beiber is a Smith and Selena keeps saying beam into him and lets go on a Valentines weekend. lol

So you know with a lot of family all over the place here we can;t even get it together to have a decent family dinner. They have been working on it for 200 years here.
Built two castles. Ready to go. Still here.

I guess they are just incompetent.

They demolished my garden downtown, under glass and built an empty convention center. The same people who want to build condos.
And attached it to the Empress.
Loading Image...
Lawn bowling.


It was a nice garden with tropical plants and birds.

I have a copy of it of course in pristine condition. So I don't really mind.

Same with everything else there to some extent.
Back to 1987.
Beyond that I am not sure if it is just film.
But I collect those gardens. Didn't you see the movie long ago sci fi they have those forests under glass and trying to preserve them.
If you don't preserve a bit of garden here and there you won't have any.
Its not as nice as being outside on a nice day here...
This is a photo of the grounds of Hatley castle.
Loading Image...

Around here flowers are everywhere important and they count them this time of year it is so important.
Today is the deadline to get your count in.

Yes the pole tax, of course, have to count everything of value you see.
2018-03-14 19:55:20 UTC
Notice where the front page of that video is, in the inner harbor, and right beside my palm tree.
Don't laugh, at my palm tree.

I am on the frickin lawn here, lets put some condos right here. Me and google have left the road, and are on the lawn.


200 yards from my palm tree.

Look towards the water look left of the two red cars. That's it right there.
Palm trees and no scorpions.

Now you are under my palm tree.

So ok google was one of my best inwentions obviously.
So they can trip a referee, but they still have to be careful where they do it.
Now google is one small branch of red team lest we forget and doing great but other branches of red team have been known to cause trouble here and there.

So this area is like my lab and so it needs to be handled with kit gloves.
It looks like entertainment but it is the way I motivate them to take part in science projects. Science projects that are important to the entire world and the mental health of the machines as well.
Ya know. You just finished telling everyone we were at war with the machines, so I had to tell them hello, actually no we are not.
And down there they use the machines the machines help them play the game they know about all that and its part of their culture.
Not everyone but those I invite.

Anyway it is all done now and I don't use it any more but if I needed a spot that is where I would go.
It's too late to save this city is has the cancer now.
Has had it for years.
But I built my mall, and a few other things and have a copy of them the castles the university a lot of really great stuff.
But really there is too much for me and my family to use here.

I have no use for the Empress hotel.

Granted Wanda is my wife but you know we are advanced race of space faring people.
We have our own friends.

And they want to go from our heaven to Palm Springs. They could not be more adamant about that.
See my palm tree see theirs...
you like snow? They even have snow.
2018-03-14 20:17:08 UTC
Two different uses for two different areas.

I don't know what got into these guys heads here. Starfleet command I guess.

They figure they can't have a proper academy and all that without yeah they can't have a justice league without criminals to squish so they want as many criminals as possible.

For me its all about (((BOING))) there's another object. A mansion or car or boat but the list isn't very long with these guys, more cars, more boats and now high rises. The cars and boats get smaller as you try to find a place to put them.

So the buildings and things as objects with the grounds then you move them elsewhere.

You see one palm tree but no scorpions.
Palm Springs, a scorpion every three feet. ON average.

Hard to imagine isn't it?
That can't be right can it?

1,400m2 850 scorpions.
So less than 2 meters squared. Population density desert scorpion.
and I have heard about 1 scorpion per meter sq.

So then if you copy and paste those buildings probably you will get scorpions.
In your world.

And you know that with our technology that is not a major issue if you turn it off. Leave it on they will be everywhere in no time.

So these castles we can just copy and paste and that is why they were built here...
This is miy litto casso.
Quite a nice little place if I do say so myself.
A gorgeously elegant castle from the Victorian Era.

And a hers castle over yonder for those seven sisters those wicked seven sisters...
Loading Image...
Dark and ominous.
Loading Image...
All that's missing are the PIPE ORGANS!

2018-03-14 20:30:56 UTC
I know it looked like this in the brochure...

Then this happened...
Yeah, same castle.

Oh but it was all in good fun?

