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Sir Gregory Hall, Esq.
2018-02-09 19:03:52 UTC
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It appears that British Bunghole Tr!pe is over in
alt.free.newsservers attempting to get alt.checkmate
blacklisted from free news servers. In particular,
Little Steven Crooked's POS!
But ko0ky, I thought you hated free news servers and refused to use
them? (Mostly because they all long since kicked you off for abuse.)
Means you don't have a dog in this hunt.
Anyway, his target is surely two of your political opponents, who
regularly post here from mixmin and who have had him, you, and a lot of
the other k0Oks spinning and frothing lately.
While you and Nadsi are left-wing shills, you still have
some degree of integrity. The Tr!pe, on the other hand, is
as sleazy and unprincipled as they come. He's a known
back-stabber and a liar. The good news is that even the
stupid, free news server admins know this. I've seen them
laughing at the Tr!pe more than once.

It's all very entertaining and gives my irony meter a
good workout - a NetNazi like Little Stevie who shared
confidential user information with another free NSP admin
for censorship reasons having the cheek to besmirch a
user like Tr!pe who shares the same lack of morality.
Yours Truly,
Gregory Hall

"Well, Rancho Kookamonga IP nothwithstanding
(he used to have a Texas IP, btw), it should
be patently clear to everyone by now who the
Fake really is." --Rhonda Lea Kirk Fries

2018-02-10 00:35:03 UTC
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Warning! Always wear ANSI approved safety goggles when reading posts by
Post by Sir Gregory Hall, Esq.
While you and Nadsi are left-wing shills, you still have
some degree of integrity.
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