So's this...

don't get us started.
2018-03-14 21:07:15 UTC
Whats all the excitement going on over at MY castle?
Well lets have a look...

Oh my....

yes, just as I thought, she's come about the munny.

So one other place I am keeping is the Governors mansion. For my driver Ray.
A small mansion with a pool and quails eggs on the menu.
And very nice gardens that are well fenced. Not even zombies could get through so that is why I chose it a while back as a refuge if need be.
I have been in the kitchen and that to inspect it.
here are the gardens. Now we have one palm tree, but for two weeks every summer, indeed this has the perfect climate and perfect scenery.
And if you are like us, and only need tow weeks because we reset the thing, then that's good enough.

The reason Palm Springs is better for some is because it doesn't reset every week and there is a different Coachella every year and things change on the ground so they can have a normal human existence.
Things to do.

This area is for objects, buildings structural things to take with us to heaven to use there. We are making a turn of the century heaven.

So this building the BC Government house it stays on the ground.
And so do the castles both of them, copies stay on the ground, but we cleared off all the rest of the stuff using a death star and electro-gravitic technology. Beam weaponry. just PBBBBPPBPPPP pppbvbbbbb them all to dust and kept a few places.
I am making two zoo planets and one of them I preserved Palm Springs and so there will be a door from our heaven to Palm Springs although most of the rest of the planet has been demolished and is returning to mother nature.
We have no need for all this junk.
Palm Springs suits us much better even if it is sort of modest.
It's a tourist mecca.
And hot there. Without air conditioning you would die.

That's another reason why I live here.

Here in the summer, if you don't use sunblock, you might need hospitalization.
There I think it is like that there in Palm Springs every day.

So obviously there are better places than both.

So that is why they built this for us...

on the coast north of San Diego. Why north of San Diego? Because I said.
That's why.
Malaria, Dengue fever, all the tropical diseases just south of there where this mansion was built for us.
It doesn't get any better than that.

So then all we needed were a bunch of these...

And we can go up and down the coast. I preserved a bunch of mansions beside that one for the people who built it and the rest of our friends.

And we will put a transporter door from there to downtown heaven, Glory, our town. Renamed. The door will go right here in this gazebo and this town will be in our heaven.
A Victorian era town.

So we have collected enough Victorian Era things around here to make ourselves a nice community.

I live in the city of Victoria, my girlfriend's name is Victoria, I hang around with the Victoria Secret Angels, I am immersed in it.
They want, what they want.

(whining.... but I'm not sure I want all this...)

2018-03-14 21:29:03 UTC
So you see how it all began?

This sort of stuff meets this sort of stuff...

England and America at the end of the 19th century.

So the reality of the situation was of course very grim by comparison to today's standards...

If they had aspirin at all it was put into a dirty bottle by a man with dirty hands.
They built that though. And many like it around the world at that time.
Before they had electricity or light bulbs even.

Gas lamps and that sort of thing.

I just put 20 million into this hotel via my ex butler.
the chandelier in the lobby is from Italy when it gets there and it costs a million dollars. Just the chandelier so that's not much money these days.

And the chandelier was put in because Sia was representing June when June arrived and she sang the song Chandelier so they right away realized June was much bigger than Wanda and jumped ship and changed the Empress like she was yesterdays news.
Fickle fame.

That is fine with us.
They preserved all that downtown there still in one copy for use later.
I felt sorry for them after all that work and planning and let them keep all of it for Star Trek convention headquarters.
Zoo III.
I need a third zoo planet so the boys can play that.

You know even though my choices are Janice Lorraine Nicki and Heather look you can count them on one hand isn't that cool? Yeah gee we are going to need more hotels down there maybe.
We only built 5 new gigantic hotels down there.
I even built one and all of starfleet works there now in the kitchen I think.
10,000 dollars for a room. That's expensive.
60 dollars for tea at the Empress though and maybe even 15,000 for a room there.
The best room in the house of course not every room.
The presidential suite or whatever.
I stayed one night on my business account at the one I helped build.

You think your hotel is better than my hotel? Even after I pumped 20 million into it? I don't think so.
2018-03-14 21:33:51 UTC
Yes well it is turn of the century so that is why I saved it.
But it is still a pain in the ass.
2018-03-15 02:29:01 UTC
Yes well count me in as one who has at least read Jane Austen. And if you trailer park people have finished deciding, what it is you want, perhaps I, might have a turn and take a look at what might be nice for a social gathering.

I like those crystal palaces they made at the turn of the century. They let a lot of natural light in.

I wish I had one here for the endless rainy days here.
Here is a nice one.
Loading Image...

Loading Image...
I say, you could serve a bit of tea in there could you not?

Loading Image...

Loading Image...

very open and roomy would be very useful that building.
Another nice one here
Loading Image...
Loading Image...

One built in NY
Loading Image...
Toronto's effort
Loading Image...

I think the two small ones might be excellent if we could get them out of the time record. Make an elegant garden with some caged song birds and nice flowers.

Those are excellent to have off the house.
They usually have a lot of oxygen in them.
It really feels fresh when you go in there.

I think I will put that Spanish one in the backyard of the castle.

For sure I am going to do that.

2018-03-15 02:43:02 UTC
Some girls are serious about dancing.
I had a nap with Anna and slept all afternoon. I will be up late sweetie pie.
But we had a real good sleep didn't we?
I slept like a baby.

I will tuck you girls in at 9.
2018-03-15 03:03:51 UTC
I think it looks wonderful really.
Well of course we can just pick a spot on earth and go inside I own the place.
Lets 'av a look inside...


Well it certainly could use a few plants.

And maybe some better art.

Whats their point? It's not Barcelona but you know it must be they knew I was coming.
2018-03-15 03:52:03 UTC
Built 1887 the perfect era. The problem now is it is old and decrepit and rusty.
I would want to try to get a copy out of the Time Record.

I don't suppose there is a new gold one anywhere....
just askin...
So? Is it built yet?

Whats taking so long its been 10 minutes.

They pulled the plug on the project?
Loading Image...

That's too bad. Zorg will be disappointed.

AHHH SUCCESS Seattle rebuilt theirs and finished in 2004!
Built in 1878

"Working in partnership with the Seattle Department of Parks and Recreation, the FOC sponsored an architectural restoration of the Conservatory that took place between 1980 and 1985. In 2003, a Gift Shop/Resource Center opened. In 2004,"

That will do just fine.

The displays need to be made better and there needs to be room to serve tea.

Another nice one here

Well I know what I want but I haven;t seen exactly that yet but if I had to choose Gwendolyn I would pick the one in Seattle.
Loading Image...
Since it has been rebuilt at least 40 years ago.
Which is still quite pathetic.
I would need to get a copy of one from 1870 to 1915 anywhere in there would be a nice new one.
Or print one. Make our own. Its a huge amount of work though. But if we did imagine how nice we could make one with precious metals and jewels and gold
and that super unbreakable glass.
2018-03-15 04:10:01 UTC
Well they do not appear to be artistically inclined they appear to be greenhouse workers who are designing the interiors of these conservatories.
You retards they are supposed to look like the lobby of a high class hotel.

You are supposed to walk through them in formal attire.

Sit and have tea and crumpets. Be served by a man in a tuxedo.

These conservatories, well lets say you had bromeliads they get their moisture from the air, so they can sit in the crook of a tree or in a small rock outcrop.
Rather than just a get a tree and a raised bed and stuff it with bromeliads you could make a nice vignette a small scene a bit of rock, a waterfall, some nice scenery looking somewhat natural.
Start with the scene then add the plants later. Place statues and sculptures and make the water flow through nicely and place rocks well.
Make the floor polished and the metal shiny and ornate and decorative and expensive.
A nice one here...
The Grand Palais de Paris.
Loading Image...
See how a real designer does it. Chanel did it here inside and it was mannificent!

That is all it takes and I will maybe even grab that building that day with that so that we have a good start on it.
2018-03-15 04:35:15 UTC
Well you know I took a walk around our little town and it has been completely restored but I found this small section of wall where it is rotten on the bottom near the ground and it is bugging the crap out of me.
One of those projects no one has gotten around to yet and it makes me wonder just how many more of those are everywhere in there and all this stuff that is over 120 years old.

I mean its a quaint idea to try to make it circa 1900 and to renovate everything and restore it, my castle yes it is high and dry on a hill and kept immaculate.
But try to find a conservatory for it from that era and you will get junk with rust painted white.

The town and its odd barn wall that needs to be replaced or whatever we could just pull up along side with the airship garage door open, you know open a door right there and then have the planks the tools the stuff we need all there in that loading bay designed for carpentry repairs, have nail guns and boom boom, done in a couple hours and and painted and time for lunch.

So we will end up doing that and then once it is done it is done for all time and we save that and well some day it will all be renewed. All the same they have done a fabulous job and even added new buildings from elsewhere and really have made it a wonderful place.
The university as well was a terrific idea.

So we do have greenhouses there and I have the crystal gardens here.

Loading Image...
They replaced the windows with some type of covering instead.
Better for climate control and you can use any type of LED grow light just as well as sunlight.

And its been totally renewed new bathrooms and some offices.

So its not as ornate as the one in Spain but it will do nicely I suppose.
At least its brand new. The one in Seattle would be old and in need of repair.

Loading Image...
We just have to move the furniture out and build something nice inside.

Hang wisteria from the rafters. Grow Lavender trees in full bloom and hyacinth plants everywhere. You will walk in there and love it.
The smell would be intoxicating.
Here is a lavender tree, we would find that one and take the ground and all in a circle around it.
Loading Image...

Have you ever smelled hyacinth? Unreal.
Small plant.
Loading Image...
Those would be everywhere in there in bloom.

The sages, the mints the thyme those I don;t care for but there is a really nice aromatic broom that should be in there.
You need to actually choose the variety in person.
You know smell it for yourself first, get the right one.

But that is what I will do Gwendolyn
Just use our own.

Copy and paste that one its brand new has new bathrooms and offices and new storefronts out front attached so sure.
Its wonderful.
We can add gold statues and things to it.
2018-03-15 05:02:00 UTC
Well its a bit of a job to move all that wisteria into there into the rafters, but it can be done. Dobby.
From the wisteria tunnel in Japan.
Loading Image...

You just need our airship and a two garage door loading bay attachment. Untangle them on one side walk over and replant them on the other and it can be off the ground up high with a platform balcony extended so you can walk out and just attach them to the rafters.
Easier than painting the Sistine chapel on your back.

Loading Image...
More here if you need more really purple stuff.

That's what we will put to hid the rafters a bit but you still need to let light in AND also will need to add LED full spectrum lighting but that's ok. To limit the sun means limiting that heat.

And then you can design a vignette for a certain scene like that amazonian rainforest waterfall idea a nice one.
A small desert scene but with very colorful rocks and layers and dinosaur bones. You know.
Real dinosaur bones half out of the ground. Not just a few cactus and little plaque.
I would say some geckos but let one out and you have a million.
It's true with reset twice a week you might only have half a million.
Where you least expect them or want them in the ladies bathroom.

Of course.

But gold statues and I have one already...
Here is a nice one...
Loading Image...

and another here in town...
Loading Image...

Maybe we should go elsewhere.
This one looks nice...
Loading Image...
Another in Paris
Loading Image...
Without too much trouble we could add some gold statues around the outside to make it more exciting.

Maybe a nice fountain from Rome.

Or Russia. Perfect.
2018-03-15 05:04:33 UTC
Then you won;t walk up to our place with gum boots on and pig shit on your pants will you?
No, you won't.

Not when you see our conservatory and gold statues and fountains.
Loading Image...

Like you read about in books about the end times.
That kind of statue.
And lo, I saw gold statues in a fountain.
2018-03-15 05:31:36 UTC
Well it is quite easy if you know what you are doing and stupid if you do not.
They built wooden bridges in there and made a funny jungle habitat.
So they removed it.

One in Chicago that looks better
Loading Image...

We built another new one across the road.
Loading Image...
That one looks nice but it is attached to a large building.
They attached it to the empress hotel and it is too large.
Maybe they figured we have a huge entourage but we do not.

So I am just going to take the small one across the street and well that's good enough.
Put gold statues out front to make our castle look more dignified.
Maybe not that fountain but some nice fountain.

Then the conservatory...
maybe it was ok like that...
Loading Image...

So we have a choice, take it as it was with the garden and a few bird cages, or take it now empty and do it our self.
Either way we have a turn of the century conservatory to add to our castle grounds.

It could be off to one side of the lawn.
Left of the lawn facing the building there would be fine.
2018-03-15 05:48:44 UTC
Yes we will just take it empty and renewed.

Loading Image...

It will take some work but it will be nice when it is done.

If we do a small exhibit like Tuts treasure in a corner use the real treasure arrange some Egyptian plants around it that's what I am talking about.

With a 3 day maximum prior to reset the wisteria roots can be wetted in moss and sealed in a plastic bag, hidden in a white box in the rafters and will easily stay blooming for 3 days.

The entire place is a floral arrangement not a greenhouse.
2018-03-15 06:16:07 UTC
Well along the sides you can drape hanging plants and add some vignettes like waterfalls and place treasures among the floral arrangements.
You know along one side you could put all blooming flowers in pots as long as the pots were hidden and all you saw was a blanket of gorgeous flowers that will stay that way for 3 days.

You don't need all of Tuts treasure, just a few nice pieces...
Loading Image...
Pick some pieces and then place them half buried in sand and then some stones and some broken pillar and some plants...
Loading Image...
Lotus and papyrus, papyrus needing water like a pond plant on the shore.
Lotus grow on water also. So you would have your sand over there your rocks your pillar and a stream with short waterfalls a small pool and some plants.

Then walk down a little further and see a different display.
So what treasure could you put with orchids? Well a wall from South America and some orchids in branches and on the wall and in holes in the wall.
Loading Image...
You take that cover it with ivy put bromeliads in it in moss patches stuck there and you add some South American gold artifacts on the ground beside it in a display again as if they were partly buried and plants again around them over them etc.
Some masks as well.

And also precious jewels in gold bowls and that sort of thing.

Further down you could do a pirate ship bit if you could just take a small section of a ship and stick it there, then some desert island plants a palm tree, and then a chest of treasure or several treasure chests full of treasure laying there around it.
Real actual treasure you collect from the machine.
Loading Image...

That's the kind of place I am talking about.

Then you have your elegant tea served in there.

And you have things to talk about and enjoy looking at.

And you can dress for the occasion.

Along the walkway by the windows I would put small exhibits maybe or rare books or antiques anything to make conservation.

Something large in there like a large relic might be nice if there was a nice one.

This one.
2018-03-15 06:27:57 UTC
Loading Image...
Some of these would be cool among the bamboo and plants from China like the place where wisteria come from and some many orchids...
2018-03-15 06:35:52 UTC
This is really something here.
Loading Image...

That's a great accomplishment for them. I like that.
That will go into the pristine reptoid moonship we are turning into a museum.
With a collection of museums in it.
Again a two day reset so you just copy and paste in the land and all and connect power and water and Internet.
2018-03-15 07:22:26 UTC
You know what else we are going to have in CraigdarrocH! castle?
No, not Jumanji, but a curiosity cabinet.

That is what people had before there was TV.

You put your weirdest secret treasures in a curiosity cabinet and made conversation.

"Cabinets of curiosities (also known in German loanwords as Kunstkabinett, Kunstkammer or Wunderkammer; also Cabinets of Wonder, and wonder-rooms)"
Yes indeed so why settle for a cabinet, go for an entire WOnder rooM!

First you have to search the world for strange things then don;t tell anyone and keep them all in your wonder room and just tell people one at a time.
And swear them to secrecy!

The holy grail?
Lots of old bones and shrunken heads in those secret galleries today.
Heads of knights templar and saints and covered in gold crowns but old bones all the same.
That's not what I mean.

I can show you a gold treasure that shows Hanuman, using the electro-gravitics in South America to lift gigantic stones and gigantic pyramid bases and move them like they said in chariot of the Gods.
Loading Image...
There's one in a death star.
So if you knew what you were looking for you could find more.

The conquistadors melted down all the relics that told about the early colonization.

So if you time travel back before the conquistadors you will find some cool stuff for curiosity cabinets and wonder rooms. So of course I hope to do that.
And yes the library at Alexander to get some scrolls.

Now I don't expect to find much that is earth shaking there wouldn't be anything we didn't already know.
Other than other sources or lost references or lost texts spoken of elsewhere.
All the books there were copies or a copy made.
A great curiosity is this painting...
Loading Image...
Anything from Leonardo Da Vinci would be great.
A sketch book.
Loading Image...

Other secret lost things or even just curious things would be fine. The stone used to translate the Egyptian hieroglyphics, the Rosetta Stone.
Loading Image...

Rather than human bones or stuffed dodo birds I might have a fish on the wall.
Extremely large salmon or something.
this one is 3 feet long.
Loading Image...
A dinosaur skeleton would be fine and some great fossils.

The MJ 12 documents.

You know with such a modern society we have sure uncovered all the big secrets and blabbed it on the internet so its hard to find a real curiosity.
Out of place artifacts.
2018-03-15 07:52:47 UTC
Loading Image...
Use the matrix computer copy a section of that wall, that's an important artifact to us, so we put that in the Conservatory of Wonders!

And we get the Bagdad battery as well.

And we get a section of the Temple of Osiris (moi) where the flower of life symbol is...

We get some of the old stargate door from Koricancha...
Get the whole thing lol
Loading Image...

Get the Aztec calendar...

Get the Narmer Palette
Loading Image...

get the Victory Stellae of Narim Sin

Get this Ica stone...
Loading Image...

get a couple pre fab sections from Tiahuancu by Lake Titicaca...
get the gate
Loading Image...
That was made by being cast like cement. The back of it shows it.
Loading Image...

and get a pillar or two from Turkey.
Loading Image...

there really isn't any mystery out there that I know of yet.
That may have some basis in reality. Like Lochness monster?
I doubt it.
I doubt it.
Yes but not the way people imagine I don't think.
Time travelers? Yes but they don't leave much trace.
Collectibles are what you are left with.
Galileo's telescope and the like.
And nice plants and some tea.
2018-03-15 08:18:56 UTC
I agree, a T Rex skeleton, in some ferns would be an excellent curiosity for the conservatory.

Somewhere near the center where you serve tea you have some Greek sculptures and more ferns and some classic tables.

You want some tall slender crystal sculptures like birds herons something tall and light and shiny like crystal. Maybe a crystal chandelier.
The windows are covered so the light is diffuse and won't be irritating.

You could have a walk that goes around the perimeter on that raised area with tables and strange objects on them. I would shy away from freak show items or even deep sea fish that are horrid to look at.
We are maybe more civilized than they were in 1900.

The bones of the elephant man who cares.

A large stuffed grizzly bear yes.
good one.

A moon rock would be a good one. In a case probably.

Copy this from the NASA mission on the moon and paste it in there...
Loading Image...

Any artifacts from the movie Metropolis (1927) would be cool.
Here is grandma
2018-03-15 20:53:53 UTC
Well honeybunch, I guess that is what we would do.
You, me, Lorraine, Janice, Heather, Nicki, then maybe Andrea, then maybe the winners downtown, THEN maybe Victoria, then the others.
And if it means me going first alone so be it but you and I have both already beamed to one of our zoo planets and declared ourselves king and queen of Iran.
So if we can do that surely we can get there to our airship some how.
So that is the plan.
And I am not going to change my mind. I will probably use Jordan's body since you like it so much or my own body at 18 which was good enough usually to get the girls. I can always change later.
There are a bunch I missed in grade 9. Clueless and afraid.
2018-03-15 21:40:22 UTC
Well David (Olympian David my buddy) and those guys can meet us at 1963 Aurora.
At the pool hall. I think there is one if not then the coffee shop on the corner.

In town they could do the same, in Glory if they get there. Or Rosie's they could drop by for a beer.

So probably at first we will be at Rosie's and you know maybe make our way to the general store if it is on the Kansas planet.

So depending on where our airship ends up, but Rosie's will be there I assume, and we will attach to 1963 Aurora as soon as we can attach to both.
So he can meet us there somewhere then my daughters can come once we get that all organized they can come and see if they like it.
And then once Victoria is there and her half sister they can hostess the rest in to their spots no problem by then everyone we know will know we are there already.
It would be cool if we could keep the Internet connected with a small porthole.
Who knows at this point.
But we are very close though especially after Gwendolyn was able to use the door positioning software in my room here.
While she was talking to me.
She positioned a door exactly, just couldn't turn it on.
Wanda even said she might put a door in the alps.
Well we will see.
First things first we need to get to our new home.

But I think its a workable plan if we do that. You Stella and I and my sister Janice at 14, my sister Lorraine at 13, Janice's two daughters Nicki and Heather, and then once they are all normalized we can see about getting my daughter Andrea included.
She needs to be a bit deprogrammed by society first.
But with the rest there they can easily do it I think.
At the right age and so well she may be too old at the same age as Heather there.
Time will tell yet they are cousins and best friends so you can't really change that so that would mean they both have to be younger together and then that would work but then Nicki would be older or the same age.
And at what point you see do you say yes well Andrea needs to be younger before the public school system brainwashed her into this horrible culture of misery.
Not after Heather comes in older, then ask her to go back out and come in younger for Andrea? Or for her to find her younger sister the same age as her?
Bring Nicki in younger as well?
Well maybe. Maybe that's the easiest way.
But I don't think so. It's too disruptive. Either she makes it and I think she will or she doesn't make it. We really don't even know if she is a real person or not. Simple as that so why waste everyone else's time if the machine is just fucking us around.

So that's why she is not included to begin with and not until after we discuss it as a family to get their opinion, is she a real person or the work of a clever machine who knows us very well?
You see my personal advisors think she is a machine disruptor.
You know not a single thing went well with her in terms of spirituality at all.
Yet Nicki, Heather, born that way, Janice, Lorraine, born that way.
Explain all that.
So I am not taking chances and so first things first.
Clearly Stella is committed to our relationship.
She is Isis to my Osiris so even if she had to come from home the match making machine worked! I just had to fix up the nest like a Bowery bird and I got one!
You guys will probably get one as well if you put your back into it like I did.

I'm pretty happy with her and no other woman is as close to being like me or meets my needs like Stella.
So I hope we live happily ever after. We have been together for a few years now without a hitch.
So yeah going there from here should be easy as pie.
And great people to be with this bunch I am talking about.
Even Andrea has a lot of potential if we can make her properly.
2018-03-15 21:52:27 UTC
I guess so.
We have room for one more.
Your sister and your mom can catch up to us later when my daughters do.
So it will be you me Stella Janice Lorraine Heather Nicki.
That works out better for us as a family.
Yeah more and better sex for Stella and I your majesty.
Not only that it is your destiny. And not any other destiny is presenting itself like that one.
What about your hand maiden? She can come later.
We want to keep it simple. We have to get the doors working and our places organized and our traffic flow patterns and handprint machines in there.
Get our security up and running before we have too many people lost in space.
It will be easy when David meets me there because he knows more about what has been done than I do at present.
More will follow soon enough. Elsa and Romee and Jasmine and her little sister and you know all the rest. Romee and Elsa go more than 2 weeks without sex? I don't think so.
They will be there soon enough.
So, simple as that.

Thats how we can get there and get things started.
2018-03-15 22:13:15 UTC
As soon as the trailer park boys beamed in and I got outed I said to Zeus pull their personality files, my children, and I gave him the personality files and I told him, he didn't know that I was royalty and they would be taken hostage possibly and so then he did it and a couple days later, a full tanker of gasoline ended up on the steps on my daughters public school and she was in grade 1 and could see the thing out her classroom window right there and all 4 were at school there.
It left the highway and slid across the lawn up against the steps and not a drop was spilled.

All the same it got worse from there.

So essentially I am not sure what to do with their personality files at this point they were shelved at the right time.
So it is to be looked at later and no harm is done leaving the files turned off.
No time will pass for them and the situation will be normal and stable before they are put back in their bodies.
That was the only thing I could do at the time.
All the same my sister lived next door and all that and I still have to go back to when she was 14 to get her and 13 to get my other sister since so much crap happened in our lives since then we need to branch off that time line back there to do it properly.
I had to rescue her at that age and kidnap her essentially I left home and it wasn't safe to leave her there so I had to bring her with me and my older brother got her some fake ID. And she started dating my best friend who came with us and stayed with him all the duration and he is Heather's dad and Nicki's dad.
But he was a Smith operated by my buddy Hanuman.
Living his star wars dream with Princess Leia.
He helped me out when I had to escape I asked him to go with us and he said OK! And off we went across country.
Many years later and we were living next door to each other raising children around here. In Hobby Farm Heaven. We came out here together and made it work.
But the Gods caught up to me there.
And were like WHAT??? How come we weren't invited?
So they just hung around all the time anyway until we went back to doing things together and kindof left humanity in the dust.
But to be continued later.
With a better plan this time.

And you know they went and built it already over there so we would come and play hobby farm with them.
And you know we have a lot more things going on than just that as well.
So for us in my family, just keeping it simple we can fit around a dinner table still and we will get organized that way.
I don't think anyone would be surprised that Stella and Ryan are going first with me. I have known Ryan since was 8.
And Stella is from home.
2018-03-15 22:31:12 UTC
Yes you annoying angels no doubt for Heather Andrea and Travis I nailed it when I said pull their files even Katie, Nicki is fine at the age I said which was a little later I didn't pull Heather or Nicki's file.
They were fine, their dad is trailer park, I know those guys it was not them I was worried about the machines now knew and so then we got visited real quick by a bunch of large machines you see.
And Chupee had to ride around in the car after the gas tanker episode and I am there with the family in the car and him as well and I just picked them up and am driving home and I notice the gas gaze is on empty and I glare at him and it went up to an eighth of a tank. It was nasty.
A nasty time since then of course they had found me and needed me to save them.
Everything out there was in ruins.

So then I had to leave the family and go in for Y2K before things here were also in ruins.
Move to Vancouver and do all that.
But anyway yes they have personality files yes I had Zeus pull them at the right age at the right time except one.
Daniel because her mom yelled at her too much as a baby and she didn't get enough intervention because she was the oldest and we were both still working.
So who knows what the story is there but you can't win them all.
Travis is fine, I have a few more boys just like him. They all seem fine to me.
Not the sharpest tools in the shed but you know goodhearted.
But again I don't need or want boys so that has to be thought out as well.
Before we commit to anything we get our core family together and we live together and we decide then. Immortals can't take chances and fools rush in where angels fear to tread.
2018-03-15 22:45:10 UTC
Although Andrea is a similar type of person as Stella she couldn't replace Stella. Well you know we have been together as a couple and we are in love and committed to this and so that was my decision. She has done everything right.
So I can't just leave her behind.
And I have already beamed out of here with her once.
And told everyone we know she is the queen of our family.
AND I have all the low end blue collar how do things work stuff covered and what does she have covered? Allll the rest. This is how you do this, this is what happens next here, this is what they usually want there, I can walk right in like a TV show in a suit. Right? All we need is a suitcase full of money and me in a new body and a transporter door.
And we are golden.
But first we want to just build our dream home get our security and our family all together and then we can do more fun stuff.
So we built our dream home where we are immortal, not here.
It made more sense to build it there.
2018-03-15 22:54:08 UTC
You see as an Anunnaki starship captain, what I need are people, not animals in some sort of biological arrangement. I need a crew that can live together and not fight or argue or disagree.
That seems easy to do but it isn't.

But with my knowledge and skill set this is the best I could do and I have a lot of advisors who are certainly in the loop.
And I am sure it will work very well with these people I have selected.
I know them very well and its an offer they can;t refuse. We are just so fabulously wealthy and love each other already and trust each other and so that's all we need. Love and trust and money. Tons and tons of money and our health well we have that technology covered as Anunnaki we are immortal.
And I was careful to do backups once I was able to.
If worse comes to worse, Janice will be...28 (in 1987) and Lorraine 27, but then they could just pick different bodies after that.
If they needed to be younger to make the whole thing work.
Well with a small family we will work our way through all that first.